Prophetic Dream: Horrible Plague Coming (Teresa Dunavant)

Prophetic Dream: Horrible Plague Coming (Teresa Dunavant)

Dream: Horrible Plague Coming – Teresa Dunavant

Teresa Dunavant

September 19, 2018

I dreamed of a horrible plague coming. I saw people in hospitals by the hundreds. The spreading of this disease was so fast; it wasn’t here one moment, then the next moment, it was everywhere. Skin boils and blisters all over peoples bodies. It did clear up quickly in my dream, but it was awful for the time it was here.


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2 Replies to “Prophetic Dream: Horrible Plague Coming (Teresa Dunavant)”

  1. Dr. Mary Jane EVEN (RIP) of WI, USA was given this plague as a message from GOD many years ago before her death (2008). Any person who has had or supported abortion or sodomy was given this as a punishment. They will live for approx. a year with it. There is no and will be no cure for this end-time judgement. Her messages are hard to find but 1998-2004 can be sourced on the internet.


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