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SOUND Teaching On Sabbath (Gene Benjamin II)

SOUND Teaching On Sabbath (Gene Benjamin II)


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I’ve been told that I’m judging. Well, yes, we are to judge doctrines, teachings, theories, and theologies. Colossians 2:16-17, “So then, let no one but the body of Messiah judge you in eating or in drinking, or about an appointment calendar festival, or a new moon, or about Sabbaths. 17 These are a shadow of the things to come.” We do not have the authority to judge people, we only have authority to judge their teachings, theories, and spiritual fruit. Personally, I do not care whether or not you keep Sabbath on a lunar Sabbath schedule or calendar, or on a solar Sabbath schedule or calendar, or if you keep Sabbath at all. You and I will be judged by Yahweh and His Word. Do what you will. Yahweh’s word will either justify us or condemn us. I suggest we choose life by His Word.

So today, we’re going to look at the First Feast of Yahweh as described in Leviticus 23:1-3, Yahweh spoke to Moses: 2 “Speak to the people of Israel, and say to them, ’These are the appointment calendar festivals of Yahweh, which you must proclaim as holy assemblies; they are my appointment calendar festivals. 3 You may work for six days, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of complete rest, a holy assembly. You must do no work, because it is a Sabbath for Yahweh in all the places where you live.

The seventh-day Sabbath is the first holiday, holy day, holy convocation, holy rehearsal, listed in Leviticus 23. Read verse 3 very carefully. Read verse 3 as many times as you need to. Meditate on verse 3 for as long as you need to. Again, for the umpteenth time, how does Yahweh specify we determine the Sabbath rest holiday, or rehearsal? See it? Yes, we count six days of work, then the seventh day is our Sabbath day of rest with Yahweh!! Do you see any difference between Leviticus 23:3 and Genesis 2:1-3, or Exodus 20:8-11, or Exodus 16? No, of course not. The daily 24-hour count of days, 6 days work, 7th-day is the Sabbath, has remained the same since the first week of creation.

That word Sabbath in verse 3 is Shabbath, Shabbat, Strong’s # 7676, the Sabbath, the Sabbath week, it means intermission. Take a break, folks. Give me a break, please!! That word “rest” there in verse 3 is again Shabbathown, Strong’s # 7677, the weekly Sabbath observance, a sabbatism, or special holiday. That is why Yahweh included it in Chapter 23 with all the other Feasts of Yahweh. But the way Yahweh determines the Sabbath remains the same, consistently, throughout Scripture, as a 7-day count of 24-hour days, from the first week of creation. Week in week out. Why did Yahweh place the Sabbath first in this list of Feasts? Well, let’s see, He created time, then seven days later, he created the first Sabbath. It was the first Feast, holy holiday that Yahweh created. Is that too hard to understand?

The Sabbath is like breathing in Ruach Ha’Kodesh. It’s Yahweh’s heartbeat. It should be the heartbeat of his children. Is it your heartbeat? It’s my heartbeat, but I’m heartbroken that I’ve only been following Yahweh’s Sabbath heartbeat for the last 15 years. Before that time, my heart was off-beating on the wrong day of the week. How could I have been resting on the first day of the week, when I should have been out working on that day? My life was out of sync with Yahweh for the first 30 years of my walk with Him. Is that sad or what? Please re-sync your heartbeat with Yahweh’s today. Do not delay another week without getting in step with Yahweh and his perfect will for your life. Work six days then rest on the seventh day. Don’t rest on the first day of the week, then end up working on Yahweh’s Sabbath. That is called disobedience. Your life will continue to be a muddled mess until you get sync’d up with Yahweh on his clock and biblical calendar. Just remember, the 24 hour clock was invented 3 days before the sun, moon, and stars were even created! That should be our first clue as to how to count towards the weekly Sabbath!!

So, what are we rehearsing each week on Sabbath? Eternal rest in Yahweh, that’s what. It’s one wonderful way to taste the good eternal things to come. The writer of Hebrews said it best: Hebrews 4:1-16, “Therefore, let us be very careful so that none of you might seem to have failed to reach the promise left behind for you to enter Yahweh’s rest. 2 For we were told the gospel just as they were. But that message did not benefit those who did not unite in faith with those who obeyed. 3 For we who have believed are the ones who will enter that rest, just as he said, “As I swore in my wrath, they will never enter my rest.” Even so, his created works were finished at the foundation of the world (<<< CLUE!!). 4 For he has said somewhere about the seventh day, Yahweh rested on the seventh day from all his deeds.” 5 Again he has said, “They will never enter my rest.” 6 Therefore, because it is still reserved for some to enter his rest, and since many Israelites who heard the gospel did not enter it because of disobedience, 7 Yahweh has again set a certain day called, “Today.” After many days, he spoke through David, as it was earlier said, “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.” 8 For if Joshua the son of Nun had given them rest, Yahweh would not have spoken later on about another day. 9 Therefore, there is still a Sabbath rest reserved for Yahweh’s people. 10 For he who enters into Yahweh’s rest has himself also rested from his deeds, just as Yahweh did from his. 11 Therefore, let us be eager to enter that rest, so that no one will fall into the kind of disobedience that they did. 12 For the word of Yahweh is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword. It pierces even to the division of soul from spirit, and joints from marrow. It is able to know the heart’s thoughts and intentions. 13 Nothing created is hidden before Yahweh. Instead, everything is bare and open to the eyes of the One to whom we must give account. 14 Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Yeshua the Son of Yahweh, let us firmly hold to our beliefs. 15 For we do not have a high priest who cannot feel sympathy for our weaknesses. Instead, we have someone who has in all ways been tempted as we are, except that he is without sin. 16 Let us then go with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

I’m needy, we’re all needy. We need Yahweh’s seventh-day Sabbath rest.

Gene Benjamin II

July 14, 2018



I am calling all intercessors, watchmen and all who call themselves Christians now to pray against the enemy’s devices and strategies! There is power in prayer and imagine this…Obama’s birthday is today and Soros, Clinton and the rest of them are all working hand in hand. Is it any wonder this day was picked for this to happen? I don’t believe in coincidences.

Pray and rise against the forces of evil. Use the authority given to you by God himself. He stated it in the recent Word I received so do what He says to do! Do you know how if all the body of Christ would stand together, how much damage we would do the kingdom of darkness? Let’s do some damage against all demonic forces shall we?


MAY it end up being a peaceful prayer rally and I pray protection over those seeking peace today and I speak that the enemy be scattered and will leave all alone this day in the name of Yahushua HaMasiach Amen. I pray that what satan and his henchmen have planned will fall flat on its face and Father we ask that you destroy all plans of the enemy this day and come to our defense and we superimpose Yahuah’s prophetic word over all measures, tactics, plots, plans and strategies of the kingdom of darkness in the name of Yahushua HaMasiach. WE pray that no weapon formed against us will prosper this day and night and the victory is already won in the name of Yahushua AMEN

People, they are trying to start a civil war in this country so they can implement their New World Order. They must create chaos in order to implement it so pray against that. Thank you to all.

This Is Rather Interesting: Why Did God Create The Tree Of Good & Evil If He Knew Adam & Eve Would Eat From It? (DTBM OnlineVideoTraining)

This Is Rather Interesting: Why Did God Create The Tree Of Good & Evil If He Knew Adam & Eve Would Eat From It? (DTBM OnlineVideoTraining)


the reason we live in this entire antichrist system is for the same reason…..CUZ WE ASKED FOR IT

80’s Nostalgia Guy

At this point, Satan was already a sinner and a deceiver. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil represents Satan. The tree of life represents Jesus. When Adam and Eve chose to partake of the fruit of the first tree, they essentially chose to participate in Satan’s disobedience. That is why Satan has power in this world. We opened the door for him to enter and take over. The book of Revelations says that in paradise there will be a tree of life. The only way we can eat from it is to believe in Jesus and participate in his Holiness.

Clear Mind

Was never about the tree or fruit in tne garden people. GOD could have said do not sit on this stone ….. Its about listening, and being obedient to His commandments because He knows what’s best for us. If you don’t trust in God there will be consequences.


MUST WATCH: WARNING: Demons Are Real-True Holy Spirit Vs. Kundalini Demonic Spirit

MUST WATCH: WARNING: Demons Are Real-True Holy Spirit Vs. Kundalini Demonic Spirit

Visit: Email: Prayer Requests: Demons Are Real In this video I talk about the difference between the Holy Spirit and the kundalini. Here is a website about the Holy Spirit vs the Kundalini . . .… If you feel that you have a kundalini spirit in you, Contact Kevin . . . Email: Website: Demons Are Real Please Share this Video:

Great video – thank you for sharing. I had the Holy Spirit enter me a few months ago – and descriptions you shared are spot on. I started fasting for health reasons while eating a Vegan diet. I was very Anti God and Anti Church at the time – well over 20 years of being either Agnostic and at times Atheist. After about a month of fasting – I was paralyzed in my truck for about 3 hours….. All I felt was pure love, pure euphoria, and had absolutely no clue what was happening. After that all hate, anger, regrets, anxiety, anything and everything bad in my heart was gone – completely gone. Long story short I see things so much different. I stopped caring about anything worldly and want to do nothing but help others that are in a dark place – not for personal gain but more feels like my duty. All I do with any spare time is dedicated to watching sermons, watching testimonies, reading the Bible, learning about spiritual warfare, apologetic, anything and everything God. It is awesome yet scary at the same time – if that makes any sense. Thank you again for your video….. I hope it finds our brothers and sisters and educates them in the right direction.
Living In Prophetic Times; So Thankful For All My Friends On Here (Ms. Sophie)

Living In Prophetic Times; So Thankful For All My Friends On Here (Ms. Sophie)

To all my friends on here and newcomers, we are living in prophetic times now which the prophets of old so desired to be a part of but we are the chosen generation(s).

Every now and then I come on here to say thank you to all my friends. I sincerely am thankful to the Holy Spirit for it was Him that named this site and for giving us Isaiah 60:1 so His light would shine. Thank you to my friend Matthew, the other author who is the computer whiz kid behind the scenes. I appreciate all your help and keeping this running. I thank all who commented on here and for coming to visit this site and for sharing it with others. You have all been very nice and that too is appreciated and I thank all those that have helped me out by sending me certain Words or articles of importance to post. It has been most helpful. I also thank those too that brought to my attention something that should not be on here. So again thank you.

To all the newcomers on this blog, please scroll through for there is much to see on here so you will be aware and be able to see what is coming. I pray all make it through, I pray all repent daily, I pray those who have not yet received Yahushua (Jesus) in their heart that they do so, I pray all endure until the end for there will be much joy at the end of all this. He will wipe all our tears away after all the sorrow. Keep the faith.

We are all brothers and sisters and we all come from the same Creator. Let there be no division among the Body Of Christ for this displeases our Father in heaven immensely. He loves us all the same and things are changing in our nation and also around the world. There will be a lot more happening and you must be prepared mentally and especially spiritually. I pray you get your houses in order that way and come to Him now rather than later. It will much easier for you even though things will still be very hard. Everyone will be in the same boat so this is the time where the bond is truly necessary between believers. Don’t turn each other in; be for one another. Love each other for everyone will have their moments of despair at certain points in time while all this goes on. Nobody is perfect.

Please help each other out and feed each other spiritual food as well as food for the physical body; do not leave anyone out. We are to care for each other & pull through. Everyone needs someone to stand by them do they not? If you do not share what you have, it will be taken from you. Be good to one another.

I love you and Yahushua loves you more than you know. Don’t run from Him; He already knows you. You can’t hide so just sit at His feet and hand your burdens and cares to Him. Realize you can’t do this life alone and we all need Him. Like He said, give me your heart and I will give you Mine. We have all fallen short and we are all sinners so just acknowledge it, tell him you are sorry and in need of His love, protection and peace. Accept Him as Your Lord & Savior!! You won’t ever be disappointed for doing this!! I can vouch for that. My walk has brought me into an intimacy I never knew I could have with the Most High Almighty God. It’s been an amazing ride!

I love you all……I want you to remember there is NO pre-trib rapture and nobody is flying away. There will be a taking away of the 144k for a short period of time but they will be returning to finish God’s Work and to help those going through what is coming so this is not a rapture as people call it. At that time, they say the young children will also leave. I have heard 7 and under, 4 and under, 3 and under so nobody really knows but when they go, remember they are in good hands. Now, is this going to happen now or so very soon, only God knows. Plan on being here for the duration.

So much that the body of Christ has been misled on. Thankfully, during these days, He will be bringing us back to the correct doctrine, the restoration if you return to Him.

We were born to serve God, we were born to serve our fellowman but do not think you enter in by just being a good person. You must repent, ask for forgiveness and accept Yahushua as Lord & Savior; acknowledge He lived, died and rose again to save you. Be thankful for He is Salvation that came down from heaven. Do not go to some preacher, priest, minister or anyone. Just say it out loud to God yourself. That is all it takes; just be sincere for He reads your heart. 🙂

LOVE IS THE KEY! Please pray for all those in Israel and also for all those here and all over the world that are going through so much. Prayers change things!

Here is a really great song I came across last night out of the blue, as if anything happens by chance (lol). In this video it says we go to heaven but that is incorrect. Heaven comes down to us. The Kingdom that is coming will be on this earth and something to look forward to. Enjoy the song!

“Why he said, Awake you that sleep, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light. See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Why be you not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; Giving thanks always for all things to God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God. (Ephesians 5:14-21)

PLEASE READ: Who Are The 144k And Innumerable Multitude? (Natan Lawrence)

PLEASE READ: Who Are The 144k And Innumerable Multitude? (Natan Lawrence)

Who are the 144k and innumerable multitude?

Posted on 09/26/2014 by Natan Lawrence

The 144,000 Saints Versus the Great and Innumerable Multitude
There are two groups of believers mentioned Revelation chapters seven and 14. They are Yeshua’s 144,000 bride-priests and the carnal or lukewarm believers who get spiritually refined in great tribulation.

The 144,000 are spiritual virgins who follow the Lamb wherever he goes. They are redeemed believers and first fruits of Elohim (Rev 14:4).
The 144,000 are without deceit or fault (i.e., sin) before YHVH’s throne of judgment (Rev 14:5). How can it be said that someone is without fault without being Torah-obedient, since the Torah defines sin (1 John 3:4)? Indeed, those who are the saints that make up the 144,000 must be Torah-observant and be walking under the blood of Yeshua (Rev 12:17; 14:12).

The meaning of the names of the patriarchs of the 12 tribes have a hidden message pertaining to the bride of Yeshua, which is more proof that the 144,000 are the bride.

  • Judah means “Now I will praise YHVH.” (Gen 29:35)
  • Reuben means “Surely YHVH has looked upon my affliction.” (Gen 29:32)
  • Gad means “What good fortune.” (Gen 30:11)
  • Asher means “Happy am I.” (Gen 30:13)
  • Naphtali means With great wrestlings have I wrestled.” (Gen 30:8)
  • Manasseh means “For Elohim [said he], ‘has made me foreget all my toil.’” (Gen 41:51)
  • Simeon means “ Because YHVH has heard that I was hated.” (Gen 29:33)
  • Levi means “ Now this time will my husband be joined to me.” (Gen 29:34)
  • Issachar means “Elohim has given me my wages.” (Gen 30:18)
  • Zebulon means “Elohim has endowed me with a good gift, now my husband will dwell with me.” (Gen 30:20)
  • Joseph means “YHVH shall add to me.” (Gen 30:24)
  • Benjamin means “You shall have this son. (Gen 35:17–18)

Combined the names tell the following story:

Now will I praise YHVH. Surely YHVH has looked upon my affliction. What good fortune. Happy am I. With great wrestlings have I wrestled and I have prevailed. For Elohim has made me forget all my toil because YHVH has heard that I was hated. Now this time will my husband be joined unto me. Elohim has given me my wages. Elohim has endowed me with a good gift. Now my husband will dwell with me. YHVH shall add to me. You shall have this son.

What is the seal of God (Rev 7:3)? A seal is a signature, stamp, sign, brand or identification mark signifying ownership. A seal in the forehead symbolizes that one has the mark is completely yielded and subservient to the one who placed the mark.

It seems that there are two groups within Christianity or redeemed Israel: Ephraim and Manasseh. Manasseh means “forgetful.” Could this prophetically represents those Christians who have forgotten their heritage, the Hebrew roots of their faith, namely the Torah? Ephraim means “doubly fruitful.” Could this be a prophetic reference to believers who have both the Torah commands of YHVH and who have the testimony or the faith of Yeshua (Rev 12:17; 14:12) — the two identifying marks of the end time saints or bride of Yeshua in Revelation?

There are other references in Revelation to the non-bride, carnal or lukewarm believers (see Rev 3:14–22). This could include the great multitude of Revelation 7:9–15 who came out of great tribulation who are before the throne of Yeshua, but are not necessarily kings and priests and are different than the 144,000. There may be those still coming out of Babylon the Great just prior to her destruction (Rev 18:4). Revelation 16:2 may hint at a group of people who refuse to take the mark of the beast and who are on earth during the bowl judgments. Revelation 14:4 mentions first fruits. If there are first fruits, there must be second fruits—others who will be part of a later spiritual harvest.

Who Are the Great and Innumerable Multitude (Rev 7:9–17)?

Who comprise this great and innumerable multitude? It’s unlikely that they’re the 144,000 bride, since they are a larger number than the 144,000 and since Yeshua has to “lead” (lit., to show the way, teach, guide) them to the fountains of living water (Rev 7:17), which is the Torah (see Ps 36:2 [iniquity or sin is lawlessness or Torahlessness, see 1 John 3:4], 6 [righteousness is Torah obedience, see Ps 119:172; judgments is a biblical synonym for Torah, since the Torah’s standards form the basis for the judgments of Elohim], 9 [fountain of life, light are biblical metaphors for the Torah], 12 [iniquity or sin is lawlessness or Torahlessness, see 1 John 3:4]). Who will help to teach this innumerable multitude (those who were lukewarm believers), but who became spiritually hot during the fiery trials of the great tribulation (see Rev 3:17–18)? It will likely be the 144,000 righteous priest-king brides of Yeshua who had known Yeshua all along, and who had been keeping his Torah-commands (Rev 12:17; 14:12).

Revelation 16:15 (cp. 3:14–22) speaks of two categories of believers: those who watch and keep their garments clean, and those walked in nakedness and shame (who presumably aren’t watching or keeping their garments clean). There are garments of righteousness that YHVH clothes us with at the time of our initial salvation (Isa 61:10), but the garments of good works or righteousness are a result of our good works of Torah-obedience and which will determine the saint’s level of rewards in YHVH’s kingdom (Rev 19:7–9 cp 3:17–18; 2 John 1:8).

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