God Tells Man In Chains In Hell – This Is Your Last Chance!!! (Kevin Ray NDE Testimony)

God Tells Man In Chains In Hell – This Is Your Last Chance!!! (Kevin Ray NDE Testimony)

Please listen and realize that none of us can go through life without repenting daily because satan puts so many things in our way and we give him access into our lives by what we look at when out, what we watch, games we play, apps we use and much more so repenting daily cleanses us and refreshes us. We all need God (Elohim) in our lives to beat this; we need his precious Holy Spirit in us and we can defeat the enemy then. Without that, none stand a chance…the supernatural beings are much stronger than us. Don’t let satan take your soul. Please listen. You can overcome sin and anyone who says you can’t is lying to you because once you repent sincerely you are then given His Spirit and it’s Him who rids us of these weaknesses, strongholds over our lives. You will then start to change and hate what God hates and then have breakthroughs in your lives. So please listen

A recurring drug addict Kevin Ray had a near death experience Feb 16, 2008 where he was dragged to hell by demons and tied with chains to a wall. Feeling hopelessness, immense pain, and more, God told him “This is your last chance!” right before allowing him to come back to this world!

God used a hell testimony to bring me out of my serious opiate and sin addiction. All glory to king Jesus
I just recently rededicated my life to Christ, and my eyes have been opened. I was a addict of prescription pills. When you walk into a dark room at first it’s difficult to see but over time your eyesight begins to adjust to the darkness. When you accept Christ Jesus he takes the blinders off. My withdrawals were horrible but the Lord is a rewarder of those who seeks him and he will rebuke the devour!! The enemy cannot bind what God has set free…
There will be people who won’t believe this testimony, making fun of this as if it’s a joke, a figment of his imagination. I believe what he’s saying. Sir, continue to be obedient to what God tells you to do. If only one person repents because of viewing this video, then you’ve done what you’ re supposed to do! People are going to wish they listened to you! You have my attention.
I am a sinner I have much to repent for I asked God the Father to please forgive me of all my sin in Jesus name I pray this amen please forgive me and my sin father
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