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I was called by God back in beg of 2010 & walk in the Holy Spirit. I was instructed to start this site here with brother Matthew to educate, shed light and teach truths not heard in the churches today, to share prophetic word, to warn all, to bring hope in the darkness coming, to love our neighbor as ourselves & to tell all how important it now than ever to repent and return & to announce that the kingdom of God is at hand. We are in the end days and No divisive and argumentative people please. We are about love, not hatred of our brothers and sisters here! I dedicate this site to the Holy Spirit & it is an honor to serve Him and may His light here shine on you all as you come back to the truth! We have truly been deceived by satan when it comes to the Word of God. Shalom
IMPORTANT: Read What Happened In Venezuela When They Took Guns & What Happened Next

IMPORTANT: Read What Happened In Venezuela When They Took Guns & What Happened Next

As Country Crashes and Burns, Venezuelans Offer Chilling Warning About Gun Grabbers


A once-prosperous nation is crumbling, leaving its people to fend off lawlessness, hunger and despair. As the government and infrastructure collapse, desperate citizens fear for their safety — but they’re left defenseless after having their guns seized by corrupt officials.

No, it’s not the plot to a postapocalyptic survival novel. It’s happening right now in Venezuela, and victims of the South American country’s crippling socialism are now sounding an alarm about the right to keep and bear arms.

“Guns would have served as a vital pillar to remaining a free people, or at least able to put up a fight,” lamented Javier Vanegas, a young teacher who fled Venezuela as the situation became dire.

“The government security forces, at the beginning of this debacle, knew they had no real opposition to their force. Once things were this bad, it was a clear declaration of war against an unarmed population,” Vanegas continued.

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He was talking about a gun control bill that passed in Venezuela about six years ago. The measure confiscated weapons from the hands of law-abiding citizens.

At the time, almost nobody in the country said anything. Now, as socialism has crumbled into anarchy, Venezuelans like Vanegas are realizing that allowing the government to take their arms was a tragic mistake.

MORE HERE: As Country Crashes and Burns, Venezuelans Offer Chilling Warning About Gun Grabbers :A once-prosperous nation is crumbling, leaving its people to fend off lawlessness, hunger and despair. As the government and infrastructure collapse, desperate citizens f

Look up natural laws also online and also read about how it was placed in our Constitution to never give up arms or else the government would become tyrannical and we would be under their dictatorship. If we give all control to govt then they can exterminate us at will.



The Mechanics of Gun Confiscation and Forced Deportation to a FEMA Camp

By Dave Hodges

December 16, 2018

The Common Sense Show

After my last article, I had a gentleman write to me and tell that I have not covered the mechanics of gun confiscation and he was someone who had trained for it. First of all, I have covered every single element that he mentioned. Yet, I completely understand that nobody could be expected to read all of the 6,000 articles on the CSS. However, I have chosen t take his criticism as a message to review the essential facts with the public. In my previous article, I demonstrated how the globalists are enacting gun control/confiscation practices at the local level. The intention is clearly not to arouse the masses on a national level in this “inch by inch,  it is a cinch” approach to seizing our guns and incarcerating, for final disposition, the deplorables of a conquered American society.

We will begin with a reprint of the email sent to me by someone who is well-versed in gun confiscation techniques and strategies. He did not tell me his law enforcement affiliation, but I can almost guarantee that he works for DHS. Why? Because most of the techniques are Nazi strategies in origin. Markus Wolf, a former Nazi, who started the East German Stasi, was paid $5 million to set up DHS, so it makes the most sense. Further, most of the strategies were overtly practiced in the martial law crackdown immediately following the Boston Marathon Bombing event.

The Techniques and Strategies of Confiscating Guns

Mr. Hodges

I have read much of what you have written about gun confiscation and so-called Fema camps. They are real and generally, the information you provide is accurate. To the best of my knowledge you have not covered the mechanics of a gun seizure operation.

I am not totally on board with what I have been training to do with regard to Americans and their Second Amendment gun rights. I am eligible to retire in three years and my protests will accomplish nothing and I would lose my retirement. So you could say that I go along to get along.

What I am writing to you about is the government sponsored gun confiscation that is coming to this country. There are people in our government who are determined to take your guns.

We have trained in mock cities on how we will accomplish this feat. We use a traditional checkerboard pattern similar to what the citizens of Boston experienced after the Boston Marathon bombing.

We have routinely practiced the same scenario, repeatedly. To cover a suburban block, our forces approach with two armored personnel carriers on opposite ends of the street, two per side of the street. One vehicle remains on each side of the street as the accompanying vehicle moves down the block. Our teams approach a house from the front but we also flank the house and enter the backyard. Our support vehicle trains its guns on the house. the assault teams consist of a dozen men each. The armored support vehicle has orders to immediately fire upon anyone appearing in a window with anything that could be construed as a gun. Our personnel, will knock one time on the front door. When the door is answered, we secure the individual or individuals and ask them how many people are in the house and where they are. We also ask how many guns are in the house, what type of guns they own and where they are stored and would anyone have guns on their person. Most often we have trained to assault a house between the hours of 3 and 4 in the morning. Then we clear the house with an emphasis on first entering the bedrooms. We accomplish this task in two man teams. We order any occupants to get on the floor and we secure them and then begin the search for guns. We employ a portable metal detector and gun sniffing dogs if available.

If the occupants are nonresponsive, we enter after knocking down the front door. Before going in, we have already viewed the schematics of the target house. Yes, we have the blueprints for virtually every house in America. We go in hot and are trained to use deadly force against any any all perceived resistance. We don’t use tear gas, we are trained to shoot any resisters.

Upon entering the house we are trained to identify ourselves and order everyone out of the house under gunpoint. We have trained on mock houses in which guns were hidden in the attic, under the bed, in a safe and even in underwear drawers. If the seized guns are legally registered, we seize the guns and let the family return. If the guns are illegal or not registered, we take the entire family into custody. We have practiced transporting families to differential holding facilities re children, men and women are held in different facilities.

Each armored vehicle and their personnel make their way down the street from opposite ends. The accompanying vehicle stands guard at the end of each block to prevent escape. We prefer to execute the operation in bad weather because it eliminates escape possibilities.

One of the reasons that I am writing to you is because you have identified Camp Grayling as a detention facility during the Jade Helm drills. during that time my team trained foreign solders at the camp in the art of securing new prisoners. My training of foreign nationals makes me suspect that future gun confiscation efforts will be conducted under the auspices of the United Nations although I have not been told that. This is where I part company with my employer. I will not participate in such an operation.

When you write future articles on potential gun confiscation activities, I am hopeful that you will refer to some of the logistics to evaluate the authenticity of the information that you are given…….

READ MORE HERE: The Mechanics of Gun Confiscation and Forced Deportation to a FEMA Camp – there is only one ultimate end game for gun confiscation final goal is genocide, or as the University of Hawaii coined the phrase, Democide,death by Government

Chemtrail Pilot Blows the Cover Off of OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD :’The Most Secret Covert Black Operation In World History’

Chemtrail Pilot Blows the Cover Off of OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD :’The Most Secret Covert Black Operation In World History’

Chemtrail Pilot Blows the Cover Off of OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD

Maybe my fellow pilots will read or hear about this, and decide to come forward as well.”

Finally, a military pilot steps forward and completely blows the lid off the unlawful and exceedingly destructive Global Chemtrail Program. What follows is a video which puts forth a true story about a courageous pilot who has broken ranks with his chemtrailing peers. In so doing he has risked his life and the life of his family. As you listen to this presentation, or read the text provided below, bear in mind that chemtrails are being sprayed 24/7 around the globe with terrible consequences.

For those uninitiated in the ways of atmospheric engineering, chemtrails are but one geoengineering technique that is being systematically used by the U.S. Military.  The following link provides an excellent overview of the geoengineering/chemtrailphenomenon, as well as an exceptional photo-doc.  After all, only seeing is believing … for most people!

CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering (UPDATED)

No matter what the stated reasons are given to those who fly the chemtrail jets, they are always told by their superiors that this ongoing and illegal atmosphere-altering program is being conducted in the interest of NATIONAL SECURITY.

You’ll notice that NATIONAL SECURITY appears crooked because the whole intention behind geoengineering is as dangerously misguided as it is deceptively false. The indiscriminate, wide-area and systematic spraying of toxic aerosols throughout the skies of the world couldn’t possibly have anything to do with ‘national security’.  Those that buy into such a ridiculous notion have obviously been either brainwashed or bribed into believing such an absurd and nonsensical agenda.

READ MORE: Chemtrail Pilot Blows the Cover Off of OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD :’The Most Secret Covert Black Operation In World History’

U.S. Accused Of “A Declaration Of War” Against China ……(Michael Snyder)

U.S. Accused Of “A Declaration Of War” Against China ……(Michael Snyder)

U.S. Accused Of “A Declaration Of War” Against China As The Stock Market Teeters On The Precipice Of Disaster

| |

Things are sure getting wild on Wall Street.  On Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted almost 800 points before roaring back and recovering nearly all of those losses.  The Dow closed just 79 points lower for the day, and if you only looked at the final number you would be tempted to believe that there is not much reason for concern.  But these wild swings up and down are precisely what we witnessed back in 2008, and they are a sign that the stock market is literally teetering on the precipice of disaster.  And it almost certainly would have been a historically bad day for stocks on Thursday if not for a very well-timed article in the Wall Street Journal.  Once news broke that the Federal Reserve is considering “a wait-and-see approach to rate hikes”, stock prices immediately began to rebound…

Stocks closed well off their session lows on Thursday after news broke that the Federal Reserve could tighten monetary policy at a slower pace than previously expected.

The Wall Street Journal reported the central bank is considering whether to signal a wait-and-see approach to rate hikes at its upcoming meeting this month. The report said Fed officials do not know what their next move on rates will be after December.

This just shows the immense power that the Federal Reserve possesses.

As I have discussed so many times previously, the Federal Reserve has far more power over the U.S. economy than anyone else does, and that includes the president of the United States.  Just the mere suggestion that the Fed may slow down the pace of rate hikes was enough to send Wall Street into a feeding frenzy.  Nothing that President Trump could have possibly said could have had that sort of a positive impact.

And this is a perfect example of how fundamentally flawed our system is.  Personally, I believe in free markets, and so it deeply, deeply offends me that we have an unelected, unaccountable panel of central bankers setting our interest rates for us.  As I have repeatedly proposed, we need to shut down the Federal Reserve and return to a system where interest rates are determined by the marketplace.


U.S. Accused Of “A Declaration Of War” Against China As The Stock Market Teeters On The Precipice Of Disaster

NEWS: Signs Of Coming Collapse, DHS Warns Of EMP Strike & More

NEWS: Signs Of Coming Collapse, DHS Warns Of EMP Strike & More

Prophetic Dream: Obama Transforms/Becomes Possessed (Gideon Yilma)

Prophetic Dream: Obama Transforms/Becomes Possessed (Gideon Yilma)


Image result for Obama possessed

THIS IS ANOTHER VIVD DREAM OF BARACK OBAMA. This is probably my 6 or 7th dream of him.. I lost count..

Dec 1st 2018

I was challenging Obama and calling him out in my dream. Obama seemed to catch wind of it and finally found me in the crowd…it looked like a political rally of some sorts. He was shaking hands and he walked up to me to shake my hand. By the time he walked up to me..Obama was to my waist and he looked like a goblin. It seemed like no one else could recognize him.

Obama then tried to get me to swear on a bible but he slipped something of his between the pages. I told him…why do you want me to swear on the bible? Once he realized he couldn’t get me to do that….that’s when he challenged me to a debate. I remember feeling nervous but also determined and eager to debate him. I saw a small group of people in this room..all sitting in a circle..with their seats back against the walls. We were all waiting for Obama to arrive. I told everyone to have their phones out and hit record as soon as he got there.

Obama finally arrived and I shook his hand and sat next to him. As we started to talk..Obama looked like a headache had hit him. This is when it shifted. Obama looked like he was having a seizure…like he was having an episode of eplipsy ..He started to lose control of hands and fingers..they started to contort and twist. He looked like he was in some serious pain. At this point I felt very uneasy around him and I got up to pray for him. I remember getting this feeling to make sure I don’t touch him.. I believe the Holy Spirit told me not to touch him in my dream. So I didn’t. I kept praying over Obama for it to subside. End of dream.


Prophetic Word: Take Aim & Set Your Focus On Me Now Like A Laser! (HolySpiritWind)

Prophetic Word: Take Aim & Set Your Focus On Me Now Like A Laser! (HolySpiritWind)

Take Aim and Set Your Focus on Me Now Like a Laser!

Image result for target laser sight
The Lord spoke this to me the Thursday morning 12-13-18 in worship…

“Simplicity, you have been shooting with birdshot trying to hit a little bit of everything but now I want you to be laser-focused and take aim on what I am saying.”

Here is the song I was listening to when He spoke: Simplicity – Rend Collective

I asked Him what He meant and He said He was talking to Me about the ministry of the WhistleblowerJeff website. He said that I need to post less articles, especially news and keep keenly focused on Him and what He has been telling all of us is most important. He also said that the time for that website is short because the warnings are going to stop as America enters a time of deeper judgment. As someone said to me in the last few days “There is no need to ride around like Paul Revere yelling ‘The British are Coming!’ when you can look out your front door and see that the British are HERE.”

I asked the Lord  Saturday morning 12-15-18 if He wanted to speak to His children concerning this and He said “Yes”and He also added more on 12-16-18. This is what He would like to say to you:

“My children, stop looking at everything around you and focus on Me! In the time that you have been placed on the Earth men have lost their focus and their thoughts are scattered. This is due to the technology of this day and the busyness of lives. Very few sit down and contemplate the meaning of their lives and why I put them here. If they do, they look up the answer on Google and take the answer they give for almost everything. This is very dangerously deceiving! Google answers immediately but their answers are not My answers. Fewer still are those who believe that I AM the only way to the Father. To hear My  answers you must quiet yourself before Me, wait upon Me and seek Me with your whole heart. I alone give the answers that satisfy a man’s longing in his heart. I AM the answer!

My children, I give you an example from your world so you may understand. When birdshot is fired from a gun and it spreads and sprays out in a general area. You will hit the target but with very little power. This is how most of even My people have their relationship with Me. Many of you pray in this way  here a little and there a little,  guessing and hoping, sometimes hitting the target but most of the time you are not. I want you to hit the target with power all of the time, knowing and praying My will! Laser sites are used on more powerful weapons to hit the target with extreme accuracy and power. If you are not taking aim and concentrating on Me as a laser site on the target, you will miss most of what I am saying and doing right now. You need to focus on Me and hear what I am saying for yourself, with your own spiritual ears. A time is coming soon when all of the watchmen and prophets on the internet, TV and radio will be silenced. My true word will be scarcer than gold! You need to know My voice yourself! You need to spend quality alone time with Me, this is your target practice! When you have practiced being in My presence, you will pray My will and your prayers will be answered the way you pray them.

You will also need to aim your spiritual laser sight at your enemy and fire upon him where a when I tell you to. Do you think you will slay a dragon with birdshot? I will make you like David and you can take out Goliath with one shot if you do as I say. My words spoken in power and authority are like a laser guided missile system against the enemy who will have no defense against them. In the coming days this will be so very important. You need to begin this NOW!

Lastly My children, you are not to be aiming or using your spiritual weapons against your brothers and sisters, they are not your enemies. If you do this, you are doing the enemy’s work. Let not gossip proceed out of your mouth. When you believe that your brothers and sisters are wrong pray to Me and I will show you what to do. Do not assume that you know the perfect answer in every situation, you are not God! I AM the judge of the heart and I long to show mercy and grace and restore into right relationship, those who have gotten off of the narrow path. Speak My truth in love and correct only after you have sought My will in laser focused prayer.”

After this I asked the Lord what are the things that His people should be looking for in the near future. This was His answer:

“Large Earthquakes and other Earth Changes, The Fiery Kick Off Event, Absolute Financial Collapse, Civil War in many places and Nation Waring against Nation, Persecution, Sickness and Disease, Famine, Death Surrounding on Every Side, Darkness and Evil Overtaking Almost Everything but the then Transformation of the Remnant/Bride and the Great Harvest. All of these things and more will happen BEFORE  My people are evacuated off of the Earth.

My children, simply humble yourselves before Me, take aim and set your focus on Me now like a laser!

Jesus Christ

Yahshua ha Mashiach”


Prophetic Word & Sermon: Thin Ice! (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

Prophetic Word & Sermon: Thin Ice! (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

Thin Ice! 12-16-18

“Thin Ice!”

A Prophetic Warning


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“America you have fallen into a trap! The bait of satan has been laid and you have partaken of his poison! What will you do when your house of cards falls all around you? Who will you call to rescue you from your desperate hour of need? Your friends will flee from your distress and your enemies will flock to you, because you have rejected My plans for you! Where are you America? Where is the Grace that once surrounded your nakedness? It is gone because you have forsaken TRUTH! You are a nation of liars and thieves, wanting more but satisfying less! You are broken but you can’t see it, your naked but you can’t feel it. Comfortably numb in your paralyzed state of denial! What shall I do to a nation that has fallen away from Me? Remember Lot’ wife!” (Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 17) To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube Please prayerfully consider supporting our World-Wide Ministry! You can give at or by check or money order: Ignited Church PO Box 303 Lavonia, Ga 30553 THANK YOU! JESUS IS LORD OVER IGNITED CHURCH LAVONIA, GA!!!