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MY TESTIMONY: I came from a family that neglected me, I WAS abused and I felt very unloved. To make a long story short, I started listening to led zeppelin when I was a teenager and went into that time of total hopelessness and didn’t want to live any longer. Looking back, thankfully my attempt failed. The point I am making is now I realize that the music I was listening was AFFECTING my emotional state. There were subliminal messages coming from his music. It was only when I started listening to those types of music that I became so depressed and hopeless.

What we listen to does effect our senses, our feelings and emotions. Many musicians and those in all forms of entertainment are actually walking on the dark side and are Satanists, so if you are playing those violent video games, watching those horror movies or listening to secular music, YOU are giving the enemy legal access into your life to convince you that you are nothing. What we see and listen to is very powerful in how we will be affected.

Many testimonies of how people said that the demons told them to do it, that satan spoke to them through these things. IT DOES HAPPEN. So, if  you are in depression, despair, feel hopeless, unloved and worthless then you need to shut all the noise out and just sit with Jesus (Yahushua) and talk to him like you would a friend. Repent and renounce what the devil threw at you and ask forgiveness. Be renewed. Be set free.


Do not let the enemy steal your joy, take your life down with him to the pit of hell. Don’t let him into your thoughts because that is where he operates from; he puts the thoughts in a person’s mind and then it is up to us to resist it and command him to go or to act on those thoughts. Resist and he will flee. Remember that you did not create yourself so you cannot take yourself out. Only the Creator gives life and can take life. Listen to the songs below and please realize you are not alone!!!

I meant to add that the “TALK TO ME” a young girl named Jackie Price was led to share that and please take the time to listen to God’s love letter for you and the songs!! I pray it blesses your heart!!! Share with all because many are contemplating suicide and really hurting internally and feeling so lost!! Pray with me for divine intervention to happen to save more lives. Thank you and love to all.

Woman at hands of God prophetic art. Hear His Voice. He is calling You. ~Isabel~

I pray that this is a reminder this day of how much we truly need Him, how all of us need to humble ourselves, repent and ask forgiveness and to let go of all the worldly things in life. All must remember HE is the reason, HE is the Giver of life, HE is the fountain of Living Water, He is the Living Word! Yahushua is King Of Kings, Sovereign of Sovereigns!!!

I also urge all to come out of these man-made traditions, religion, idols. Come out of Babylon; the hour is late.

John 1:1  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
John 1:2  He was in the beginning with God.
John 1:3  All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.

John 14:6 KJV “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

John 4:14 – But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

John 6:51, “I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world.”

John 3:16 KJV “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  

Matthew 1:22-23 Now all this took place to fulfill what was spoken by the Lord through the prophet: “BEHOLD, THE VIRGIN SHALL BE WITH CHILD AND SHALL BEAR A SON, AND THEY SHALL CALL HIS NAME IMMANUEL,” which translated means, “GOD WITH US.”

We are entering into a time of much change and also a time of miracles and healings like never before seen in the history of mankind. His LOVE never ends! As redemptive judgments fall we will also witness the Love of God for His Creation!

I pray you have stocked up on the important things like food, water, medical needs and a bug out bag if you have to go quickly. Please get your spiritual houses in order first and foremost. Yahushua (Jesus) LOVES us all! LOVE HIM BACK!!


Oh the NAME, my healer from homosexuality and all other sins in me. Thank You Jesus that You ARE LOVE and that we know that anything outside of you, is not. Help struggling gays, give them a soft heart that will say no to homosexuality and yes to You!! We need you.
Encouraging & Beautiful Words To His Beloved Bride: Volumes 1,2 & 3 (Jeffrey Stewart)

Encouraging & Beautiful Words To His Beloved Bride: Volumes 1,2 & 3 (Jeffrey Stewart)

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL AND WORTH READING: I want to encourage all to read the Words by The Father for all His Children. I pray it will bring many to the realization that we can’t possibly comprehend the magnitude of the love He has for each one of us. May this lift your spirits and bring you to that place that you want to come to Him, you want to let Him into your life and you realize it doesn’t matter what you have done that if you tell Him you are sorry, you will be forgiven. Just speak  from your heart as if you are speaking to your best friend!!

So I pray it warms every heart that reads this and I encourage all to share with everyone you know!!!

Have a beautiful Sunday and much love to all!

PDF: Words to His Beloved Bride,” Volumes 1, 2 & 3 – Jeffrey Stewart

Jeffrey Stewart is giving away PDF versions of the three books that the Lord had him write, “Words to His Beloved Bride,” volumes 1, 2 & 3. You can download them at the following links. I believe that they will bless your walk with the Lord. Also, feel free to print them, email them, or anything you like with them.

Our Heavenly Father says:

“It is impossible for you to grasp how much I love you. Even after you get your new bodies, you will not be able to comprehend even a small fraction of its depth. For millions of years, you will wonder at the depth of My Love for you. My care for you is infinite. When you hurt, I hurt. When you rejoice, I rejoice. The mention of your name causes such overwhelming love that I would die for you again if you needed it. The vastness of the universe can fit inside my heart, yet that vastness is nothing compared to the Love I have for EACH of my children. Creation was My Gift to you. Every good thing you see is My Gift to you. My Son is my Gift to you. You are that pearl of great price, that I would give everything to possess. My only thoughts of you are thoughts of your good. The smallest details of your life have been planned with infinite care. Every single flower, every single sunset, every single day, is My Gift to you. You believe Heaven will be a place of great joy, but you being with Me in Heaven brings me joy that is beyond what you can comprehend. You make Heaven, Heaven for Me. So never doubt My Love for you. Though the enemy come against you, and things look dark, the Sun always shines — and My Love always shines for you.” (this is on page 1 of Volume 1 so continue reading)


He Has Had Many Prophetic Dreams: Marty Breeden Needs Help & Our Prayers

He Has Had Many Prophetic Dreams: Marty Breeden Needs Help & Our Prayers


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Dear Friends,
I sure could use your prayers.
As most of you know, I had to medically opt out and resign from Law Enforcement after a wonderful career of many years of serving.

I’m dealing with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis in my lower spine and I found out today that I have several ruptured discs in my back with a narrowing canal, and the disc are pushing into the nerves directly in my spine.
(Other than that I’m 100%!🤣🤣)
I need prayer because these conditions are degenerative and sadly this is EXTREMELY painful!
3 years ago when I Coded, and started my recovery, the Drs. advised me to apply for disability, they said my law enforcement career was over…and they said they would do the paperwork.

I DECLINED because I wanted to work my way back.
With Gods help, I did and was able to serve as a Police Officer for 3 more years.
Now however, things have caught up to me and I’ve had to apply, but I guess like most, even that was denied the first time.
So, I’m really needing wisdom on what to do.
This is no “sad tale of woe”, but suffice it to say, things are tough and tight.

So please pray for healing, for favor, and that our needs will be met.
This is a very humbling post…..but for me now is no time for any pride.
Love you all and thanks in advance!!

PLEASE make a donation to a Go Fund Me Page that has been set up for Marty.

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Intercessors: Immediate Prayers: Kim Weir’s Daughter Jessica Has Been Airlifted & KJ From The Scariest Movie Ever Had A Heart Attack

Intercessors: Immediate Prayers: Kim Weir’s Daughter Jessica Has Been Airlifted & KJ From The Scariest Movie Ever Had A Heart Attack

Prophetically speaking about the times we are now living in, It is becoming more apparent that more and more of those who are putting out Videos, Words, Dreams or Visions for our King from the Holy Spirit are either being severely attacked or their children are. Also some who are exposing the plans of govt and going against the “status quo” and watchmen helping people to understand what is happening are also under attacks.

I would like all to pray for Kim Weir’s Daughter Jessica. She was airlifted to a hospital in Tennessee because her PH level is 6.9 which is very low. If you do not know who Kim Weir is, she has put out videos of Prophetic dreams. Please pray for her daughter to pull through and pray satan’s will not be done in her life. For those who do not

For those who do not know who she is here is her site:

Kim WeirYouTube

For 27 years God has been giving me dreams, visions and messages about who He is, what His plans are for America and the world. He has shown me how deeply He…

And here KJ from TheScariestMovieEver has done major videos exposing the lies and showing the world what is truly going on, hitting on many different subjects. He had a major motorcycle accident awhile back and now had a heart attack and was in ICU. I believe he is saved but just in case, pray for his salvation if he is not.

Thank you and we need to pray for one another in these days that are upon us. I appreciate it very much and Blessings to all that pray!

Paul, a sub sent this to me. You’re a good soul and I appreciate the shout out. I’m in my 40s. The Dr said this is genetic, but I was adopted so I don’t know my history

I’m recovering now and staying with my Mom and Dad for awhile. I’ll be back soon. And to those praying for me, thank you sooo much,

that’s all I could ever ask for and it helps. God bless and ttyl.


Living In Prophetic Times; So Thankful For All My Friends On Here (Ms. Sophie)

Living In Prophetic Times; So Thankful For All My Friends On Here (Ms. Sophie)

To all my friends on here and newcomers, we are living in prophetic times now which the prophets of old so desired to be a part of but we are the chosen generation(s).

Every now and then I come on here to say thank you to all my friends. I sincerely am thankful to the Holy Spirit for it was Him that named this site and for giving us Isaiah 60:1 so His light would shine. Thank you to my friend Matthew, the other author who is the computer whiz kid behind the scenes. I appreciate all your help and keeping this running. I thank all who commented on here and for coming to visit this site and for sharing it with others. You have all been very nice and that too is appreciated and I thank all those that have helped me out by sending me certain Words or articles of importance to post. It has been most helpful. I also thank those too that brought to my attention something that should not be on here. So again thank you.

To all the newcomers on this blog, please scroll through for there is much to see on here so you will be aware and be able to see what is coming. I pray all make it through, I pray all repent daily, I pray those who have not yet received Yahushua (Jesus) in their heart that they do so, I pray all endure until the end for there will be much joy at the end of all this. He will wipe all our tears away after all the sorrow. Keep the faith.

We are all brothers and sisters and we all come from the same Creator. Let there be no division among the Body Of Christ for this displeases our Father in heaven immensely. He loves us all the same and things are changing in our nation and also around the world. There will be a lot more happening and you must be prepared mentally and especially spiritually. I pray you get your houses in order that way and come to Him now rather than later. It will much easier for you even though things will still be very hard. Everyone will be in the same boat so this is the time where the bond is truly necessary between believers. Don’t turn each other in; be for one another. Love each other for everyone will have their moments of despair at certain points in time while all this goes on. Nobody is perfect.

Please help each other out and feed each other spiritual food as well as food for the physical body; do not leave anyone out. We are to care for each other & pull through. Everyone needs someone to stand by them do they not? If you do not share what you have, it will be taken from you. Be good to one another.

I love you and Yahushua loves you more than you know. Don’t run from Him; He already knows you. You can’t hide so just sit at His feet and hand your burdens and cares to Him. Realize you can’t do this life alone and we all need Him. Like He said, give me your heart and I will give you Mine. We have all fallen short and we are all sinners so just acknowledge it, tell him you are sorry and in need of His love, protection and peace. Accept Him as Your Lord & Savior!! You won’t ever be disappointed for doing this!! I can vouch for that. My walk has brought me into an intimacy I never knew I could have with the Most High Almighty God. It’s been an amazing ride!

I love you all……I want you to remember there is NO pre-trib rapture and nobody is flying away. There will be a taking away of the 144k for a short period of time but they will be returning to finish God’s Work and to help those going through what is coming so this is not a rapture as people call it. At that time, they say the young children will also leave. I have heard 7 and under, 4 and under, 3 and under so nobody really knows but when they go, remember they are in good hands. Now, is this going to happen now or so very soon, only God knows. Plan on being here for the duration.

So much that the body of Christ has been misled on. Thankfully, during these days, He will be bringing us back to the correct doctrine, the restoration if you return to Him.

We were born to serve God, we were born to serve our fellowman but do not think you enter in by just being a good person. You must repent, ask for forgiveness and accept Yahushua as Lord & Savior; acknowledge He lived, died and rose again to save you. Be thankful for He is Salvation that came down from heaven. Do not go to some preacher, priest, minister or anyone. Just say it out loud to God yourself. That is all it takes; just be sincere for He reads your heart. 🙂

LOVE IS THE KEY! Please pray for all those in Israel and also for all those here and all over the world that are going through so much. Prayers change things!

Here is a really great song I came across last night out of the blue, as if anything happens by chance (lol). In this video it says we go to heaven but that is incorrect. Heaven comes down to us. The Kingdom that is coming will be on this earth and something to look forward to. Enjoy the song!

“Why he said, Awake you that sleep, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light. See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Why be you not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; Giving thanks always for all things to God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God. (Ephesians 5:14-21)

Reality Of What We Will Face In The Future She Says: “Tragic Loss Of My 4 Year Old Prepares Me For The Future” (OnPointPreparedness)

Reality Of What We Will Face In The Future She Says: “Tragic Loss Of My 4 Year Old Prepares Me For The Future” (OnPointPreparedness)

WOW, The Lord impressed on her to share this now with all for the time is near when you will lose your children. She says will you blame God and renounce your faith then? Listen to this please because she is here to build you up and encourage you to keep going also. There is a lot of encouragement in this video also. 🙂


Uplifting True Story: He Loves The Sparrows & Guaranteed, He Loves Us Too (Randy S)

Uplifting True Story: He Loves The Sparrows & Guaranteed, He Loves Us Too (Randy S)

I saw this story and let it be an encouragement to you. If He takes care of the sparrows that well, you know He says ‘are we not worth more than the sparrows?”

Tree Sparrow, Passer Montanus Stock Image - Image of ...

Lori Squires posted it and sharing:

PRAISE JESHUA, OUR KING!!! Ya see the video picture of the sparrows? In the year that l was delivered & BORN AGAIN, l saw another miracle of GOD.

HE gave me this for many reasons but l will just tell you the story & you can go from there. In the winter of 2007/08, on the worst day of the year, the LORD showed me the meaning of Matthew 10:28-31. I get up every morning & eventually go out & feed the birds. Every day, l pour a Cross on the ground then scatter the rest! Love to see the animals “come to the Cross!” Anyway, l got up & asked JESUS if there was any reason for me to go outside today. The temp was -25° actual & the snow was blowing sideways.

HE had me go to the kitchen window. Out there were a few sparrows looking for food. They were hanging on by their little claws & l thought, “Oh JESUS…” There was my answer. The wind whips through that area, drifts on both sides of this little clearing. There was a glaze of ice over the spot of that cross & they could see some seeds but couldn’t get at them. So l bundle up to go out.

I have a Swiss Gear hiking pole with a carbide tip. Looks like a ski pole. At the bottom, it has a “snow basket”, about 3 in. in dia. I got my seed mugs & headed out. I get around that corner & wonder why did l even come out. Nasty weather. I poured the Cross shape on the ground and Whoosh! It was gone. Scattered the other & same deal. Gone.

As l turned to go, (the LORD/HIS Angel) made me take that walking pole & poke it behind me into the middle of a snow drift. Then, HE had me turn around & go look at where l had poked it into that snowbank. In 1 KINGS 22:34, it tells of the ‘random’ arrow shot supernaturally guided…well, same gig here!!! I looked into that place l had stuck & it was dark. I reached in & BAM! Out comes a sparrow!!! I look again cuz its still dark, l reach in, grab a little wing & BAM!!! Out comes another sparrow!

The KING OF KINGS sent me out there to set those 2 little sparrows free on the absolute worst day off the year, blizzard action, because HE loves them, too. And for me to tell this witness. There are little voles or pocket gophers that burrow under the snow & come up from there to get that seed, too. The lst sparrow must’ve went into one of those holes to avoid death, and another came in behind him, ‘rat-packing’ them in, so to speak. And the snow piled up & completely covered them. They had to have been in there over night because they were into(lengthwise) over a foot or more, & atleast 5 inches (depthwise).

Guaranteed, HE loves those sparrows, that are sold for a copper coin, & GUARANTEED, HE LOVES YOU! Gives a new look at “HIS EYE IS ON THE SPARROW…..” RANDY S. Give HIM GLORY!!!

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Arizona Injury Medical Associates P.L.L.C. | Your Injury ...

Good afternoon friends,

Sorry I am late getting on here today but had a bit of an emergency with an ingrown toenail that hurt so bad I had to go have it taken care of. All Praises to God for He had shown me a place that takes care of the poor without insurance a year ago when I had another ailment and they took care of me. I only had to pay them $5.00 at that time.

Well, I went to the same place today and nobody was in the waiting room (you would think it would be full and they usually are but each time I am sent somewhere He opens the doors for me that I get in and out quickly). So they take me right, had to inject a novacaine (that did hurt a little) and then a doctor and a PA came in and they had to cut in pretty deep. First cut I didn’t feel but 2nd one I screamed.

so the last 3 days has been ongoing with this issue and hopefully now when novacaine wears off it will not continue to be so painful. It does ruin a person’s day for sure. It was really troubling me and making me crabby to boot.

The people that work and volunteer there are really nice and the place is always very clean! I am so thankful for these people that work with them and volunteer their time. Helping hands are just that; helping hands.

So this is a praise report for our King! He does take care of us when we are obeying Him and He has proven this to me several times in the past even. I would never want to go back to this world and I am so grateful for God! I love Him for even when I am in my battles and feeling down and discouraged He still loves me!

He loves you too and loves us all!


Ms. Sophie




Wallpaper: "Prayer, the honor of a Christian" - Truth For Life

I want to ask all of you to pray for those going under some heavy duty attacks by satan and his minions at this time. I was attacked and down hard for a couple of days and almost fainted and couldn’t get out of bed for most of the day and night. Had a fever, slept constantly and just couldn’t shake it. I was told it was a “frequency attack” by satan and then I got slammed again with a viral attack on top of that. I got attacked after I prayed against all the sex trafficking rings.

Now my daughter’s child is with a 105. something temperature and she is under heavy attacks by her spouse’s girlfriend. Long story there but that jezebel spirit is not letting up attacking her from all angles. She just went back to work and can’t even go to work due to all these situations arising constantly. I refuse to give into satan and so he is now after my family once again. He always does this and it’s been the journey of my life.

Also Sister Barbara from Godshealer7 is in need of much prayer for satan is always attacking her also. She is in the hospital and she is always having seizures. Sister Bette is always getting attacked and so many who are really trying hard to walk the narrow road, do the will of the Father and put out videos, dreams, visions and words are going through much now. Please pray and I add these names to the list now: Francesco, and also my sons Adam and Zain; pray for their salvation. So many lost souls in need of prayer. We are doing what we are to do out of obedience to the Father. It goes like this. We didn’t choose this; He called us to it. You cannot run from it and we are to do, say and put out what He says to.

So much is going on these days and it is about to get worse. These trials, tests actually mean we are getting closer to going home to be with God finally and have peace. If you are not being attacked at all or chastised by God (convicted or corrected of your sin) then I would seriously re-examine your heart and wonder why. Satan won’t bother anyone who is not really trying to stay on the narrow path. He loves all those on the broad road.

So please lift prayers up for all the children that are being used by satan to either attack parents or through illness, pray for children who are being abused, pray for the abusers to repent, pray for the lost, pray for those who lost loved ones recently, pray for those who are about to lose loved ones too because many are lying in sickbeds all over the world, pray for all the evil to finally end and for Yeshua to return soon. Only He can make things right again. Pray against all evil at all times, against sex trafficking, prostitution, against pornography, against abortions, against selling of baby parts, against the greed and corruption of our govt officials, against anything that is ungodly. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem too for we should always pray for that is where Yeshua will return to. Pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ instead of beating them up! Hatred only breeds more hatred and will keep you out of the kingdom.

As this year moves along, we are going to see so many changes which will scare many and these things will come upon us quickly so get ready. Get your heart ready for this also. We do not have years and years left as many proclaim. Prepare yourselves.

If you don’t like a Word a person got, Take it to the Lord himself, if you don’t believe we are in the end days, take it to the Lord himself, if you think you will prosper in this nation now the way it is, you need to seriously seek the Lord now, if you believe Trump is on our side, think again, and if you think war will never hit this nation, then you need to also wake up because you will be the ones caught unaware and will die in fear when it does happen. If you think prophecy is not in motion, you need to go read the Word again, if you think we can defeat Russia and China, think again. We are powerless without God and as a nation, threw Him out.

2018 is a pivotal year and understand that there is a beautiful ending in all this also. There is a Savior returning for us that have repented and returned to Him, there is a beautiful and outstanding kingdom coming to earth called the Millennial kingdom and Yeshua will reign, there is much joy coming at the end of the sorrows we will see and there is a peace and more love than you could ever imagine once satan has his day and is finally taken down and chained for 1,000 yrs. Thankfully, his time is short now and we will all be rid of him.

So hang in there my friends and don’t ever give up no matter what. Fight the good fight, endure, use warfare prayer and wear that armor daily and just keep chasing God.

Let love guide you and whatever comes your way, don’t let satan take your inheritance away from you. God promises to be with us through it all and He keeps His Word. It is the one thing you can always count on. His Word, His love, His faithfulness. He cannot lie and you can trust Him. So trust and obey and He will lead the way! Do your part though and come out from under sin, resist, walk away from what bothers you, do not fight, do not hate, do not disbelieve, and keep the faith.

I love you all and have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy our last quiet days for they are coming to an end sooner than we all know.

Ms. Sophie

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