Two Prophetic Dreams Exposing The Evil Schemes Of The Dragon (Kasey Streichert Burt)

Two Prophetic Dreams Exposing The Evil Schemes Of The Dragon (Kasey Streichert Burt)

Two dreams expose the evil schemes of the dragon.

I recently received two dreams exposing the evil schemes of our adversary, the dragon.

First Dream:
I was standing on the clouds, looking down at the earth. In the distance, I saw a dragon flying over the earth and he was carrying ropes with him. I sensed the evil off coming from the dragon, so I walked closer to see what he was doing. Then I saw he was first picking those he will tie up, then diving down with the ropes to bind them. Suddenly, he dove down through the clouds to the earth and tied his ropes around groups of people. Then he came back up to where I was.

Then I saw one of my prayer warrior friends, Lisa, walking up on the clouds. She joined me and said, “Oh, so that’s how he does it”.

I woke up realizing that our enemy is very strategic in his attacks. His purpose is to render the household of God helpless, hopeless and without the knowledge of our power through Jesus. I also found it interesting that I was so close to the him, but he could not see me.

Second Dream:
In this dream, I saw a large crowd of believers, all standing together in a huge circle. Suddenly, the dragon came from overhead and began systematically “plucking” believers out of the circle and destroying them.

The reaction of the household of God grieved me. Instead of fighting back, they just pulled their circle in closer to each other, holding onto each other and crying as people next to them were being picked off. The dragon kept coming and “plucking” them off one by one, killing each one.

Instead of standing up against this evil monster, they cowered down in fear. By the end of the dream, nearly all were destroyed.

I woke up thinking about the remnant of the Household of God, hoping we can change this picture of what is happening now and what is to come. I think the key is being so “sold out” to God that dying for Him is no cause for concern. Then we would stand up and face any foe in His strength. It comes down to that scripture, and I paraphrase here, anyone willing to lose their life will save it but the one who wants to save their life will lose it.

Walk with boldness in the power God has given you. When we resist and rebuke the adversary, he will flee from us (James 4:7).

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