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Where Will You Spend Eternity (William Haskew)

Where Will You Spend Eternity (William Haskew)

That was Awesome!! Thank you so much, great job, and so important with so many lies out there from satan. We need His rules to live a straight life, not a crooked life, just as we need a ruler to draw a straight line! Blessings and much Love ✝ 💜 (Gina C)

The Ten Commandments…. You Break One And You Broke Them All…… Thank You Father For My Salvation..
EXCELLENT, GENTILES PLEASE WATCH: The Ten Commandments-10 Facts You NEED To Know! (Hope Through Prophecy)

EXCELLENT, GENTILES PLEASE WATCH: The Ten Commandments-10 Facts You NEED To Know! (Hope Through Prophecy)

Gentiles, we have been deceived by wolves in sheep’s clothing. Please take time to listen and take it to the Holy Spirit!! It’s that important!! Ten Commandments written by the Finger Of God. PLEASE SHARE WITH ALL. IT IS SOOO IMPORTANT!!

I have said all this before but here it is in one 23 min video.

The ten commandments, also known as the Law of God, are under attack. In this full-production video, you will learn 10 powerful facts about the 10 commandments. A misunderstanding of just 1 of these 10 facts could cost you eternal life. Many well-meaning Christians have lost sight of the role and purpose of God’s law – an understanding that is essential to every Christian. Make sure carefully watch all 10 facts in this video, as each has eternal importance. You will learn critical truths, such as “Were the 10 commandments nailed to the cross?”, “What does Jesus’ death teach us about the 10 commandments?”, and “What will be the standard by which all men which be judged?” You will also discover the clear Biblical difference between the law of God and the law of Moses. At the end, I will reveal how it is possible to faithfully obey the ten commandments!

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Dear Lord write your law in my me to obey it all Jesus precious name..Amen
Discover Your Calling Into Israel Part 2

Discover Your Calling Into Israel Part 2

Paul warned about us about people coming and deceiving many.  Have you ever heard of a man named Marcion?  I encourage you to listen and take assessment of your faith and determine if you believe in his heresy.  Do you follow Marcion’s teachings or do you follow Yeshua’s and the Apostle’s teachings?


Are You Believing in a False Faith?

Are You Believing in a False Faith?

I was studying in the Aramaic NT in 2 These 2 and noticed this verse:

11 Because of this, Alaha {God} will send unto them the operation of the deception of a false faith {i.e. a false religion/a false christianity},

I had to read it again.  I never read it that way.  A false christianity, a false Jesus.  Can a golden calf save you?

12 and thus, judge all who don’t trust in The Truth, but rather, have desires in unrighteousness.

The very next verse shows why they believe a false faith — They desire  unrighteousness (lawlessness).

Here is the link to it:

Something that I have been learning more about lately is a matter will be established by two or three witness.  Our faith is the same way.  There is a structure to our faith.

1. Testimony of Yeshua

2. Obedience to his commandments.

Faith is structured with BELIEF and OBEDIENCE


Are You An Antinomian?

Are You An Antinomian?

-by A.W. Tozer.

To any casual observer of the religious scene today, two things will at once be evident: one, that there is very little sense of sin among the unsaved, and two, that the average professed Christian lives a life so worldly and careless that it is difficult to distinguish him from the unconverted man. The power that brings conviction to the sinner and enables the Christian to overcome in daily living is being hindered somewhere. It would be oversimplification to name any one thing as the alone cause, for many things stand in the way of
the full realization of our New Testament privileges. There is one class of hindrances, however, which, tends out so conspicuously that we are safe in attributing to it a very large part of our trouble. I mean wrong doctrines or overemphasis on right ones. I want to paint out some of these doctrines, and I do it with the earnest hope that it may not excite controversy, but bring us rather to a reverent examination of our position.

Fundamental Christianity in our times is deeply influenced by that ancient enemy of righteousness, antinomianism,

The creed of the antinomian is easily stated:
“We are saved by faith alone; Works have no place in salvation; Conduct is works, and is therefore of no importance. What we do cannot matter as long as we believe rightly.
The divorce between creed and conduct is absolute and final. The question of sin is settled by the Cross; conduct is outside the circle of faith and cannot come between the believer and God.”

Such, in brief, is the teaching of the antinomian, And so fully has it permeated the Fundamental element in modern Christianity that it is accepted by the religious masses as the very truth of God.

Antinomianism is the doctrine of grace carried by uncorrected logic to the point of absurdity. It takes the teaching of justification by faith and twists it into deformity. It plagued the Apostle Paul in the early Church and called out some of his most picturesque denunciations. When the question is asked, “Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?” he answers no with that terrific argument in the sixth chapter of Romans.

The advocates of antinomianism in our times deserve our respect for at least one thing: their motive is good. Their error springs from their very eagerness to magnify grace and exalt the freedom of the gospel. They start right, but allow themselves to be carried beyond what is written by a slavish adherence to undisciplined logic. It is always dangerous to isolate a truth and then press it to its limit without regard to other truths. It is not the teaching of the Scriptures that grace makes us free to do evil. Rather, it sets us free to do good. Between these two conceptions of grace there is a great gulf fixed. It may be stated as an axiom of the Christian system that whatever makes sin permissible is a foe of God and an enemy of the souls of men.

Right after the first World War there broke out an epidemic of popular (NEWor NEO) evangelism with the emphasis upon what was called the “positive” gospel. The catch-words were “believe,” “program,” “vision. ” The outlook was wholly objective. Men fulminated against duty, commandments and what they called scornfully “a decalogue of don’ts.” They talked about a “big,” “lovely” Jesus who had come to help us poor but well-meaning sinners to get the victory. Christ was presented as a powerful but not too particular Answerer of prayer.

The message was so presented as to encourage a loaves-and fishes attitude toward Christ. That part of the New Testament which acts as an incentive toward holy living was carefully edited out. It was said to be “negative” and was not tolerated. Thousands sought help who had no desire to leave all and follow the Lord. The will of God was interpreted as “Come and get it.” Christ thus became a useful convenience, but His indisputable claim to Lordship Over the believer was tacitly canceled out.

Much of the stream of gospel thought has been fouled, and its waters are still muddy. One thing that remains as a dangerous hangover is the comfortable habit of blaming everything on the devil. No one was supposed to feel any personal guilt; the devil had done it, so why blame the sinner for the devil’s misdeeds? He became the universal scapegoat, to take the blame for every bit of human devilry from Adam to the present day. One gathered that we genial and lovable sinners are not really bad; we are merely led astray by the blandishments of that mischievous old Puck of the heavenly places. Our sins are not the expression of our rebellious wills; they are only bruises where the devil has been kicking us around. Of
course sinners can feel no guilt, seeing they are merely the victims of another’s wickedness.

Under that kind of teaching there can be no self-condemnation, but there can be, and is, plenty of self-pity over the raw deal we innocent sinners got at the hand of the devil. Now, no Bible student will underestimate the sinister work of Satan, but to make him responsible for our sins is to practice deadly deception upon ourselves. And the hardest deception to cure is that which is self-imposed.

Another doctrine which hinders God’s work, and one which is heard almost everywhere, is that sinners are not lost because they have sinned, but because they have not accepted Jesus. “Men are not lost because they murder; they are not sent to hell because they lie and steal and blaspheme; they are sent to hell because they reject a Saviour.” This short-sighted preachment is thundered at us constantly, and is seldom challenged by the hearers. A parallel argument would be hooted down as silly, but apparently no one notices it: “That man with a cancer is dying, but it is not the cancer that is killing him; it is his failure to accept a cure.” Is it not plain that the only reason the man would need a cure is that he is already marked for death by the cancer? The only reason I need a Saviour, in His capacity as Saviour, is that I am already marked for hell by the sins I have committed. Refusing to believe
in Christ is a symptom of deeper evil in the life, of sins unconfessed and wicked ways unforsaken. The guilt lies in acts of sin; the proof of that guilt is seen in the rejection of the Saviour.

If anyone should feel like brushing this aside as mere verbal sparring, let him first pause: the doctrine that the only damning sin is the rejection of Jesus is definitely a contributing cause of our present weakness and lack of moral grip. It is nothing but a neat theological sophism which has become identified with orthodoxy in the mind of the modern Christian and is for that reason very difficult to correct. It is, for all its harmless seeming, a most injurious belief, for it destroys our sense of responsibility for our moral conduct. It robs all sin of its frightfulness and makes evil to consist in a mere technicality. And where sin is not cured power cannot flow…

If the Bible is allowed to speak for itself it will teach loudly the doctrine of man’s personal responsibility for sins committed. Men sin because they want to sin. God’s quarrel with men is that they will not do even that part of the will of God which they understand and could do if they would…

From Paul’s testimony in the seventh chapter of Romans some teachers have drawn the doctrine of moral inability. But however Paul’s inner struggle may be interpreted, it is contrary to the whole known truth to believe that he had been a consistent law-breaker and violator of the Ten Commandments. He specifically testified that he had lived in all good conscience before God, which to a Jew could only mean that he had observed the legal requirements of the law. Paul’s cry in Romans is not after power to fulfill the simple morality of the Ten Commandments, but after inward holiness which the law could not impart…

The vogue of excusing sin, of seeking theological justification for it instead of treating it as an affront to God, is having its terrible effect among us. Deep searching of heart and a resolute turning from evil will go far to bring back power to the Church of Christ. Tender, tear-stained preaching on this subject must be heard again before revival can come.

~SOURCE:  “Paths to Power” – by A. W. Tozer, CHAPTER 5.




The Author Here Matthew Contributed this input: The scripture for “end of the law” is not understood. The Greek word here is “telos” Most people see this as a termination. But it is “the end to which all things relate, the aim, purpose” If we were to say that Christ terminated the law of God, then Pauls writings and the statements made by Yahushua would be nonsensical. The idea that many miss here is that Yahushua is our aim, the end to which all things relate.  So if we believe that we are in Christ and Christ is in us, then our purpose is to obey God’s holy law and live in fellowship with Him.  Obedience and fellowship are intertwined.

We have to come out of agreement with the enemy and stop believing that we are worthless, Christ gave is life for us.  We do not work to earn favor, we work because we know we are of the light. People are confusing the covenant with the law of God.  The covenant made at Mt Sinai was not a covenant for eternal life.  God’s covenants never cease, for he liveth forever.

AND MS. SOPHIE ADDS THIS SO YOU ALL WAKE UP:  But how can you be in Christ, if you are in lawlessness? Whenever you point this out to people to help them, they say you are of the enemy and the enemy sent you to attack them. Ah, the enemy is clever and he makes sure he removes those people that are already believing the lies. Does not want them to return to truth. SAD …….so very sad. So many deceived!

Be very careful with this false grace. Pastors and preachers better stop teaching this lie and come back to truth because God is cleaning house now and if they do not repent they will be the ones removed and judgment is more severe for them.

an·ti·no·mi·an·ism (ăn′tĭ-nō′mē-ə-nĭz′əm)

n. Christianity The doctrine or belief that the Gospel frees Christians from required obedience to any law, whether scriptural, civil, or moral, and that salvation is attained solely through faith and the gift of divine grace.

The belief that moral laws are relative in meaning and application as opposed to fixed or universal.


American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.


the belief that Christians are freed from the moral law by the virtue of God’s grace. — antinomian, n., adj.

See also: Theology


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Antinomianism, lawlessness is salvation made easy. The sales pitch is this, that you lose nothing while you are on your way to heaven. You can be lawless and go to …

My Testimony And Praise Report After I Came Out Of Babylon

My Testimony And Praise Report After I Came Out Of Babylon


For years I followed as everyone else did not ever giving it a second thought that I was following the wrong day. I just went to church and that was that. Heck, my mom did it and so did my friends and their families. I went through life oblivious to the fact that all along I was walking against His Ways, and not with him.

I remember the Holy Spirit quickening me in the Bible and showing me different things and I saw 7th Day, Sabbath which I found interesting but wasn’t sure about. I decided I would go ask a Pastor about it that I knew so drove to the church parking lot, got out and was walking toward the door and halfway there, I turned around because it dawned on me that I was going to trust a man over God’s Word if I did that. I got in the car, apologized to God for He had just shown me which day was His and went home. I am making this really short as not to bore anyone with all the particulars.

But the point I am making is that when I returned to the right day, things started changing for me and I started being totally blessed. I was working anywhere from 60 to 70 hours a week and it was exhausting to keep myself going and then that changed. I was taken from those jobs to one where I would work only 40 hours a week. I worked Saturdays so had to have that changed and where I worked that was difficult to do. I said to God “I will do this for you but I need you to open that door to have that day off” and I stepped out in faith (most are afraid to make the step out in faith) and when I went in to ask for that day off, the director never questioned it and asked me what I wanted to work instead. So, that door opened and I even got better days working and 4 days off together per week. Then God removed a debt that the city said I owed in back taxes and I had not owed back taxes but they were adamant about wanting $1,200.00 from me. I didn’t have the money to pay and Father removed that from me. The man in collection talked with me and wrote off the whole debt and said he has never done that before. What happened? God moved him to do this. This is just 2 examples of what happened and there was a lot more along the way since going back to the right day of worship.

The gist of this is that people always say we are cursed if we follow God’s laws (Ten Commandments) and that we don’t have to do so anyway. Actually, by returning to the Holy Day He appointed, blessed and hallowed, I WAS FREED FROM THE CURSE AND LIBERATED.That is when the blessings came.

When I was worshipping on Sunday I was under the curse, the bondage and tied to Satan’s worship day. I floated through life with many hardships never realizing I was under a curse by disobedience to the commandments. We can’t just say we no longer have to follow and that it is legalism to do so. Honestly, if you truly love God then why is this the one commandment most refuse to follow? How is that love of God? He states continually in the word “if you love me obey my commands”. Obedience is required and that means an about face to Baal. We have to turn away from following satan.

If we truly have God’s laws written in our hearts as many use as an excuse to remain in disobedience and wrestle with God in the spirit, then we would joyfully follow what He commanded us to follow. We don’t follow because of legalism, we follow because we then love God and desire to please Him. Why do people have a hard time with this? I must ask you-Did Jesus just put God’s laws in his heart or did He observe them? He kept the Ten Commandments and He kept the Feast Days too. He OBEYED. That is what we are called to do. How is anyone saved by just merely faith if they do not do what God said to do? Faith is always followed by action! You cannot just have faith and no action. This is not works, it is serving a Holy God in righteousness doing what He expects of us and following His Son as He walked. The Word is clear on that too; that faith without works is dead faith. Nothing legalistic about it. Again, out of love we obey and do what He wants us to do. WE simply then show Him we love Him and desire to please Him.

Anyway, do not believe the lies that we are under the curse of the law if we obey God. Satan hates the 4th commandment because it is the only commandment that points to God as Creator of all things and who wants to be honored and revered as being God? Satan does. The deception is great but thankfully, thousands have now come out of the deception and accepted the 7th day and are receiving many blessings for doing so. The Sabbath has always been a “test command” of whom will follow God and love Him as He requires and who will dismiss His command and follow the manmade doctrine that it is in our hearts only. God reads your heart and this is not loving God. He sees this as “rebellion” and “lukewarm”. So take it to the Lord because the Holy Spirit WILL NEVER TELL YOU THAT THE 4TH IS NOT TO BE FOLLOWED AND THAT EVERYDAY IS SABBATH REST BECAUSE IT IS WRITTEN IN YOUR HEART. Jesus demonstrated what we were to follow did He not so why do you not do it? I posted a ton of Scriptures in NT alone that show you what day is to be followed. It is up to you whether you will believe all of God’s word or not.  Remember the ones in the desert that didn’t believe when He said they had to keep the 7th Day Sabbath and they went out doing their thing collecting manna on the 7th day Sabbath. What happened to them? They died in their sin and rebellion.

So, if you really want to test the Father on this, I strongly urge you not to say that He changed the law and that you only need it in your heart and you can still worship on Sunday or that you can make Sabbath any day you so choose to. Again, won’t debate this because reading this below and reading the Word it is QUITE EMPHATICALLY CLEAR what day is His and which one is not and that Sabbath is not every day. The problem with this thinking is that people truly do not fear God because if they did, they would obey! Do not argue with me on this because I won’t argue with you and I know from my own testimony and life how He has totally truly blessed me for returning. Take it to the Father instead. Or better yet, why don’t you ask Father to prove it to you and try doing the Sabbath and see what doors open up for you. What have you got to lose by doing that?


Last thing I want to mention to you all. People claim all we need is faith right so if this is true and they say they have faith, why are they totally afraid to step out in faith and say “Okay God, I am going to do the 7th Day Sabbath only and then you show me how you bless those that follow”. That is what faith is; stepping out completely and then letting God show you. That is what I did. I wanted Him to show me and prove to Me that He truly wants us to follow that day and that He blesses those that do. He proved Himself to me in so many ways and that gave me more faith to trust Him even more!

Sitting home saying I have faith and remaining in Sabbath rest everyday is anything but true faith and it is not faith you have in God if you can’t trust God to take care of you if you step out onto the water.  Anyone can say they have faith and do nothing. It is the stepping out on the unknown and uncharted waters that proves you truly have faith. Proof is always in action like I said earlier. Noah stepped out of his “comfort zone” and built an Ark didn’t he? Wasn’t that “works” when He obeyed and stepped into uncharted waters? Was He cursed for doing this or blessed? Did he just have faith or did he have faith and do!?

I urge you all to read this. It is not too long to read but hopefully guide you back instead of keeping you in bondage. Freedom and liberty always come from obedience. Always!

Blessings and Curses | Truth in Reality

Deuteronomy 28 lists the ‘Blessings … Words are not the only channels through which the spiritual power of blessings and curses … NKJV New King James Version …




Is Obedience To God “WORKS”? Let Us Examine What The Bible Says About It Shall We?

Is Obedience To God “WORKS”? Let Us Examine What The Bible Says About It Shall We?

SHE SUMS IT UP HERE BECAUSE MOST DO NOT UNDERSTAND. REMEMBER TOO THAT WHEN YESHUA RETURNS HE SAYS HE IS BRINGING HIS REWARD WITH HIM FOR YOUR WORKS (DEEDS). There are several More Scriptures also on this that are not stated below. Again, no debating on this topic; You either believe God’s Word or you do not. Salvation is free and this is true but God expects you to do His will. We believe by Faith but faith without works is dead faith. (read James 2:18-26 below). Did the Apostles simply confess they believed, put God’s laws in their hearts (remember they are in the NT), then go in their tents sharpening swords and did nothing until they died? NO. They did God’s work for Him by obeying His commands, by pleasing God. The verse under this paragraph says it all:

James 2:18-26 (KJV)   18But someone may well say, “You have faith and I have works; show me your faith without the works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” 19You believe that God is one. You do well; the demons also believe, and shudder. 20But are you willing to recognize, you foolish fellow, that faith without works is useless? 21Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered up Isaac his son on the altar? 22You see that faith was working with his works, and as a result of the works, faith was perfected; 23and the Scripture was fulfilled which says, “AND ABRAHAM BELIEVED GOD, AND IT WAS RECKONED TO HIM AS RIGHTEOUSNESS,” and he was called the friend of God. 24You see that a man is justified by works and not by faith alone. 25In the same way, was not Rahab the harlot also justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out by another way? 26For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.


When a person obeys the commands of the Lord, is he working? Are the actions of obedience considered “works?” Of course, we recognize that such acts of obedience are NOT “works” of the law of Moses, “works” of man’s wisdom, “works” of disobedience, nor “works” of merit, but are they “works?” When “works” are commanded or praised in the New Testament, what are they? They are “works” of obedience to God, aren’t they? They are “works” of righteousness that God has commanded (or in some way required) and thus are essential to pleasing God and to receiving eternal life. Obviously we do those “works” when we obey God.

Please consider the following questions:

  1. If obeying God’s will is not “works,” then what are the “good works” of 2 Timothy 3:16-17?
  2. If obeying God’s will is not “works,” then what are the “works” of James 2:24?
  3. If obeying God’s will is not “works,” then what are the “good works” of Matthew 5: 16?
  4. If obeying God’s will is not “works,” then what are the “works” of Rev. 2:5, 19?
  5. If obeying God’s will is not “works,” then what are the “works” of Titus 2:14?
  6. If obeying God’s will is not “works,” then what are the “works” of Hebrews 10:24?
  7. If obeying God’s will is not “works,” then what is the “work” of James 1:25?
  8. If obeying God’s will is not “works,” then what is the “good work” of 2 Timothy 2:21?
  9. If obeying God’s will is not “works,” then what is the “good work” of Hebrews 13:21?

10.If obeying God’s will is not “works,” then what is the “good work” of Col. 1:10?

11.If obeying God’s will is not “works,” then what is involved in “your work of faith” in 1 Thess. 1:3 and 2 Thess. 1:11?

12.If obeying God’s will is not “works,” then what is involved in “the work of the Lord” in 1 Cor. 16:10?

13.If obeying God’s will is not “works,” then what is involved in doing “good” in 3 John 11?

14.If obeying God’s will is not “works,” then what is involved in working “good” in Romans 2:10?

15.If obeying God’s will is not “works,” then what is involved in working “out your own salvation” as mentioned in Phil. 2:12?

In John 6:27-29 Jesus said: “LABOUR … for that meat that endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed. Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God? Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that you believe on him whom he hath sent. In this passage believing on him whom God hath sent is spoken of as “the work of God.” How is it “the work of God?” It is not God’s work because God does the believing. It is “the work of God” because God planned and willed that man believe on Jesus Christ. But it is man that does the believing. It is “the work of God” although man believes! Since it is “the work of God” when man believes it should not be difficult to see that when God commands (or teaches us some other way his requirements) and we obey them, they are “works” of God! So, when God commands repentance and baptism and we do them, we are working the works of God! (Cf. Acts 17:30; 2:38).

Yes, obedience to God certainly involves “works!” One cannot be saved without such “works.”

Carroll R. Sutton, The Instructor, Albertville, AL,

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can say all you want to say in praising God for His marvelous, unmerited grace, but without obedience on our part, God’s grace is frustrated and void as far as our being saved is concerned. Your personal salvation is not solely the result of the “100% grace” of God as some preachers claim. If we have to go to the extreme of trying to credit one thing of God that has most moved Him in saving man, it would have to be 100% LOVE! Without His love (John 3:16), there would be neither grace nor mercy!

We often sing with great faith and fervor the song: “Trust And Obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.” Believe and obey is God’s way for the sinner to be saved by Jesus Christ. – cah