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I was called by God back in beg of 2010 & walk in the Holy Spirit. I was instructed to start this site here with brother Matthew to educate, shed light and teach truths not heard in the churches today, to share prophetic word, to warn all, to bring hope in the darkness coming, to love our neighbor as ourselves & to tell all how important it now than ever to repent and return & to announce that the kingdom of God is at hand. We are in the end days and No divisive and argumentative people please. We are about love, not hatred of our brothers and sisters here! I dedicate this site to the Holy Spirit & it is an honor to serve Him and may His light here shine on you all as you come back to the truth! We have truly been deceived by satan when it comes to the Word of God. Shalom
Prophetic Word: The Dragon Seeks To Silence The Voices Of Hope! (Godshealer7)

Prophetic Word: The Dragon Seeks To Silence The Voices Of Hope! (Godshealer7)


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Brother Dan’s prophecy
August 18th 7:30 a.m.

Speak now son of man speak to
the multitudes the yoke of tyranny
weighs heavily on the oppressed the
Christ of injustice have reached my ears
the blood of the innocent covers the
land of plenty the dragon seeks to
silence the voices of Hope are your eyes
open does my light shine with indie step
forward this day and follow me in my
truth and follow me for in my truth
there is no surrender.

Isaiah 10:1-3 KJV
Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed; [2] To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless! [3] And what will ye do in the day of visitation, and in the desolation which shall come from far? to whom will ye flee for help? and where will ye leave your glory?

Prophetic Word: The Pagan States Of America! (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

Prophetic Word: The Pagan States Of America! (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

The Pagan States of America! 8-18-19

“The Pagan States of America!”
A Prophetic Warning
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth
“America, I’ve waited for the sounds of repentance, but your silence is deafening and your response is natural, for you choose to play the harlot who hears not when her husband calls. You feign your love through your plastic pieces of religious monuments and trinkets. You fool the world, but you cannot fool Me! I see through your deceptive ways. Dressed for church, over the skin of a whore your silk and fine linen lie, but I know you and I know your ways. Wake up, says your God, to the sound of weeping, mourning, and shame! Wake up says your God, to the sounds of your fields smitten and destroyed because of your sin! America, I have waited for you to repent as a whole, but I have not even found half that is willing to turn towards Me! Therefore, I will turn away from you and you will know what Israel knew when My face no longer looked upon them!”
Scripture reference for this message is (Jeremiah 12&13)
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Prophetic Dream: Wolves Hunting Down Christians (Christian Dumke)

Prophetic Dream: Wolves Hunting Down Christians (Christian Dumke)

Wolves Hunting Down Christians – Christian Dumke

Wolves Hunting Down Christians

Prophetic Message: Great Shaking Coming In America-Trump Led By Satan (S.S.)

Prophetic Message: Great Shaking Coming In America-Trump Led By Satan (S.S.)

Great Shaking coming in America- Trump led by satan – S.S.

Great Shaking coming in America- Trump led by satan

Aug 16, 2019, 7:36 AM
14 August 2019
Lord says
” There is Great Shaking coming in America.
 Have a watch on President and his action.
For now onwards, He will do what satan says.
He is now paying heed to the voice of satan.
Pray that you might be saved for Great things are coming forward. My son, be prepared for time is short.
This is the Word of God.
Barack Obama is wicked person. He is ruling over President. He is going to introduce the mark of the beast.”
Great Shaking will develop the Lost Fear of God in people .To know more about Great Shaking visit
Watch  now onwards the actions of Trump under the influence of satan.
Time is short. Lord Jesus Christ has given time till end of the year to prepare for Great things are coming ahead. Visit
One world  religion led by pope francis (false prophet) will enforced from June, 2020. Visit
See this video
I believe that this time frame is true. As we are approaching towards the destruction of world closer day by day.
Prepare for Great things are coming ahead.
Obama is antichrist who will introduce the mark of beast.
Pope Francis ( false prophet), Obama ( antichrist) and satan will try to crush Christians.
But Lord Jesus Christ inside you is greater than he who is in the world.
Scripture Reference

2:17 The arrogance of man will be brought low and human pride humbled; the LORD alone will be exalted in that day,

2:18 and the idols will totally disappear.

2:19 People will flee to caves in the rocks and to holes in the ground from the fearful presence of the LORD and the splendor of his majesty, when he rises to shake the earth.

2:20 In that day people will throw away to the moles and bats their idols of silver and idols of gold, which they made to worship.

2:21 They will flee to caverns in the rocks and to the overhanging crags from the fearful presence of the LORD and the splendor of his majesty, when he rises to shake the earth.

13:13 Therefore I will make the heavens tremble; and the earth will shake from its place at the wrath of the LORD Almighty, in the day of his burning anger.
Why Doesn’t God Always Tell Us About His Plans For Our Life And Which Way To Go Next (Moving Mountains)

Why Doesn’t God Always Tell Us About His Plans For Our Life And Which Way To Go Next (Moving Mountains)

Footage: Copyright Free Content from Stockblock

Speaker(s): Dr. Toby B. Holt

Look. Get it out of your head that your life will be like the American Dream. 2.5 kids, a house, a good job, retire happily ever after when walking with Jesus Christ. In most cases, it will be the complete opposite. You might look like a failure on the outside…but inwardly God is doing something great.
Teaching: Christians Need To Know This Truth (R$E)

Teaching: Christians Need To Know This Truth (R$E)


Listening to these words make want to be pure and holy for my precious Jesus. This is no license to sin. Rather it’s motivation to holiness. Amazing grace that saved a wretch like me. Let the legalism and bondage of man made religion be cursed for the snare it is. Christ has called us to glorious freedom, not a yoke of slavery. Hallelujah!
Our Heavenly Father is so merciful, long suffering, patient and loving. I will never forget the day I lay in bed in screaming pain and I finally cried out “God either heal me or kill me!”. My bedroom became brilliant white light – waves of love began washing over me – each wave of love stronger than the one before it. I fell asleep during these waves of love and awoke the next morning with the pain gone. God is so very loving. There is no love in this world that is as great as the love of Our Father in Heaven. God bless you all always.
WHISTLEBLOWER Links MANDELA EFFECT To (A.I.) Computer Generated MIND CONTROL?! Project Jabberwocky (Jacob Israel)

WHISTLEBLOWER Links MANDELA EFFECT To (A.I.) Computer Generated MIND CONTROL?! Project Jabberwocky (Jacob Israel)

Omg, a thought that could use further investigation; What if one of the purposes of HAARP is to put massive levels of aluminum in the air so we breath it in and it provides the foundation of metal needed to control us to a certain extent. Aluminum doesn’t naturally detox, it actually accumulates in the brain, as found in the brains of people Alzheimer’s.
I clicked on this video expecting to find some sort of far-fetched, ridiculous, deranged and completely looney new conspiracy theory, and instead found something fascinating and plausible that was worth watching to the end.



List of Things I Don’t Like About the US Police State

There’s a lot to love about America and its people: their pioneering spirit, their entrepreneurship, their ability to think outside the box, their passion for the arts, etc.

Increasingly, however, as time goes by, I find the things I don’t like about living in a nation that has long since ceased to be a sanctuary for freedom are beginning to outnumber the things I love.

Here’s what I don’t like about living in the American police state:

I don’t like being treated as if my only value to the government is as a source of labor and funds. I don’t like being viewed as a consumer and bits of data. I don’t like being spied on and treated as if I have no right to privacy.

I don’t like government officials who lobby for my vote only to ignore me once elected. I don’t like having representatives incapable of and unwilling to represent me. I don’t like taxation without representation.

I don’t like being subjected to scans, searches, pat downs and other indignities by the TSA. I don’t like VIPR raids on so-called “soft” targets like shopping malls and bus depots by black-clad, Darth Vader look-alikes. I don’t like fusion centers, which represent the combined surveillance efforts of federal, state and local law enforcement.

I don’t like laws that criminalize Americans for otherwise lawful activities such as holding religious studies at home, growing vegetables in their yard, and collecting rainwater. I don’t like the NDAA, which allows the president and the military to arrest and detain American citizens indefinitely. I don’t like the Patriot Act, which opened the door to all manner of government abuses and intrusions on our privacy.

I don’t like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which has become America’s standing army. I don’t like military weapons such as armored vehicles, sound cannons and the like being used against the American citizens. I don’t like government agencies such as the DHS, Post Office, Social Security Administration and Wildlife stocking up on hollow-point bullets. And I definitely don’t like the implications of detention centers being built that could house American citizens.

List and location of FEMA Detention Camps in the USA

I don’t like the fact that since President Obama took office, police departments across the country,

“have received tens of thousands of machine guns; nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines; thousands of pieces of camouflage and night-vision equipment; and hundreds of silencers, armored cars and aircraft.”

I don’t like America’s infatuation with locking people up for life for non-violent crimes. There are over 3,000 people in America serving life sentences for non-violent crimes, including theft of a jacket, siphoning gasoline from a truck, stealing tools, and attempting to cash a stolen check. I don’t like paying roughly $29,000 a year per inmate just to keep these nonviolent offenders in prison.

I don’t like the fact that those within a 25-mile range of the border are getting a front row seat to the American police state, as Border Patrol agents are now allowed to search people’s homes, intimately probe their bodies, and rifle through their belongings, all without a warrant.

I don’t like public schools that treat students as if they were prison inmates. I don’t like zero tolerance laws that criminalize childish behavior. I don’t like a public educational system that emphasizes rote memorization and test-taking over learning, synthesizing and critical thinking.

I don’t like police precincts whose primary purpose — whether through the use of asset forfeiture laws, speed traps, or red light cameras — is making a profit at the expense of those they have sworn to protect. I don’t like militarized police and their onerous SWAT team raids.

I don’t like being treated as if I have no rights.

I don’t like cash-strapped states cutting deals with private corporations to run the prisons in exchange for maintaining 90% occupancy rates for at least 20 years. I don’t like the fact that American prisons have become the source of cheap labor for Corporate America.

I don’t like feeling as if we’ve come full circle back to a pre-Revolutionary era.

I don’t like technology being used as a double-edged sword against us. I don’t like agencies like DARPA developing weapons for the battlefield that get used against Americans back at home. I don’t like the fact that drones will be deployed domestically in 2015, yet the government has yet to establish any civil liberties protocols to prevent them from being used against the citizenry.

Most of all, I don’t like feeling as if there’s no hope for turning things around.

Now there are those who would suggest that if I don’t like things about this country, I should leave and go elsewhere. And there are certainly those among my fellow citizens who are leaving for friendlier shores. However, I happen to come from a long line of people who believe in the virtue of hard work and perseverance and in the principle that nothing worthwhile comes without effort.

So I’m not giving up, at least not anytime soon. But I’m also not waiting around for the government to clean up its act. I’m not making any deals with politicians who care nothing about me and mine. To quote Number Six, the character in the British television series The Prisoner:

“I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own!”

I plan to keep fighting, writing, speaking up, speaking out, shouting if necessary, filing lawsuits, challenging the status quo, writing letters to the editor, holding my representatives accountable, thinking nationally but acting locally, and generally raising a ruckus anytime the government attempts to undermine the Constitution and ride roughshod over the rights of the citizenry.

As I make clear in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, we’re at a crisis point in American history. If we don’t get up off our duffs and get involved in the fight for freedom, then up ahead the graveyard beckons.

As Martin Luther King Jr. warned,

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crisis maintain their neutrality.”

By John W. Whitehead, Rutherford Institute; | Read: A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State;