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Dream & Word Given To Wendi Lee About Who Michelle Obama REALLY Is

Dream & Word Given To Wendi Lee About Who Michelle Obama REALLY Is

Hear the word of the Lord given to Wendi Lee FROM WENDI, WORDS GIVEN BY FATHER GOD!.
I received this message from Father God Yahweh at 9:28pm on 24 May 2016.

My beloved daughter of Mine, write these Words that you received directly from My Son in My Holy and Righteous Throne Room. Write My beautiful one.
Papa has revealed much through My faithful servants who will deliver what messages I give to them.
For if they do not deliver My messages, they will have blood upon their hands! When you mock and scoff at those who are doing My good works, you are assaulting Me and My Glory. Father will tell you about the biggest lie in the presidency, for Father will expose all things that they think are in secret. I have give this messenger, My faithful daughter Wendi, and many of My other faithful ones, dreams of Michelle Obama.

The dream I gave My daughter: she was in the stairwell with Michelle, and suddenly Michelle was gone, and there was a man for a brief moment. My daughter barely has memory of this, however, she has now been quickened to it, for it was to be revealed at this appointed time, not when she was given the dream.
Michelle is not as she was born to be, for My creation turned himself into an unnatural child, changing the very gender I created him to be. In My Word, it states that the lawless one will not be attracted to women, as many of you have wondered how Obama can be the AntiChrist since he is married and has children.
This is how: because Obama follows after his father the devil. Therefore, Obama is the great deceiver. Father says, that if anyone has changed what I have created them to be, to be in full and complete repentance to My Son Yeshua, and He will be faithful and just to forgive you. Do not think that you can never come to My Son. He will never turn anyone aside.
Come directly to My Throne, My lovely Saints, and Father will confirm this most difficult message for My daughter to put out. I will expose all lies and deceptions. Father will ensure that My flock knows what the enemy has done in secret. I, Yahweh, God Almighty, has spoken this to my messenger Wendi. Take heed on how deceiving the enemy is and will continue to be.
Extra Message
Please take this message directly to Father Yahweh, by the power of the Holy Spirit and in King Yeshua’s mighty name, and ask Him if I received this message directly from Him, God, the mighty Father of all creation.
From the Father of Eternal Glory, hear ME My Saints of the Most High. Today you have peace in the U.S. but what shall it be in the days to come? Treachery and all deceiveableness from Barak Obama! He is that wicked one, My beautiful Saints. Turning My creation into going after strange gods. I, God Yahweh, Jehovah Elohim, sees all!
Who are you going to put your trust into – the government or God? Even if they threaten you with taking your life, My Son Yeshua protects His own. You know My Word states many souls underneath My Altar, precious are they that give up their lives for My beloved Son’s namesake.
Get ready, get prepared, stay planted upon your knees My Saints. All wickedness is abounding. I AM in control of Obama and his unrighteous and unholy ways, for he answers to his father, the devil. But My Holy children, who believe in My Most beautiful Son answer to ME, the Father of Glory and love everlasting!
Father Yahweh has spoken.

Prophetic Vision: Michelle Obama!! The Truth (Kerry Ann Gidden)

Prophetic Vision: Michelle Obama!! The Truth (Kerry Ann Gidden)

I’m just going to warn you that this is very graphic! She states very plainly what genitalia that Michael has…

Many by now have gotten this revelation already.

Pinned by Kerry-Ann Gidden
Yessss he she is transgender. That’s why they killed poor Joan Rivers. BoldSoljaforchrist and other watchmens and handmaidens has said the same thing about those 2. They are nothing but pure evil in plain site. But I can say a lot more folks are waking up about those devils. Let’s wake up more Saints 🤔🙏🏽❤️
Yes Michelle was on Allen TV show danceing with Allen she had on white pants i seen it she try to cover it up with her hands. Some one told me to turn to it. It was all over youtube. And she was leaving a building with Obama getting in a car she tried to hide it they was talking about that to on youtube. God Bless you Sister for being so faithful. I am praying for you and your love ones. Please keep me in your prayers and my unsaved family. 💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💖🙌👑☝🙏🙏🙏
Yes Obama is gay & yes Michael is a man & yes the 2 daughters were brought forth by artificial insemination carried by a real woman. #Thanks for the courage to share 👏💯
Obama slipped up twice in front of camera’s and called “her” Michael, its on line you can look it up! You are correct,,,I have been laughed at about Obama since 2007 and Also about Michael being “her” real name! People think your crazy but they will see in time! Why do people think he was soooo on board will gay rights he turned the white house rainbow and that is a blasphemous thing because the rainbow is a sign or promise from GOD to his people! So they stole that and then Obama puts it on the white house! And when prince was sacrificed on the queens b day at the same time the arch of Baal was being unveiled Obama was there for that ritual! Hmmmmmm


Prophetic Open Vision: MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY (Catherine Hazen)

Prophetic Open Vision: MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY (Catherine Hazen)

Mayday Mayday Mayday – Catherine Hazen

Mayday Mayday Mayday
Sep 21, 2019, 4:10 PM
catherine hazen
I had an open vision almost a year ago and I seen an underground submarine and then this submarine was hit and I could see the man inside the submarine and I can see the red flashing lights I new this was some type of collision like a war broke out

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Prophetic Dream: SUDDENLY (Victoria Ang)

Prophetic Dream: SUDDENLY (Victoria Ang)

SUDDENLY – Victoria Ang


Victoria Ang

Vision and brief prophetic word
Received by Victoria Ang

This morning I heard in my Spirit the word “SUDDENLY”.…. Then I was given a vision of that word ,like a building made out of the word Suddenly …. as I was looking at that word I saw it start to crumble and fall apart!

Interpretation is there will be sudden destruction !
God bless all and May you stay protected under the shadow of Jesus wings!


Several Dreams Given To Dwayne Desmarais To Be Taken Seriously.

Several Dreams Given To Dwayne Desmarais To Be Taken Seriously.

DREAMS GIVEN TO Dwayne Desmarais


I firmly agree with Sonja about the times we are in. So few are heeding the words of God’s messengers, watchmen and seers…About three months ago I had a short but powerful warning dream that seems like an overview of all that dreamers, visionaries, seers, and prophets are sharing. Dream: I was standing at the seashore. Someone was standing to my right whom I could not see. As I looked out to the ocean, a 1000 ft. tsunami swept in. I turned to run, and as I was running, an angel floated by my right side. He then said: “SEEK HOLY SPIRIT FOR REVELATION” As I pondered why I was hearing these words, a mountain appeared suddenly and I ran right into it! The tsunami struck, and I was taken upward by the water surrounded by millions of tiny bubbles that seemed to flow through me. I was then in a “twilight” (in between waking and sleeping) and I heard the words: “A TSUNAMI OF DEMONIC ACTIVITY WILL SOON REACH THE SHORES OF AMERICA.” As I woke, I understood why the angel had said to seek revelation from Holy Spirit. Just this week, some portions of Texas received 55 inches of rain again!! Not only rain, but fire has claimed so much land also. It seems no one is concerned with tragedy that does not affect them personally, as “life is good” where I live!

A vision I received a few months ago of old buildings being imploded one by one in a row. I asked the Lord what I was seeing and He said: “IT IS TIME TEAR DOWN OLD STRUCTURES” That coupled with another dream earlier this year: In a class room…someone came in (an angel I believe) pointed to five of us and said: TAKE PEN AND PAD, GO OUTSIDE, LOOK UP, AND WRITE WHAT YOU SEE.” We ran outside to a huge marble forum, with marble stairways on all four sides going up as far as the eye could see. We sat, and looked up. I do not know if the others saw the same thing or not, or something different. I seen a beautiful (unearthly) rich blue sky with white puffy clouds. Suddenly, the clouds formed a square. Within the square was the word “FURNACE” written in cursive. The sky then turned a crimson red, and the word was surrounded by fire…Wake up! I believe we are about to see America be tested in the furnace, both personally and corporately. Everyone will be “salted with fire” (Mk. 9:49) This testing will separate the righteous from the pretender, the wheat from the chaff, the vile from the precious. The Church as a whole is ill prepared for what is about to transpire, let alone the rest of America! I sometimes wonder if (2Thess. 2:11) has not already begun, where many are believing the lie!! Jesus said that in the end times, because of the “increase of wickedness, the love of most will wax cold.” (Mt. 24:12) Not the world, the Church! Not some, not half, but most!! There is a remnant that is carrying the burden of the heart of the Father. He loves us dearly, but he no longer can allow sin to continue unabated. I have shouted from the roof tops for years to any who have ears to hear, but few have responded. I will leave with one more dream: In a class room, empty chairs, desks. I hear a voice (angel?) say: “TEACH” I say: “The classroom is empty”

Once again I hear: “TEACH” I say: “teach what?” The voice says: “TEACH ON THE BOOK OF JEREMIAH” I hesitate, because in the dream, I know in my waking hours, I have spoken like Jeremiah, and was deemed rebellious and out of step with the “season of grace” so I was not thrilled when I heard those words. So I asked: “In what context do I teach?” I then receive a vison in my dream of a human heart on a life support machine. Above in bold black letters were the words: “MATTERS OF THE HEART” Wake up! I have since done a study of Jeremiah, and anyone with spiritual eyes and ears can see how America mirrors ancient Israel, Judah and Jerusalem. We even have our name in the middle Jer USA lem… What we are about go through (and we will go through it!) will be from a loving Father taking what is null and void, and bringing it to the cross. It will be more His mercy than His wrath, hitting us with a rock, rather than the boulder it comes from!! If we do not soon awaken, He will have no recourse but to enhance His judgement until we repent. May we be in sackcloth and ashes travail seeking mercy for the near future. Our very lives depend on it! We either heed the word of the Watchmen and be spared, or ignore them and be judged…..Blessings…..><((&quot;<



Testimony Of A Literal Battle Fighting Off Demons & Link To Julie’s Word Below (T. Andrew Farley)

Testimony Of A Literal Battle Fighting Off Demons & Link To Julie’s Word Below (T. Andrew Farley)

Testimony and link: (T. Andrew Farley)

Saturday 09/21/2019 around 11:30 a.m.

A few minutes ago sitting on my couch, resting and reflecting, I heard “Sister Julie”, very clearly in my heart and mind, from the Holy Spirit. (He has used her a lot with me for years, in speaking to me and many times in clear confirmations of things going on in my life.)

A few nights ago, there was a spiritual attack in or against my household, so to speak. God allowed it, and of course as always is using it to bring me/us out the other side, STRONGER IN HIM!

That said, the night this was happening I finally went to bed, it was late…2 hours later at 3:15 a.m., I woke up from an intense dream and literal battle in the night. I RARELY dream anything significant, and this was not a “dream from God”, I was attacked. I really only remember bits and pieces, but many monsterous creatures or demons were coming against me (and some of my loved ones) from multiple directions, but I was fighting them, without fear.

It was intense, that’s the word for it.

I woke up and looked right at my clock, it was 3:15 a.m. I immediately recalled what had been going on, and I FELT and HEARD spiritual forces still swirling around my head, literally, it’s hard to explain but trust me, it was as REAL as it gets!

I started warring again or doing the only thing I could do, praying in the Spirit. I heard something via the Spirit of God: “the gates of hell are opened.”

Then this morning, after hearing 2 words: “sister Julie”; I stopped and looked up a website He’s led me to a number of times and went to the newest word from this faithful scribe; and once again He confirmed what’s happening in the spiritual battle God’s people are in. He speaks encouragement now to the body, by this fresh word and the accompanying scriptures.

The good news, He brought me through. May this word from Him encourage you and all of God’s people who are led to it.

Andrew Farley

Prophetic Word: “The Outpouring Of EVIL..” (BelieveActs2)

Prophetic Word: “The Outpouring Of EVIL..” (BelieveActs2)

9-20-19 ~ WORD from the LORD: “The Outpouring of EVIL . . .”

Ecclesiastes 1:8-11 ~
All things are wearisome;
Man is not able to tell it.
The eye is not satisfied with seeing,
Nor is the ear filled with hearing.
That which has been is that which will be,
And that which has been done is that which will be done.
So there is nothing new under the sun.
Is there anything of which one might say,
“See this, it is new”?
Already it has existed for ages
Which were before us.
There is no remembrance of earlier things;
And also of the later things which will occur,
There will be for them no remembrance
Among those who will come later still.”
Matthew 24:37 ~ “And as were the days of Noah, so shall be the coming of the Son of man.


Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ and those who do not know them yet. Several days ago, one of the commenters on my YouTube channel brought up CRISPR technology (info on that at the bottom of this post) and three-strand DNA (as it relates to the mark-of-the beast), wanting to know if the Heavenly Father gave me understanding about that, or was I making an assumption. It was an EXCELLENT question/comment (virtual wave to my sibling commentor).

Anyway, I knew what the Heavenly Father gave me as understanding about the mark-of-the beast but also knew I only had some understanding of it and it’s this: There is somehow a 3-part process the demonically-inspired satanic global elite puppets have prepared to help turn ALL humanity into what you could call “robots” or “cyborgs” for Satan. Here is what I knew:

1). The nanobots that are spewed/sprayed throughout the ENTIRE globe is part 1. These “bots” are in the air, water, humans, birds, fish . . . Everything.
2). Somehow 5G is the 2nd step that “turns on” or “awakens” the nanobots to prepare to launch into their self-replicating program.
3). The “mark-of-the-beast” will be the final sequence that launches the nanobots to create a third strand DNA to totally corrupt ALL humans that take this mark, which WILL require renouncing your faith in Jesus Christ

I further pondered the YouTube comment/question and what I knew about the “mark-of-the-beast”, then during the evening of 9-18-19, the Heavenly Father gave me more understanding that felt like I had been hit in my spirit with a battering ram and it’s this:

Just like the Bible tells us in Acts 2 and Joel 2 that Heavenly Father will pour out HIS spirit on ALL flesh in the last days, so too is Satan doing a demonically evil version of it and it’s the following:

The nanobots, which are in the “chem trails” spewed throughout the planet is SATAN pouring out HIS evil.

Folks, I was so disturbed by this revelation, but I knew Heavenly Father was going to show or tell me more. The very next morning (9-19-19), this is what Heavenly Father spoke in my spirit:
“The outpouring of evil has occurred throughout your planet.
The infestation of prepared bots of horror are entirely filing MY Creation.
I must cut the days short, for the plans of Satan are to re-create ALL into his image of power in darkness.
The time of technology began when Hitler forsook the truth and bombarded the gates of hell with mystery forces, that lucifer provided, to open portals.
All factories, technology and science have been infiltrated by fallen angels; these servants of Satan appear as captains of industry, oozing with wealth and power.
MY forces of light bring truth, but the forces of darkness bring fleshly delights that capture humanity who do not want pure truth.
Valiant efforts of speaking forth MY warnings have gone around the globe, yet only the truth-seekers can hear.
Prepare your hearts, MY People.
Dreadful days of darkness will erupt suddenly.
Forsake those things I show you are traps.
Test ALL words you see or hear by finding ME in them.
Can you hear the voice of repenting calling?
Can you hear the sorrow of MY Heart of LOVE?
Turn to ME fully, So I can keep you in this time,
for treacherous plans of the evil one are to steal your very soul.
Stand strong in your faith.
The sorrows of the lost will be eternal, but the joy of MY people will be eternal as well.
Take time in MY Word.
Take time in MY presence.
The days of the beast are about to begin.”

The picture of Obama-THE-antiChrist that came to mind:


YouTube Link:



This is the full written post I felt I was to include:

7-26-19 ~ DREAM: The Abomination of Fallen Angel-Human Technology – BelieveActs2HARVEST
Matthew 24:37 ~ “And as were the days of Noah, so shall be the coming of the Son of man.”
Zephaniah 1:14-18 ~
Near is the great day of the Lord,
Near and coming very quickly;
Listen, the day of the Lord!
In it the warrior cries out bitterly.
A day of wrath is that day,
A day of trouble and distress,
A day of destruction and desolation,
A day of darkness and gloom,
A day of clouds and thick darkness,
A day of trumpet and battle cry
Against the fortified cities
And the high corner towers.
I will bring distress on men
So that they will walk like the blind,
Because they have sinned against the Lord;
And their blood will be poured out like dust
And their flesh like dung.
Neither their silver nor their gold
Will be able to deliver them
On the day of the Lord’s wrath;
And all the earth will be devoured
In the fire of His jealousy,
For He will make a complete end,
Indeed a terrifying one,
Of all the inhabitants of the earth.”

I was given the following dream that had me so shaken, tears came. This dream would not go away and every time I thought about what I had been shown, I felt absolutely horrible inside. The LORD Jesus (Yeshua) wanted me to sit down and write this up to share with you today. I’m sharing as the details of the dream come back. It’s both a warning of what is actually occurring “behind the scenes” and to show us the true authority we have in Him as “Ambassadors of Christ”.
I was with several people in a scientific building/area. One of the scientists showed me what looked like a tiny robot, approximately 6″ long. The scientist then pointed to an ancient black type of stone that appeared to have some writing on it and said, “we found it in there”.
I knew this thing was evil, I could feel it in my spirit from Holy Spirit. I also sensed this thing was actually alive, but staying lifeless as if it were not. I held it in my hand and knew it had to be destroyed. I quickly told the scientist it had to be destroyed, that it was evil. The scientist grabbed some scissors and cut it in half, separating the top half from the bottom half.
The top half was in my left hand, the bottom half was put in a drawer by the scientist.
I still felt unsettled in my spirit. With authority, I said to this thing, “In the name of Jesus, Yeshua the Messiah, with the power of the Holy Spirit, I command you to tell the truth!!!” I then said, “Are you alive?” It answered me, “Yes”.
I saw in the spirit this thing changing to a tiny woman as it was in my hand. I yelled out to the scientist: “This thing is still alive!!!”. Cutting it in half did not destroy it.
I grabbed the scissors to cut into what would have been the head of this tiny ancient robot . What I saw absolutely shocked me: it was a tiny human brain inside of this robot!!! I woke up absolutely horrified, for I knew this was fallen angel technology with a human brain inside; that this was made “in the Days of Noah.”
I’m still feeling upset about what I had been shown as I’m typing this post. This ancient abomination of fallen angel technology, utilizing a human brain is occurring now “in secret” by global governments who are “in Kahoots with Satan”. This entire planet is being corrupted in every way possible to prepare for the kingdom of darkness, just like it was occurring “in the Days of Noah”. I feel as I’m typing this, that the LORD Jesus, Yeshua THE Messiah would like me to quietly wait, then write what He wants me to know and share with you today. Brothers and sisters, this is not a game. This is not a delusion. In fact, when I turned on my iPad, I had a YouTube alert instantly show up (see Cropped screenshot below. I’ll include a link to that video at the bottom before even looking at it myself, because I feel so strongly it is a confirmation to the warning dream I was given and what I must write now from the LORD.
The corruption of my creation is occurring just as it was in the days of Noah. The evil combination of DNA and technology is an absolute abomination to Me. I see the corruption of Creation going beyond what it had been in the days of Noah which is why I must come back with FIRE to burn up this abomination.
I see the followers of Satan, the prince of darkness, compelling his followers to become like his son Obama; a corruption of human DNA with the fallen one. [Satan’s requirement:] Each one must deny My existence as Savior and turn full allegiance to Satan himself, to be then granted “immortality”. They destroy the very core of their humanity by destroying their DNA.
Don’t be fooled, my People. Don’t be fooled by the lies of the fallen prince of darkness; he hates ALL that was Created by My Father. He is turning all that is good into evil, yet He does not have that power without permission from humanity. He will call ALL to pledge allegiance to him in order to “save the planet”, which is actually to turn the planet into a living hell for My People, whom he will hunt down to destroy.
FEAR NOT!!! FEAR NOT!!! FEAR NOT!!! For I have given you authority to overcome darkness with My Light, My Love and My authority. Let your hearts not be troubled, for this day of darkness is arising behind the scenes, but WILL unfold before ALL to see.
Pledge allegiance to Me. Trust Me and love not your lives even unto death, for many will be called to the place of honouring Me with their very lives. I will be with you throughout it all. My grace is sufficient throughout it all. Watch. Pray. Be alert to the wiles of the devil who comes to kill, steal and destroy ALL that is good in My sight.
Prepare your hearts now, My people, for the Days of Noah are here, yet you haven’t seen it’s fullness in your reality. Take up your full ARMOUR of My Spirit and stand for the truth as I command you in the days ahead. Be still when I say be still, for your life is a target, even when your soul is in My care.
FEAR NOT!!! FEAR NOT!!! FEAR NOT!!! He who can destroy your body, but fear and honor Him who can send your soul to eternal damnation. Blessed are those who trust in Me in these final days; great will be your reception and reward.”

Reminder note – I did not watch this video before writing up this entire post. I did however, watch it after I had this post written and it is a confirmation to the warning I shared here with you. I also noted I woke up from the warning dream just about the time this sister was given the warning Word she had to share. Here’s the link to her video:

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Dream from the 1990s (see link below). We have authority over any DNA manipulation that is being forced upon us. This does NOT mean we can pray against “the mark of the beast”, because that permanently turns someone into a non-human puppet for Satan, whose future is the lake of fire. Here’s the link:
DREAM:  Overcoming DNA Manipulation Through the POWER of Prayer | believeacts2’s Blog



Link to article connected to the illustration photo Holy Spirit prompted me to use for this post:

Excerpt from the Linked article above:
“Getting the different technological devices and developments above available in a small size requires the inclusion of nanotechnology. Then, these methods will be injected to travel to the desired place.”

Photo they used to illustrate what I just quoted:


Info on (the demonically-inspired) CRISPR Technology:


Prophetic Vision: THE 10 TOE KING COMES!! (Kerry Ann Gidden)

Prophetic Vision: THE 10 TOE KING COMES!! (Kerry Ann Gidden)

**Trump Remove and Obama comes back**

**Kayne West prophecy**



**C.A.L.I FALL**

Barack Obama practically told everyone he was the Antichrist , and he showed it so many times! But then again I believe only the true children of God will get this, and unfortunately the luke warm Christian’s will find out when it’s to late. May God Bless you Kerry Ann.
Flash Vision: Heavenly Mansions! (McKana)

Flash Vision: Heavenly Mansions! (McKana)

Heavenly Mansions! – McKana

Thomas Kinkade Mansion in Heaven

Heavenly Mansions!

Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice

Sep 19, 2019, 12:47 PM

1 Corinthians 2:9(KJV)
But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man,
the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.
Romans 8:18 (KJV)
For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.
Heavenly Mansions
(Vision of September 19, 2019 3:00 AM (19 9 19))

I have a bad night. Very much tormented and hated everything. I was struggling to take rest. I am between sleep and a wake state. At the moment, I was not expecting anything. I have seen what I saw. The expectation to see the same thing again was out of question but I long to see heaven.

All of a sudden, in a flash, with in no time, I saw beautiful, wonderful mansions. There are three four of them right in front of me at a distance of ~50 meters. I was there, very close. They are beautiful, royal castle like mansions. They have pointed ends, tapering to the top. Very colorful in the bright, bright white heaven. They have small round stones all over the edges in all direction. Multi color stones blue, golden yellow, green, red, purple, name all colors and much more. There is no such kind of color on earth. One can’t imagine the beauty, royalty and brightness any where but in the beautiful heaven. The castle mansions are moderately big. The mansions are connected. I am not sure they are one unit or many. Their sise as connected is magnificently wider than higher. The central one is prominent. I saw the mansions, no time for the details. It is in a flash and gone at that moment. No veil, I was much close. I didn’t see the surrounding, the focus was on the beautiful, colorful, royal castle like mansions in the comforting white, bright glistening beautiful heaven. It is a thousand and many more wows. Rejoice, heaven is ready and the mansions beautiful!

When we think we are forgotten, the Lord is there. He is perfectly watchful and caring.
I have seen heavenly mansions, arranged in circles some 10-12 of them. But this is close look. According to what I was feeling, the anguish in me, I was expecting an anger? from the Lord, not a reword. The Lord is patient and slow to anger. He saw my pain.

God is a Loving, Kind, caring God, Father and Friend Sure, God is merciful and his mercy endures forever

Thank you Lord.

John 14:1-3 (KJV)
1. Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.
2 In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a
place for you.
3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I
am, there ye may be also.

Visions About Israel (M. Goss)

Visions About Israel (M. Goss)

Visions about Israel – M Goss

Visions about Israel

Sep 19, 2019, 4:31 PM
M Goss

I am putting together a series of visions that The Lord revealed to me regarding Israel and Jerusalem…Please pray for the peoples eyes to see the truth in Israel.

I saw a dark circular shaped storm above Jerusalem.

During prayer I was shown a dark cloud over Jerusalem and Dark Shadows coming up from the ground Around The Old City and the walls. Then I saw a dark beam of light fall into where the Dome of the Rock is, it came from the sky straight down. There were no people in The Old City completely empty. Then I saw a dark shadow began begin to fall over a temple, then I saw parts of the wall Begin to Fall Down, and I saw one man Orthodox man fall on his knees arms lifted up crying out to the father.*** I have also seen this Dark Storm swirling over DC.

I was shown many men an army from the north to south and crouched in front of a ditch typed clearing. They had on green uniforms and white helmets and I saw a tank with UN writing on it I’m white. I strained to see to the right, then I saw a great valley. In the distance mountains it was Israel to the South. Then the Lord said

MY people will bow
MY people will bow
MY people will bow
They are proud and have forgotten again.

***It breaks his heart***

I was standing behind someone not sure who it was, I could see that they were at a desk writing something into law he was above the people. The people were sad and humble people who dropped their heads in prayer as the law was being signed then I heard

watch Isreal
watch Isreal
watch Isreal
The truth of what is going on is in Israel.

I was shown an image of the old city of Jerusalem and I could see the Dome of the Rock into the left I saw a huge black serpent coming from the north through the east of the Dome of the Rock.

I was praying and asking about Israel and I saw Jesus from behind with his right hand out and next to it was a tree a fig tree I think and its leaves had almost all fallen off except for a couple of them and one that was in the middle of falling onto completely dry cracking ground.
***The Earth is groaning pray for the people.*** Then I saw the Old City Jerusalem with smoke or dust coming from the north northwest.

I asked the Lord is there anything you can show me about Israel He said
Time is short
Time is short
Watch and see
Watch and see
They are not of me!
And then I said how do we pray about this Lord and he said Pray For Eyes to be opened and hearts to see ME.
Then I heard
The winds blow in from the north,
The storms from the East The storm is brewing
The Beast is awake
Do not be deceived.


Much love your sister in Christ.