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I was called by God back in beg of 2010 & walk in the Holy Spirit. I was instructed to start this site here with brother Matthew to educate, shed light and teach truths not heard in the churches today, to share prophetic word, to warn all, to bring hope in the darkness coming, to love our neighbor as ourselves & to tell all how important it now than ever to repent and return & to announce that the kingdom of God is at hand. We are in the end days and No divisive and argumentative people please. We are about love, not hatred of our brothers and sisters here! I dedicate this site to the Holy Spirit & it is an honor to serve Him and may His light here shine on you all as you come back to the truth! We have truly been deceived by satan when it comes to the Word of God. Shalom
Prophetic Movie About What Our Lives Are Soon Going To Be Like In The Days Ahead – Please Watch

Prophetic Movie About What Our Lives Are Soon Going To Be Like In The Days Ahead – Please Watch

We are heading into the days that soon no one will be able to go to a church, to say the Name of Jesus, to own a Bible and the Lord impressed on my friend to share this with his family and I feel led to share this too with you so you can see what is up ahead for us all: Please watch this 1/2 hour movie and realize days are changing and do not give In to fear whatever you do. Families will betray each other at this time also. FEAR IS OF THE ENEMY and we must stand strong now!

100 million Christians face extreme persecution… a number that other parts of the world may find shocking. For those believers, the simple act of gathering for public worship can lead to fines, arrests, imprisonment or even death.

Chased is the story of Anneliese, a young girl who lives in society where the practice of Christianity is illegal. Anneliese’s parents operate an illegal underground church, which exists in the shadows of their world…a safe haven for believers. While Chased is set in a fictional world, it is modeled after a culture that will be recognizable to Westerners. This might be unsettling to many who only have heard stories of persecution in countries very different from theirs…Chased brings the story of religious persecution close to home.

Anneliese’s story, while fictional, draws inspiration directly from true stories of persecution that are happening around the world today. Her story is dynamic, filled with compassion, fear, betrayal, and tragedy, as seen through the eyes of her childhood. As her family fights to maintain the spirit of the Church in a hostile world, she exudes a faith that is both innocent and bold, always believing that God will provide protection and grace in her fallen society.

For many, the reality of persecution is an abstract concept. While it may be uncomfortable to imagine a society without religious freedom, it is an all too personal truth for the 100 million Christians who struggle to express their faith in religiously repressed areas. Chased begs the question, what if our own religious freedoms didn’t exist?

Prophetic Word: The Fall Will Be The Beginning Of The Fall (HolySpiritWind)

Prophetic Word: The Fall Will Be The Beginning Of The Fall (HolySpiritWind)


My precious, holy, chosen sons and daughters; I must speak to you again of the time and season that you are in. You must be prepared now and come to Me to be your shelter for this storm. It is deceiving most, they won’t even stop looking at their phones, computers, games and TVs long enough to notice what is actually taking place. Did I not say to look up, lift up your heads. for your redemption draws near? Sadly most have never heard of this verse. Very few know My word even in “Christian” countries though most have a bible in their home and many have more than one. Many of My faithful ones long to read just one verse.

There are those that think this world is not a bad place to be, there are even some that think your world is better than it ever has been. This is why I must allow the enemy to steal, kill and destroy more than ever before by withdrawing My hand of protection. This is taking place even now. If I do not allow these catastrophes and cataclysms to occur almost all, except for My remnant, would be lost for eternity. Please understand that the amount souls that I AM speaking of is in the billions. Each one of you must come to Me in worship, praise, prayer, humbleness and repentance every day and throughout the day. It is Not a suggestion, it is a necessity and if you do not do as I say, you WILL NOT make it through this coming time of complete darkness.

I will no longer allow those of you who love the things of this world to straddle the fence, with one foot in the world and one in My kingdom. I AM removing the fence! One side has lush green pastures with shade trees that you can rest under and I keep all the wolves, lions and snakes out. The other is a deep, dark, fiery, abyss and those who get too close to the edge will fall over into it because I Am shaking EVERYTHING that can be shaken. For those who fall over the edge I AM still merciful if they cry out My name, Jesus. Come to Me now my beloved ones and sit with me, just Me and you, nothing and no one else. Do not be afraid. I will never reject or condemn anyone who comes to Me with all of their heart. Come as you are and I will cleanse all of your sins and pour My life within you. I will pour My liquid love and glory into you. I promise that if you do this, you will feel My presence, it feels like a warm, tingling sensation all over your body. I will also give you rest, strength and peace in your mind. These things I give, the enemy cannot take away unless you allow him to and he will try. Submit yourselves to Me, resist the devil and he will flee from you.

This is the way that your armor is put on, spending one on one time with Me. It is so much easier to resist the evil ones if you have your armor on, and if My words, the sword of the spirit, is in your heart and on your lips. Ask of me to fill you completely with My Holy Spirit and baptize you in it. Just yield to Me and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit so you may have Me inside and out. I will also baptize you with My consuming fire to burn from you everything that is of this world. That you may be able to hold more of My Spirit. I will give you My perfect prayer language so that you will be able to commune with Me unhindered by your mind or by the enemy. Be filled continually as we fellowship with one another throughout the entire day because I AM always there. Oh how I desire this from you! It is all that you can give me! I Am in need of NOTHING! I AM EVERYTHING YOU NEED! Trust Me.

If you give yourself completely to Me I will speak to you. I will whisper secrets to you and tell you specific instructions for your life regarding the days to come. The day is coming soon when the enemy will have his evil followers shut down every website that speaks My true word. Pay close attention and use the discernment that I have given you, for they will leave some “religious websites” running. These are the ones that include every religious belief, except for the belief that I AM the way, the truth and the life and that No One comes to the Father but by Me. You need to learn to hear My voice now more than ever, because soon you will not be able to ask My will from My apostles. prophets, teachers and preachers. Come to me with a humble and broken heart and I will speak. I am close to the broken hearted but I resist the proud and arrogant, these My angels will cut down and cast into the fire. You need to get your own specific instructions from me, this what will be necessary for your survival and the salvation of billions of guests you will bring to My banquet, our wedding feast. Just be open and willing and I will speak to you plainly, but I will not give you every last detail.

You must walk some of the ways by faith, some by the anointing and then My glory will come. When My glory comes, your job will be easy, no faith or strength will be required. I will do it ALL! Now for what is immediately ahead of you. I know many of you have questions because there are so many different voices saying very different things. Some hear from Me, some hear from the fallen ones, and some even make things up in their own heads. I will leave you with this: The Fall will be the beginning of the fall of this world into utter darkness and chaos. Something will occur that will change everything that follows it. The Fall is NOT the end, it is the beginning of the end of this age.

Pray that the devastation will be lessened, that lives would be saved and that there would be a great harvest of souls for My kingdom. I will counteract the movement of the enemy with a greater outpouring of My Spirit and it is available to you even now! As this world grows darker, the outpouring of My Spirit will grow ever more powerful and you will become ever brighter until your final transformation into glory. Remember that I have said that time of tribulation will be cut short for the sake of the elect. The elect are not appointed to My wrath. Through many fiery trials and tribulations you shall enter into My Kingdom. Draw close to Me and remember all of My promises. I AM with you even to the end of the age. Jesus The one who loves you like no other! HolySpiritWind at 11:02:00 PM

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Prophetic Word: The Final Countdown Has Begun (Rachel Baxter)

Prophetic Word: The Final Countdown Has Begun (Rachel Baxter)


By Rachel Baxter

Saturday April 29, 2017
The Final Countdown Has Begun…/the-final-countdo…/

The day draws near. It is so very near. You can feel the closeness of the hour that will come upon you like a thief in the night. (1 Thess. 5:2)

I will not forsake those that call upon my name. Now is the time to call out to me and be redeemed from the lost sheep. (Matt. 15:24). Call out to me and I will answer you. You were lost but now you are found. You have been found amongst a den of thieves. (Jer 7:11). You are surrounded by a den of robbers, but you can come out of them and be saved. You do not have to be like your brothers who are lost. Call on the One that saves, Yeshua, and be saved this day. (Romans 10:13)

Do not settle for cheap grace. Upon salvation, cling to me. Lock eyes on me and do not let go of my gaze. Allow me to lead you up and out of the pig pen into the glorious light of my true grace. To follow looks like something. It will look like forsaking all else, just as Jesus’ disciples did. (Matthew 4, Mark 1, Luke 5). Do not think that to follow me will be easy. Do not suppose that it will cause you to prosper on this earth just because you reclaim your heritage. There will be a price and it will be heavy, but Jesus’ has already paid it once and for all. (Gal 3:13-15)

There is one among you who must come out. There is one among you who has been hiding but I say this day, you cannot hide from me. You have never hidden from me though you hide from this world. It is time to come out of hiding and be who I created you to be. Fear not because my grace is sufficient. (2 Corin 12:9)

Come out of this world. (Rev 18:4) Oh, time is short. Stop wasting time and do what I created you to do. The clock nears the midnight hour and yet you slumber. Go to sleep then, and never wake up. For the time will pass you by.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… the countdown, the final countdown has begun. The dress rehearsals are over and this is the real show. You are about to see the pages of Revelations unfold in front of your eyes, sleeping or awake.

You do not believe me? See this. The sign I have placed in the heavens shall come to pass, and then you will know that the season of the end, the season your forefather’s spoke about is upon you. (Rev. 12)

North Korea? Do not fear North Korea. Fear me. Fear the great and terrible day of the Lord for it shall come just as I said and there will be no day like it. (Zeph. 1:14-15) Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey – all trembling pots near boiling over from the heat of my indignation. (Isaiah 34:2-8)

America, land of the free? No, that season is come to pass. You have taken my gift of freedom and spit in disgust. You have ravaged my children and caused death of mind, body, and soul. You have done this, oh children of Satan. You lost sight of who I created you to be, the true purpose of this nation. You turned away from me and have chosen a life of sin. (Galatians 5:19-21) What once was will be no more. The last great nation to come to be shall be the first of the great nations to fall at the time of the end. You will be ravaged by your enemies, just as you have killed your own babies day after day. Then, there will be blood in the streets as there has never been before in this nation. Mothers and fathers will cry out for the dead. Children will weep parentless. You will feel the tears that I have wept for generations now in this nation, but you will find no comfort.

You worship money so it will fail you. Your stock market will collapse under the weight of the deception that runs rampant. Your banks will fail you. You cling to money as if it can save you, but it can’t. It will fail you when you feel you need it the most. (1 Tim. 6:10)

Be assured, oh children of the one true God. There will be a transfer of wealth but it will be supernatural. It will confound those of the earth for they who are of this earth will not be able to make sense of it. I will have my treasure and it will be for my glory alone. I will build my mountains on this earth. (Isaiah 2:2). I will build every one, even as the mountains of this earth under Satan are torn down stone by stone, and brick by brick, not by human hands. (Daniel 2:44-45)

The fall is coming this fall. Yes, I say it. This fall the mighty fall will begin in earnest and there will be no slowing, just as I have said through my prophets for thousands of years, it will happen. (Isaiah 13)

Do you want to test me? Do you want to see how far you can push things? Foolish children, don’t you know it is wise to fear the Lord
Your God (Prov. 9:10), for there is none like Him. He is mighty and He is mighty to save. Do not test me. Instead, turn from your wicked ways and go as I tell you to go.

The days of a passive posture are gone. It is time to stand ready. Move as I say move. You must be ready for my orders will be passed out, and if you are not in position, you will be passed over.

Do not be passed over children! Accept your commissioning now, even at this word. Enter into covenant with me. I do not say this lightly. I am a covenant God and if you do not yet know my ways, you must learn them. (Jeremiah 31:31-34) I am stirring hearts to come back to my ways, the ancient paths that are straight and narrow. You can trust that I will also stir minds to understanding my ways as the time is short, fore I make a way.

My son came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it. (Matt 5:17-21) He did this, and you are to follow His example. Knock and the door will be opened to you. Seek and you will find. (Matt. 7:7-8). My ways are not hard and they are not impossible. To follow my ways is to begin to know me and who I am. It is why you were created – to know me, for us to walk together in the cool of the day in relationship. (Gen. 3:8). I know you, but you do not know me because you have not taken the time to seek me in My Word. Instead, you blindly accept the ways of the world. Do you not know that this is a perverse generation given over to every kind of evil? Why would you expect to find truth in the world?

Do you think you can find truth in the churches. Which one holds the truth? (There are literally thousands upon thousands if different “Christian” denominations worldwide today.)

I tell you the truth. My Word is the only truth. It can only be found through my son Jesus Christ. (John 14:6) Holy Spirit is my gift to you to open every Word to your understanding. (John 14:26). Begin to bathe yourself in My Word and see if the filth of this world begins to come off of you!

This is a hard word and my children don’t want to hear hard words, but it is time for the rod of correction to come. (Prob 13:24) I tell you that where my word is there my Heart will be also, and my Holy Spirit in great measure. I have the elixir for what ails you and you will not find it anywhere else.

At the time of the end, if you are not mine, then you are Satan’s. There will be no middle ground. My children will face much persecution, but you will walk in light like never before. No good gift will I withhold you so that you may go about my business until the very last day at the final trump. (1 Corin. 15:52). For those who my son will say “I did not know you”, the days ahead will be darker than you can bare. (Matt 7:21-23) You will wish for death but it will escape you. (Rev 9:6) Torment in this life will be yours, and in the life to come.

Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven draws near. (Matt 4:17)

Prophetic Word: Erin’s Path Dream 32-He Is coming (Sparrowcloud9)

Prophetic Word: Erin’s Path Dream 32-He Is coming (Sparrowcloud9)

Erin’s Path Dream 32-He Is coming (Sparrowcloud9)

Excerpt From all of these points evil of every kind began to unleash punishment over the land. I saw these fallen commanding earthly armies to invade North America.

“Lord is this real time?” HIM: “Yes remember the 3 day rule I taught you in the dome?”

ERIN: “Yes, but we need to be out of here. We can’t be here for this. Remember when You told me that you would not allow your bride to be bruised and battered at the wedding. Correct?”

HIM: “Yes this is what I said but it doesn’t mean you will be immune to the suffering of others.” He showed me missiles being launched in the night hours. These missiles were being launched on a day we would be off-guard. I saw all of the perimeter cities of the North American continent being destroyed. I saw communication knocked out and whole power grids being obliterated. I saw darkness and cold.

I saw mourning and wailing like nothing before. I saw invading armies warring with the remnant of the armed forces inland. I saw swarms of people like locusts fleeing to the center of the country. I saw citizens of other countries in our own cities turning away people at gas stations and grocery stores. I saw most of the food being contaminated. It happened so quickly. It came like a flood, like a thief, millions were gone. People were cursing God!



Two Prophetic Words: My Rage Of Fire Is Coming, You Have Now Turned Into A New Season A Time That Has Never Been Before (Sister Wendi Lee)

Two Prophetic Words: My Rage Of Fire Is Coming, You Have Now Turned Into A New Season A Time That Has Never Been Before (Sister Wendi Lee)

My Rage Of Fire Is Coming, Shout My Children, You Have Now Turned Into A New Season A Time That Has Never Been Before (Sister Wendi Lee)

22 September 2017 Bible Study


My Rage of Fire is coming. Shout My Faithful Children. Shout for all to come into the arms of My Son Yeshua Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Papa has said this is coming. Papa hath warned. Papa has given much time of My Tender Mercies. This time that My Face is turned unto My Rebellious Children is now done. It is over. My Wrath comes and who shall be able to stand?

My Lovely Ones who drape My Son over their very lives. My Sincere and Meek and Tenderhearted Ones who want my Son Yeshua’s Heart always. Papa Yaheveh God Almighty says these are those who will be able to stand. This is not for the weak of heart who turns their face against My Son when threatened with life’s problems. I say to you turn your eyes upon My Precious Son. He was born on this earth My Children. Look up to My Stars and see this truth. Papa God Yaheveh has laid this event out for all of My Children to see.

My Son Yeshua was not born in December but on Rosh Hashana. This has been a deep mystery one that I have not revealed very days. My Son ever liveth to intercede on each of His Faithfuls behalf. Child it is here, the coming of My Glory it is here. It has begun. My Faithful Chosen will soon go forth in all of My Holy Spirits strength and the enemy shall melt before them for they shall carry My Might and My Love. The enemy knows not My Everlasting Love and it burns him.

I AM a consuming fire saith God the Father the Great Jehovah I AM.

I AM has spoken.

King Yeshua

Yes My Children of Mine you heard from My Father just now. My Daughter is in a bit of anguish right now but I Yeshua God of All Things have told her she will  speak forth My Father God Yaheveh’s Words. My Glory is in Him and I do always as My Father wills. Why would not the Creator of the Universe have My Earthly Birth the same day I created man?

Why would not the Son of Man shown who I AM on that day? I AM the lamb that was led to the slaughter. My Faithful Ones, can you not see what is about to take place? You will now be repeating what happened after I was born. The Pharisees you shall encounter and they shall be against you. You shall be put in prison for ten days. Those of you who have been chosen I have warned in My Word. I have warned through all of My Prophets.

You have now turned into a new season a time that has never been before and never will be again. And just as I ascended up to My Father twice, so shall it be again in the form of My Children coming up to me. Kneel down before Me My Lovely Ones ask if these words are directly from Yeshua the King. I WILL CONFIRM THIS TO YOU.

He who has ears hear what My Holy Spirit is telling you.

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Prophetic Word: The Earth Will Shake & Quake, Man Will Not Know What To Do For The Birth Pains Will Come Suddenly (Orianna Silver)

Prophetic Word: The Earth Will Shake & Quake, Man Will Not Know What To Do For The Birth Pains Will Come Suddenly (Orianna Silver)


“Blow the horn in Zion, make a shout, for the Kingdom of Yahweh draws near!


My daughter, write these words.

Those with spiritual eyes to see know it is here. It has begun. Do not tremble or fear for what you will see will be beyond anything you could ever imagine. Deep holes in the earth swallowing man up. The earth will shake and quake. Man will not know what to do, for the birth pains will come suddenly. Fire will rain down from heaven before My return.

I hide you in the cleft of the rocks, no danger or evil will befall you. Judgment begins in the house of Yahweh. You can see it has begun! I AM speaking of Israel. My people are to be an example to all nations. They are just like the nations! My set apart people are scattered all over the world, they are very few indeed. They will be a light to the nations, they will tell all who “God” is.

Many will put their trust in Me when they see your light. I know you are anxious for this day, your journey has become lonely. Being separate is what you were called for… Get ready to be used in a very mighty way!!” What an honor and blessing that we have been chosen for such a time as this!

Orianna Silver



Prophetic Word: Judgment Has Fallen On The Churches (ElizabethMarie)

Prophetic Word: Judgment Has Fallen On The Churches (ElizabethMarie)

Judgment has fallen on the churches.

It grieves HIM today to see the state of HIS churches. They have not accepted HIS messages. They have turned their ears from HIM and have followed their own intent. Their lips are for HIM, but their hearts are far away.

Judgment has fallen on the churches. HE is cleaning house. Then they will listen to HIM.

Their rebellion is clear – they hear only what they want to hear and throw out the rest. This will not do! HE will not tolerate it anymore.

HIS voice will be heard across the land. Some will heed and others not. Their rebellion will continue until death.

I know this is a hard message. This is not to scare you, but to make you take notice of HIS soon coming wrath. It is real. The sin of many is ripping the very fabric of this world apart. Their lack of repentance will be their undoing.

HE is coming again soon and HE IS coming for a pure and spotless bride.

HE is the one true and faithful GOD. Jehovah-jirah (the LORD will provide) is HIS Name. HE is the HOLY ONE from Israel. HE is the CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. No more will people speak ill of HIM – soon HIS name will be on [all] their tongues.

The churches do not listen to the prophets HE has sent. They have rebelled against heaven and earth. Repent now! Fall on your faces.

You have seen much, but HE has seen more. You know much, but HE knows more. Pride will be your downfall. You don’t know all – you know little.

Weep and mourn and maybe HE will relent. Continue in your ways and more judgments will come your way. Listen to HIS prophets. They are HIS servants. They hear from HIM. They tell you the truth.

Your time on earth is almost done. Do not be stiff necked. Do not harden your hearts. These are life and death days. Lines have been crossed. Decisions now made. Repent, Repent, Repent!

Scripture References:

“Because they have not heeded My words, says the LORD, which I sent to them by My servants the prophets, rising up early and sending them; neither would you heed, says the LORD.” Jeremiah 29:19

Therefore the Lord said: “Inasmuch as these people draw near with their mouths
And honor Me with their lips, but have removed their hearts far from Me, and their fear toward Me is taught by the commandment of men,” (Isaiah 29:13)

“You stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears! You always resist the Holy Spirit; as your fathers did, so do you.” (Acts 7:51)

“Now reform your ways and your actions and obey the LORD your God. Then the LORD will relent and not bring the disaster he has pronounced against you.” (Jeremiah 26:13)

“So then, dear friends, since you are looking forward to this, make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with him.” (2 Peter 3:14)