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Good News Monday: Amazing Testimony From Dying Man Visited By Angels (Evangelist Dina Amelia Kalmeta)

Good News Monday: Amazing Testimony From Dying Man Visited By Angels (Evangelist Dina Amelia Kalmeta)

Wow, He led her to angel stories and God has had me reading about them now too. That is cool

I want to sincerely thank all of you who have prayed for my injury to be healed; I appreciate that so much and I also was led to someone who is a mighty prayer intercessor and my back is much better today…..So between all of you and her I am so much better today. 🙂

So God is good and I also met an angel years ago unawares and after she left I realized who it was. She was very sweet and could read my mind and it was not an angel of darkness. 🙂

Keep the faith my friends


Ex Witch Tells All: Yoga And The Occult (The Other Side Of Darkness)

Ex Witch Tells All: Yoga And The Occult (The Other Side Of Darkness)

Yoga is very demonic and you are opening up yourselves for complete demonic attack and even possession. Unbelievable that the churches invite this demon in through yoga classes

About Me: Hi my name is Beth 🙂 I am an ex witch and new ager, who came out of satanic ritual abuse in the Mormon church. I am saved by the love and grace of Jesus Christ, and I blog and vlog about my past experiences, what I have learned and where God is leading me. I am also a stay at home mom of 4 boys, and married to a wonderful man.

Yoga is a very popular form of fitness in this day and age. It is touted as a perfect way to relax, get fit, and become more spiritually aware. However, yoga is actually a form of spiritual alignment with the kundalini spirit, aka the goddess Shakti. Watch as Beth shares her experiences with yoga, how it affected her life, and how it was used in satanic ritual abuse.

My testimony:…

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GREAT Testimonies That 100% Prove That Jesus Is Real-Skinhead, Drug Runner-Gang Member & Witchcraft/Prostitute

GREAT Testimonies That 100% Prove That Jesus Is Real-Skinhead, Drug Runner-Gang Member & Witchcraft/Prostitute

I used to be far away from god due to my depression and sadness. Until one day I had a dream of a beautiful angel from heaven going up to me and giving me hug and saying that I love you…. That’s when I got very close to god. I want to thank god for everything he has done for us. I’m still going through some stuff right now so everyone I need your prayers right now. God bless and I love you all. <3
I was a heroin and crack addict for 12 years. I lost everything. One day I was going to kill myself. I cried out to Jesus to help me and was healed in that second. This was 13 years ago I have not touched any drug since and Jesus has given me back everything Satan stole from me. Jesus is real and can save you. I was one of the worst and he forgave me. Amazing video. Thank you.
For some reason i always thought these videos were so typical and fake, but this video specifically reached me and i immediatley dropped to my knees and started praying. If you believe in God, please be sure to accept Jesus aswell. I want everyone to be saved and have an eternity in Heaven
After years of trying to be sober as an unbeliever, I prayed for God to give me the strength to stay clean and I’ve been sober for 320 days now, almost an entire year! Praise Jesus!!!
Jesus saved me from stripping and addiction! He has been renewing my life and relationships! Praise God ❤️
“Seek God’s Plan.” – Hour Of Power Message – HOP2330

“Seek God’s Plan.” – Hour Of Power Message – HOP2330

He is such an inspiration and when you are feeling down, please remember you are not alone and the plans God has for you in the end are all good if one has repented and returned. Let his story brighten your day!

This week, Pastor Bobby welcomes Australian born motivational speaker, Nick Vujicic. Born without arms or legs, Nick is one of the most widely watched and listened to international Christian evangelists. His ministry “Life Without Limbs” is about sharing the hope and love that Nick has personally experienced with people all over the world. For more information, go to Today, Nick brings the message “Seek God’s Plan.”

“If you’re not happy single in Jesus Christ then you’re not gonna be happy married.”
His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him. John 9:2-4 The works of God are truly displayed in Nick Vujicic. To God be Glory.
He is a special angel from heaven and god placed him in that miracle body to show the world that gods heart is bigger than what the world has to offer.Hear him and stay away from the devils lies .
Great Testimony: ╫ Muslim Sees And Hears Jesus!!! WOW!

Great Testimony: ╫ Muslim Sees And Hears Jesus!!! WOW!


I too am a former muslim who is now a believer in Yeshua! The most beautiful experience I’ve ever felt, and grateful the holy spirit lives in me! Amen!
I was born in a Muslim family in India but then my family shifted to London I was devoted Muslim I believed that Jesus was just a prophet of Allah nothing else but then my Christian friend introduced me to a different view of Jesus I started going to their church and I experienced the love of Christ he was definitely more than just a prophet. I converted to Christianity best decision of my life✌️
Im not a christian but this video makes me want to be one
I converted also from atheism to christianity, i was broken and i was at edge. Jesus revealed his presence and fixed me. Now im certain who’s real



I want to thank all who prayed for me and I was heavily attacked and Father shared that satan put out his heavy arsenal against me. It was ongoing and last week he tried to take me out by sending a vehicle to crash into me from behind but God intervened on my behalf.

I have been warring against the evils he is pushing and praying to take down all the pedophile rings, drug running, human trafficking rings and much more. Apparently the prayers do much damage to satan’s kingdom and I was not backing down. I am tired and fed up with what he is doing to the babies and killing our little ones. I am fed up with his garbage.

I have also shared much on here that would definitely get those in the underworld upset wouldn’t it? They don’t want us to know much.

So just in different ways, I have been taking a hard stand and I am about to go “higher” and so he sent several to “block me” from going further and to do what Father has asked me to get done now.

I heard from one true warrior intercessor that she was prompted to pray heavily for me in the spirit and she saw me in the spirit and then the Holy Spirit she heard him blasting them for what they were doing to me. It was very strong and the Holy Spirit came to my aid on my behalf and she did too and all the other prayers of others also helped and then she felt a shift happen and they were moved off of me. I lost a whole week again of getting my things done and finally last night felt some relief as it was broken off of me. It has been a tough week for sure.

My point is that we need to PRAY always for one another. This fight is so very real and I can’t emphasize this enough that if Christians go after one another instead of banding together they will fall in the end. We need one another. Satan is trying to win this war yet he already lost but his pride won’t allow him to admit it and so he will continue to cause division and a body of believers cannot stand alone.

Take this seriously because it is very important to not take what satan can do lightly. Get that book An Altar of Love by Francis Santarose and this book below here also to help you. The church leaders have failed to properly train their worshippers for battle and what we are up against so I am here to help you with it. Whatever I learn I will share freely to help all of you. I don’t want anyone to fall in the end and once you know how the enemy operates, you will know how to “overcome” him. This is the time to buckle up and really learn these things for the times are upon us. None of us are leaving and getting wings right now so you must know this.

So thank you to all who have prayed for me and last night it was finally broken off of me and thank you dearest Holy Spirit for always interceding on my behalf when he comes in like a flood against me. All praise, honor and glory to the Most High!!

I know many are in their “clicks” and only pray for those people but we must not do that and we must pray for anyone who asks and needs it. As God loves each one of us, so we are to love and care for each other.

I love my family in heaven and I love my sisters and brothers here on earth that are joined as One. We are ONE body.

here is the other book to buy: Dear precious one. May has been challenging and there certainly has a lot been going on the last week. Coordinated chaos is rising all over. Brother Kay’s “Consuming Fire for Fire Prayers” ($10,-) is extremely powerful: (A man named Julius sent this to me today and I have not yet had a chance to buy it or read it)

Again much love to all and I do appreciate the prayers,

Ms. Sophie

This is a pretty song; enjoy

You are my shelter

You are my peace

No matter the storms

That rage at me

Even when I falter I know I’m in your hands

I long for You

Oh-oh, I long for You!


When I look at the heavens,

The work of your hands

The moon and stars,

All at your command

Even when I falter

I know I’m in your hands

I long for You

Oh-oh, I long for You! (3x)



Make me your habitation

Make me a dwelling place for You

That I might carry your presence

Wherever You lead me to

For I long for You

Oh-oh, I long for You!


Bridge: You’re the only one I want

You’re the only one I need

My soul longs for You.



WE Can Overcome Unforgiveness & Tips I Learned Along The Way (Ms. Sophie)

WE Can Overcome Unforgiveness & Tips I Learned Along The Way (Ms. Sophie)

PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. I am under severe attacks right now by satan for several reasons. Father is about to move me and then he is doing everything in his power to stop it and also I am sharing how to defeat the enemy here and you really need the book and you will see how. I am also exposing who satan is and other truths by those on you tube etc. He is trying to block me on all fronts now and please pray for me. Thank you because this week I got nothing done because of it since I have to spend hours in warfare or crying not knowing what I am to do now.


I know how hard it is myself and have been there. I had to pray A LOT about forgiveness and getting over what was done to me because I went through a horrific divorce that I would not wish on anyone. I had insomnia, anxiety over it and no peace. I cried all the time. Satan had me in a headlock. It took awhile but finally the peace came over me and I remembered something I heard long ago too. When we hold onto unforgiveness the other person or persons that did it to us they go on with their lives without giving it another thought and so we are only hurting ourselves. The best revenge is that they see that you refused to let them ruin your life. So pray and let it go. It will bring peace and unforgiveness of the heart also brings us so many different diseases of our body and Jesus heals us so go to Him each day.

The one that hurt me I eventually went up to and kissed on the cheek. That is how God worked in my life. It wasn’t me that did that but God got me to that place where it no longer would hurt me like it did in the past. Past be past, and move forward. Unforgiveness also keeps us unable to move forward.

Now there are deep deepest wounds in our souls and hearts from our childhood also and those He has to take from us too. I think He is doing that to me now. Things I don’t even remember because it was that painful.

A friend of mine who was a nurse said to me once “that this patient was incredibly nasty towards her, called her names, made fun of her body etc” and she killed him with kindness instead of getting mad. Within a couple of days his tune changed and he was nice to her. You see, he wanted to fight constantly and she didn’t let it in and he had no other choice but to change his attitude. So she won that war! 🙂 I worked in a hospital too and some were nasty but I started to feel sorry for them instead of letting them get to me. They obviously either learned that behavior in their homes or they have been very hurt so lash out at anyone about anything. It’s tough but it made my day go easier.

We can be free from all that ails us and yes, it is hard, and yes, it is a process. Many won’t let it go because it becomes their “identity” but then you gave up your identity and allowed Satan to be your identity and not who you truly are as a Child of God. Kick his butt to the curb and cancel out in the Name of Jesus the authority that he is claiming over your life by your words now and you will see it will help you. He will keep trying so cancel out the authority you have given him through your words, whether intentionally spoken or you don’t even realize how you said it. But this is the ammo he needs to go to the Father against you and accuse you. I just learned about this the other day that it is our words that satan uses to condemn us to the Father and then he is allowed to come and try us. That is when we are put in that headlock and He won’t let us go. Satan’s power against us is simply what we speak.

I hope this helps many.  I am reading that book An Altar of Love by Francis Santarose and I recommend you buy it. It has a lot of valuable information in it and you will overcome all this. 🙂 Oh for those who really cannot afford to buy the book it is free online I believe if you click on ebay, type in that book and then it says it somewhere on the right side. I was reading it at first on there before the book arrived here.

So don’t let satan steal your identity for you are a Child of God if you have sincerely repented before Him. You are no longer in enmity with God BUT the that book will help you immensely!

Much love to all of you. Ms. Sophie

I remember a dream that I had several months ago and in this short snippet of what I remembered I was crying, yelling at Yahushua (Jesus) hitting him on his chest and beating it and I was angry that the things that happened in my life were allowed and was “why? why? What did I do?” You know things like that. I don’t remember exactly all of what I truly said but it was along those lines, I was having a fit and He never said a word back to me and just let me do it. Then I woke up. Later I felt terrible for doing that to him and was repenting of it but I was hurt and angry for I didn’t understand why all these horrible things had to happen to me.

Later it dawned on me through revelation that what I went through will be used to help others. People seem to only relate and open up more around those that have had similar experiences and they see through the phoney baloney of those that went to school for it but never experienced any traumas or whatever it may be. Unless you have been through all the pain and loss you can’t truly empathize, sympathize or understand what the person might be going through that you are sent to help. So that is what I got out of it but boy oh boy, I don’t wish what I have had to go through on anyone else yet I also know there are many that had it far worse than I did here in America and in other countries too.


True Testimony: “Man In White” Appeared To Muslim In Dreams With News Of Salvation (God Reports)

True Testimony: “Man In White” Appeared To Muslim In Dreams With News Of Salvation (God Reports)

‘Man in White’ appeared in Muslim’s dreams with news of salvation

(photo credit: The Timothy Initiative)

Usama awoke, shaken. He never had a dream like this before. He ran straight to his brother, asking for his advice.

“A man in white appeared to me. He said the strangest thing: ‘Salvation has come to you.’”

His brother’s eyes widened in alarm. Dreams like this could only mean trouble.

“It must be evil spirits,” he said. “Let’s go to the marabout.”

The marabout, a Muslim holy man, gave Usama charms to protect him from the spirits.

Usama felt conflicted. The dream didn’t seem evil, but he still put on the charms. That night, Usama had the same dream. When he woke up, he knew that the marabout was wrong.

This was not evil spirits.

This was Jesus.

Another day came and went, and a third time, Usama dreamed. This time he found himself crossing a river. The swirling waters grew deeper around him with every step. Suddenly, Jesus appeared. He called Usama to come and pulled him out of the water.

“Salvation has come to you. Go and preach this gospel of mine,” the man in white told him.

Usama awoke, confident that he wanted to follow Jesus, though he wasn’t sure how. He knew the persecution he would face as soon as others found out, but he could not ignore these dreams. He had to learn more.

As soon as his brother heard the news, he seized Usama’s property. He forced Usama’s children out of their home, so they wouldn’t be influenced by their father’s new faith.

Usama was devastated by his brother’s actions but could not abandon his quest to learn more about Jesus. He reached out to a church in the area, but they knew the cruelty his family showed him and were afraid. If Usama’s family would take away his property and family, how much worse would they do to them?

Usama was all alone. When it seemed as though things could not get any worse, Usama was thrown into jail. He lost everything and still knew nothing more about Jesus.

Prison would change that.

Maka, a church planter affiliated with The Timothy Initiative, came to the jail and shared the gospel with Usama. Usama was overjoyed to finally learn about the God who visited him in his dreams. Maka discipled Usama and helped him grow in his faith.

When Usama was released from prison, he returned to his hometown.

No one was there to welcome him. He had no family, no friends, no home, and no belongings.

His brother took all he had.

Despite his great loss, Usama is confident that Jesus, who revealed Himself to him, will walk with him through difficulties and help him to share his faith with his Muslim community.


How to pray: Pray that Jesus would reveal Himself to the Muslim world, just as He did to Usama. Pray that their hearts would be softened to receive the truth of Jesus. Pray that fear would not hold them back and that God would give them the strength and courage they need to follow Him. Pray that local churches would feel burdened to reach their Muslim communities with the gospel. Pray that disciple-makers and church planters would preach the gospel with boldness, rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance, and lead many from their Muslim communities to Christ.

For more information about The Timothy Initiative, go here

‘Man in White’ appeared in Muslim’s dreams with news of salvation

PRAISE REPORT: Awesome Father Kept Me From Being Hit From Behind In My Car (Ms. Sophie)

PRAISE REPORT: Awesome Father Kept Me From Being Hit From Behind In My Car (Ms. Sophie)


The one here I am sharing a place with as friends was putting up a big greenhouse he bought and had 2 friends helping him so I had to run to the grocery store to get them lunch. Anyway on the way back and I know this is divine intervention all of a sudden I hear this crash. The guy behind me in his girlfriend’s new white car was hit from behind real hard and he swerved and went to the middle dividing lane to avoid hitting my car and so didn’t hit my car.

I think he had gotten behind me in my lane and that blocked me from getting hit. It would have been pretty bad if I did get hit. Her whole back end was smashed in and bumper was hanging off and trunk was smashed in too. She was cursing that she just bought the car but other than that remained relatively calm. Surprisingly, I was extremely at peace and that would not be me a year ago. I would have had anxiety back then and I was not shaken at all.

I opened the window, asked them if they were okay; they said “yes” and he said “I don’t think I hit you” and I looked and he didn’t. I knew he didn’t because I didn’t jerk (been hit before from behind in the past so I know what it would have done to my neck etc). I didn’t see the guy behind them at all slam into them so there was nothing I could do at that point. Asked if I could call 911 and was going to and I saw he was already doing so. Thankfully, everyone involved was fine though and able to get out of their vehicles. No bruises, scratches, nothing. Father is good and kept them too from serious injury even though she has a really badly damaged new car now. A car you can replace so I was happy they were all okay.

Of course that is par for the course of how satan operates; always trying to “take us out completely” or make sure we are injured for life.

So all praises to Elohim (God).  He made sure I was not going to be “taken out” of commission. This is not the 1st time satan has tried to kill or injure me severely on the road. I think it’s the 4th time now and each time I was protected. Elohim is good to His children!


Felt led to Psalm 34 that night:

(A Psalm of David, when he changed his behaviour before Abimelech; who drove him away, and he departed.) I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

2 My soul shall make her boast in the LORD: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.

3 O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.

4 I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

5 They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed.

6 This poor man cried, and the LORD heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.

7 The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.

8 O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

9 O fear the LORD, ye his saints: for there is no want to them that fear him.

10 The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing.

11 Come, ye children, hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the LORD.

12 What man is he that desireth life, and loveth many days, that he may see good?

13 Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.

14 Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

15 The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry.

16 The face of the LORD is against them that do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.

17 The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles.

18 The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.

19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.

20 He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.

21 Evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate.

22 The LORD redeemeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate.