“We Are Coming For You” Preppers & Food Supply Crisis (Ice Age Farmer)

“We Are Coming For You” Preppers & Food Supply Crisis (Ice Age Farmer)

I have seen people posting on FB, other media sites and giving pictures and information to daily mail and other news sites of what they have stored up and where their bug out area is. Are they seriously insane? These people just lost everything they worked so hard for to survive in the end days. I was shocked to see how dumb people are being…..you just led the govt to your place to take it. Yes, they know where you are. Don’t be stupid about these things.

“If you got any large quantities of material that this country needs right now, we’re going to come for you.”– Trump’s executive order makes it a crime to store “unreasonable” amounts of ANYTHING the country needs, as the supply chain shuts down: garden stores, seed companies closing doors as people frantically start gardens. People must understand there are food shortages ahead — can you grow food? 

REAL preppers have been building their supplies over a period of years, causing no discernible effect on supply or demand. When an emergency occurs like now, preppers actually have less effect on supply and demand than non-preppers, who are the ones who rush the grocery stores en mass and empty the shelves.
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