Exciting Miracles, Jesus Is Coming Soon, God Is God and God Don’t Ever Change 444 222

Exciting Miracles, Jesus Is Coming Soon, God Is God and God Don’t Ever Change 444 222

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      1. OK. So, I live in Ukraine with my parents and grandmother, I am 15 years old, we are Orthodox. I believe in Jesus Christ, and the problem is that a year ago I got sick and was drawn to read the bible, I got so carried away and loved Jesus. And then I realized that my family was in danger, on the way to hell. They seriously do not believe in God, like yes, he is, and that’s it! No repentance, no prayers, only me and my grandmother before bedtime, an absolute lack of understanding of what was happening, they were dragged down by the television, work, father, facebook and politics. And a year ago I was very afraid, because I was 14, we are different from American teenagers, I told my mother that Satan was already roaming the world and I didn’t want to have a biometric passport, but they thought that I really had something in my head It was not that the next morning my father talked to me, it was terrible, I almost sat in front of him in tears and listened to the lines of the bible affect the consciousness that the water in the sea dispersed because of the ebb. And then it seemed to me that I betrayed Jesus, I spent a whole year without thinking about him, but already from the new year I came to your site and believed, I thought that everything was fine, that the end of time was already and that I would be killed for Jesus and I would go to to him, but now I understand that I absolutely do not know, do not dwell, and do not see Him. I am terrified, I am afraid to be left forever without Him, but I am more concerned about my relatives, I recently read the gospel from the book, because I had to download the bible to the phone so that my dad did not know, and he said: again, religion, again religion .. Do you understand? Mom still nothing, even posted with her for a week., And dad .. I’m scared .. I do not know Jesus, and most likely He does not know me .. In my school there is not a word about him, I can simply forget that there is hell, God, Jesus, everyone is just vseravno .. I can not live like that, because if I think that everything is fine, I will be as blind as everything, oh if they even listened to me ..

        P.S i use a google translate

        1. Hello, FEAR is of the enemy (satan) so do not fear. I have never seen Jesus either yet but I know He is real and is returning and sooner than people think. Repent before Him daily with a sorrowful heart and you will be forgiven and yes, you will still make it then. How did you betray Jesus? I don’t see you doing that; remember satan puts those thoughts in our minds so command him to go in the name of Jesus. Do you know warfare prayer against satan and his minions? I think there are several on this site..look under prayer and/or prophecy.

          If it helps you any, none of my relatives or children are saved yet either and have not repented. I believe God will take care of that for me. He has to draw them in so just keep praying for your family okay?

          Your dad is wrong because the Bible is not religion. Religion is a church building and manmade doctrines (the changes they made without authority from God). It is about relationship with Jesus and as you read the Word of God, you gain that more and more. RELATIONSHIP is what God seeks from us. That we give our whole heart, soul, mind and strength to him.

          You sound like a very nice young lady and your concern for your family is sweet. you don’t see that all too often here in America anymore. It is different there. You sound like you feel all alone because you are surrounded by all those who don’t follow Jesus. I am doing the same thing here and I am also alone.

          I will email you later this evening okay? Hang on!! Don’t give up!! Are you Orthodox Jews?


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