Prophetic Word: Eye Of The Tiger (Caroline Diadem)

Prophetic Word: Eye Of The Tiger (Caroline Diadem)

Eye of The Tiger

Jan 7, 2020
Caroline Diadem

Received 16th December 2019 A message received from from God about the infiltration of China. This message is for adult audiences.

Update: On 24th January the world became aware of a deadly new virus called caronavirus which broke out in Wuhan, China.

Part of auto scripted message:

I woke this morning and I felt the Lord highlighting China to me the eye of the tiger came into my mind they are the leaders in technology I feel them rising up rising up out of the ashes as the lord rising up to rule as kings and emperors in the as in the past to have sovereign rule china is a new giant in the earth just waiting to use her feet to trampled on nations her technological eye is watching she is the red dragon
and she’s hungry for power she has been the survivor but now she rises up with no intention of backing down
she will seize her moment you can be sure Satan has put it in her heart to dominate to rule to be a prestigious world ruler she stretches out her territory with no intention of backing down she is arrogant. she’s a head of the posse she leads in the technology she believes she cannot be beaten. the technology has set her yards ahead of other nations even America knows this and has tried to push her back but China is biding her time she wants rulership she bita time and we’ll take her opportunity. she has her spies in the midst of the USA they are infiltrating her president. Trump knows this.
he knows he is being sifted as wheat that the odds are stacking against him for his demise but I the Lord hold them back Ipush against them I am holding back their mighty filtration for I am king over all the earth. I frustrate the plans of Kings the walls shall only fall when I give my word. I command my mighty angels to do my bidding. the walls of the city are not falling yet
I take nations down and I lift them up red dragon you will have your moment but I will have your demise for you are merciless and callous for the pride that fills your heart a heart of imperialism a cruel turret tyranny you always were but not even your tyranny can stop my hand. I have my people in your cities. my beloved and cherished people who suffer at your hands. I will increase my working your borders because my people cry out to me and I am the Lord who hears the cries of my people there shall be multiplication and even explosions of increase within. Red China you will not be able to snuff out my power. you hypocrites you see the move of my mightyhand and yet you don’t relent so I will tear your kingdom down as it has been done before for no one can stay my mighty hand of power. you will flee For Your Lives when I rise to strike you so that was this was the word and then the tone changes okay so it shifts and butvthe Lord is continuing to give me a word:
the battle will rage so I felt this is it about against about the United States. the battle will rage. they will fill the land like fire ants so again talking about China. their size will overwhelm; they will infiltrate the land the cities, the houses. they will crawl over the land as fire ants. they will be very many. they will move with stealth quickly efficiently even as a machine their invasion excuse me their invasion will be so Swift as a huge working machine mechanism no holding them back you Terry to obey me America but they will not
tarry to infiltrate you they are Swift movers they will kick you down. rise up take hold of me you’re only safe refuge. I have a plan that they know not of I will be a refuge for you if you lay hold of me and not your sin and idolatry. I have a scheme to thus sayeth the Lord
so that was the word I received predominantly there about China the infiltration of China so yeah things are kind of heating up at the moment you know with regards to that general in Iran that’s just being killed and I sent that when you know I sense that yes I just sense that trouble rising up you know I mean I just felt it as well it’s being stirred up in my spirit about it so I’m just praying about that as wellat the moment so and please take that to the you know to take that to prayer and so they’re just some of the things Iwant to share with you and obviously I will share anything that the Holy Spirit reveals to me I’ll come back on again so god bless you everybody and I’ll speak
to you hopefully soon bye
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