Prophetic Vision: Future Humans “DISABLED” By Beings Posing As Superheroes (Christine D)

Prophetic Vision: Future Humans “DISABLED” By Beings Posing As Superheroes (Christine D)

Aug 11


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Edited: Aug 11

This morning, upon awakening at around 7:00 am EST, I was given a Vision by The Holy Spirit. I saw a bunch of people that were in wheelchairs and were being pushed around by ‘Disney Characters’ (I heard in my Spirit). The Disney Character that was pushing one man that had been ‘Disabled’ had distinct ears that were curled over like a Bat. I tried to look closer but noticed that The Disney Character was eluding me in this Vision. Further in the distance, God showed me that he was in fact the Disney Character known as Batman (The Dark Knight

An understanding was given to me that in the near future A Series Of Humans will be ‘Disabled’ (i.e. Body, Mind and Soul). They will just about be made into vegetables, controlled mentally, bodily and spiritually. This will be made possible because they will believe in A Lie that will be brought in by The Controllers (Government) that will be disguised as harmless as a Disney Character. The Government’s true intentions will not be made clear, and many will fall for this Lie or Deception because they will be appearing to be doing good, or have good intentions. ‘Taking The Upgrade’ will be MARKETED to people, telling them they will live longer, be more intelligent, physically stronger, and able to retain as much information as they want.

TRANSHUMANISM is coming Brothers and Sisters. Those that allow The Government to tamper with their body and minds will actually have their DNA changed to that of The Fallen Ones (Demons), which will in turn allow them to have Complete Control of one, mentally, physically and spiritually. Human Beings will be like Robots (Artificial Intelligence). WARNING: DO NOT TAKE THIS ROUTE, OR RECEIVE ANY RFID CHIPS; you won’t be able to enter into The Kingdom of Heaven if you do.
In a further scene, I was shown Batman (The Fake Superhero = Government) having sex with the ‘Disabled Humans.’ The Disabled Humans had been made into Sex Slaves.
May Our Heavenly Father Protect, Enlight and Bless You All ~ xxoo / E
(sharing from latterrain333 comment section that a friend Charlie sent me)
NOTATION BY MS. SOPHIE: They have already introduced the pill that they claim will make you smarter, restore your body etc. Never be their guinea pig and take any pill they offer and say is for your cognizant enhancement or whatever they will call it.
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