Written Confirmation: 285 Casualties; 139 Died, 146 Injured From Iran Missile Attack (Hal Turner)

Written Confirmation: 285 Casualties; 139 Died, 146 Injured From Iran Missile Attack (Hal Turner)


On January 7, 2020, this web site reported that Iran had commenced a retaliatory missile attack against US Forces in the Middle East, over the killing of their General, Qassem Solaimani.  That story, updated as-it-happened, reported at 6:40 PM EST “BULLETIN: Reports coming in now say between 70 and 123 US Troops have been KILLED so far.” 

Afterwards, the US publicly DENIED any casualties and said one helicopter was damaged.   

Today, we can confirm our ORIGINAL Bulletin — and worse . . .

This web site’s original report can be found HERE

Within that report is our BULLETIN at 6:40 PM EST with casualty reports as shown below:


After the Iran missile attack, the US Government reported NO CASUALTIES.  This claim was repeated over and over in virutally EVERY mass-media outlet of note.

Even CNN in its coverage, days later, reported:

“The strike was the widest scale attack on a base housing US troops in decades. Troops said the absence of casualties was nothing short of a “miracle.””

(CNN Story HERE)

Today, the Hal Turner Radio Show can PROVE that there were, in fact, serious casualties.   We can PROVE the government knew this.  Thus, we thereby PROVE the government LIED and the mass-media utterly failed to vet their reporting, which is now shown to be false.

Below is a copy of a letter from Office of the Chief Management Officer at the Pentagon.  The letter, dated January 13, reports:

  • TOTAL NUMBER OF CASUALTIES: 285  (139 Deceased, 146 Injured)
  • EXTENSIVE DAMAGE 15 Helicopters including one Blackhawk, 2 cargo aircraft and three MQ-1 Predator Drones.
  • EXTENSIVE DAMAGE to Base Command Center 3 Hangars, 3 Barracks and 10 military tents
  • RELATIVE DAMAGE to Air Traffic Control Tower and Base’s runway.


MORE . . .

The letter also confirms that the damage was so severe, it was expected to “cause TOTAL IMPAIRMENT of Ain Al-Assad air base activities for three weeks.”

Behold, the proof:


Once again, this web site reported ACTUAL FACTS, long before the mass-media did, and once again our reporting is PROVED truthful and accurate.

The mass-media earns hundreds of millions of dollars a year peddling the tripe they spew.  Yet this web site struggles to pay its bills despite beating the mass-media to the story, and getting it right while they get it wrong.

Now that you see the proof, PLEASE support this web site:




The Pentagon is now publicly DENYING the validity of the letter above.   They claim it is a fake, likely Iranian Propaganda.

Yet, on the night this missile attack occurred, the Israeli media outlet HAARETZ allegedly reported several hundred injured US troops had been evacuated to a hospital in Israel for treatment.

and . . .

Tonight, the American media outlet “DEFENSE ONE” is (now) reporting at least eleven US troops at the Al-Assad Air Base, were transferred to hospitals in Kuwait and Germany for Brain Injuries! (Story HERE)


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