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What America Will Look Like If Democrats Win In 2020-Homelessness, Poverty & 3rd World Diseases (allnewspipeline)

What America Will Look Like If Democrats Win In 2020-Homelessness, Poverty & 3rd World Diseases (allnewspipeline)

November 12, 2019

Democrats Have Unleashed A ‘Blue State Blueprint For Disaster’ Upon America: Just Imagine What The Entire Country Might Look Like In The Future Should One Of THEM Win In 2020!

– Exploding Homelessness, Poverty And 3rd World Diseases Would Be The ‘New Norm’


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die
While cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon have been getting much of the recent attention about Democrat-run cities imploding, this recent story over at Fox News reported�that the city of Austin in the middle of ‘Red Texas‘ has also seen a massive explosion of the homeless living there after Texas’s capital city became a magnet for homeless vagrants due to laws allowing people to camp out on the streets there.

Leading to tent cities sprouting up near state highways and the homeless continually urinating and defecating in the streets, as we had reported in this September 19th ANP story titled “With Democrat-Run Cities Across America Transformed Into Diseased Wastelands, Imagine If Democrats Win The Presidency In 2020 And America Is Turned Into A ‘Sanctuary Nation!'”, all of America could be over-run with 3rd world diseases and rapidly growing homelessness if a Democrat wins the presidency in 2020.�

With one Texas man who was interviewed by Fox News telling them homeless people come from all around the country to live on the streets in Austin because the authorities are lax and there are many incentives, like free food and shelter, that Texan also warned that when people are giving away ‘free money‘ and ‘free food‘, those on the receiving end often take advantage of the situation, avoiding even trying to find work while living off others.�

And as�this August story over at Biz Pac Review reported�when looking at the Democrat-run-hellholes popping up now all across America, the murder rates in some US cities are higher than the murder rates in some of the most dangerous cities in the world. Proud of all of that crime, death and destruction, democrats? From the Biz Pac Review story.:�

The Baltimore Sun reported that the city is �worse than� many Central American countries, where people are fleeing to seek asylum in the U.S. Specifically, the Sun stated in 2017 that the Baltimore murder rate is continuing �to be higher than Central America�s most dangerous countries.�

Yes, more than Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. And PBS aired a 2018 one-hour special called �Rat Film,� on the rat infestation in Elijah Cummings� city.

Also in 2018, USA Today named �Baltimore �the nation�s most dangerous city�� the �deadliest big city in the country�. In addition, it has a severe garbage and trash mess.

Its public schools rank lowest in Maryland. There were 13 schools in Baltimore that did not have even one student who could pass the standard math test!

How did all this happen? How did Baltimore fall on such hard times? The un-sugar-coated answer is that the city was ruined because it was under Democratic city-council control for the last 77 years. The last Republican mayor left office 52 years ago.

With one Democrat run city after another all across America falling into poverty, homelessness, mass drug addiction and despair, just imagine America in January of 2021 should a Democrat win in 12 months!�

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While we rarely expect to get any truth from the NY Times, back in May of 2019, they actually published this opinion story titled “America’s Cities Are Unlivable. Blame Wealthy Liberals within which they reported ‘progressives‘ have abandoned their own so-called ‘progressive values‘, doing it in their own backyards, that NY Times story also reported�that while the economy in parts of California was booming, billionaire-brimming California still ranked as one of the most poverty-stricken states in America with a shocking number of 1/5 of the state’s population struggling to get by.�

Also reporting that since 2010, migration OUT OF California had surged, that NY Times story reported the most important and biggest problem in California, (fully created by the liberal politics and liberal politicians!), was the steady collapse of ‘livability‘. From that story.

Across my home state, traffic and transportation is a developing-world nightmare. Child care and education seem impossible for all but the wealthiest. The problems of affordable housing and homelessness have surpassed all superlatives � what was a crisis is now an emergency that feels like a dystopian showcase of American inequality.

Just look at San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi�s city. One of every 11,600 residents is a billionaire, and the annual household income necessary to buy a median-priced home now tops $320,000. Yet the streets there are a plague of garbage and needles and feces, and every morning brings fresh horror stories from a �Black Mirror� hellscape: Homeless veterans are surviving on an economy of trash from billionaires� mansions. Wealthy homeowners are crowdfunding a legal effort arguing that a proposed homeless shelter is an environmental hazard. A public-school teacher suffering from cancer is forced to pay for her own substitute.

And there is no end in sight to such crushing success. At every level of government, our representatives, nearly all of them Democrats, prove inadequate and unresponsive to the challenges at hand. Witness last week�s embarrassment, when California lawmakers used a sketchy parliamentary maneuver to knife Senate Bill 50, an ambitious effort to undo restrictive local zoning rules and increase the supply of housing.

It was another chapter in a dismal saga of Nimbyist urban mismanagement that is crushing American cities. Not-in-my-backyardism is a bipartisan sentiment, but because the largest American cities are populated and run by Democrats � many in states under complete Democratic control � this sort of nakedly exclusionary urban restrictionism is a particular shame of the left.

And as we had reported within�our September 19th ANP story which took a look at�a report put out by the Association of Mature American Citizens, this is a systematic problem with America’s worst 25 cities ALL run by Democrats!�

The facts reported within this story speak for themselves.

According to this August 5th story over at Amac, the Association of Mature American Citizens, America’s 25 worst cities are run by Democrats, and as their story immediately pointed out, the findings of several new studies are arresting.

Reporting that the top ten American cities for the homeless are sanctuary cities, cities which offer refuge to illegal immigrants, don’t co-operate with law enforcement and raise the prices of low-rent housing for their own citizens, we’re happy to report that according to this�story over at the Daily Mail, the leaders of America’s big cities may soon see some kind of ‘crackdown’ coming their way. Reporting President Trump is now threatening to punish them with EPA violations over their refusals to clean up the massive environmental disaster being caused by their city’s homeless problem, is it already too late?

With all of these big, Democrat-run US cities descending into complete shambles, truly a horrific, humanitarian crisis of the highest nature, and being completely ignored by the msm which instead still insanely screams about Republicans being ‘racist’ for calling out big US cities as becoming hellholes under Democratic rule, President Trump warned Democratic leaders “They have to clean it up. We can’t have our cities going to hell.”

Yet as Susan Duclos had reported on ANP back on September 9th in this story titled “Medieval Diseases, Homelessness, And Now Fears Of Leprosy In L.A. – The Direct Link Between Illegal Immigration And American Cities Looking Worse Than Third-World Nations“, ‘going to hell’ is exactly what is happening to big US cities and if the Democrats their way, America’s big cities will be a model for the total takedown of America should a Democratic presidential candidate win the election in 2020.

With Susan’s story pointing out the direct link between illegal immigration and American cities turning into 3rd world hellholes, imagine what this entire country would look like should America be turned into a ‘sanctuary nation’! So we’ll be looking at ‘the facts’ brought to light by these new studies in the next two sections below with the old axiom applying to the 2020 election ahead, “If Democrats can’t even clean up their own sh*t, why should we let them try to ‘clean up’ America?”

So why do Democrats keep allowing the cities that they run to descend into literal hellholes and and an even better question might be, why do Democrat-voters keep voting Democrat? It’s long been said that the very definition of ‘insanity‘ is doing the same thing over and over and over again but expecting different results!�


As we see in the final excerpt below from this Biz Pac Review story, Democrats have done nothing less than unleashing a ‘blue-state-blueprint for disaster‘ upon America, with Democrat-run cities all across the country imploding, and for decades, as seen in the chart at the top of this story.

With the mainstream media completely refusing to report upon the fact that America’s worst run cities are run by Democrats and most big US cities completely beholden to ‘globalism‘, for Nancy Pelosi or any other Democrat to say that their cities are just an ‘anomaly‘ defies ‘reality‘. From the Biz Pac Review story…

But as horrific as the Baltimore story is (even Bernie Sanders compared Baltimore to a �Third World country� in 2016), the larger story is worse: Baltimore is not an anomaly. The truth is that most U.S. cities that have dipped into decay and violence have been run by Democrats for decades. The Dems blow their horn about how compassionate and caring they are, and yet most big-city governments have failed to improve the lives and economic circumstances of their citizens.

Democrats run nine of the 10 largest U.S. cities; they control 16 of the 20 largest cities. USA Today, in 2019, reports �the top 10 most dangerous cities in America� are governed by Democrats. Looking at cities in similar decay as Baltimore, Democrats run them all.

In the San Francisco home district of Speaker Pelosi, you can use a cellphone app to navigate diseased city streets to avoid human fecal waste. Seattle and Los Angeles are just as bad. Chicago has unimaginable inner-city violence, and is broke. Better not drink the water in Flint, Michigan. Detroit is the archetype of urban failure, the poorest large city in America. Democratic mayors have run St. Louis for 70 years, and Forbes says it�s the second most dangerous city in the nation. Newark has had Democrat mayors for more than a century, and in 2015 became the 5th�worst city to live in.

The reasons for these devastating near-criminal disasters are Democrat policies. Investor�s Business Daily explains: �When Democrats are in control, cities tend to go soft on crime, reward cronies with public funds, establish hostile business environments, heavily tax the most productive citizens, impose smothering regulations and set up fat pensions for their union friends. Simply put, theirs is a Blue State blueprint for disaster.�

In the first video below, independent journalist Tim Pool takes a look at how the entire state of California is becoming ‘unlivable‘ with mass poverty, homelessness and hunger gripping many city streets along with people using their taxpayer funded sidewalks and streets for bathrooms while wildfires rage there. In the 2nd video from Fox News, they take a look at the exploding homeless problem in Austin, Texas while in the 3rd and final video below, The National Desk takes a look at how New York is now attempting to ‘clean up‘ their own homeless problem by shipping them off to other cities and states.�

Democrats Have Unleashed A ‘Blue State Blueprint For Disaster’ Upon America: Just Imagine What The Entire Country Might Look Like In The Future Should One Of THEM Win In 2020! Exploding Homelessness, Poverty And 3rd World Diseases Would Be The ‘New Norm’

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Pinned by Kerry-Ann Gidden

Darlean Bates

Amen Sister Kerry-Ann. I used to follow him until he started straying from the Word. He is behind Trump all the way. He also believes in pre trib rapture. So many today follow these false prophets. I hear Kim Clements name constantly. He was a false prophet because he was wrong a few times. His main one was that he said the United States would be totally out of debt. If they are ever wrong, they are false. Sadhu is definitely false because as you state Sister, he absolutely did not go to heaven and talk to Abraham. They always add a lot of truth to what they say to draw you in. Then, their rotten fruits start to show. Satan is very good at his deception. We must use great discernment. Always testing the spirits. We must spend quiet time in prayer listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Then, when you need guidance, you will know the voice of the Holy Spirit and not be fooled by a false spirit. He will guide you when in times of peril. Keep your eyes upon the Heavenly Father. Full armor of God on at all times. Pray daily for your Brothers and Sisters. We all need extra prayers in these end days. Much love, prayers and blessings. 💗 Thank you so much for exposing this false prophet Sister Kerry-Ann. I laughed hard over the queen supposedly being like Queen Esther. Yes, all of the royals are Reptillian. 💗💗💗

Dee Bull

Sadhu has a great following here in America. Yes sister, he is trying to suppress the tribes. He said that his father was a high priest in voodoo when he was a child, and he was scared of him. His followers believe he is annointed with a glow of light on him…lol, but it is not funny. People are lazy and don’t want to eat the Holy Word of the Lord daily like they should. I love you sister, and am praying for you. There is a spirit of confusion going on around the world, but especially in America. “I remember when” this nation was called “The United States of America”. There is no love or respect among the people here. It is divided because they divided GODS chosen people. Without receiving Abba, Father’s first commandment which is love, we as a nation have been divided. A nation divided will fall. And, Pride goeth before the fall…God help us! Thank you sister Kerry for the time taken for your diligence and love for the Father’s calling upon you. May the Holy Spirit Fire continue the work in you. I love you much. Sincerely, Dee
Thank you sis, that’s what I saw!! Christianity and voodoo cause the LORD told me he is mixed! Wow wow. God bless you sis
This Is The Left: AOC Promotes Drag Queen Vampire’s Occult Show (Pray Against These Things)

This Is The Left: AOC Promotes Drag Queen Vampire’s Occult Show (Pray Against These Things)

This Is The Left: AOC Promotes Drag Queen Vampire’s Occult Show

Freshman congresswoman calls the performance ‘genius’ and ‘fabulous’

This Is The Left: AOC Promotes Drag Queen Vampire's Occult Show

Image Credits: @sasha_velour/Twitter


AOC gushed over drag queen Sasha Velour’s one-man show called “Smoke and Mirrors,” which he bills as an “effortless blend of drag, visual art, and magic.”“I thought it was amazing! It was incredible, it was fabulous!” Ocasio-Cortez exclaimed. “I’m like that Lady Gaga moment where she’s like, ‘stunning,’ ‘amazing,’ ‘impeccable,’ ‘genius’!”



Average Americans Reporting Large Amounts Of Chinese/UN Troops On US Soil (Dave Hodges)

Average Americans Reporting Large Amounts Of Chinese/UN Troops On US Soil (Dave Hodges)

Average Americans Reporting Large Amounts of Chinese/UN Troops On US Soil

china marines

America is being overrun with foreign enemies who have taken up residence on American soil.

In this article, I have included several emails sent to The Common Sense Show. This report represents journalism in its most raw form, news reports from eyewitnesses with no agenda other than seeking the truth behind their observations.

Before embarking on this report, I want to declare that what is contained in this article, is not new. These topics have been covered extensively, in the past, by Steve Quayle, and later by myself.

In effect, the United States is being occupied by foreign entities. At the root of this covert occupation is the United Nations. People will ask, I though you were concerned about the Chinese, Dave? I am and you should be too. However, when one talks about the Chinese and the UN, we are ultimately talking about the same entity. This is the New World Order. In the past, the CSS has reported that the Inited Nations has declared by 2030, that they will become the global political authority on the planet. The Chinese have been tagged by the NWO, ultimately the UN, as the world’s policeman that will supplant America’s role with regard to the same variable.

Because I deal in this subject to a high degree (eg unauthorized presence of foreign troops on US soil) , I have become a lightening rod for general reports from the public. In this article, I present some of these reports and will provide a conclusion as to a common interpretation as to the importance and relevance of these reports.

Dear Dave:

My husband and I have been following you for sometime.  We live in northern Nevada where it is extremely rural.  I have been wondering if it would do any good to report to anyone what my husband  I seen this past, late August.  But after listening to all the information pertaining to the UN on your show,  I thought I should at least run this past you.

My husband and I were returning from the 2019 Prophecy Conference, in Lancaster,  California.  Our route was on 14/395 heading toward Bishop.  We usually take back roads or rural roads when traveling when we can.  We were hauling our travel trailer, so we travel at a slower pace.  We passed by Ridgecrest,  California.  However, once we entered Bishop we noticed military helicopters that day ever where.  One was in desert storm colors.  And they all flew very close to the ground over Bishop and then out toward the mountains.  Whereas there is nothing out that way.

We asked the owner of the RV park  where we were staying, was there a military base near by.  He replied, the closest was in Ridgecrest,  miles away.   The next morning a siren went off for quite sometime.  We again asked the owner of the RV Park where we were staying, why the siren?  He replied:  well sometimes it signifies a accident,  a fire or a volunteer firemen meeting.  But this time it went longer than ever before.  I just don’t know.  After that we pulled out to go home.

Our route was mountain passes heading toward Tonapah, Nevada.   From there we would take Hwy 6 toward Round Mountain,  Nevada.  The entire route we took was out in nowhere.  As we drove out of Round Mountain, there was few cars or trucks coming or going.  The Hwy that we were turning on to about 25 miles ahead of us, was Hwy 50.  Heading toward Eureka, Nevada.

Just before turning right onto Hwy 50,  a few yards from that turn, a dirt road turnoff existed  to the right, and it headed straight  up to a very isolated mountain range.   Mostly rangers or cowboys used that road.  My husband slowed down to make the turn ahead and out of nowhere a huge vehicle shot in front of us going at a high speed.  My husband stopped moving in order not to get hit.  A black pick-up which was behind this vehicle pulled over to watch what we were all looking at.

The vehicle was military, but not ours.  Later after I did some research, I noted what military had that vehicle.  The vehicle that all of us saw that day was a missile launcher with a huge full size missile on it’s back end.  The vehicle was tearing down that dirt road straight toward the mountain range at breakneck speed.   As I mentioned, I identified the vehicle later to be a UN military missile launcher.

It gave both my husband and I a creepy feeling.  I tired to dismiss it as war games.  But I am not that sure if it was or by us.  Somewhere in that range above and near Eureka Nevada and Austin Nevada, there is something being built.   Otherwise, why would that vehicle with its  missile want to get out of sight  so quickly.  After listening to you about New California, the firers, the UN and China, it seemed to all fit.  I have not been in the service myself,  but a great many of my family have.  In my 73  years,  I have never seen anything like this.

Frankly Dave,  I would be interested in your take on this……God Bless You……   Jean  

I think it is clear that this remote area is home to some very well-armed United Nations “Peacekeepers”.

Hi Dave,

    Sent you a message a couple of weeks ago.  I personally saw a dozen sand/tan US army vehicles (but completely unmarked) all being driven by Chinese troops.  They were fueling the convoy at the Pilot truck stop on I-70 in Eaton Ohio.

    I was Naval Intelligence, stationed in Yokosuka Japan, so I know my Asians (Chinese vs Japanese vs Vietnamese, etc.  Kinda of a job requirement).


Ref “Live chat”, Oct 26th, questions

Dear Mr. Hodges,

I desperately tried to photograph what I saw but I was traveling in the other direction. I was traveling toward the border near Ajo, AZ. It is not unusual to see trucks with Mexican Nationals and they are usually cartel members. Last Thursday, I saw 2 trucks full of Chinese. They were in civilian clothes.



Hello Dave,

I am a truck driver and I run routes from various points in the American Southwest to the Sierra Madres in Mexico. For as long as I have been driving this route which is around 8 years, I have seen Chinese in large numbers. There are some roads that are blocked off that were not blocked off before. This makes me think these Chinese have their army in place and are ready for action. Please don’t publish my email address because I need this job. Thanks

I am literally in possession of dozens of these reports. However, some of these reports get very serious. In Oregon, it appears that the Russians and the Chinese are broadcasting code on rural American radio stations late at night. Are they broadcasting troop movements?

The most obvious and concerning set of reports that have been receiving regarding Chinese coming into America comes out of Prineville, Oregon and it is related to radio station 93.7 FM. I have a half a dozen reports from locals who have heard Chinese “coded numbers” alternating with the same on Russian coded numbers coming out of the aforementioned radio station, on an intermittment basis. One person likened it to the French Underground from WW II in which inteligence information is broadcast on pirate radio. One person offered to investigate and was actually able to speak with the owner and this is a case where the owner should have said “no comment”. The owner is out of San Francisco and is a pilot (does that get anyone else’s attention?). The owner of this station stated that this type of broadcast (ie Chinese and Russian code) was used to ascertain listenership on the station. At 3am? In a foreign language with coded numbers? This does not even make any sense.

I cannot help but to suspect that these are coded messages being broadcast to local sleeper cell, or embedded military units in the area that are not American. I have, myself, turned my attention to the station and the owner and his interests as expressed in writing on the topic of globalism. I am going to come out with a more detailed report. When I first learned about CALEXIT, almost four years ago, Paul Preston told me that in Northern California, broadcasts in Chinese were taking place in Chinese, late at night.  This phenomenon did not capture my attention then, it is has my attention now and I believe that the national security threat aspect is very real.

Another area of concern has to do with ethnic restaurants which suddenly close down and reopen as another type of ethnic dining place. I have three solid reports on this at this time. In one instance, a Chinese restaurant in Chico, suddenly shut down, and reopened a short time later with all Russians running the restaurants. One other interesting report comes out Chico, CA., in which two long-time listeners to the CSS have told me that there was a Chinese dining establishment was very suspicious, and among the suspicions was the aloofness of the help. In fact, I was told that when they brought in someone who spoke Chinese and greeted the help, the place became silent. We have know for some time that the Port of Long Beach has been taken over by the Chinese and they have brought in military personnel types for some time until President Trump stopped the practice.

If we think that Chinese incursions only occurs inside the United States, please consider excerpts from an email I received from an ex-pat in Ecuador.  


Just listened to your tape on this….Yesterday Morales leader of Bolivia resigned and is leaving to go to Mexico…The Bolvian Military told him to resign..Maybe some of those Military guys are Masons…Concerning Ecuador where I retired…Since the Riots and Protests..Crime wave has hit Ecuador…My wife went to Marcardo Shopping yesterday and she said a Thief was following her around to steal what she was buying…She took no purse only money…Anyway the shop owners told her to be careful because their is many many thiefs out running lose..Most of them are from Venezuela…My wife said she will not go alone to Marcardo anymore and I must go with her for security…The Mall is much safer. it has cameras and security but food is more expensive there..but its a safe place compared to Marcardo Shopping…Yes the Chinese Presence in Ecuador is huge..Like one friend told me..China can send 15 million Chinese and it would not even put a dent in their population…In Africa, Tanzanizia and South Africa are also being flooded with Chinese…A student told me that Russia Mines Uranium in Ecuador for Rothchilds…

What does all this mean? It means quite simply that we should be paying attention to the foreign incursions going on inside of our country. I interpret these events as China is trying to covertly dominate the world. In Mexico, I just reported that the cartels attempted to assassinate the Secretary of the Mexican Navy. Why because AMLO has been intimidated into doing Trump’s bidding with the cartels after the murder of the 9 Americans. AMLO does not want to see US tanks streaming across their border with the United States. The Chinese want know interference in their drug and child trafficking with regard to their cartel activities. The would-be-assassination of the Secretary of the Navy was to have been a direct warning to AMLO to not play ball with the United States

Trump is caught between a rock and a hard place. If he goes after the Chinese, the UN will retaliate. In addition, on the domestic front, the Democrats will rally around Mexico if we were to roll out the tanks.

Pray for this President’s safety. He is worthy of our support because he is not Hillary Clinton whose favorite saying as President would be “Fun (FEMA) Camps for all conservatives”.

Things are coming to a boiling point. My hope is that all of you are stocked up on food, water, guns, ammo, gold, water, tools, medicine (natural). America has never been in a position like this in our past.