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VISION: BEYONCE!! WIll BE A S.A.C.R.I.F.I.C.E? (Kerry Ann Gidden)

VISION: BEYONCE!! WIll BE A S.A.C.R.I.F.I.C.E? (Kerry Ann Gidden)

Left side of her face=Sasha FIERCE.
Last night I had a dream about Beyonce, similar to yours. She was in my old house that I used to live in, although my house seemed to be a hotel. She and Jay z were asleep on the master bedroom, and I peeped in to see if they were still asleep, and a voice said to me do not wake her up. I could see that she was asleep with one eye open. In the next part of the dream I was standing at the top of the stairs and she was at the bottom. I was rebuking the demons inside her, and she looked awful and making the most awful sounds. As I was rebuking the demons within her, I could here the sound of a human cry coming from within her, but the demons soon took over her. She tried to climb the stairs to come and get me, but she was thrown back down to the bottom of the stairs. I don’t watch anything to do with Beyonce, so I think The Most High is trying to say to stay away from these celebrities because they are being completely taken over by demonic ENTETIES. May The Most High bless you all.
Dream: Earth Opening Up Swallowing Homes & People (Bella Orsi)

Dream: Earth Opening Up Swallowing Homes & People (Bella Orsi)

Earth Opening Up Swallowing Homes And People – Bella Orsi

Sinkhole, Daisetta, TX May, 2008: The hole, 250′ deep

Earth Opening Up Swallowing Homes And People

Nov 16, 2019 6:12 PM
Bella Orsi

I woke up after a dream about the crust sliding around under us moving and in the dream I saw it affecting homes. I started seeing holes open up in peoples backyards. Swallowing homes up and people. Peoples homes being affected. In the dream a geologist came over to my home he told me it would get worse. Then I woke up at 7:11am.

Then a friend reminded me of this: The earth opened up and swallowed Korah and his 250 men of renown, their families and possessions. They were leaders in the natural and Moses was far from being a civic leader. He was slow of speech. Ex. 4:10-16. They had refused to accept Aaron and Moses as their spiritual leaders, despite the many miracles that Aaron and Moses did through God. Num. 16:1-33. It is true, even today. Rebellion lies deep within the heart of man. God has a right to appoint and anoint his delegated authorities. The issue is not how good-looking, personable, intelligent and popular a person is. The question is – is he hearing from God and walking in the fear and admonition of God? Elijah lived in a cave and Isaiah walked around naked for three years, in obedience to God. God’s true leaders seldom wear suits and appear on television. They are mostly ridiculed. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all crazy people are led by God. At some point, spiritual quakes and opening up of the earth will swallow up the rebellious. This is a warning that things will manifest in the physical. For a house divided can’t stand.

DREAM: The USA Is About To Crash! (Victoria Ang)

DREAM: The USA Is About To Crash! (Victoria Ang)

The USA is about to crash! – Victoria Ang

The USA is about to crash!

I had a vision tonight of a plane with the name USA on the side. I saw it flying across the sky at a slight downward angle . As I watched this vision I saw the plane take a rapid turn and go into a nose dive heading straight towards the ground. I saw the plane crash to the ground and burst into flames!

Interpretation :

The USA is about to crash ! Much destruction and casualty will come about as a result! …….
Please stay in prayer! Keep yourselves and your families covered by the blood of Jesus!
Gods timing and ways! He is in control

Dream About The Day Of The Lord! (The Wilderness Church)

Dream About The Day Of The Lord! (The Wilderness Church)

I dreamed about The Day of The LORD!

September 8, 2019
The Wilderness Church

Auto Transcript

I’ve only shared a stream with one other
person today and it was in tears man Rob
Ramon you guys have talked about him a
couple of times so I had this dream so I
was standing so just you know so this
this is the dream but I had to write it
first thing in the morning because it’s
not our forgotten so I was standing with
the multitude of people and I saw a
great opening as if Heaven was invading
Earth I literally saw the clouds rolling
in I saw everything I saw this
brightness of this coming and I could
see literally it was almost like just a
panoramic picture everything that I
could see as far out as possible
I saw literally heaven invading Earth
everything behind it was cut off and I
could just see multitudes upon
multitudes upon multitudes of angels but
dressed for battle and they were coming
to the earth
and as I was seeing this I began to hear
great great great trumpet blasts like
I’ve never heard before
loud covering everything you couldn’t
get away from this blast and this army
of angels was coming closer and closer
and closer and as I went to see I
stepped outside of this multitude of
people and I went to see and as I’m
seeing everything coming I declared
Jesus is coming one unbeliever a woman
her name I work with her
and she came and stood in front of me
and she says are you serious now
right now she says okay fine well if
he’s real than if he’s actually coming
then I guess I guess I’ll be ready for
him you know okay fine okay but I’m just
telling you this is a joker this is some
game or something I’m gonna be really
upset because you know I don’t believe
in this so she stood there
and at that very moment that woman was
snatched up
and she was handcuffed believe it or not
it was a handcuff it was a binding
in a multitude at the very moment that
she mentioned that began snatching away
all of the wicked they put all the
wicked in handcuffs turned it around and
they begin to cast all these people in
this pin and this picked and they were
binding them up in bundles they had tied
up their hands their feet and they
bundled them up and they begin throwing
that in this pit
I put my hands for so all these angels
these multitudes are hitting the ground
and I saw these angels I’ve been talk to
them in the stream and these angels are
coming down to the earth and everybody
around me is getting snatched up in
these guys they weren’t eight feet 12
feet 16 feet they’re about six feet one
and they were even smaller there they
weren’t as tall as I was and I was
looking down at them but they were mean
little dudes and they were snatching it
one after another and you couldn’t stop
you could not stop them from taking you
and so is that everybody around me to
get its thrown and turned around and
ripped and shoved together and turn into
a bundle I just put my hands out like
this like everybody else is getting
cuffed up and angel grabbed my hand
you said you’re okay here with us and he
grabbed me and he led me to this this
open gated area he was come with me
after buddy around me what’s getting
snatched up everybody was getting thrown
into this pit
and have you been to watch people that I
knew that had a great perfection of
Jesus Christ but they were being bound
and dragged into this pen in this pit
whether it was secret sin or whatever it
was that they died the time of the Lord
the day of the Lord is at hand and these
people were living in something they had
this great perfection but they were
getting bounded up
they said I love Jesus and for whatever
reason these men and I knew that these
men and these women I knew them and they
were being dragged by these angels they
were done they were about to get cut off
and whether it was a secret sin as Jesus
says in Matthew 7 is just a part for me
you that practice iniquity and they say
Lord Lord didn’t we and he says depart
from me
I begin to weep for the lost I was just
bawling him/her and I’m standing in this
dated area like I’m in this enclosed
gate in this pin is right next to me and
I’m seeing all these people that I know
and they’re being taken and they’re
being snaps and they’re being bundled up
and brother Rob Ramon comes to me and
he’s in the gate with me he says this is
brother Cody this is it Anthony Garcia
didn’t make it he’s a guy who were
cousin he says man they just threw him
in the pit and I was destroyed it’s that
side not Anthony not that guy
all these people were getting prepared
for destruction
and then at one moment the angels came
to us in the gated area and they told us
that it was time
and that we needed to go out and to the
hardest to gather the rest of the
children of God and I saw multitude to
believers later in and this great
harvest and they were bringing out all
the good fruit and I remember because
they told us they said okay guys let’s
gather the rest of the children I’ve
gotten it’s time it’s over
Azra bachmann hasn’t that I couldn’t
keep my eyes off the pivot ease people
were just bundled up and they were
perfectly stacked ready for the fire
ready for destruction I heard their
screams I heard their cries I saw people
that I knew being dragged away no way no
way they didn’t know Jesus something was
wrong something they were living and
something was secret that’s why Jesus
says in John 7:24 says I judge
righteously why because he looks into
the whole matter he looks into the heart
of all things he sees past whatever game
you’re playing you don’t have to fool me
you can fool me all you want but it’s
not me who’s gonna judge you it’s not me
who’s gonna cast you into eternal pit of
fire who’s gonna bundle you up and
snatch you up and tied up like a goat
it’s gonna be him matter of fact he
sends out his angels first to do it and
so I remember seeing this and I was
distraught and I was just like bawling
and crying my eyes out because I was sad
for all the lost and they died in their
sin they may collect it so great a
salvation and I remember I was walking
up this mountain and I was all by myself
because they said to go up to the
harvest and gather so I was going up
this mountain I look back and I can see
the pit that continue to get stacked
with people and then the gated area
where all of God’s children were coming
to and I continued to weep try out
through the loss and I remember I called
my mom and my dad I had one of the most
saddest things in my life because people
died in their sin and people we knew
they didn’t have to because they have
opportunity they could have came to
Jesus but they never did they lived a
and now it was time the show is over the
game was over and I remember telling my
parents everything that I told you know
said man I said I can’t believe this
but as I was standing in that pit even
though I was upset because of all the
sinners that were getting ready to be
destroyed I remember sitting in that
fitness and then I said I feel so much
joy I have so much love in my heart I’ve
never felt like this before I felt like
I was on the brink of eternity and God
had destined it for me
and he had destined it for all of his
people but I just remembered seeing the
loss and it’s got to be one of the most
saddest reams I’ve ever had because
people that I love that I’ve thought and
believed to be following Christ were not
following Christ they were living in
secret sin they could talk the talk and
walk the walk but they didn’t know Jesus
and that secretiveness of your sin is
what got them killed and see I wouldn’t
share this dream with you today and I
haven’t asked the Angels not remember
they told me because I said it’s all our
gonna go to hell and I just remember to
tell me it’s time to go time’s up we
gotta go
I remember just speaking with him
I wouldn’t have shared this with you
tonight if I thought that this was just
some dream member dreams have no
substance to them as long as they’re
just a dream but they have substance and
you can compare them to the scriptures
and find out if what you did in fact it
was from the Lord do you guys want to
see that exact dream that I have played
out verbatim in the scriptures open your
Bibles to Matthew 13
I’ll be the I know I’ve said it a
hundred times and I’ll say it again God
does not desire anybody to perish in
their sin he wants you to come to
repentance forsake your sin that you’ve
been caring forsaken run from it you can
hide from me you can hide from everybody
in this congregation but you cannot hide
from the eyes of God and God will deal
with you for that because he already
dealt with your sin you just got to give
it away and come to Jesus with all that
you are that you may have life in
Matthew chapter 13 verse 24 listen to
this Jesus put forth another parable he
says the kingdom of heaven is likened to
a man that sowed good seed into his
field but while men slept his enemy came
and sowed tares or weeds among the wheat
and went his way but when the blade was
sprung up and brought forth fruit then
appeared the tares also so the servants
of the householder came and said to him
Sir didn’t you sow good seed into your
field from where then has these weeds
come verse 28 he said to them an enemy
has done this the servants said to him
will you that will then will thou then
that we go and gather them up but he
said no he said less while you gather up
the weeds you root up also the wheat
with them he says let both grow together
and tell the harvest
good and bad did you hear me at the
beginning of my dream that I was
standing with unbelievers let them both
grow together to thee tell the harvest
and in the time of the harvest I will
say Jesus says to the Reapers go gather
first the weeds and bind them tie them
up that word bind means to tie up to put
in Chains or to imprison go and bind
them into bundles and burn them but
gather the wheat into my barn
does that sound like my dream let’s
gather up all the wicked first and let’s
throw them in this pit let’s tie them up
and let’s bind them in bundles let’s
prepare them for the fire and then let’s
take God’s people the good seed and
let’s put them in my barn and protect
them now let’s see what Jesus has to say
about this parable verse 37 and he
answered and said to them he that sosa
seed here’s the meaning of the parable
he that so is the seed is the son the
good seed is the son of man and the
field is the world the good seed are the
children of the kingdom but that weeds
are the children of the wicked one the
enemy that sowed them is the devil and
the harvest is the end of the world the
Reapers are the Angels the ones coming
to tie everything up and gather out the
wicked and gather the jes are the angels
as therefore the weeds are gathered and
burned in the fire so shall it be in the
end of this world so shall it be the Son
of Man will send His angels and they
will gather out of his kingdom all
things that offend and then which do sin
and he will cast them into a furnace of
fire and there shall be wailing and
gnashing of teeth and then shall the
righteous shine forth as the Sun in the
kingdom of their father who has ears to
hear let him hear the last things that I
have to say
as the Bible says in John chapter 3
verse 36 I was praying and I was asking
God to show me what the last verses that
I can share with you
and the Burger King as I was sitting up
here today seeking for John chapter 3
verse 36 since he who has the son
how’s life
he who does not have the Sun
has no life
but the wrath of God abides on him
so if you don’t have Jesus the wrath of
God is waiting to destroy you to crush
you into powder but if you have Jesus
you have a life
so here’s my question to you
how many of you
if heaven invaded earth today
and the multitude of angels began to
come in because Jesus says this is how
it’s going to be and they invaded earth
they came down they started snatching
people up and started binding them in
bundles and preparing them for fire how
many of you would be the ones that would
be tied up and back
wait Lord wait no wait I still need some
more time I’ve never repented to this I
never came out of this how many of you
can honestly say that
guys I’m not sitting here boasting like
oh man it was my dream and I looked
really good no I put my hands up so like
there’s no way like all these people
they’re all getting pounded so I put my
hands out dere them say no you’re okay
you’re with us come with me
oh my jaws
there is no burden there’s no weight God
had come for his people as he’s promised
today the Lord is a day of wrath and
judgment and fierce anger and fire so my
question is is how many of you are ready
for that how many of you are gonna be
dragged against your own will and
bundled up and ready to be burned how
many of you can honestly say today if
they come today I have no secrets I have
no hidden errands I’ve no closets in my
house I’m following you Lord and I love
you you’ve changed my life you’ve made
me a creature
I’m not hiding anything from you and I
know that I can anyway
it’s very few trust me I was blown away
and all the people that I had known that
made professions they didn’t make it
does that mean that they’re automating
decided drink now but I prayed for all
of those people
there’s my question
is there anybody right now that’s living
in secret sin you’ve been playing games
with God you haven’t fully given over
all your heart to him you have been
fully come to repentance you’re still
holding on to things that are going to
cause you death is there anybody up in
this house that wants to take advantage
of the time before you see him please
Klaus I have a terrifying message guys
knowing the terror of the Lord I
persuade you it’s a terrible day and
it’s coming for all of those who don’t
know God and you died in their sin is
there anybody right now that wants to
repent who wants to publicly turn from
their wicked ways and turn to Jesus
Christ while you still have breath in
your lungs so that you could live so
this you’re not bound up like a goat and
cast into the fire I open it up now how
many of you were playing games how many
of you is living in secret
remember don’t worry about me worry
about him
how many of you have been doing anything
in secret that you want to get rid of


Prophetic Dream/Vision: The Imminent Atlantic Tsunami And Flood (McKana)

Prophetic Dream/Vision: The Imminent Atlantic Tsunami And Flood (McKana)

The Imminent Atlantic Tsunami and flood – McKana

The Imminent Atlantic Tsunami and flood

November 15, 2019

Numbers 23:19 (KJV)
God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?

Job 33:15-18 (KJV)
15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed;
16 Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction,
17 That he may withdraw man from his purpose, and hide pride from man.
18 He keepeth back his soul from the pit, and his life from perishing by the sword .

I thought we saw enough and the warning is out for this long and didn’t expect I will see this, it was not in my mind. The message has been out for a long time, warnings after warnings for years, this is the last warning. It is here, it is imminent. Two visions of the same thing, in less than 15 minutes interval is a big urgent warning.

(Dream/Vision of November 13, 2019, 11:35 PM)

1.The Demarcated geographic map of the US.
Marked for Judgement.

I just slept and didn’t last long. I see the geographic map of the US way from above. I see the land, the greenery, the mountains, the plain land, all clearly like one see the land from a satellite. The land is marked. I see a clear line marked from the North to the south. The clear line I see is a little further past the Appalachian mountains. There are other lined demarcated in other region but this one came out clear and understandable. This is how far the Atlantic tsunami goes. I saw this and knowing what I know in part, I continues with my sleep without giving it much thought. The line drown from North to South, through the eastern cost of the USA, little further to the west of the Appalachians mountain is clearly how the Atlantic Tsunami hits.

2.The Atlantic Tsunami flooding the inland.

In less than 10-15 minutes I saw the descriptive map but with flood as water is released through canal at the same time . I see big flood rushing in the land. The map of the US clearly way down to my view. I have seen earlier the Atlantic Tsunami, years ago, soaring high like a mountain galloping wave after was to the East cost and the land splitting in the region of Delaware/Maryland. What I saw now is not the Atlantic Tsunami but the continuation of the Atlantic Tsunami past the eat cost. This is past the coastline which is submerged by the Tsunami.
I see clearly the water rushing inwards through the lowlands and channels. It is like a water released through canals, multiple canals, many of them at the same time. The difference is, this gust of fast flood is twisted according to the landscape. In the North, I see the speedy flood rushing through the twisted canal between Canada and the US all the way to the great lakes. The same everywhere towards in the Middle and Southern region of the main land. It goes all the way to the Mississippi but not marked on the line. The big flood flows fast like a stream inland with all its twists. The mountains, high lands and most of the land can be seen but the flood, big fast flood is everywhere. It is the Atlantic Tsunami going fast to the mainland finding ways wherever possible, with fast speed and relentless force. The flood water is turbid with soil. I don’t see anything of the East cost from North to south, submerged by the tsunami as demarcated. My attention is on the inner land, way passed the Appalachians. There is no detail, no houses, buildings cities and towns, it is from way up but the turbid fast moving flood with it twists all over the main land.

The Demarcated Map shows, the tsunami pass some distance further from the Appalachians Westwards. The enormous strong flash of flood is in the inland way passing the Appalachians.

In that short instant, I see what is coming clearly.
We know it is coming and that time is much, much closer and this is the last warning.

Isaiah 55:6 (KJV)
Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:

Repent! Repent! Repent!


Dream: Double Tsunami: California Destroyed Beyond Recognition (Moriah)

Dream: Double Tsunami: California Destroyed Beyond Recognition (Moriah)

Double Tsunami: California destroyed beyond recognition – Moriah

Double Tsunami: California destroyed beyond recognition

Nov 14, 2019, 7:09 PM

Nov 8, 2019 — California Tsunami Dream l had occurred about 3 am. I have experienced many prophetic warnings many times in my life, and I was given an intense warning dream.

When the dream began, it was a very ordinary, peaceful day. No sign of trouble anywhere. (I asked someone where i was, and they said ¨California¨.)

I was looking toward the ocean when I saw a massive wave rising up, heading toward a City which could only have been in Central or Southern California from the description.


People on the land seemed totally unaware of the massive wave at first, but suddenly they noticed it and began to run for their lives, screaming in panic.

The wave was as tall as the skyscrapers and it hit with enormous force, toppling the buildings into one another…crumpling the entire city and its inhabitants in mere moments. They had no time to pray or repent. It was utter panic and cataclysmic destruction!

But that wasn´t the end of the dream. Soon there came ANOTHER Tsunami that ¨finished off¨ the city completely—washing away the leftover destruction and floating bodies.

California was apparently destroyed beyond recognition.

There was apart of the dream where I had seen a demonic possession, and as people were praying I remember feeling a very eerie feeling because it was staring at me the whole time I remember the feeling being really intense as this isn’t the first dream of demonic possession I’ve had – Anyways after the demon was delivered, or was it? I remember still feeling the eerie presence, and woke up there after.

The overall scene in California was one of chaos and End Time calamity. Whether this will happen ¨before or after¨ the Rapture is uncertain.

The Tsunamis will come suddenly without warning on a peaceful day.

444prophecy news

Dream/Visions: Hologram Of Obama Appeared In The Sky (Victoria)

Dream/Visions: Hologram Of Obama Appeared In The Sky (Victoria)

Hologram of Obama appeared in the sky – Victoria

Hologram of Obama appeared in the sky

Nov 14, 2019, 5:32 AM

I want to share a dream I had last night:

Obama’s projection appeared in the sky like on tv crystal clear. He started saying “So tell me you Fxxx Christians… how you drove this country into such mess?” and at this point his eyes started changing and I knew he was trying to hypnotize us, I immediately looked away because I felt it started to affect my thinking for a moment (it was SO strong!!). I knew those who continued looking would get hypnotized and could not be trusted. I knew to run. Next scene. I’m at this house with other Christian’s and Obama came in all of a sudden 😳 we all knew to not look into his eyes. Well everyone went hiding into this other room and another girl and stayed there to cover them. I noticed a kitchen sink and i decided to do dishes so i could look away. Well then Obama came close to us like that snake and targeted the girl next to me. He said “Look at me! Look at me!” real sweetly and then he paused… I understood that she was looking at him at that moment.

I got into another room to others. For some reason my oldest daughter was there too.
I told them again to not look!
My daughter asked me “So what is it going to cost us?” Meaning how dangerous is he? My reply was “Its going to cost us everything!” At this point this girl came into the room too and I asked “did you look at him???” And she said “no no of course not!” I believed her at first but later it occurred to me she became hypnotized and now worked for AC and was a wolf among us. Dream over.

The dream was sooo real, i woke up shaking.
Obamas presence was overbearing like you cant believe it, you could just sense evil in him, blood chilling feeling. Lord have mercy! Get us ready to escape all these things 😭😭😭
Thinking back now I think I was representing lukewarm christians who don’t know Jesus. Because not once have i prayed in my dream or even thought of God, it was fear fear fear. I know I’d be praying and asking Jesus for help! I did not feel Holy Spirit inside me like I usually do. I remember thinking “so it IS true?! It IS happening! All we were warned of!” Notice how he blamed Christians in the beginning of the dream (that’s why trump is playing a christian. All agenda)..

I can add that when I got fire baptized, while fire was still upon me I was given 2 visions. Both were about AC Obama.

Vision 1.  I saw a bust of Obama, Red Communist star and a Green glowing fingerprint (I think it represents all the biometric info they collect on us)

Vision 2.  I saw Obama with his left eye spinning round and round like a hypno spiral. And next to him was a Blood Red Moon.

I know from other revelations that they will transmit his “image” through every device possible even if unplugged. There will come a moment when we will need to get rid of all our devices. Apparently, it’ll be important to them that we LOOK at him directly no matter where we are at!

Perhaps, the right word to use is hologram instead of projection? Not sure
This image of Obama appeared so randomly with his question, it almost reminded me Trump and his Twitter messages.

Without Jesus we don’t stand a chance!
Encouraging Dream: Hold Fast To What You Have, That Noone Take Away Your Crown! (Humbled For Service)

Encouraging Dream: Hold Fast To What You Have, That Noone Take Away Your Crown! (Humbled For Service)

Hold Fast To What You Have, That No One Take Away Your Crown! – Humbled for Service

Hold Fast To What You Have, That No One Take Away Your Crown!

The Lord, the Shepherd of His People

Psalm 23: 5-6

[5] You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over.

[6] Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever!

This morning, the 13th of November 2019, I had a short but truly wonderful dream that I would like to share and encourage the body of Christ with. This is a dream that I believe is from the Lord, and an indicator of His soon return to take away the Bride.

The dream started with me inside a magnificent building, a truly magnificent building. I cannot tell whether it was a large apartment, or a mansion because I only saw just a few rooms of the building from inside it. I knew by special knowing that this was my home.

The particular room where the dream started was exquisitely furnished, with rich antique furnishings. It looked magnificent, even though this particular dream the Lord gave it in black and white, and not color. I could not appreciate the beauty of the colors of the rooms that I saw, but nonetheless it was indeed very beautiful I could see, with antique furnishings and beautiful wall hangings, flower vases and other decorations.

I came to the end of the room, and there was a cabinet of about 6-ft height and 2-ft wide. The cabinet had a transparent door allowing me to see through this door and into the cabinet. The door material was not glass, but I knew it was transparent gold. The cabinet was partitioned into tiers, and my focus was the top tier of the cabinet, which was empty. I did not note what was on the other tiers, my focus was only on the top tier, and I saw that it was empty.

When I got to this cabinet, I opened it. Apparently I was wearing a crown. I removed the crown and placed it on the top partition of this cabinet, and proceeded to close the door of transparent gold. When I closed the door, I stood for a minute or two to look at the crown, a very beautiful and majestic crown. (The Lord making me to pause and look at the crown, and appreciate its details so that I can relay the same information to you).

The crown was fairly big, about 8 inches the total height of it. The top of the crown was a golden band, and on the golden band were crests (the pointed parts) as is usual with crowns. The crests were not sharply pointed, but they were gently and beautifully curved. And on top of each crest was a precious stone. I could not tell the type of the precious stones that were used because the dream was in black and white. But I could see that these were very precious stones. Rare gems. The rim itself and the crests were of pure gold, brilliant in color.

Below this top brilliant golden band, there was another band of gold reclined inside a little bit. This other band made of a different color of gold. A rich dark gold of about 3 inches. Very dark gold.  And then below this band of rich dark gold, was the final bottom rim of brilliant pure gold, about half an inch in height, just like the top rim. The surface of the dark band of gold was decorated with patterns of slender leaves inclined upwards at about 60 degrees, one to the left and the next one inclined to the right, then another inclined to the left and the subsequent one to the right. And so forth. This motif of slender leaves on rich dark color gold made the crown look really majestic, exquisite, antique and very costly.

And so I paused there in front of the transparent cabinet for a minute or two absorbing its details and appreciating its magnificence, its splendor, and beauty. The crown was very beautiful, and my words do not tell half of how it looked like. Also the Lord has hidden still its true splendor by showing me the dream in black and white. Nonetheless, we understand the message that He is giving us. That soon He will be giving crowns to the believers, and therefore we should hold on and not lose our crowns.

Amen! May it be so our Savior and Lord. Thank You for the encouragement Lord.

Next, I moved to a room where there was a dining table, and sat with authority at the head of the table, as though I was the master of this home. It was dinner time, and although I could not see the servants, I knew that they were preparing and were about to bring out the dinner. (When I woke up, it surprised me, the authority with which I sat at the table. As though I was a ruler somewhere).

Immediately I sat at the table, a lady walked into this dining area and said,

“Hey, I have come. Today I want to have dinner with you“.  

A lady that I have never ever seen in my entire life. She too came and sat at the table next to me on my left side, and we began to chatting the evening away as we waited for dinner to be brought out.

Then the dream ended.

 Relevant Scriptures:

The Church in Philadelphia

Revelation 3:10-11

[10] Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.

[11] Behold I am coming quickly! Hold fast to what you have, that no one may take your crown.

 I hope you all be encouraged by this dream, as it has truly encouraged me. The Lord is telling us that the hour now is very late. Soon and very soon, the bride will receive her reward.

 Blessings and warm regards!

From Nairobi, Kenya.

Your brother in Christ, William.