Justin Bieber Outs Pedophiles & Is He In A Sexual Religious Cult Now? (God Rules)

Justin Bieber Outs Pedophiles & Is He In A Sexual Religious Cult Now? (God Rules)

Carl Lentz is another handler and of the satanic “as above, so below” mantra. Pray for Justin because he is speaking out truth of initiation in this video so they are keeping a heavy hand on him now. I am sure he was raped many times as a child actor. It is what they do.

C.A. Beck

IF you really want the answers about Justin Bieber and other Monarch Programmed, Illuminati Slaves, because most music industry, Disney kids, Nick kids, etc… ARE programmed with this programming, please read, “The Greenbaum Speech” here: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_mindcon03.htm Hillsong is totally apostate at this point, and Lenz is a Handler, no doubt. One of the younger Pastor’s wife is a Monarch programmed Model – she is absolutely appalling. There’s a popular video of Bieber getting plastered in a bar with Lenz giving a lady in the bar almost a lap dance. Many Illuminati in Mega Churches; learn to identify them. Stay on it “God Rules”. I was raised in a mainstream denominational church that was merely a FRONT for the Illuminati bloodline Family I was born into. I am horrified by what I see now. I don’t go to church anymore. Hillsong, when they first emerged on the scene…wow, their worship music was awesome. Now, the music in the dark, the lights, the lasers, the “worldly production” is PAINFUL (I can’t watch because I am prone to seizures from strobe/light effects) and sickening. My heart is broken. ANY Church Leader, and Kenneth Copeland is leading the charge on this one, that makes pals with The Pope, wants to unite “The Protestors” (Protestants), back INTO the Catholic Church, is in Apostasy! IMO. So, they are easy to spot if they endorse The Pope (imo, The False Prophet of the End Times to create the One World Religion). He has blasphemed Jesus Christ way too many times, and, of course, is a Luciferian, as are ALL who claim to be apostles and prophets, who either do not discern WHO he is, OR, know WHO he is, but refuse to OUT Him in fear of prison or losing their followers! That is, by far, the greater sin! They are supposed to warn the Sheep! Thank you. Please WARN the Body of Christ and keep equipping them with the tools to have eyes to see and ears to hear! Blessings, Cheryl.


Justin wanted to break free but landed in the Hillsong handlers hands. I Hope he and all others like him find Jesus the right way. Wolves devouring their flocks while pretending to be shepherds is the worst thing about modern fellowship and worship within ” churches”. I am the Temple. We all are! Not a building. Jesus said so himself. That should tell us all something about these buildings of false claims and broad paths disguised as narrow. Gof bless all. Peace.
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  1. I would be careful of accusing Hillsong of being Luciferian, illuminati, Satanic, etc. I don’t know a lot about Carl Lentz, and am not standing up for his theology (and he is one person in a large organization) – but we don’t want to be caught in the position of accusing one of the body of Christ of being of the devil?

    Might I gently offer something to think about here? The pharisees tried to trick Jesus repeatedly into saying what they wanted him to say, but he wouldn’t bite. Also Jesus said when an obvious sinner was about to be stoned – let him who is without sin throw the first stone… I think there is some danger in judging something evil that is bearing fruit? Are we to be publicly judging our brethren or gently guiding them into correctness in private?

    Can we at least agree that the devil can’t truly praise God? If Hillsong is of the devil, how can they write and sing these lyrics for example:

    What a Beautiful Name
    You were the Word at the beginning, One with God the Lord Most High
    Your hidden glory in creation, Now revealed in You our Christ

    What a beautiful Name it is, What a beautiful Name it is
    The Name of Jesus Christ my King!
    What a beautiful Name it is, Nothing compares to this
    What a beautiful Name it is, The Name of Jesus!

    You didn’t want heaven without us, So Jesus You brought heaven down
    My sin was great Your love was greater, What could separate us now

    What a wonderful Name it is, What a wonderful Name it is
    The Name of Jesus Christ my King!
    What a wonderful Name it is, Nothing compares to this
    What a wonderful Name it is, The Name of Jesus!

    Death could not hold You, The veil tore before You
    You silence the boast of sin and grave, The heavens are roaring!
    The praise of Your glory, For You are raised to life again
    You have no rival, You have no equal
    Now and forever God You reign
    Yours is the kingdom, Yours is the glory
    Yours is the Name above all names!

    What a powerful Name it is, What a powerful Name it is
    The Name of Jesus Christ my King!
    What a powerful Name it is, Nothing can stand against
    What a powerful Name it is, The Name of Jesus!

    As It Is (In Heaven)
    Whether now or then, Death is not my end
    I know heaven waits for me
    Though the road seems long, I’ll never walk alone
    I’ve got all I need to sing

    I know You love me, I know You found me, I know You saved me
    And Your grace will never fail me
    And while I’m waiting, I’m not waiting – I know heaven lives in me

    Should I suffer long, This is not my home
    I know heaven waits for me
    Though the night is dark, Heaven owns my heart
    I’ve got all I need to sing

    So I will sing like I will there, In the fearless light of glory
    Where the darkness cannot find me. And Your face is all I see
    I will sing like a man, With no sickness in my body
    Like no prison walls can hold me, I will sing like I am free

    I’ll sing holy holy holy, My heart cries holy
    As it is in heaven, It is in me

    We’ll sing holy holy holy, The earth cries holy
    As it is in heaven, So let it be

    Behold the Father’s heart, The mystery He lavishes on us.
    As deep cries out to deep, Oh, how desperately He wants us.
    The things of earth stand next to Him Like a candle to the sun.
    Unfailing Father. What compares to His great love?

    Behold His holy Son, The Lion and the Lamb given to us.
    The Word became a man, That my soul should know its Savior.
    Forsaken for the sake of all mankind, Salvation is in His blood.
    Jesus Messiah – The righteous died for love.
    It wasn’t over. For He is the risen one.

    Then sings my soul, Then sings my soul.
    How great Your love is, How great Your love is
    Then sings my soul

    Behold I have a friend, The Spirit breathing holy fire within.
    Speaking truth when I can’t find it, Light up this broken heart.
    And light my way, Until my time on earth is done.
    Oh Holy Spirit, Breathe in me like kingdom come.
    Oh Holy Spirit, Let Your work in me be done

    Then sings my soul my God, He who was and is to come.
    Prepare the way, Until the work on earth is done.
    Watch as the clouds He rides swing low, Lift up the sound!
    As He makes our praise His throne.
    Behold the Lord our God will lead us home.

    Just copying and pasting and formatting this message I was brought to tears as the Holy Spirit moved in me. I believe these words are of God and they speak into my soul!

    Everytime I watch these songs performed on YouTube I am POWERFULLY moved in the Holy Spirit. To watch Hillsong sing these praises to the One I LOVE (and the stadium of 30,000 people all singing and praising together) is an amazingly moving experience – one where the Lord’s presence becomes almost overwhelming in my room.

    I challenge you to watch these songs performed and tell me you really think they are of anything other than the Lord himself. A sexual religious cult? Really? Luciferian Illuminati? Not in my books. Is it possible that some of their doctrine may not be perfect? Sure, but I see fruit of the Spirit! Their worship moves thousands of people towards Christ. None of us are perfect, and many of the New Testament Churches were admonished for not being on point on everything. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    Here are links to the songs performed live in 2016. I don’t think the lights or sounds could drive even the most sensitive into a seizure.

    What a Beautiful Name:

    As It Is:


    1. I sing a lot of songs that are of different groups and some do not walk righteously before God. Lyrics can touch anyone’s heart and doesn’t Satan know the Bible
      and the words to speak to get us “lured into the deception?” the video I shared speaks for itself. you saw him with his arms around Justin Bieber, he drinks,
      and much more. We are to expose the charlatans that work for the other side. I urge you to go watch the video where they have one of those guys on a cross
      in some satanic looking ritual onstage and it is really dark and sinister. It reeks of evil.
      Songs we can sing and be touched by and that is wonderful that it touches your heart and many do mine also but we are to judge these. For if you cannot even judge
      the small matters how are you to judge the larger matters…….it is in the Word. This is righteous judgment to warn people to stay away from these. Mega churches
      have all the symbolism right on stage of whom they follow. They even do the hand signs sometimes too. Let us not get swept away of a feel good song and not see what is behind
      the mask here. I stand and have done nothing wrong here. I have a righteous indignation that they are poisoning people with their false doctrine. I serve My Father only and
      as led, I share what needs to be shown.
      if you are a leader of a mega church why are you in the bar drinking and carousing with a youngster like Justin, then grabbing him around his waist walking with him as if he is
      your lover? it is sickening to see. I see no fruits of the spirit but a jezebel spirit that runs that church. What is up with all the loud entertainment and mega light system that
      is a “programming tool by the way” and can give people seizures. let me share another video with you of the darkness. years ago, the earlier songs from several years ago, that is
      when hillsong didn’t yet completely sell out. They now have and they are not the same as they once were.
      here is a huge picture and you see the triangles and such…………ILLUMINATI OCCULTIC SYMBOLS.
      Hillsong United Church Steeped In Illuminati And New Age …
      Hillsong United Church Steeped In Illuminati And New Age Symbolism. Hillsong United Church, … Hillsong United is part of the demonic Emergent Church Movement, …
      [Search domain http://www.nowtheendbegins.com] nowtheendbegins.com/hillsong-united-church-steeped-illuminati…
      Hillsong NYC Pastor Carl Lentz “jokingly” said he had an “Illuminati meeting” with Jay-Z. That is EXTREMELY alarming when you that Jay-Z is part of a sinister satanic elite cult that is trying to destroy God’s people and church. In this video I examine the possibility that Hillsong is being infiltrated by The Illuminati to be used to lead people into accepting the anti-Christ and the new world order new age version of Christianity …. Please share to help open people eyes to the possible coming deception! Hillsong Illuminati False Prophets EXPOSED !!! – http://youtu.be/3Bw7LNMxcOI

      watch videos and read the article too. I rest my case. you have been taken in by the deception and this man exposes himself of what he follows.
      God Bless you but I advise you to get away from these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    2. I wanted to add I am called to warn of the dangers of New Age, Occultism, False Doctrine, OSAS, and much more. I do it because I love people and
      truly don’t want them to miss out on making it in the end. We, as Christians, are called to stay far, far away from anything pagan, mystical, idolatrous,
      magical etc. Peace to you and blessings.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to respond, and I can appreciate what you are pointing out and how you got there. Please don’t take any of my comments as an attack against you or your blog (I have read it daily for several months and is a daily nourishment for me). I strongly believe that we have to fully turn from the world (remove our foot from it) and truly crucify our flesh / repent of our sins daily. Jesus is what it is ALL about and I love Him desperately for those whom were forgiven much, love much – and I was forgiven MUCH! I think it is of ultimate importance to forgive everyone and love like Jesus loves us, something I missed out on for a tragic amount of my life.

    I AGREE that many of the Churches have failed miserably at conveying the absolute importance of denying self and sincerely trying to live a holy, humble and obedient life. The larger Churches even more so. That being said, I just don’t believe that the Church is lost per se, more that through His coming judgements/tribulations and a great outpouring of His Holy Spirit He will re-ignite the Church! A revival coming and mass (true) repentance beyond what the earth has ever seen, with true understanding of the Lord’s heart for us. The harvest will be spectacular and the Holy Spirit will reveal the Truth to so many that have been misled. God is so loving, faithful and forgiving that I believe He will give all a chance to turn and repent. I could be wrong and maybe the lukewarm will be spit from his mouth, but maybe that’s the sin of the lukewarm?

    I now believe fully that we must obey our Father and his holy Son, test prophesies both by scripture as well as the Holy Spirit. I do not doubt your intentions or commitment, nor do I want to be a discouragement to you. I love you.

    It is my conviction that sometimes people can get carried away judging or accusing people of things when they might not know the full story or the heart of the person. Carl Lentz definitely has made me wonder what he is thinking sometimes. That doesn’t invalidate Hillsong from being able to be of use to God, having a true heart for God nor define them as satanists, illuminati or the like.

    We are ALL flawed, and none of us has a perfect window into the heart of the Father or Jesus. Only the Trinity can see a man’s heart and true intentions – and only they are aware of what future works they have planned to refine or correct these people. The Holy Spirit can work wonders and thankfully the Lord has patience with his flock.

    I grew up in a traditional Baptist Church and truly thought I was saved (OSAS) from a young age. I never ever FULLY committed and made the required U-turn to follow Jesus and deny myself the pleasures of the world. Finally after more than 50 years of life, living in a lukewarm, defeated state of Christianity for decades – the mighty Holy Spirit inexplicably started his work on me and over a period of a few months revealed to me what I had been missing all these years. What truly was required to follow Jesus. I thank God that He was so faithful to me and didn’t spit me out as I so verily deserved. His love and patience is so amazing and I truly believe he will do more of the same work in others in his flock. Someone very Godly must have prayed for my redemption as it came on when I wasn’t looking for it. Jesus truly called me in a powerful way – shaking me to my foundations. I’m so thankful for prayer!

    Through much deliverance ( http://nevillesalvetti.com ) I have been freed from sinful desires that have punished and damaged me all my life. I have been most truly freed by the power of Jesus’ Name and am so excited for what He has in store for me. I still struggle with crucifying my will and am still working on building my faith – but I’m a work in progress and that’s OK. I trust God’s work will be finished in me. My wife and two of my 3 daughters are not sure what to make of me – I’m not the man they once knew and that concerns them. They don’t understand why I don’t want to do anything that I used to love to do… One of my daughters was called in a big way and she is blossoming in amazing ways – a real heart for God! I pray that my wife and other daughters come around – they feel they are not doing anything wrong, but its all love of the world and they are not yet convicted about it. Any of your prayers are appreciated on that front.

    I think we should be praying desperately and fervently for the Church and its leadership that she will return to God’s true intention for her. Maybe instead of trying to tear people down we should be praying for the Holy Spirit to convict them of their wrong behaviors, sins or theological mistakes. They are still my brothers and sisters in Christ (in my conviction at least – I admit I could be wrong about this and have no authority to speak for God, but the Holy Spirit seems to be leading me this way). We are to test spirits and no evil spirit could write the songs they did nor perform them in a loud and joyful noise unto the Lord.

    If I was condemned to be a satanist, luciferian or illuminati it would have broke me (not in a good way) and I might have been closed off to hearing the Spirit or lost forever.

    I saw a video of Carl Lentz being interviewed and he was asked about abortion and his stance on it. Now most people (myself included) were surprised to hear he was avoiding answering the obvious question with the obvious answer… I read later that he explained himself that he didn’t want to alienate anyone from coming to Jesus. He wanted to explain God’s will and forgiveness to a person who may have had an abortion that yes it is very wrong – but he could then explain that Jesus died and rose again to forgive even sins as these. I think the interviewer may have been trying to bait him to make a bold statement that they could use to stir up controversy and drive people whom have had abortions away from God? I’m not saying he chose the right method here in this situation, but you can see where his heart may have been somewhat in the right place (good intention, approached from love versus condemnation)?

    Justin Bieber’s commitment to Jesus is between him and Him, and some allowance for work in progress may be prudent? None of us know what he has done or felt or repented or forgave. Its so easy for people in the public eye to be a target. Its human nature to want to tear down those in positions of fame, but only the Lord knows his heart and what He plans for him. Sometimes we can have a tendency to find fault, and after finding one or two – we look deeper and find more, then start making assumptions, then accusations. When Jesus was on this earth he was constantly among to sinners (tax collectors, prostitutes, etc.), not condemning, but calling to repentance through LOVE.

    Triangles are not claimed by satan exclusively, they are just a shape. Some hand gestures may have meaning to some, but everyone who makes that gesture doesn’t necessarily know what it means. Heart and intention plays a lot into things in my humble opinion. I don’t think things are as black and white as we would like them to be? Look at the bulk of the comments on the youtube video (actually on youtube, not here). They are not what I would expect from Godly people. I don’t see any love there, mostly joyus condemnation and slander.

    I do believe the illuminati are real, the catholic church is not good and there is much evil in the world/deep state/Obama trying to deceive many. The sins of North America are great (I’m in Canada, we are included) and fear what is coming to Babylon.

    Its just my personal conviction and God may reveal to me in the future the error of my ways.
    Your (and others too) prophetic Words on this blog have been a huge blessing and also challenged me to me to draw closer, prepare and be on watch, correct my heart and convict me of things needing to be addressed in my relationship with my Creator.

    I really wish you the best and thank you for this blog. Please find no offense in this, just an explanation of how this looks from my heart. I am not trying to override your position – more to explain why mine is the way it is. God bless you.

    1. Hello Evan, I am not offended or taking what you wrote as an attack against me or this blog site. I respect your honest opinion on this but truthfully, we
      are to judge a man by his fruit and I posted those videos for a reason so that people could see the fruit here. Lentz is apparently a “handler” and these are men
      hired by Illuminati to keep tabs on people and to infiltrate a church to New Age doctrine. Justin Bieber had recently exposed Illuminati and what they wanted
      him to do and I posted that also and he is speaking too much about their rituals. Justin, I believe, was abused by them himself for years. I pray he is protected and
      realizes he needs to get far away from these people. They kill anyone who talks too much and they do MK Ultra (mind programming) on them too.
      In other words, if you look at the old Hillsong and now this one, it is very apparent it has gotten very dark and is tied to Satanism type of stuff. Look at that video on Easter where they actually do witchcraft. When people are watching this in person as they do this on stage, it sends the demons out to get into minds of people and even possessing some who think they are saved but really are not. A demon cannot possess a truly saved person but many are still lost and only think they are saved so these can be attacked.
      These men on church platforms that do this know what they are doing. I am not judging the man personally but exposing the lies of the false church system itself. I pray for anyone that goes to these concerts, churches to get out while they can, repent of it for we are not to have anything to do with darkness. I pray Lentz repents too.
      Nathan Leal (I don’t know if you ever heard of him) was sent by the Holy Spirit to a large church/entertainment setting and he told him to sit there and watch so he was obedient and did so. As they started playing this new modern Christian music, he saw hundreds of demons flying out from the instruments and landing on the people’s heads. It was rather spooky and he was showing him how these churches/entertainment centers are not of him. This I believe happened in the late 70s or early 80s.

      Now on another note, since you merely like the lyrics of a song and sing it at home or wherever, you are not right there in that environment so that is fine to do.
      My guess is that over 90% of these new improved mega groups, mega churches have assigned wolves that run them. It is rampant and many even have the kundalini spirit in
      them (a very dangerous spirit of tongues of devils). Hillsong I don’t think even speaks in any tongues.
      Abba personally removed me from churches. I went to one by me about a year or year and 1/2 ago and I thought it was just a cute little white church that looked like a
      norman Rockwell painting would and went in and lo and behold, the Pastor was a warlock and there were witches in there. I won’t get into the whole story of it but the
      Pastor tried to put something on me but God protected me and I believe I said a warfare prayer too before I went and anyway, he couldn’t do it and he yelled at me
      and told me he was going to curse my children and that God was going to curse me. I was like “whoa, what a strange thing to say”. I sat down and saw a poor man have something
      evil put into him and then I heard the Holy Spirit loud and clear say audibly “RUN”. So I grabbed my Bible and ran out of there as fast as I could.
      Now I say this to point out also these witches, warlocks are assigned to all churches and they are everywhere. I was removed from churches by Abba and pray at home
      and sing here. You can fellowship anywhere and when I meet people out and we talk about Jesus that is fellowship. Are there some small churches protected by Father? I think so but
      not many.

      All I can say is yes I agree we should pray for all, even leaders of nations and of churches. We live in very deceptive times and we need to just ask the Holy Spirit everyday if it is even
      safe to go to the store. WE don’t live in fear but we are also to come to him daily as He has stated in many words recently. This is the world we live in now. If we step out of God’s will and
      not ask, we could very well get ourselves into a mess and He will allow it to happen because we did not go to God first. So just be careful everywhere you go. Be careful now whom you let in
      also. Discernment needed like never before and even the most seasoned people still can get tricked. Satan is clever remember. If he wasn’t Eve would have never eaten of the fruit. 🙂 🙂

      so just beware. Kenneth Copeland himself admits to even having a demon in him and he calls him by name. This is the President’s top spiritual leader so which god is
      trump following? Anyone following the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would never allow him to be the spiritual advisor. Some of his other ones there are also on the
      dark side. people just refuse to say it and say don’t judge. This isn’t judging. This is showing people what to look out for and whom you surround yourselves with is
      who you are. Likeminded people in thoughts and deeds. Again it goes back to we are to judge a man by his fruit and when they admit they follow satan, then we are get far away from them.
      Back to Carl, if he was a child of the light, he would not even allow the Illuminati symbolism in, would not allow anything pagan in, not meet with anyone in Illuminati
      and if he truly had the Holy Spirit in him, the Holy Spirit would not have allowed this. He would be convicted of it.
      So we need to always look for these signs all around us. Evil is everywhere now, satan has infiltrated Sunday churches, Sabbath churches, Bible study groups, and everything
      In answer to a revival coming and if you are meaning a huge revival that all mankind will just all come in one accord that will not happen. We will see revival in small
      groups, in underground churches, and things like this even and maybe outside here and there. Yes there will be many that will be saved but not all will be or else there
      would be no need for the word “remnant” in the Bible. There will be miracles and healings and many wonderful things going on because the Holy Spirit will be moving
      through his Chosen at this time. I am not sure what kind of revival you think will happen and only giving you what I know about it so far.
      All in all we are seeing paganism, idolatry, New Age mysticism mixed in with traditional Christianity. A lethal cocktail.
      Many blessings and I am happy for you that you desire to follow and obey God and that you enjoy singing and praising Him. He loves that
      Ms Sophie
      PS Sorry of how the typed script comes out after I click send comment. I am not typing it this way. It just does it. I don’t know how to fix that.

  3. Nothing wrong with a good honest discussion and sharing of ideas done in agape love.
    We all learn from them and we are all works in progress. Transparency is often a very good thing.


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