Prophetic Dream: Guardian Angels (Victoria Ang)

Prophetic Dream: Guardian Angels (Victoria Ang)

Guardian Angels

Feb 16, 2020
Victoria Ang

Last night I was given a dream.

In the dream I was walking down a sidewalk and saw a tree over to my right side. In the dream I could sense and feel someone watching my every move. I did not feel any fear but more curiosity as to who was up in the tree. So I walked closer to the tree to get a better look and even though I could not see with my natural eyes I saw with my Spiritual eyes and senses. It was a MASSIVE angel. That was keeping guard over me. But then I felt it take off from that tree and felt the MASSIVE POWER and STRENGTH it had as it flew off. To the point a strong wind current occurred as it moved.

The dream ended.

And I continued to sleep until I was woken to feeling in my bedroom another MASSIVE angel next to me in my bedroom. The sheer POWER and presence of the angel woke me up. I put my hand out and could feel it right next to me as I slept.

When I woke in the morning I could feel such a STRONG presence of the HOLY SPIRIT !

The Lord has his angels standing guard to keep those that truly seek him protected from harm! ❤️❤️❤️
Keep your eyes focused only on him! Be blessed and encouraged as we wait on him !!


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7 Replies to “Prophetic Dream: Guardian Angels (Victoria Ang)”

  1. I truly believe all of Gods children are guarded by angels and we are all generally unaware. I Had a very difficult pregnancy with my child, it took me three years to get pregnant and when I did I was sick most of the time. I would get very dizzy from throwing up all the time while I was pregnant, when I was about 35 weeks I called my mom one morning to drive me to the hospital because I could not keep any food down and was unable to walk because I was so dizzy. They gave me nausea medicine at the hospital and a couple of bags of saline, then sent me home after a few hours. I came home and went upstairs in my bedroom to sleep, my mother stayed downstairs to stay with me because my husband was a fireman and was on shift. Anyways, I slept for several hours and I finally woke because I felt someone rise up off of my bed next to me, I thought it was my mother because it was big enough to shake me awake, but no one was there. I called to my mother downstairs and asked her if she had been in my room and she said no. She asked me if I had gotten up and walked around any to go to the bathroom or anything, I told her no I had just been sleeping. And never got out of bed. She said okay, I came up here a few times and peaked in your door because I heard you walking around, we were the only ones home and I never left my bed. I told her I thought she had gotten off of my bed because I was shaken awake from the movement of someone rising off the bed too. We both decided it was an angel watching over me and the baby. At my sons birth a few weeks later, I was not dilating enough and my son was HUGE, so we were waiting to see if I needed a c-Section. I began praying because I had been in labor for over 13 hours and was worried about the baby. I began just praying with my eyes closed in the hospital room while my family sat in a corner talking, I prayed for a few hours. I finally told God I was scared and needed Him now, I felt all alone and was worried about my child. As soon as I prayed that I felt something squeeze my right arm with a large hand. My eyes flew open and no one was there, this was a large hand, not a womans hand and it was also not on the side of the bed where the nurses entered. I called my mother over and said did someone just come over to my right side? She said no, a nurse came in a while ago but that was on the other side of the bed, we thought you were sleeping, so we haven’t bothered you. I told I had been praying the whole time and had not been asleep, but finally told God I was scared and felt alone, then felt someone squeeze my arm. I knew it was an angel, I would stake my life on it. We are never alone, all we have to do is be quiet and talk to God. Angels are with us always and they will make their presence known when needed. I have a recent story where I was very sick with a virus for a few weeks and stayed in the bed because I had bad fevers, during this time, someone would come visit me and sit on the bed with me. I felt the bed shake when they rose, I felt someone kneel down next to me as slept, as though they were praying on the side of the bed. No one was ever there, it was an angel, I am sure of it. God is amazing and so good to us!!!!

    1. I am sure you were very comforted by that. I have never had that experience though I do walk with God for years now. You are very blessed indeed. I have been asking for a dream/vision or something encouraging for myself but He has not honored that in that regard for me. As a child, all I had were nightmares and never got anything then either. I wish I had an experience like you speak of. I do believe angels are guarding us though and assigned to fight off the demons for us to protect us.

      I wonder why God would not give me a nice experience like this but have not been given any answer on it. it sure would be comforting to see or to feel an angel of God squeeze my arm (but I think that was Jesus in your case that came to you). Count yourself highly blessed.

      1. Ms. Sophie-None of these things ever happened to me until I begun trying to get pregnant, it took me years. So I became very humbled by this and very dependent on God, my barrenness saved me, I had everything you could possibly want but a child. I made a covenant with the Lord for my son and on the night I did that, it was the night I became pregnant. The Lord honored my oath and because of that my relationship with Him changed drastically in a short period. I swore the life of my unborn child if He would allow me to be a mother. So for that I was changed, I never had angelic experiences until I became pregnant, I never had any dreams or visions until I became pregnant. This all stems from my covenant with the Lord, my son is almost 5 now. I have posted on here before about how I have seen mine and my son’s death. There will be a trade off with the Lord for the covenant I made to become a mother, he has blessed me greatly with my child but I also am well aware now that our lives will be given for this oath I made. So while it is a blessing it is a burden because I know what our future holds. I do not know what things my son will do for His kingdom, but at the age of 2 I asked my child what he wanted to do when he grew up and he told me “ I will preach, I will wear many hats, the Lord will bring the hammer down.” It made my blood run cold, he knows things about heaven and angels, he began speaking about seeing angels in our house when he was very young. I do not tell him anything I know, I just let him tell me when he feels like it. But I have had multiple dreams about him and myself, in my dreams we have different names than we do now. My mother too has had a few dreams of my son where he was named the same name I dreamed of, and was identified by an angel of who he was for confirmation. I’m not even going to say it on here because it seems crazy, it’s hard to fathom. But either way, Ms Sophie, just know that you have angels with you at all times and they will make their presence known to you if it is needed. Also, I have also seen the darkness around us, multiple times in college I saw a presence in my bedroom at night when I was sleeping and was visited by some cloaked demon in my late twenties, my now husband saw this as well. So just remember, if you can see light, then you can see darkness as well. It is something I never wish to see again. I was not living my life right and allowed a lot of sin in my life. After my son was born I had a few months where I saw demons in my bedroom every night. I would lay awake exhausted praying against them and praying for sleep. I knew they came because my son was born and they were here to torment me and him. I do not see them that much anymore but I can sense them and occasionally will see something dark in front of me when I am exiting my house in the morning, they are not allowed inside, I have prayed against that and finally can keep them away. It has taken me years to get to the point where I am not afraid of them anymore because I have been battling them for so long and I’m just tired of the devil all together. So I do fight back and I try to keep all sin out of my life and my house. I can always tell though when the Holy Spirit is here because I begin to cry when I am praying and I am not even aware of it until I finish praying that my face is wet. Anyways, I could go on forever about the Lord and His goodness. God bless you, Ms Sophie! Thank you for all that you do!

        1. YOUR son is a “Samuel” in the OT. His mother dedicated her son to the Lord too. It’s why he gets those insights, revelations, dreams etc.

          I have seen demons and seen baphomet’s face. I have seen the ugly after I returned and never got much in ways of the other. I saw after the bombs hit
          and also saw the empty concentration (FEMA) camps and a nuclear explosion. I got one nice dream of seeing his hands with a heart on it and I love you but that
          was almost 10 yrs ago.

          I do not dream now and I do not see demons in dreams. I have seen them in real life. I have met warlocks. It is why I long for something beautiful to see in real life or in a dream. had enough of the other. I have been followed by demons since birth.I was told that by a seer prophet. He said it’s because I have a high calling & I always had Jesus in me yet I wasn’t called til 10 yrs ago. I have been murdered once. Another time died on the operating table. Satan has tried to slam cars into me even just recently again. He has almost taken me down with a massive stroke but God spared me that. Have had witches cursing my life. All kinds of awful stuff but they will all pay for it and it won’t bode well for them if they won’t renounce satan and repent.
          I still don’t know everything that I will have to do yet for God.

          You and your son will go home to God and we will all be slaughtered from what I understand and maybe a few will be spared but they will be like the ones in Noah’s family; to replenish the earth??? So much yet to come we don’t know.

          thank you for your story. I cry too all the time when He speaks to me. He has a way of doing that to us.

          Satan does not just attack if sin is in your life. Your son has a high calling and you must also so it’s why. Everyone thinks satan only attacks if we have sin in our lives but Words have been put out that this is not always the case. He will be hunting us down forever and trying to take us down. I repent daily & sometimes more than once and still get attacked continually at times. He hates me posting and attacks. He hates me so much he wants me dead. Once I started doing this blog and exposing satan’s tactics etc and other things, the attacks came on harder and harder. Been dealing with it since I started this blog much harder than before I did it. I am also an intercessor so get slammed from him for that too. it never ends. I hate satan with a passion. He knows it.

          He wants all who walk in God’s ways to be taken out. (lukewarm ones he leaves them alone; has them already walking in his ways).

          God Bless You and you are protected. None of my family are yet even saved.

          1. My mother is saved and has dreams/visions. My father and brother are saved, my brother went to heaven right before he turned 3 and was told he was sent back because there was a battle to fight, he is 37 now. I was very sick as a child from the age of 9-12, I had abnormally low platelets and was constantly in the hospital. I was not allowed to do sports, PE at school, anything where I could get hurt which would cause bleeding. So I spent a lot of time alone, watching other kids play. I still had a happy childhood but I always felt different than other children. I did not know you have been under that much spiritual attack, I will be praying for you daily now and I will have my mother pray for you as well. I haven’t really felt attacked since my son was born except for a few years ago when I was sitting in my office at work and I was showing a coworker the Bible app on my phone. I was showing her how to use the app and helping her get signed up for
            It on her phone, then I felt something hit me in the head and I got very dizzy. I guess she noticed because she said are you okay? I said no, I feel like something just hit me on the left side of my head, I know it was a demon striking me, I have never felt that way in my life. The only way I ever really get attacked is through my health now, I get pneumonia, viruses..etc. I was diagnosed with lupus when I was 21 but I have been sick since I was 9. So I stay very tired and my body is weak. But on a bright note I spend a lot of time in bed praying when I’m not working or taking care of my son. I have never seen a warlock or anything like that and I pray I never do! That is terrifying!!! But I am just ready to do our final battle for the Lord and just rest with Him, I’m tired, as you are. You don’t have to share any of this on your sight, just wanted you to know a little about my background. Have a good night! ❤️

          2. Thank you and I pray your health gets better soon. Please pray for me too. I have been hit with a directed energy weapon too. The demons are nasty; they threw me into some bricks and I hurt my ribs. I am healed now though. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself and thank you for the conversation. You have a good night too!


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