Shocking Truths About Pope Francis’s Heretical New Movie (OnPointPreparedness)

Shocking Truths About Pope Francis’s Heretical New Movie (OnPointPreparedness)

On Point Preparedness5 days ago

You know what’s crazy that I just now noticed. At 1:16, you see the title of the pope movie. Underneath it is another movie entitled “disobedience”. Coincidence? I think


Ellen Price5 days ago

Ok so the pope says that genesis is a mythical story…..well than wouldnt that mean that all of the childeren of Abraham are nothing but a myth as well?

mary ellison5 days ago

Thanks so much Mike for sharing more truth about this lying man. It is difficult for me to understand how many cannot openly see how deceptive and literally gross this man is. It seems every time he opens his mouth he speaks another half truth or complete lie, which leads people further away from our FATHERS TRUTH. What is more sad that I have many family members that still idolize and worship this religion and this man. Of course, they have shunned me, so I can only pray for them, as I do and always will. This deception is Another reason the enemy has removed ABBA Fathers instructions (Torah), and commandments from the Christian church system. Their religion seems to be evolving into the “do as though wilt” Masonic, luciferian way. Many are returning to reading scriptures and obeying all of them. From Genesis to Revelations, these laws, feasts, commandments were everlasting, our Messiah walked them while on earth, as did his disciples. He came NOT TO ABOLISH BUT FULFILL. HE SAID “imitate me”. Another reason it was so easy for ignorant people to follow after a man, it was the Roman Catholics in the 300’s that tortured and murdered our brethren to stop them from walking as our Messiah did. All of these 40,000 denominations are just mere branches off of this mother harlot system. They all follow a man and his traditional views, as he speaks behind a podium, funded and controlled by 501c3 government regulations. ABBA says “COME OUT OF HER (babylon), my people and be ye separate, and share not in her plagues. The entire church system is corrupt, if they are not preaching the entire scriptures. If they are 501c3, they are controlled by the government. We will see in living color soon, but already this is why they have gotten so wishy washy, love, love, greasy grace, never point out sin. It’s gonna get worse folks. Start a home fellowship, study the Torah, the Ten Commandments, even the 4th one, and eat clean foods Leviticus 11, also practice for our wonderful Messiahs return by celebrating the feasts. Shabbat shalom. You don’t have to be Jewish, it’s for all who choose to be —-like HIM. THE REMNANT ARE RETURNING TO HIS WAYS. SHABBAT SHALOM🙏💕🙏💕


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