LEARNING WITH ALL OF YOU: Under The Smoky Veil Of Wildfires Hybrid Techno-Witchcraft Is Unleashed (Celeste)

LEARNING WITH ALL OF YOU: Under The Smoky Veil Of Wildfires Hybrid Techno-Witchcraft Is Unleashed (Celeste)

Under the Smoky Veil of Wildfires Hybrid Techno-Witchcraft is Unleashed

We all need to be vigilant as catastrophe swirls around us.  These technologies are not being developed to sit in hangers collecting dust.  Is there a connection between the sightings of drones in Colorado and other states and the technology in Australia?  It is my gut, my training that says these technologies are spreading their wings ready to take flight against humanity.

As 2020 approached and 2019 waned I had a sense of foreboding, an unsettled feeling.  This was not a, “Thus saith the Lord,” experience but it was troublesome.  I could not precisely put my finger on it.  Possibly you had the same thoughts? 

And then, gently as a pendulum methodically moving right and left, the Lord brought the pieces in focus.  It is not that we were not told what was going to happen.  Our error was in believing the time was down the road, not imminent.  The 2020 landscape has become a proving-ground for hybrid techno-witchcraft that will be fully operational in the beast system.

I have had two wildfire experiences here in the Swan Valley.  During the first we caught covert herbicide operations being conducted under the cover of the smoke.  I boldly walked up the deployment operation before it left.  These were just kids, they had no idea what they were doing.  They glibly handed me the labels of the herbicides they combining into a cocktail that was soon to be released over our heads, mingling with thick smoke, and toxic fire retardants.

We are familiar with the wildfires in California, across the western states, and the world.  These wildfire interfaces took seared many thousands of acres (hectares, if you live abroad), turned homes into ash, and killed many people.  All eyes are on the Australian bushfires currently.  Heavy smoke is tracked via satellite, people are fleeing in panic, and it is being reported the over half a billion plants and animals have been killed along with Australians.  Last night the military was called up officially.  This is not casual use of the military for plucking a few people off the beaches.

While most of us were busy with our lives last year some very serious technologies were being readied.

‘Swarm and Search AI Challenge’ launched by U.S., U.K. research institutes

The “Swarm and Search AI Challenge: 2019 Fire Hack” challenge aimed to find new, efficient and resilient ways to plan complex unmanned aerial systems (UAS) search and rescue missions. The focus of the challenge revolves around mapping wildfires and assumes that improved mission planning, and the ability to react to dynamic changes, has the potential to minimize damage and save lives. However, the solutions created apply to defense applications.

The primary technologies of the 2019 FireHack were swarming and artificial intelligence that searches, or rather hunts people down.  As you can see this was a two-country endeavor.



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