Very True/Pastors Being Trained To Betray Their Flocks (Steven BenNun)

Very True/Pastors Being Trained To Betray Their Flocks (Steven BenNun)

they say to obey govt and use Romans 13………but remember this; if one is lawful that would apply but these people are in LAWLESSNESS and you are not to go along with that. GET OUT OF THESE CHURCHES. They are even training Pastors to act like their friend in FEMA camps but they are there to turn you in to get you beheaded. They will received perks for doing so. Also, remember Pastors/Preachers were invited to the VATICAN as they were given their orders as to what they will be doing during this New World Order. YOU DO NOT NEED TO OBEY YOUR GOVT WHEN IT’S IN LAWLESSNESS AND THESE PASTORS ARE FOLLOWING THIS LAWLESSNESS.

REMOVE YOURSELVES FROM THESE CHURCHES. Your Pastor won’t tell you the truth or if they will truly betray you for their perks. 501c3 ……allegiance to government. God said that a long time ago to me: These churches have made their allegiance to government and not to Me (in so many words)

First, FEMA established “Clergy Response Teams,” a program in which pastors were instructed to cooperate with the federal government in the event of a “national emergency.” Pastors have been instructed to teach “obey the government” lessons from Romans 13 and to assist the government in asking parishioners to turn in their firearms and to relocate if instructed to do so by the feds. The latest report I saw said that pastors in over 1,300 counties have attended these classes.

Now I learn that the federal government is using pastors to help sell Obamacare to their congregants. Pastors are being encouraged to help sign up people into Obamacare. I have not heard yet how many pastors are cooperating, but my guess would be that thousands are doing so.

It is bad enough that the 501c3 corporation status most churches operate under has totally silenced the vast majority of pastors, now we know that many pastors are actually being enlisted in various government programs designed to bring people under the total control of the government. Is this right out of the Nazi playbook, or what?

Dear Christian, is your pastor and church being used by the feds to promote its big-government agenda? Do you dare to find out?

It is becoming more and more clear that so many of these establishment churches in America are far more interested in pleasing the federal government than they are in pleasing God; that they are more and more the servants of government and not the servants of God; and that they are more and more using the Bible to enslave men to government than they are to free men in Christ.

When I was the pastor of a 501c3 church, I would often receive pamphlets in the mail instructing me on just what I was supposed to do and not do as a government corporation. I just threw them in the trash. But so many of our pastors are following those instructions to the letter. They won’t tell you that they are doing this, but they are. And so many church officers, deacons, trustees, elders, etc., are encouraging pastors to do this.

Again, do you dare start asking questions at your church?

I say it again: Christians need to GET OUT of these 501c3 churches and find some real men of God who refuse to be used as government puppets to help lead their flocks into tyranny.

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