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JOIN IN PRAYER FOR HER SAFETY-Full Detailed Testimony: Freemason SRA Survivor Karly Franz

JOIN IN PRAYER FOR HER SAFETY-Full Detailed Testimony: Freemason SRA Survivor Karly Franz

PRAY PRAY PRAY FOR HER PROTECTION!!! Her life is in danger but she is brave and has come forward to expose the evil behind closed doors. What she went through and saw is disturbing but this needs to be told. This is explicit but it is rampant in our society and time for these evildoers to be held accountable for the atrocities they have committed to innocent children. WE can no longer turn a blind eye to this and not want to hear about it. We must join in her fight and expose it. She is risking her life to do this!! Very brave young lady!!!

Published on Feb 11, 2019

The time has come that I tell you who my perpetrators are, where these events took place, and everything that happened in chronological order.

I hope that someone will save my videos in case anything happens to me, because I’m putting myself in extreme danger by bringing the darkness to light.

Since hackers already doxxed my perpetrators names and cities, I figured it was time to do this video.

My purpose in life is much greater than myself. It is what God wants me to do, to be a voice for the children who didn’t have one, to stand up and be counted as a whistleblower against the evil forces that run the entire world.

I know that I will face repercussions for speaking out, but there are many of you who are just like me, and even if only one person is helped by my videos, my heart is happy and I have accomplished what I set out to do.

I knew that when I was a little girl that this day would come, exposing my perpetrators for who they really are. What’s more is that my experiences are part of a global and ancient satanic tradition of the most disgusting and heinous acts against children.

My heart goes out to all of you that have been subjected to this evil.

To all of my fellow extra-judicial targeted individuals, I love you.
To all of my fellow brothers and sister in Christ and God almighty, I love you.

To all of the evil people in the world who are working in the darkness against mankind, God will cut you down and it will happen sooner than later.

Downloaded now, backing up on, 4 systems, plus 2 thumb drive, plus CD non rerewritable. Preparing to commence re-upload. We need to hear from you once a week to know you are OK. Has to be a video and you must state and write the days date on paper show it to the camera. It would help if you could show a daily paper front as a final confirmation. This should all keep you safe. Call on Jesus Christ for protection, even if you don’t completely believe. Do it till you do.
TEACHING: Win The Battle Of The Mind & Power Of Words (John Osteen)

TEACHING: Win The Battle Of The Mind & Power Of Words (John Osteen)

Now listen to him and you can see how his son Joel is NOTHING like him and how Joel DOES NOT know the Word Of God or chose to walk away from the truth.

Don’t compare Joel to John. John was a gospel preaching pastor; Joel is a peace wealth preacher. No two preachers could be further apart. God bless you, John Osteen, and I pray for your soul, Joel!
The elder Osteen knew his job was to direct people to CHRIST! The younger one simply wants to peddle self-help everyone is going to heaven; and no need to mention repentance or forgiveness of sins.
5 Dear Children Tell Of Dreams & Visions Of Heaven And The Rapture!!!

5 Dear Children Tell Of Dreams & Visions Of Heaven And The Rapture!!!

Bless the little children!!! Jessica, Lexi, Diana’s daughter (unnamed), Carissa, and Christopher Nathan have all had amazing dreams and visions of Heaven and the rapture! God loves the little children, and he has blessed these with a wonderful preview of what is to come! Enjoy the innocence and beauty of their wonderful testimonies!


Amazing! PLANE CRASH Prevented By The Name oOf ‘JESUS, JESUS’ Shouted By A Woman (Harvest Army)

Amazing! PLANE CRASH Prevented By The Name oOf ‘JESUS, JESUS’ Shouted By A Woman (Harvest Army)

Wow, truly amazing. What she was instructed to do saved the lives of everyone on this flight and I wonder if they cursed her for this and threw her in jail. I pray she was released. She did as instructed even though it made her look crazy and Yahushua came to the people’s aid!!!

Enjoy & Encouraging For All Those That Do Repent: John Fenn’s Tour Of Heaven – Parts 1-3

Enjoy & Encouraging For All Those That Do Repent: John Fenn’s Tour Of Heaven – Parts 1-3

Ephesians 3:14-15

You see good things await all those who will repent and return to God. Why people fight a losing battle I don’t know. Fighting against God only brings your demise and eternity in hell. He is a Good Father and loves us all and wants you to be with Him. This world is so far gone now and only going further down each day. Please listen to this encouraging video and realize you have to make that decision whether you will sincerely repent and turn and resist sin so you can be in heaven on earth that is coming. The millennial age will be glorious and nothing like what we see here in this day and age. Evil will be gone!!! Open your heart today and let Him in. He isn’t going to push you away if you are speaking from the heart in all sincerity. Talk to him out loud like you would talk with a best friend. He will NEVER DENY a contrite spirit-a sorrowful heart. Spending time with your own Father who gave you your first breath is in itself being daily renewed and refreshed. Daily cleansing/repentance keeps us from stumbling and keeps us on that path to everlasting life and brings us even closer to God.

By the way in this video He states children are taken care of by family that has repented and will be there if they go before the parents do. They do this and are waiting for your return.

Think of your little ones if you have them or your grandchildren that will be there and if you don’t repent, you won’t be reunited with them. The little ones want you there with them so forget this world and remember there is a kingdom that is coming that is far greater than anything our minds and hearts can ever imagine. Don’t you want to be with them again? I know I do. I hope you do also. Love to all

Understanding God’s Plan For The End Of Life – Joni Eareckson Tada

Understanding God’s Plan For The End Of Life – Joni Eareckson Tada

I was shocked when I heard her say 39% OF EVANGELICALS BELIEVE IN MERCY KILLING……ASSISTED SUICIDE. This is murder no which spin you put on it. DO NOT EVER BE COMPLICIT AND AGREE WITH ASSISTED SUICIDE. Please contact this # if you know of someone going through cancer, unbearable pain etc. It is 1-800-232-6459 and find the help you need.

Tonya Diedrich 

I have been disabled 17 years. I totally believe my job is to show that even I can be joyful and strong thru God.
I have pulmonary fibrosis , it’s terminal , I have been given a 2-5 year window . I will see this to the end . You see God is my strength and I will not take the easy way out .
Joni is the longest living quadriplegic in history. She suffers all that goes with that every day, for the last 50 years. Yet, God had made her life beautiful and she has touched the lives of millions of people around the world.
This is only one month old. If I were you I”d try Diatomaceous Earth! Look it up. I have a friend who had stage 4 colon cancer and I recommended this to him and in 3 weeks he was totally healed. There’s more to it though. You can’t drink pop or eat any sugar you can’t eat bread or potatoes or grains or cereals or pork, no tomatoes… mostly eat salads and veggies and fruits! Test your PH level and get yourself to at least 7.0-7.3. Cancer can’t grow or live in an alkaline body. Anyone who has cancer has an acidic PH. Learn about what heals you instead of thinking you are terminal!!! God says “Let your foods be your medicine and your medicine be your foods. Doctors will tell you that I”m nuts but they have the shortest lifespan of anyone, including cops.
He Was Right! Edward Snowden Explains Who Really Rules The United States of America

He Was Right! Edward Snowden Explains Who Really Rules The United States of America

Everyone mocked him, called him a “traitor of govt” yet he was 100% correct on warning us of what they were slowly doing to us and now we are in the days where we will be enslaved to government.

“I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things … I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under” | ”I’m willing to sacrifice [my former life] because I can’t in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building,”

Edward Snowden (June 21, 1983 age 34) is a former National Security Agency subcontractor who made headlines in 2013 when he leaked top secret information about NSA surveillance activities | Born in North Carolina in 1983, Edward Snowden later worked for the National Security Agency through subcontractor Booz Allen in the organization’s Oahu office. During his time there, Snowden collected top-secret documents regarding NSA domestic surveillance practices that he found disturbing.

After Snowden fled to Hong Kong, China and met with journalists from The Guardian and filmmaker Laura Poitras, newspapers began printing the documents that he had leaked, many of them detailing the monitoring of American citizens. The U.S. has charged Snowden with violations of the Espionage Act while many groups call him a hero. Snowden has found asylum in Russia and continues to speak about his work. Citzenfour, a documentary by Poitras about his story, won an Oscar in 2015. He is also the subject of Snowden, a 2016 biopic directed by Oliver Stone and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Edward Snowden was born in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, on June 21, 1983. His mother works for the federal court in Baltimore (the family moved to Maryland during Snowden’s youth) as chief deputy clerk for administration and information technology. Snowden’s father, a former Coast Guard officer, later relocated to Pennsylvania and remarried. Snowden eventually landed a job as a security guard at the University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced Study of Language. The institution had ties to the National Security Agency, and, by 2006, Snowden had taken an information-technology job at the Central Intelligence Agency. In 2009, after being suspected of trying to break into classified files, he left to work for private contractors, among them Dell and Booz Allen Hamilton, a tech consulting firm. While at Dell, he worked as a subcontractor in an NSA office in Japan before being transferred to an office in Hawaii. After a short time, he moved from Dell to Booz Allen, another NSA subcontractor, and remained with the company for only three months

During his years of IT work, Snowden had noticed the far reach of the NSA’s everyday surveillance. While working for Booz Allen, Snowden began copying top-secret NSA documents, building a dossier on practices that he found invasive and disturbing. The documents contained vast information on the NSA’s domestic surveillance practices. After he had compiled a large store of documents, Snowden told his NSA supervisor that he needed a leave of absence for medical reasons, stating he had been diagnosed with epilepsy. On May 20, 2013, Snowden took a flight to Hong Kong, China, where he remained as he orchestrated a clandestine meeting with journalists from the U.K. publication The Guardian as well as filmmaker Laura Poitras. On June 5, The Guardian released secret documents obtained from Snowden.

In these documents, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court implemented an order that required Verizon to release information to the NSA on an “ongoing, daily basis” culled from its American customers’ phone activities. The following day, The Guardian and The Washington Post released Snowden’s leaked information on PRISM, an NSA program that allows real-time information collection electronically. A flood of information followed, and both domestic and international debate ensued. “I’m willing to sacrifice [my former life] because I can’t in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building,” Snowden said in interviews given from his Hong Kong hotel room. One of the people he left behind was his girlfriend Lindsay Mills. The pair had been living together in Hawaii, and she reportedly had no idea that he was about to disclose classified information to the public. Love Truth Peace & True Freedom. | Howskii the Maverick’

MY Personal Praise Report/Testimony: God (Yah) Is Good!!!

MY Personal Praise Report/Testimony: God (Yah) Is Good!!!


Flip Flops And Sunglasses On The Towel Royalty Free Stock my blue sunglasses

I have had the same pair since 2011 and they were pitted and so old and didn’t have money to go get new ones or the eye exam!

I will make this short and sweet but want to give all praise and glory to our Beautiful Father in heaven for He does come through in His timing. My life has been fraught with disappointments and sadness. If anything good was coming my way, satan would make sure to take it from me. People say “Oh you must be in a lot of sin for that to happen” …….(remember Job and how they accused him of being in sin and it’s why he went through the toughest times ever and Job was not sinning but obeying. Remember what God wanted to do to those that put him down and accused him also).

Now sometimes we can open a door by what we speak over ourselves or another but we can shut that door quickly also and throw away the key in the name of Yeshua. So that can happen on occasion but more importantly is this:

If you are truly walking, obeying and following God (Yah) and surrendered your life to Him you will be hunted down like an animal by satan and his minions. He will try and do everything to stop you, to make you feel discouraged, to try and pull you down into depression and make you give up following God (Yah).  Everyone I know that is truly walking and doing God’s will are the ones that are being severely attacked at this time. Satan won’t attack anyone who isn’t into doing God’s will or just gives a tiny measure of their time to it. Why would he? Now don’t get me wrong; I am not perfect nor do I profess to be. I am human and being human we will err but I know spiritual warfare and I use it daily and get right back on track.

With me, he has hit me with finances and taken several jobs and the good jobs from me when I was qualified, kept me from a promotion, kept me struggling and then even stricken me with extreme poverty. He even tricked me into going in a financial deal I should not have done awhile back (still praying on that one). I have had everything taken from me and I was walking away from the world, constantly giving up the worldly things, ridding myself of idols, removing what was against the Father in my life and learning and growing. Yes, it is a process and a tough walk but I keep pressing forward for the prize!

Well moving on, I have been needing new eyeglasses for months now and it was very difficult to see especially at night while driving. He answered my prayers and by the kindness of 2 friends I know that walk with the Lord, I was able to get new eyeglasses. My family does not care to help and it is what it is. So I have new glasses and got a 2 for 1 special so have new prescription sunglasses for the first time too. The amazing thing too was that the optometrist said MY EYESIGHT HAS GOTTEN BETTER since 2011. I am not far off from 20/20 vision again so that is a miracle in itself for my other glasses were much stronger and I had noticed I was looking over the top of them as I drove because I couldn’t see with them on. So I don’t know but sounds like God (Yah) has been doing something on my eyes too or ??? (You tell me, I don’t really know).

I will have some money now left over to get 2 tires I desperately need for my car! I didn’t realize how pricey things are since I haven’t bought anything new in years now. Prescription eyeglasses are not cheap and I didn’t opt for the really nice expensive frames because it would be too costly.

Anyway, I pray double portion of blessing on these friends for going out of their way to help when nobody else cared. God (Yah) answers prayers through others at times. I have even found kinder strangers than those I know in other instances. So don’t give up praying nor give up asking.

Now don’t ask for things you really don’t need but pray for things you truly need. Pray for others, pray for your family and friends who refuse to help you no matter what you are going through. Pray for your enemies that want nothing more than to see you completely fall!

So I want to share this so you don’t give up hope, give up praying and that you know God (Yah) can move people, can change situations, circumstances, can restore what the enemy has taken. Keep pursuing Him no matter what. He truly is the only one who can save, who can move the mountains, and who can bless you and do the impossible! Nothing happens by chance, the universe didn’t give it to you, it is not “karma” (that is the term occultists use). It is God (Yah)–nobody else!!!!

I pray that some of you who have really been needing some necessity that you will be blessed and receive of it.


I wanted to add that by walking away from this world, the journey has been tough but He is worth it all! He has healed me of thyroid disease I had for about 20 yrs. and also of a serious heart condition and I never had to have the operation. It is definitely a walk by faith and believing His word is true and I will just continue following the Lamb wherever He goes. So that too are miracles that only our Father can do! All praises to our God (Yah)!!!

Love to all, Ms. Sophie

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Testimony Of Repentance From Remarriage (Sharon Henry)

Testimony Of Repentance From Remarriage (Sharon Henry)

This is a “touchy” subject for many but I pray you will seek the Lord on the answers you need. Some believe you cannot reconcile and some believe you can and I won’t debate that part of it in this particular video because the Lord doesn’t want me debating. I can tell you from my own experience He certainly did ask me if I wanted to go back to my first spouse. My answer was “NO” and so I remain single now to this day. I know there are mixed views on going back and again, we must just seek God’s face on all this instead for confirmation or what it is that HE needs to show you.

There is a battle with people claiming that if both or one was an unbeliever when they divorced, that makes the covenant (vow) exception and you are free to remarry (lie straight from hell). Then others say if the spouse cheated you have every right to remarry (another lie) and those people don’t understand the betrothal period of the time this was written. Then yet others say if both were Christians and one falls away then they can remarry (another lie). Yet another view is that you can remarry a divorced man or woman (another lie from hell). I can go on about all the one yet is the Pastor saying “God just wants you happy and there is nothing wrong with remarriage” (run from this person and don’t look back).

ANOTHER VIEW: If he divorced you, and you married another, you MAY NOT return to your former husband. That would be an abomination. Read Deuteronomy 24:1-4 and Jeremiah 3:1. Now many are still seeking more answers to this because there are ministries that have brought people back together again and I personally would get into fasting and prayer on this for yourselves and seek His Face diligently!

My Short Testimony: I got married at 18 yrs old and we were both unbelievers, I left him after 3 yrs because he was after other women cheating, never home and not concerned with me or the son we had together. So I separated and remained single and later re-married and was in that marriage for 17 yrs and I was still not walking with God. I finally got out of that one and then I return to God and I am just a babe on milk and barely 2 months or so into it and satan sends another one my way (clever old sod that he is) and I fell for it and remarried. Right after that since I was now starting this walk with God, He kept opening the Bible to the same page (literally for several days it was opened on that page and it was not me doing it).

First I called my Pastor and he said “God just wants us to be happy doesn’t he?” so that didn’t sit right with me, I thanked him for his time and hung up. So I finally started asking questions to God alone for the answers and realized I was in adultery and what does adultery entail; lust is also a part of that….we want our cake and eat it too. So I felt convicted in my Spirit and said “if you help me get out of this I will do this and remove myself” (not exact words but this was 9 yrs ago now and don’t remember the exact words.

Well, lo and behold, He gets me out of the mess I was tricked into going back into and moved it so quickly that within like 2 weeks to 1 month I was divorced. I wasn’t barely married at all; less than a year. You know when it is God’s will and you walk in obedience because the doors open quickly helping you to find a place to move, the money etc. Now he leaves and I am single and a few months later I hear in My Spirit that He wanted me to go back to my covenant spouse’s name since this is the vow I first made so I did this also. Some people choose to take their maiden name again if female and that is between them and God and what they heard and I won’t get into all that.

I remain single now and if you have had children with the 2nd or 3rd you may see those children and remain a platonic friend for the sake of the children-God understands this and you shouldn’t abandon the children.

Satan has totally torn up covenant marriages and sends whatever he can our way to get us to fall for no adulterers nor fornicators will inherit the kingdom of God. His goal is to keep us burning in hell for all eternity and to be tortured.

Please take it to the Holy Spirit and ask for guidance on all this. As far as wreath at the end in the picture, let not anyone debate that please for that is not the point of this video. I thank you.

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or go to PHOTOS to read my posters and memes.
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D. The Betrothal Custom “Jewish Marriage, Biblical Divorce, and Remarriage” (The only acceptable divorce was the Betrothal divorce from a Jewish engagement, as in Matthew 1:18-25, Joseph and his betrothed “wife,” Mary.)…

YOU CAN ALSO GO TO and click on books and then go to divorce & remarriage to read for yourselves. also here is another link of a young woman who made a video of her testimony:


I am going thru the same thing right now. Leaving a remarriage because the Lord showed me it is adultery. Very much struggling. Please pray for me.
Awesome testimony! Thank you for being obedient to God! I know this is almost two years old, but I just wanted to say that this encouraged me. Not because I am in the same situation, but just because it is so refreshing to see someone truly understand the Scriptures and the seriousness of the marriage covenant. There is a reason why God calls a second marriage adultery. He sees the first marriage as a covenant, so to break that covenant and go with someone else is clearly adultery, no matter what the reason was/is. My parents divorced when I was four years old and both of them remarried within two years. Even as a child, I felt that the Holy Spirit was showing me how wrong this was, and at this point I didn’t even know what God’s Word said about it. Later I realized why it is so wrong and why it is adultery. I vowed to never break my marriage covenant. I have been married to my first and only husband for almost thirteen years now. With God’s grace, we started our marriage on the right foundation and we did not even have our first kiss until our wedding day. God is good and He rewards our obedience. It is encouraging to know that there are others out there who are listening to God in these areas of divorce and remarriage.
so many pastor are not preaching about it, that’s why remarried is considered normal….but words is clear and powerful. Some wordly Christians will not believe the truth but the lie. salvation is personal. I am divorced, young and I heard Christian woman in my church telling me to remarried it is ok… i said noooo it is adultery, but they dont believe it.
Christian churches are trying to kill people with false doctrines
It’s very beautiful how truthful and faithful you are to Gods word. Especially when pastors were telling you God forgives you BUT you stood your ground and said God forgives when we REPENT and FORSAKE the sin. I pray that your faithfulness brought the upmost GLORY and HONOR to God. Peace and blessings. Amen!