Prophetic Dream: Confirmation Of Trump’s Fall (Rick)

Prophetic Dream: Confirmation Of Trump’s Fall (Rick)




INTRO: Recently I ran across several prophetic friends who hadn’t yet heard that Trump has already taken the mark of the beast voluntarily, when they told him of how it would improve his life. That story was shared widely online both last year & this year. Many brethren claim to be interceding on behalf of Trump daily, not yet understanding that he has already sold his soul to the devil by taking the mark. So a few days ago I prayed & asked the Lord to show me one way or another whether it is true that Trump is so evil, so I’d know for sure by His divine confirmation. Then this morning, on 06-08-19, the Lord answered my prayer with this most amazing dream of Trump. Now I see that we need to share this confirmation out with as many as will listen, for we know the Lord has already said He is not listening to prayers for Trump’s salvation. (See also Jeff’s Holy Spirit Wind site for the recent Word called- “100% HARD TRUTH ABOUT TRUMP” of May 8th, a great summation of the truth of many other Words posted in the last year as well, at: )

Confirmation Dream of Trump:

This dream began with Trump driving and I was in the front passenger seat. He was showing me around a very exclusive upscale maze of city entertainment, yet it was more like a kingdom of flashing electric lights that he ruled over, for at each stop we made it was immediately apparent that he was like a godfather & in complete control over all the people there. We didn’t drive far, as we went from place to place in this huge complex of self-indulgence, then we got out & went inside the various places as he seemed to be showing me around, as if to show off to me his great power & wealth here. At each hi-tech party place he would politely offer me a sample or gift of something there. He didn’t talk much, & it was as if he was saying by his actions- “See, this is how success is done” as if he were selling me a share or opportunity to do the same by copying his example, or joining with him. Each place we stopped was so exquisitely hi-tech & flashy that all that I saw was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was all designed for the maximum amount of futuristic pleasure or entertainment that one might imagine. It also appeared that only the wealthy played here, for everyone wore suits & ties, or dressed in the highest modern styles of the rich & famous. Trump walked in the highest self-assurance, like a cocky rooster, very self-assured. Everyone immediately stepped aside or cleared out of our way, as I tagged along behind him, watching, as the tour unfolded. We walked alone, just the 2 of us, as we moved our way thru this huge extravagant play house complex. He would occasionally stop to show or explain something, or offer me a sample gift. I felt like a special quest walking with him, as if he somehow wanted to help me be successful like himself.
At one point he sported a long-haired wig to mask his identity to those around us as we walked thru various rooms of people milling about. And then, I guess for the fun of it, he would quickly duck down & slip on a different wig, so that as he stood upright again, he appeared to be a completely different person, then would shake his hair out all over his shoulders to look natural. But as he did that, it made it harder for me to follow him thru the crowd, & I had to watch his moves more closely, for he walked fast.
In one place there was a room of electronic flashing lights blinking from boxes raised up from the floor, arranged like small low tables, with choices of special exotic food treats one might ask for. Upon making your choice, the box would quickly & magically present it to you ready to eat, with buzzing sounds, bells, & flashing lights, like a casino game. There was some kind of delicacy that a man ordered at one of the boxes, & then received right in front of us. I didn’t eat any of it, but only watched at that station, as a man kneeling on the floor lapped it up like a dog, licking at it. Trump just pointed & said, “See-”. Then we kept moving & went thru the back of another kitchen prep service area where I saw several guys on the floor in front of a large open door closet, as they were pushing a dead body on a plastic tarp into a large storage cupboard. One man glanced up at me as we walked by, but saw Trump with me, & immediately looked back down as if to mind his own business…
At another place of entertainment, we sat down side by side in some comfortable chairs arranged in rows like at a theater. There was no show at the moment, but as we sat there quietly for a few moments, someone dropped a large flat carry case in my lap. I didn’t see where it came from, but I was aware there were some men standing right behind us, very close by. I held it and could feel it was full of money. It had a zipper on one side, similar to business deposit money envelopes, but a little larger than a clip board. The zipper was part open & I could see stacks & rows of money inside. Trump picked it up, looked in it as if verifying it was all there, & set it back down on my lap without a word, as I wondered what all the money was for? Then suddenly a hand placed another pile of loose papers & another smaller zippered money envelope on top of the first case. I picked up the smaller money case & this time looked closer at it, for it had a loose stack of cash bills stacked with it on the outside, just laying with the papers, like ‘pocket change’ I guessed? Then I noticed all the printed pictures of Satanic cult advertisements that were laying there under the cash. I spread out the few pages of adds & noticed they were all of satanic origin, invitations to join various Satanic activities with pics of horned beasts, devils, & the like. So I turned to Trump & said, “I don’t believe in any of this satanic stuff like this” while pointing at the pics. He then said, “Well then, just give the money back to them.”
Trump then got up & moved on as I returned the cash & money cases to the guys standing behind us. I then took a short-cut & jumped over a railing down to a lower level walkway to catch up with Trump as we continued walking on our tour. Then we walked into another place where Trump seemed to be friends with the man who ran it, or at least made arrangements with him to make me an offer. It seemed to be furnished like a bank, with counters all along the walls that you could use to do paper work while standing up. Apparently Trump previously told him that I was a roofing contractor, and this man needed a very large job done. I was wondering how in the world did Trump know I was a roofer? In anticipation of our arrival, the man had hung a picture on the wall & organized a kind of presentation of his huge house in the desert that needed a new roof. I studied the pics up close for a few seconds & could see that whoever had been roofing for him in the past had run the wooden shakes both sideways & up & down. They all leaked & were old & decayed. So I pointed out to Trump how bad the roof was, & that indeed, it did need re-roofing. I asked where the house was located, & Trump said, “Nevada”. I looked at the picture on the wall again and saw a note hanging on the front of it with a price written out that someone had given him, at over $1,100,000+, I think. I thought at that price we might be able to do the job & make a substantial profit as well, if I could put together a work crew? I seemed to know that if I was considered a friend of Trumps, I would get the job at the price on the note, just by agreeing- “Yes, I’ll do it.THE END.

As I began to wake up & come out of this dream, wondering about the meaning of this ‘entertainment world’ that Trump took me to? So I thought, doesn’t Trump own a place like this? I thought I remembered a name something like ‘Key Largo’, but when I went online to check it out, thankfully Trump’s ‘Mar a Lago’ estate came up. I copied the story in below. My dream doesn’t seem to need any interpretation, unless others would like to add their insights to it, for it basically speaks for itself. (MY own notes from online:) Mar a Lago Estate- A Look Inside Donald Trump’s Lavish, $200 Million ‘Palace’– (This is not what I saw in the dream, but it shows a good example of similar life path choices.) “…the Palm Beach, Florida property is opulent in the extreme— it’s been compared to the Palace of Versailles by the New York Times. It’s also become a source of annoyance for the people who live in the surrounding community. “It’s all about the Trumpster,” Laurel Baker, executive director of the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce, told The Tampa Bay Times. “I would venture to think that old Palm Beach doesn’t… consider him one of their own… Mar-a-Lago is also a business: a private club and spa that reportedly made him $15.6 million last year. Trump keeps a section of Mar-a-Lago private, for the use of his
family.” Story by ERIK SHERMAN March 16, 2016.

As soon as I shared this dream with one of my friends, he sent back another confirming youtube video titled “**URGENT** Trump Has Fallen”, by Kerry-Ann Gidden, Published on Jun 6, 2019 Here is the link:

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16 Replies to “Prophetic Dream: Confirmation Of Trump’s Fall (Rick)”

    1. I don’t understand what you mean Talulah. God gave a dream as proof that Trump sold out to satan for wealth, power and status. it is quite obvious and a confirmation and how can a dream be gossip?

        1. many have been shown things about him. Did you know he went to JESUIT schools and is fluent in the HEGELIAN DIALECT. Did you know he is the son of a 32nd degree freemason? I recommend you look up more on him. Did you know he is very good friends with the Clintons and Obama too? What you saw during elections was all an act for us their puppets to enjoy. Things to ponder. Bless you.

          I am sending you the same reply I sent to Adolph.

  1. We are to pray for our leaders as Christians. Trump has dramatically exposed the Satanic secret government that runs the country and the world. The secret government of this world is headed by Satan. Trump’s election and subsequent economic success has only happened by the grace of God to expose the world’s corruption at every level before judgment falls so that no one will have an excuse who loves this world. The blacks and blue collar workers have never had it better and Trump is making a super-human effort to bring America’s industry back to America. No has done 1% of what Trump has done to expose all the evil. JFK tried to expose the CIA and the Federal Reserve and was killed by Allen Dulles, the former head of the CIA that JFK had fired and JFK had promised to break the CIA into a thousand pieces. Trump is surrounded by evil people, even the RINO’s of his own party. Trump exposed Obama’s non-citizenship, exposed 9-11, Obama giving a plane load of cash to Iran and has been a great friend of Israel. Note in this vision it’s Trump’s silent backers who bring the president down which suggests it’s the insiders like the NSA, CIA, FBI, Federal Reserve who are in a panic because they fear going to prison by Trump’s exposure of them and the fake news. Trump may not be saved but he is a Lincoln-Jackson-Washington. Obey God and pray for him to do his job well and drain the swamp.

    1. Trump is not whom you think he is and yes, they all have done some good things to keep us loving them all the time. This has gone on since the beginning and all Presidents have played that game.
      Lyndon B. Johnson ordered JFK’s death with the CIA.

      Too many people worship that man instead of the Creator God and yes Trump was put in place as a judgment, not a blessing. God tests his children to see if they glorify and idolize these fallible humans or not.

      Noone is going to prison; this is all a little game and if they were all going to prison they would have been gone by now.

      each person is entitled to their own opinion about this man and I won’t debate it. We have been deceived by them all down the pike and this one now is no different ; they hand the baton to each other and he is doing exactly as he is told to do. by the way, where did all the millions go that people donated for that wall that still has never gone up? No money has been returned to the people.

  2. RICK’S dream/vision is mostly nonsensical. Trump takes no money and he is apparently showing off things that have nothing to do with the real Trump. This is how gross erroneous rumors begin. Shameful.

    1. Calm down; It is very obvious you are a TRUMPETEER. Trump is a businessman and loves money. You think these super rich men and women don’t make dishonest deals? Come on, please stop. So just because he says he does not get paid as President (and wonder where that verification is; could be heresay) and so let’s say he doesn’t get paid for real but you think he would never make deals with the devil to acquire more wealth? Please don’t go on and on about it. Thank you.

    1. this is not the only dream about trump selling out to satan Adolph. If it was I could see your point but many have been shown things about him. Did you know he went to JESUIT schools and is fluent in the HEGELIAN DIALECT. Did you know he is the son of a 32nd degree freemason? I recommend you look up more on him. Did you know he is very good friends with the Clintons and Obama too? What you saw during elections was all an act for us their puppets to enjoy. Things to ponder. Bless you.

  3. The Holy Spirit will give us individual discernment and confirmation concerning Donald Trump. We know the verse “Ye shall know them by their fruits”. Let us apply this to Donald Trump. Look at his actions and don’t listen to the words and you will know for yourself. Blessings in Yahushua, Allen

  4. Sophie, isn’t HEGELIAN DIALECT a system of control from the process of problem, reaction and solution? The problem is generated by man, the reaction is chaos and the solution is the enhancement of control. If Trump is being controlled by the zionists ( most likely) then they are pretty fluent in this process.

    1. Yes Michael, they are very fluent in this process. They use “catchy phrases” and Make America Great Again was a sure winner for them. Obama used “yes we can” and the other one about “change” but never told us what kind of change. It is a form of mind manipulation as I see it. People fall for anything if it “sounds good”. Trump was trained in Hegelian Dialect; he was educated only in JESUIT schools. So Trump knows it well too and how to use it, along with the Zionists.
      Thank you for your comment and you are right……Bless you

      Even before I was drawn to come back to God I remember thinking and saying “if it sounds too good, then you know it’s a lie”. lol..little did I know back then about this Hegelian Dialect.


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