GOOD SHORT VIDEO: The Snake Poem Is Not About Protecting The Borders!

GOOD SHORT VIDEO: The Snake Poem Is Not About Protecting The Borders!


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I’ll get thumbs down and angry comments just for the thumbnail. Many can’t swallow this truth pill. Just watch this short video friends. You have to start somewhere. The exoteric meaning of the snake poem is about immigration and is meant for the sleeping masses. The esoteric meaning is for the few that are awake and is telling you that we let the snake in a long time ago. It goes back to the garden! All roads lead to Rome and the Jesuit fake Jew Freemason Knights Templar Secret Society Pharaoh Luciferians. They plan on moving their headquarters to Jerusalem in the near future but will be destroyed by the Word of Yeshua Jesus upon his return. Time is short friends! Yeshua Jesus Saves! Put your trust in him and you’ll be fine.
Trump ( Real name Drumpf- ashkenazi name ) is a cousin of the Clinton’s. ( ) 38 of the last 45 U.S. presidents are all related…The odds of this occurring, in a free election society randomly, are 14 – Billion – To – 1 all the presidents were masons, except 4 of them…. All 4 of these were assassinated in public…..Politics is a play acted out on the world stage… The Right, funds the left as well if you follow the money……

Remember they were bringing in their jihadists for 8 yrs while Obama was President and it continued even after that. I do believe the border wall is to keep us from fleeing as we get invaded on all sides. Take it to the Lord and ask about this. Each must go to him. (Ms. Sophie)


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