2 Replies to “Is Barack Obama The Antichrist? God Gave Us The Answer In The Bible”

  1. Barack Obama is NOT the AC. Got it? He is NOT the AC. You might wanna keep an eye on the middle-east. Maybe Turkey? Maybe read Joel Richardson’s books on his mid-east studies. Is the Islamic Mahdi the AC? Maybe? President Erdogan? Maybe? Could be someone else or even a system and not just one man? Barack Obama is NOT the AC. All who claim God told them, lie.

    1. WEll that is not what I ever got and I know He is and Erdogan is the “decoy” that they are using to take the focus off the true antichrist, Obama. Those people will fall for the great deception because they don’t believe Obama is him. Look up Obama’s name in Hebrew and you will see it states “thrown out of heaven by lightning”. So who got thrown out of heaven? And the day he won the election, lottery ticket in Illinois was 666.

      I could care less about lying about something like this. Silly to even say that. you will find out soon enough.


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