Prophetic Flash Vision & Word: When You Pray, You Sound Like A Song To Me (Joanie Stahl)

Prophetic Flash Vision & Word: When You Pray, You Sound Like A Song To Me (Joanie Stahl)

When You Pray, You Sound Like A Song To Me (Joanie Stahl)

On September 24 2017, I awoke in the night and heard the Lord talking to me about prayer.  My mind was quickened, alive and sharp, the way it typically is when He comes to me when I am asleep.

He shared with me His desire for all people who come to Him in prayer.  He said, “When people come to Me, I love it when they come as their unique and complete self, for I created everyone uniquely and individually.”

He said He created each of us with all our unique attributes and personalities, so that’s exactly what He wants from us when we turn to Him in prayer.  There can be no other way.  He highlighted the differences in my own children, saying, “I would not want your oldest son to come to Me with all of your younger son’s ideas and hopes, and vice versa.”

He said He loves it when we come in our best and truest authenticity, just as He created us because He enjoys who we are and loves it when we are our real self in our strongest emotions, or greatest longings. He loves the ways we worship Him and think and feel about Him.

He shared with me for a few moments His sheer joy and pleasure when someone comes to Him, not as someone else or by what they read or how someone else told them to do.  His delight is in our being our real self in all our expressions to Him.  He said, “When you pray, you sound like a song to Me. When you pray, pray in your own voice and not the voice of someone else.”

He said we “know His voice,” so we differentiate His voice “from the voice of another.” It’s the same way when He hears our voice.  He gave us a unique voice, one of a kind, and like us, He also recognizes our voice from the voice of another.  He wants to know our voice the exact same way we know His, for He delights mightily in what and who He handcrafted.

He also revealed that He and the Father look forward to our visits day and night, that they wait eagerly to hear from us with great expectation and that when we pray, they stop and listen with intense interest.

He said He has made us singularly and that we must pray to Him singularly. He delights immensely in His own creation of each person, so when a person tries to pray according to various modes of instruction, patterns, set standards, or like someone else, it actually stops up the real unique person He longs to hear from because He is not hearing from us the way He is waiting for.  He wants to hear from us so we should not to be afraid.

I cannot go into too much more of what I was seeing in the spirit, but only to say that He was showing me that each flower has it’s own smell, and each tree, each fruit, and everything He created, has it’s own aroma.  I could see the earth in all its’ creation in a flash of time in my spirit.  And I understood what He meant in the purest essence for each of us.

When we put off our truest self, He said it creates a barrier and our relationship with Him cannot grow, but when we come and lay down all our templates and be our beautiful real self, it reveals the level of our trust in Him and the degree of our ability to do so.  If we can tell a person how we really feel about anything, and then pray to the Lord without expressing our true radical feelings, hopes, and dreams to Him the same way, it shows our unbelief and mistrust, that we don’t really know Him as we should, or as He hopes for.  I understood this was said in the greatest spirit of His everlasting love for us, knowing our weakness, and having compassion on us.

The moment we pray to Him as our real and truest self, we finally begin a powerful relationship that cannot be eclipsed.  We begin to sense our spirit man growing much stronger and stronger, and His presence always immediate, because it will be then that we will know the secret of the abiding life. There will be a limitless happiness and joy we didn’t know existed, which enters our eternal life going before us, and our mind begins to understand the eternal life in us, which lives in heaven with Him and how everything we do here and now, holds eternal value in the “World without end.”

Pray to Him now, and when you do, rise up in your most beautiful individuality and express yourself to Him completely, without fear, and discover this perfect, “glorious freedom of the Children of God.”

His presence remained with me through the night and when I awoke, He was still with me.

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