Prophetic Word: Judgment And Justice (June Sheltrown Reinke)

Prophetic Word: Judgment And Justice (June Sheltrown Reinke)

Judgment and Justice – June Sheltrown Reinke

October 11, 2018

Be Separate!

“Come out from among the naysayers, the doubters, the complacent and the disobedient,” says The LORD.
“For they will only become a snare unto you. DO not cast the precious things of My Spirit before them, to trample them under their feet, and use you as a doormat,” says The LORD.
“Distance yourself from those who have no ear to hear My Word. For when they reject the Words I speak through you, they have rejected me.
“Walk away from those who will only mock and scorn, discourage and frustrate you.
“For I want you to push away from that table of those who will oppose My Word and Work, and do not fellowship and friendship with the world, and become linked with their unbelief,” says The LORD.

Judgment and Justice

“Leave all judgment and justice onto Me,” says The LORD.
“For I AM a GOD of judgement and justice and righteousness. I know everything and everyone.
“I see the hidden agendas and know the thoughts and intent of every heart. I know the things that are planned in secret that oppose you. I know every evil and intent of everyone,” says The LORD.
“Nothing escapes My attention,” says The LORD.
“As they have done it against you, they have done it against Me. Their stout words have come into my ears.
I will judge it and destroy the diabolical works of the evil one, and justify you, for I AM your defense, and their weapons formed against you will not prosper,” says The LORD.

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