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If This Doesn’t Make You Cry You ARE Not Human! It Took A Gentile (Byron Searle)

If This Doesn’t Make You Cry You ARE Not Human! It Took A Gentile (Byron Searle)

IT TOOK A GENTILE – Byron Searle

Byron Searle
Vision & Word Received 04/16/2019


Matthew Chapter 27 (the entire chapter)
Now when the centurion, and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God.

Brothers and sisters, as a result of the vision the Lord gave me tonight, I will never, ever, ever be the same! It shook me to my core! What He allowed me to experience is so far beyond anything I could ever even attempt to begin to describe to you here. There are no words to adequately convey what I saw, and I can only try and hope to relay it to you here as best I can. Oh, the price our dear Savior paid!

All I can say is this song says it best – Oh, the blood of Jesus! Oh, the blood of Jesus! Oh, the blood of Jesus! It washes white as snow!

After my time in prayer this evening, the Lord directed me to read Matthew chapter 27. After reading it and meditating on the scriptures, the Lord began to speak to me, saying, “It took a Gentile.” He paused and then spoke this to me a few more times and then He told me to write.

I began writing the words the Lord was speaking to me, but when I wrote the words that He said “While I was hanging on the cross,” I suddenly and instantly was in the spirit and found myself standing at the foot of the cross!

In that instant, at first, I was both shocked and confused as to where I was and what I was seeing andrea witnessing taking place right before me. I found myself standing about 5 to 6 feet in front of and directly facing a cross with what appeared to be a man hanging on it. In that moment, I could not tell who this man before me was as He was completely and totally unrecognizable. The complete shock of what I was seeing hit me as I stood there and began to look upon this man – this severely beaten, whipped, shredded and torn flesh, bloody, bloody man, and the realization that it was Jesus I was seeing!

As I began to look, I was horrified to see that every inch of His skin was covered in and dripping with blood, from head to toe. You may not like to hear this, but to say that He looked like raw hamburger hanging there is the closest I can describe it. There was no spot of skin visible, it was all blood, blood, and more blood!

I looked at His legs down to His feet and saw that the feet were placed one on top of the other with one huge nail or spike driven through them together. Again, they were completely covered in blood, and dripping. I noticed that His feet appeared to be up about 3 feet above the ground.

My eyes were then drawn upward, and I began to see His torso, which again was completely covered with blood, so much so, that it was almost too much to be able to look at. I saw the arms outstretched with a huge spike in each one, right at the place where the palm and wrist meet. Again, the arms and hands were completely covered in and dripping with blood.

Lastly, I looked up at His head and face. It was so badly beaten and covered with blood that I could not make out any facial features at all. There was so much swelling, both eyes were swollen shut. There looked to be only bits and pieces of His beard left on His face, drenched and dripping with blood. His hair was a bloody, dripping mass. There was so much blood, He was truly, truly unrecognizable. I was able to see how the blood ran down the cross and into and onto the ground.

My son, I have had you read and study Matthew 27 to show everyone that “it took a Gentile” to reveal who I was!

While I was hanging on the cross, bruised and battered beyond recognition, what were the religious people doing? They were cursing at Me and wagging their heads in disgust! “How could this man tear down and rebuild our precious, lovely, holy temple? If you be the Son of God, come down from the cross!!” they cried. They did not know I was there for them!

While the chief priests and scribes started in mocking and jeering, all the time the pain was so intense, I kept focused on My Father.

They said, “If He is the King of Israel, let Him come down from the cross! Then we will believe you!!” Again, I know why I AM there and what must happen.

They continued mocking Me and My Father, saying, “You trusted in Him – let Him save you! After all, you said you were His Son!!”

After the Lord had allowed me to see what He looked like and take it all in, He then let me hear all of the people who were yelling and shouting at him. I could not understand the language they were speaking, but I could tell that they were cursing and mocking and so full of anger and hatred towards Him. The people were all behind me, and I did not turn to see them, but I heard and knew all the shouting was coming from them behind me. Then I began to see rocks and sticks being thrown from behind me flying right past me and were hitting Him! They kept coming, whizzing by me and hitting Him. It was so horrible to witness this as they hit Him over and over and over with these rocks.

I saw the guards in front of me walking around back and forth, keeping the people back and from getting too close. I heard dogs running around and barking. I could hear people crying and sobbing. I could hear and tell that there were many people behind me in the crowd.

My son, the pain was so intense, I could hardly catch My breath! Then the darkness came! All of a sudden, I was alone!!! My Father had turned His back on Me!!! In sheer pain and agony, I cried out, “My God! My God! Why have You forsaken Me??!!!”

I watched Him in unimaginable total and complete pain and agony while He struggled to breathe! He let me see how He had to use His legs to push Himself up against His feet in order to rise up just to get a little breath. At one point, He allowed me to carefully watch Him do this, and I was able to clearly hear Him gasping for breath, it was like a wheezing sound, like it was so hard for Him to barely get any air in.

When the darkness came, it happened very quickly, almost instantaneously. I heard people screaming and crying out and running away in fear. One minute there was shouting and mocking, and the next it all became quiet, and all I heard was weeping and sobbing. He allowed me at one point to specifically hear John and His mother Mary, both were weeping and John was quietly speaking to her. I was also weeping with them.

For three hours, I hung there in the most severe pain imaginable! Most people have left now – only a few guards and My beloved John and My mother (and some other women afar off) remained.

The blood was now flowing in My eyes, burning them, as I could do nothing to wipe them. My blood was now drained, and I cried out, “IT IS FINISHED!!!”

I witnessed the moment when He cried out, “It is finished!” He pushed Himself up as far as He could with His legs against His feet and took in as large a breath as He could so He could cry it out as he exhaled his last breath. His head fell and hung down with that, and IMMEDIATELY the earth shook violently! I saw everything shaking and falling over and heard everything rumbling and cracking and falling. I heard people screaming and falling down. The shaking knocked everyone off their feet, and they could not get up. I saw the four or five guards around the cross all fall down, and the cross was shaking back and forth in the ground.

To me, observing this, it was hard to tell, but the shaking seemed to last about 2 minutes. When it was over and the guards were able to get up off the ground, I saw and heard the centurion exclaim, “Truly, this was the Son of God!”

The vision then ended, and I was back in my room writing in my book.

My son, “it took a Gentile” to state the truth – saying, “Truly, this was the Son of God!” (Matt. 27:54)

My people saw Me die that day, and to this day, very few (of them) believe I AM the Son of God! In fact, under these evil Noahide laws, if you confess that, you will break the first law, and by the Sanhedrin and Talmud, you will be beheaded!

My Father and I had a plan. Since the Jews are blind, We will go to the ones who recognized I was the Son of God – the Gentiles! Blessed are those whose eyes are open and whose hearts are filled with My Spirit!!


I AM COMING SOON!! You are the generation that will meet Me in the clouds!! I AM COMING VERY SOON – I PROMISE!!! Just be ready and have your house in order!!!

Your Messiah Jesus

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Prophesy: Watchman, Sound The War Alarm. Prepare For The Battle; It Is Physical & Spiritual (Barbara Francis)

Prophesy: Watchman, Sound The War Alarm. Prepare For The Battle; It Is Physical & Spiritual (Barbara Francis)


Barbara Francis

April 19, 2019

Daughter you must warn my children. Parents the enemies are hiding among you. Guard your children. Prepare your families your enemies are my enemies. They seek to destroy you from within they will take control of your government. They will change your laws they will remove your freedoms they will make your nation a safe haven for terrorists . Your daughters will become their wives.,your sons their slaves. War has already been declared on you . Your eyes and ears are closed to these TRUTHS. You are in denial. Parents you must teach your children what is at hand. Fathers you must be able to protect your wives and daughters from this spreading EVIL. WATCHMAN SOUND THE WAR ALARM. PREPARE FOR THE BATTLE, IT IS PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL! The cities will be burned. The nation’s will be in chaos and confusion. The enemy is prepared,they have been fine tuning their plans. What have you been doing my children. You have been watching these events unfold and you are not doing anything to halt them. . Days are growing darker men’s hearts colder. Stop eating and drinking get your house in order. Danger surrounds you , yet you sleep get up and get READY! GET UP AND GET READY NOW! GET UP AND GET READY NOW

The CDC Is Literally Hiding This From You To Prevent Panic…But Maybe You Should Know About It! (Lisa Haven)

The CDC Is Literally Hiding This From You To Prevent Panic…But Maybe You Should Know About It! (Lisa Haven)

Here’s more information on it, the symptoms etc. Currently more prone to those with compromised immune systems. Those in hospitals, nursing homes, the elderly:
Pray For NC: NC Gov. Ray Cooper Vetoes Bill Requiring Care For Babies Born Alive After Failed Abortion

Pray For NC: NC Gov. Ray Cooper Vetoes Bill Requiring Care For Babies Born Alive After Failed Abortion

BREAKING: North Carolina Gov. vetoes bill requiring care for babies born alive after failed abortion

Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin

RALEIGH, April 18, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – North Carolina Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed legislation Thursday morning that would require abortionists to provide basic medical care to newborns who survive failed abortions, just days after the measure cleared the state legislature.

The North Carolina Senate approved Senate Bill 359 on Monday and the state House approved it on Tuesday. It requires infants born alive after attempted abortions to be guaranteed the “same claim to the protection of the law that would arise for any newborn, or for any person who comes to a hospital, clinic, or other facility.” Violators would be guilty of a Class D felony and face a fine of up to $250,000.

BREAKING: North Carolina Gov. vetoes bill requiring care for babies born alive after failed abortion

By Calvin Freiburger

Dream 329: Jesus And Our Vessels Are Now Being Signed (Erin, Sparrowcloud9)

Dream 329: Jesus And Our Vessels Are Now Being Signed (Erin, Sparrowcloud9)

Dream 329 – Jesus and our vessels are now being signed

Received on Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love, mercy and grace.  Please forgive me, Father, for overextending myself with activity from Friday to Sunday.  I failed to rest as You told me to several times.  I kept going on my own strength and did not recognize the sabbath day of rest.  As a result, I am now sick with the flu.

Well, it really began on Sunday.  Today is the first day that I have been without deep pain in my lungs, so thank You.  I believe it was so many praying for me that healed me.  While I am still exhausted and weak, Father, thank You for letting up on the illness.  It hit so hard and was quite humbling.  You gave me a dream one week ago…

Sub-dream 1 “Burned out church” description begins…

I was in a burned-out church that was in a one level mid-century style.  The structure had been destroyed by the fire and only the walls and foundation remained.  Two sides of the structure were made of brick or flagstone and the other two sides were made of metal.  I was walking through the charred remains when I noticed someone had broken into the church.  While I was not sure if I was there physically or in spirit, I was sure that this person did not know that I was there.

As I got closer, I noticed that this person was a woman.  She was pillaging items at the altar.  She had collected a communion tray, some candlesticks and other items.  Not one of these items were things that edified God.  I looked around and noticed that there was not one cross and not even a single reference to Jesus.  The items this woman was stealing had absolutely no value.  As I continued to look around, I determined that the church was too badly damaged to ever be rebuilt.

Sub-dream 1 description over…

When I woke up from this dream, I was still deeply disturbed by this.  As I prayed to the Lord about what it all meant, He put a vision into my head.  While I am not sure if it was two capital I’s or two number 1s, it was definitely two stick-like characters.  I found this vision so unusual that I spent the rest of the day looking around for two objects standing side-by-side.  The song ‘Crushing Snakes’ by Crowder then came into my head.  I suddenly realized that the lyrics to this song are what we are looking for now…

“We`re not afraid, terrors of night, arrows that fly by day.  Ten thousand may fall, but we will remain.  We`re not afraid, a promise of God can never be torn away, walking on hands of angels, crushing snakes, safe under the shadow of His wings.  Our fortress and our strength, our fortress, we`re taking back our freedom, our battle has been won.  We have been liberated, back from the dead we`ve come, we`re taking back our freedom, our battle has been won.

We have been liberated, back from the dead we`ve come, we`re not afraid, a promise of God can never be torn away.  Walking on hands of angels, crushing snakes, safe under the shadow of His wings, our fortress and our strength, our fortress.  We`re taking back our freedom, our battle has been won, we have been liberated, back from the dead we`ve come.

Do you see Him, King of Heaven, Champion of all creation?  Eyes of fire, voice of thunder. tearing through the sky in wonder, dressed in light, we see Him coming, on a horse that`s white like lightning.  Do you see Him?

Do you see Him, King of Heaven, Champion of all creation?  Eyes of fire, voice of thunder, tearing through the sky in wonder, dressed in light, we see Him coming, on a horse that`s white like lightning.  Do you see Him?  Do you see Him?

Do you see Him, King of Heaven, Champion of all creation?  Eyes of fire, voice of thunder, tearing through the sky in wonder (racing through the sky), dressed in light, we see Him coming (breaking through the thunder), on a horse that`s white like lightning.  Do you see Him?  Do you see Him?

We`re taking back our freedom, our battle has been won, we have been liberated, back from the dead we`ve come.  We`re taking back our freedom, our battle has been won, we have been liberated, back from the dead we`ve come.  Back from the dead we`ve come, back from the dead we`ve come, we`ve come, we`ve come, we`ve come, we`ve come!”

Later on in the week, on Friday, April 12, 2019, a series of amazing events occurred that fulfilled a prophecy that the Lord had given to me about my husband personally.  This prophecy was given to us a few months back and pinpointed Nisan 7, which is April 12th.  While I had forgotten this prophecy, my husband had not.  Without me knowing it, he had quite a fleece to God on the fulfillment of this prophecy.  How this prophecy was fulfilled came in such an unexpected way, we both are still smiling about it.

The story starts with me dropping our girls off at their school.  I was driving home listening to the Christian radio station when they announced that they were selling tickets to a concert by an up and coming Christian band.  I decided that I would take the girls, along with one of my daughter’s friend, to this concert.  This was last minute notice as the concert was to be that same night.  I went to the radio station selling the tickets expecting it to already be sold out.

When I pulled into the parking lot, the Lord told me to give a gift to the radio station of a certain dollar amount.  When I enquired about this of Him, He repeated the specific amount again and told me to donate no more and no less.  Okay, even though I thought the tickets would be sold out, I was now to stop and give a gift as well, so I did.  I went in and told the receptionist that I wanted four tickets to that night’s concert and that I also wanted to give them a donation.

To my surprise, not only were there four tickets available, but the manager, the disc jockey and the accountant all came out to greet me and thank me for my gift.  They then gave me two free tickets to that night’s concert as a token of their appreciation.  While I did not want to accept this gift, they were quite persistent and I said okay.  However, due to the gift I had made, the receptionist needed our information.  As I was giving her our information, she looked up and said, “Wait, I know your husband.  I used to work with your husband before I came over here to work.”

She then proceeded to tell me all about the trouble the company was enduring and that his former company had lost a specific number of staff, an entire division that had worked there for years.  One of the employees that left was a 22-year veteran.  To our amazement, the number of people that left matched perfectly with the number that the Lord foretold would leave in a prophecy given to us personally months in advance.

The amazing part is that this information was provided to us on the exact date that the Lord foretold we would ‘receive a report from a spy on Nisan 7’.  Nisan 7 is also the date that Joshua sent out spies to Jericho.  The information my husband was provided with was directly from someone that formerly worked ‘in Jericho’.  Since my husband knew her to be trustworthy, he knew that her report was accurate.

Had the Lord not have me donate that day, I would not have given my name and we would never have received the ‘spy report’.  As I said before, I had long forgotten about this ‘spy report on Nisan 7’ prophecy, but my husband had secretly been praying to receive this on that very date.  That this happened in the manner that it happened truly once again shows that God’s ways are truly so much higher than ours.

Even though I had been a touch worried about making this relatively large donation given my husband’s current ‘unemployment status’, the Lord then replenished this within three hours and again in an unexpected way.  He wasn’t finished making this day special though.  While we were told to show up to the concert at 5pm, we should have been told to arrive at 7pm.  This miscommunication actually ended up working well for a number of reasons.

As we were now there two hours early, the girls were asked if they wanted to help the band set up for the concert.  All three were excited to do so and gave a resounding yes.  In return, they upgraded all four of our tickets so that we now had front row center seats.  I felt guilty about getting such a prestigious upgrade, but they were so persistent that I just had to say yes.

As we were waiting for the concert to start, I was not too happy to see a sworn enemy of mine walk in to the auditorium.  While I have never done anything to this woman, she had decided to stop having my husband and his kids as friends simply because he married me.  It was awkward as she was there to sell merchandise.  However, when the band, the radio station people and the disk jockeys all came up to us to talk as we had donated and helped with the set up, it was as if we were being treated as ‘royalty’.

I glanced over at this woman and she was as furious looking as anyone I have ever seen.  I could actually feel her curses coming towards me.  After the concert, we went over to her table as we wanted to purchase some of their merchandise.  I said hi to her and she then pretended to not know who I was at first.  Because of the way the Lord had set this up (that is, us looking like royalty), I was no longer awkward, but she certainly was.  Nobody can say that the Lord doesn’t have a sense of humor, right?

While the concert was fun, it was also exhausting and our Saturday also had activities.  I also made plans for Sunday and this turned out to be a big mistake.  I was exhausted and, by Sunday afternoon, I was sore and achy.  I soon realized it was the flu.  I decided to lie in bed and watch the Masters Tournament.  My husband told me not to worry about supper or anything that day and he and the kids looked after me and themselves.  Little did I know that this Tournament would give me such great joy.

To make a long story short, I cried when Tiger Woods won the Masters Tournament.  It was 11 years since his last victory (there is that II again).  His victory was one of my biggest fleeces as I had prayed that his eventual victory would be a type of redemption for all of us who have suffered under curses and slander.  I became injured right as Tiger Woods began to rise in status as a golfer.  It was such a fast ascent!

I watched him and followed his victories.  He was so gifted and so amazing to watch.  Then so many things fell apart for him at once.  There were the affairs and the injuries.  So much was coming in against him and so fast that he fell out of contention.  He was no longer the talented clean-cut golfer.  He was no longer the role model.  I even remember the pastor of our church using him and Anakin from Star Wars as an analogy of Christians having so much promise then losing it all.

This service was also 11 years ago and I remember praying for Tiger Woods to be redeemed.  I prayed that God would call out to him and let him see a victory once again.  I prayed that he would wear the Green Jacket for winning the Masters once again.  I never stopped praying for him, even as he fell out of the top 500 rated golfers.  I remember being so upset when I heard people talk about him…”He will never…”, “He is finished…”, “There is no hope”, and on and on.

I would then pray to You, Father, to “Please shut the mouths of those who curse.  Please vindicate us soon.  Bless Tiger, not in a material way, but by bringing him publicly out of his trouble and restore him.  Restore him like he used to be right before you come for us.  Please do this as I long to see it!”  I remember You then replied to me and said, “I have him, Erin.  I will shut the mouths of old lions.”

Well, when I saw Tiger win on Sunday night, it was a fulfillment of the Lord’s promises to me…but also a type of fleece.  As my husband and children will attest, I wept, “Praise, Jesus, as Tiger Woods just won the Masters again.  After all the shame, I saw him have the Green Jacket placed on him, just as I had prayed for.  Now I am complete!”  While I know it is a personal thing, it was something I had hoped to see before everything in the world fell apart.

Something else happened this morning when I was driving the girls to school.  As we listened to the radio, the ‘Crushing Snakes’ song came on again.  They both said, “Mom, this song is about us and what is soon to come!”  I smiled and dropped them off, praying for their protection before they left the car.  I later received a text from my older daughter with a picture of what she had wrote on the classroom’s chalkboard before class was rung in.  It was from the song…

“Do you see Him, King of Heaven, Champion of all Creation?  Eyes of fire, voice of thunder, tearing through the sky in wonder, dressed in light.  We see Him coming, on a horse that’s white like lightning.  Do you see Him?”

Hopefully she does not get reprimanded for doing this.  Even though they attend a Christian school, you just never know in this day and age of secularism.  Just writing about what she wrote brought tears to my eyes.  Oh Father, there is no greater God than You in all of the Universe.  You are our Creator, our Father and our Friend.  Oh Father, how I long for the day when You rise up an Army and do all that You have said You would.

In Isaiah 53, You sent Jesus, our Tender Shoot, and He was trampled on.  So many of us know what it is like to be trampled on, cursed at, lied to, falsely accused of and humiliated by the enemy of God.  Rise up, Father, rise up and come as a Mighty Warrior and King.  Vindicate us, Father.  Restore us to what You intended for us to be.  We can then say, “It is God Who has done this.  Turn away from your wickedness and repent because the Kingdom of our Lord is upon you!”

Father, the world needs you, but they do not see it.  Father, You have told me it is the time of the great fall from heights.  Since You told me this, there has been the clock face falling from the clock tower, but there has also been a massive amount of people falling from high places.  Some were accidents, others were crimes, some were pushed, others were thrown and still others slipped.

There are two II’s in the word “Fall”.  It seems this is related.  On “11”/29/2018, the clock fell from the tower at Purdue University.  Since then, there have been people falling and even children being thrown.  It just seems so extreme right now.  You have told me that we are now in the 11th hour, so, Lord, please show us what we are to do.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was laying in a soft blanket of grass under a blossoming tree.  The air was fragrant and I could hear a beautiful song from some little songbirds.  I was in God’s massive Garden.  It is so beautiful and lush.  There is nothing like it on Earth.  In the distance, I could hear the sound of a waterfall.  I sat up and quickly jumped to my feet.  I felt strong and fully alive.

My arms were lean and so were my legs.  I went to feel my stomach and there again was a lean body part.  I could breathe easily.  Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks over how healthy I am here in Heaven.  I began to run.  I was soon leaping from one boulder to the next boulder.  I made my way supernaturally and had no fear of falling.

I arrived at the river.  Even though I was right next to a massive waterfall, I was not in any fear here.  While I felt that the Lord was here somewhere, I still could not see Him.

Me:  Loudly.  “Lord, where are You?”

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin!”

I could hear His voice coming from downstream.  I leapt up a large boulder so I could look down the river.  To my utter amazement, I saw Jesus with thousands of angels filling Vessels with Living Water.  I became so excited!  The Lord waved and motioned for me to come closer.  I didn’t have to be told twice.  I leapt from boulder to boulder and was soon right on the area next to His angels.

Jesus:  “Come over here, Erin.”

He motioned for me to come nearer to Him.  He pointed to the banks of the River of Life.  I became breathless and in awe as, right there, lining the banks of the River, were the beautiful Vessels He had made representing us.  My mouth dropped open in amazement as I watched Him say a blessing over each Vessel before signing, or marking, the top of each of them.

His smile told me that He knew that I was curious as to why the tops were being signed, not the bottoms as is the usual case.  I then watched as His hand individually wrote His Name, the Name of the Lord, in a visible way on the top of each one of these Vessels.  ‘Yes!’, I exclaimed to myself, ‘the Creator of the Universe was taking the time to sign each one of our Vessels!’  I could not believe my eyes and I literally pinched myself to make sure I was really seeing this.  I was!

Me:  “Oh Lord, these Vessels are so clearly supernaturally beautiful, surely everyone will know they came from You.  However, why are You signing the top of each Vessel instead of the bottom?”

Jesus:  “Erin, while I rode in on the donkey before, I will now come on a horse.  Why?”

Me:  I paused to think about this for a while.  “Is it because You came the first time, not as a king, but instead like ‘a man with no majesty’?  Hmm, I am not really sure why.”

Jesus:  “Because the world has had 2000 years of ‘university’ to study about Me, I will now come as a King on a white steed.  I will not come at the rear or on the bottom, but rather as the lead on the head.  Therefore, those I have marked will be marked clearly as there is no shame in believing Who I am.”

Me:  “Oh, I see.  There is clarity now!”

Jesus:  “Well, there always was clarity, but many chose to live in the fog.”

I watched as He then marked each Vessel, then filled it with Living Water.  The assigned angels would then take the Vessel, jump on a horse with wings and fly up into the sky.  This was not done in a chaotic fashion, but rather as a joyful celebration.

Me:  “The angels seem so happy and so do You, Lord.  It is so great to see You like this!”

Jesus:  Looking up at me and smiling.  “Well, Erin, it has been a long time coming.  This marks a great time to come…a time and times like no other.  My angel army has had to stand down quite often.  It is a difficult thing for them to witness all the things done opposite to the Kingdom of Heaven and righteousness and have to stand down.”

Me:  “Wait…do You mean that even the angels are excited about this too?”

Jesus:  “Yes, Erin.  The battle has been long and many blasphemies have been spoken against God and His Kingdom.  Now, this marks the beginning and I am clearly at the head of these.”  He pointed to the Vessels.

Me:  “Where are the angels going with the Vessels after they have been sealed and filled?”

Jesus:  Smiling and laughing.  “Surely you know by now?”

Me:  Smiling.  “It takes the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search it out…or, should I say, a sparrow?”

Jesus laughed and splashed me with some of the water from the River of Life.

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Come, Erin, and drink.”

Just then, He marked a beautiful iridescent Vessel with etchings.  He then put the Vessel into the water, filled it and placed it to my lips.  I drank and…

I was suddenly taken out of the dream!  I knew that this was on purpose.  I cried for some time as I had hoped to know what it felt like…to know…what would happen next.  I then felt the Lord’s presence fill my devotional room.  He spoke to me and I wrote down what He said…

God:  “Erin, My churches may burn and crumble as My favor is not upon the structure.  Instead, My church is in the hearts of those who accept My Son.  One day, all things I created on Earth will be burned.  As I promised Noah, I will not flood the Earth again.  Then, from the fire, I will purify the land of all uncleanliness and start anew.  The land will be much better than before and there I will be with My people.

“However, Erin, My church has become a den of iniquity, a place of defilement, whereby the opposite of the fruits dwell within it.  Oh Erin, how I long to dwell in the hearts of men; not in the ark, not in the tent, not in the tabernacle, not in the pews or at the altar, but in the tabernacle of the heart.  Those who love Me with their whole heart, I have made My priests in the sanctuary of My Holy Temple.

“Erin, your heart is like a burning ember which does not burn out day or night.  Your heart is the lamp.  It is more valuable to Me than any structure built by man.  Therefore, I am here to let you know that I delight in you and that I will not ‘pass over’ you.  Your whole life has been a series of ‘pass-overs’, but I am here to let you know that I chose you and I love you.

“I have not forgotten you and My promises are true.  Now, you have been marked and your name is written on the palm of My hand.  Now, rejoice, because I say to the one who was ‘not loved’, you are loved.  I say to one who was ‘a slave’, now you are free.  I saw to the one who was ‘rejected’, I chose you.  Rejoice, Erin, for I have found your heart worthy.”

After He said this, I knew that my visit was over for today.  The Holy Spirit then immediately placed several Scriptures on my heart.  This is just as written in God’s Word, the whole chapters – 1 John 3, Psalm 11 and Psalm 91.

Dream over…


Prophetic Word: I AM Has Waited Long Enough (Only A Grain Of Sand)

Prophetic Word: I AM Has Waited Long Enough (Only A Grain Of Sand)

I AM Has Waited Long Enough

April 19, 2019

Only A Grain Of Sand

I AM has waited, trying to reach you all. Trying to get My children’s hearts and minds to see, where you are collectively and individually, with Me, to little or no avail.

The Decalogue has been removed from your laws, your hearts, your minds, your nations. The leaders of your countries have handed themselves over to the evil one. They have planned to hand you over also. They have agreed to eliminate most of the population of all the nations, and have the temerity to publish the figures that they will allow to continue, to live in this world.

Can you not see the course of this path you are on, collectively and individually, as sons and daughters, of the Most High God? Why do you choose death or life? Why do you choose hate over love? Why do you choose decay and destruction over creative actions, and life itself? Why have you tried to nullify My very existence, and raise yourself as idols and gods, in My place?

Your pride has taken you far. So far beyond My own natural law, that I can not hold back the Great Tribulation, any longer. The net will fall, on you all now. Your plans, hopes in this world, are now so much dust. You have tried to kill your God, abandoning the very decency, moderation and considerations of self respect, family ties, neighborly connections, that make life sweet. So now you will taste the gall and vinegar, I was offered on the Cross, at Calvary.

You care not for My field of life. Your choice is for a culture of death, a dark and poisonous garden, filled with the hissing of the snake. You have decided to live, only, for your pleasures, your bodies, your money, your perversions, while disregarding my gifts to you, and ignoring the poor, the widow, the sick, the prisoners, the lost ones, my gift of nature itself; created in beauty, light and perfection.

Exechiel Chapter 16 verse 49
“Behold this was the iniquity of Sodom thy sister, pride, fullness of bread, and abundance, and the idleness of her, and her daughter: and they did not put forth their hand to the needy, and to the poor.”

Playing at being gods, you have trampled on life itself, and dismembered My little ones, trashing your own environments, tossing the refuse of your selfish indulgence out of windows, as you drive at break-neck speed, on your race of doom.

Exechiel Chapter 16 Verses 20 & 21
“And thou has taken thy sons, and thy daughter, whom thou hast borne to me: and hast sacrificed the same to them to be devoured. Is thy fornication small?

Thou hast sacrificed and given my children to them, consecrating them by fire.”

So Be It!

My messengers, my watchmen and watchwomen, have been mocked, persecuted, laughed at, ignored, called crazy, false and liars. ‘Another Day Another Dollar.’ The ship of state keeps sailing. The wheels of your cars keep turning, in your search for more diversions, activities, shopping, daily routine, and status quo.

Your cars will soon stop, your lights will soon turn off. You will soon face the wall, you have constructed, the result of your pride and sins.

I AM not your enemy.
I AM your Father, who art in Heaven.

Hallowed be My name.

My kingdom will come on the earth as it is in heaven…


Mourn with Me.

Pray to Me.

Love Me as I love you.

Live only for Me.

God The Almighty One



Prophetic Word: Prepare For The End & Podcast-Severe Economic Crash Coming (Glynda Lomax)

Prophetic Word: Prepare For The End & Podcast-Severe Economic Crash Coming (Glynda Lomax)

Prepare for the End (Glynda Lomax)

My Children, as you prepare for financial hardship, prepare for war, for it shall follow quickly.

As men begin to starve and when they cannot provide food for their families, tempers will flare. Blame will be shouted and war will break out in your streets.

When war breaks out, division will reign and death will ensue. Many of you will see family members killed in your streets. If you have food, thieves will break in to steal it. No longer will America know peace and ease, for I shall strip it away. The enemies of America will see the nation weakening, and they will plan against it.

America will not ever rise to prosperity again after this time, for the end shall come swiftly.

Revelation 6:4-8
4 And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.
5 And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.
6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.
7 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.
8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Just Praise Him at 5:00 AM

Glynda Lomax: Just Praise Him Radio – Severe Economic Crash Coming (Thursday, April 18, 2019)


Prophetic Word: Love One Another (278pikelk)

Prophetic Word: Love One Another (278pikelk)

Love One Another! – 278pikelk

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My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My Holy Spirit is sinking deeper and deeper into the hearts of My own now. These are not processing things with their human reasoning, but processing by My Holy Spirit alone. These live in My peace. They walk in My wholeness, with complete understanding that all that is to come I will ordain. My own are selfless and realize that all I will do, going forward, is for the benefit of those who are lost and those who still reason in their flesh and not by My Spirit.

There are many who will be surprised as to what I will allow to bring My own into understanding and to bring the lost to the point of receiving Me. These things will bring no fear to those that have been closely watching, for these have received wholly My comfort and protection, and they will not waiver. It is those that still remain in doubt and fear that unintentionally do the enemy’s bidding. They will not believe until these things lie before them. But, to these I say, open your hearts now to what is possible in My realm and begin to focus on that. Do not remain in your carnal thought patterns, nor should you encourage others to pursue these limits of human reasonings. Limiting My plan in your mind to the level of your basic human reasoning is quelling My Holy Spirit. I am not limited by human conception, and it will be much easier for you to grasp these things if your hearts and minds are open to them. You must check your pride at the door.

Think of the fear of many if I did not warn prior to these events. My transformed ones will bring comfort to those that remain in question and to those who are engulfed in fear, for many of these events will be inconceivable and beyond shocking. Hearts will be softened and prepared to receive My truth. I do nothing without a purpose, and I allow nothing unless it serves My purpose. If your heart is filled with fear, you must refocus, refocus onto Me. I promise, My children, open your hearts to My comfort, and you will surely receive it. Open your hearts to My peace, and you will surely experience it. These are My promises to you, and I make no promise in vain.

Not all of My children have received all that I have shared, yet each one of My children have received what is pertinent to them. All who will experience My end-time events will have an experience tailored to them and those around them. Your focus should not be upon not believing you need to experience certain things. Your focus should be on Me, trusting in Me, believing in Me and realizing that all that is to occur is leading to the manifestation of My Kingdom. Humble your hearts. Share what I share with you, after prayerful consideration. Do not be afraid of those who come against you. Do not engage with those who are set on sowing discord, and let yourselves not be deterred from doing so.

Wait patiently. Watch carefully, and most important, love one another. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

Rapid Increase In Natural Catastrophes Is Hitting Global Supply Chains & Tornado In Mississippi (DAHBOO77)

Rapid Increase In Natural Catastrophes Is Hitting Global Supply Chains & Tornado In Mississippi (DAHBOO77)

Mike S

Sad not many can prepare themselves for what is to come. Find the most high while you still haven’t already.

islander78 carpenter

And they call preppers crazy..until theres only prepers left..then no one calls them crazy..

C Dunn

I’m a rancher farmer I know what’s up and your just touching the tip of it