Word: NOT YOUR NORMAL FLU (Bette Stevens)

Word: NOT YOUR NORMAL FLU (Bette Stevens)

This is not your normal flu that will spread itself out and go away in the spring.i said this and will say it again they made the original vaccine in the laboratory in Antartica.and they planned where they wanted it to go so people would talk about it.and guess and whathave you .more is on the way.with the extra they made they are putting in the worst stuff in to make them and even the antedotes they come up with are not good to put in the body.

Full power and they meaning the powers to be are relentless and this is NOT over

This is a plague.


And still people my people will not fall to their knees to pray but yet will believe its coming in the near future.

I call them hyprocrites.This is why I warned to not get so caught up in news and internet but do not put your doul in jeopardy.

I told you that your Economy and stock market is next and still people are more inclined to listen to other people than to Me the Lord.

That is the end of His message.you may share if you like.

PS many people do not see it but they are commencing of the beginning of the One World Order. It is right in front of them and still they dont see.


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  1. Amazing that this same thing came to my mind and I wrote that to a friend last night that the Corona Virus might have been made with the pathogens from the Antarctica ice – I said, maybe I’m wrong but they are just my thoughts.
    I also wrote to her that the so called “lockdown” is actually a “siege” and their so called quarantines are concentrations of camps.
    It’s a scary situation but my eyes and heart are on Messiah and His soon return. Pesach is coming soon and it’s the best time to fast, pray and repent. Blessings!!


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