US House Of Representatives Just Approved A Resolution Supporting A Two-State Solution (Sent By Shane Caldeira)

US House Of Representatives Just Approved A Resolution Supporting A Two-State Solution (Sent By Shane Caldeira)

12/6/19 – The US House of Representatives just approved a resolution supporting the Two-State solution for Israel. It was previously reported in September 2019, by Netanyahu’s former justice minister and Yamina leader Ayelet Shaked, that the “Two State Solution” proposed by President Trump would divide the land and give East Jerusalem neighborhoods to the Palestinians.

According to Zechariah 12:3, anyone who burdens themselves with Jerusalem will be cut to pieces. I believe that is why America is so divided right now and will soon be destroyed (Revelation 18, Jeremiah 51, Dimitru Duduman, Henry Gruver, Etc).

The House on Friday approved a resolution supporting a two-state solution to the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, recording opposition to any peace plan put forth by the Trump administration that doesn’t expressly call for an independent Palestinian state living side-by-side with a Jewish state of Israel.

9/14/2019 Article Excerpts

“U.S. President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan would divide Jerusalem, Yamina Chairwoman Ayelet Shaked said in an interview Saturday night, three days before Israelis head to the polls. (For the latest election polls – click here)”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “only talked about the carrots of the Trump plan, he didn’t mention the sticks,” Shaked told Channel 12’s Meet the Press program. “He didn’t talk about how they’re going to divide Jerusalem. The plan includes giving East Jerusalem neighborhoods to the Palestinians.”


A broadcast from the “Signs of the Last Days” YouTube Channel in November 2019 brought forth some interesting and ominous information concerning the New Madrid Fault Line. The August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse and the April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse path lines will intersect at the New Madrid Fault Line with precise accuracy. It is said that God sends total Solar eclipses to nations before judgment hits as a warning to repent.

The August 2017 US Total Solar Eclipse passed through 7 Salems from Oregon to South Carolina. Salem means peace and relates to the City of Peace known as Jerusalem. Is God saying because we touched His City of Peace (Jerusalem), He will cut through our cities of peace according to Zechariah 12? Is that why we are seeing the increased political strife, racial division, violence, hate, antifa and Anti-Trump rallies, police brutality, and all of the fires, floods, tornadoes, hail storms, record low winters, crop failures, and earthquakes?

Total Solar Eclipses – New Madrid

I’m not sure if the prophesied Great New Madrid Quake will be before or after the April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse, or perhaps in the middle of the two?

Is God (YHVH) cutting America in pieces because Donald Trump is seeking to divide Israel with a Two State Solution (Zechariah 12) and give parts of Jerusalem to the Palestinians? Is America being divided political, economically, racially, and with many “natural disasters” as a consequence of turning against God’s word and His promised City Jerusalem?

Zechariah 12:3 KJV – And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

We see in the Book of Joel, God judges all nations for dividing Jerusalem:

Joel 3:2 KJV – I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.

Later on in the Chapter, we see that this seems to be connected to the Day of the LORD in Daniel’s 70th week and the return of Jesus:

Joel 3:14-21 KJV – Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision. [15] The sun and the moon shall be darkened, and the stars shall withdraw their shining. [16] The Lord also shall roar out of Zion, and utter his voice from Jerusalem; and the heavens and the earth shall shake: but the Lord will be the hope of his people, and the strength of the children of Israel. [17] So shall ye know that I am the Lord your God dwelling in Zion, my holy mountain: then shall Jerusalem be holy, and there shall no strangers pass through her any more. [18] And it shall come to pass in that day, that the mountains shall drop down new wine, and the hills shall flow with milk, and all the rivers of Judah shall flow with waters, and a fountain shall come forth of the house of the Lord, and shall water the valley of Shittim. [19] Egypt shall be a desolation, and Edom shall be a desolate wilderness, for the violence against the children of Judah, because they have shed innocent blood in their land. [20] But Judah shall dwell for ever, and Jerusalem from generation to generation. [21] For I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed: for the Lord dwelleth in Zion.

https://trumpetforyahweh.blogspot.c om/2018/10/two-state-solution.html

There are various Christian prophecies concerning this:

https://444prophecynews.c om/?s=New+madrid

As a nation, we have chosen pride instead of humilty, the LGBTQ instead of sexual purity, abortion instead of birth, greed instead of godliness, fornication instead of faithfulness, hate instead of love, entertainment instead of prayer, lies instead of truth, false religion instead of Jesus our LORD. Do you remember what happened to backsliding Israel (Ezekiel 8-9)?

In 1983, a Christian man named Dimitru Duduman prophesied that America will be destroyed by Russia and a coalition of nations during a time of an internal revolution against the Government. While the Government is busy dealing with the revolution or civil uprising, the coalition of nations will nuke and invade America (Revelation 18, Jeremiah 51). This is confirmed by other prophets – AA Allen Henry Gruver, Monique Bizet, etc.

Insurrection to Boot – USA

Vision – Bloody Coup

Deep State – Coup – Russia

Martial Law Dream

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2 Replies to “US House Of Representatives Just Approved A Resolution Supporting A Two-State Solution (Sent By Shane Caldeira)”

  1. Ezekiel 26 King James Version (KJV) I WAS GIVEN THIS WORK AT 3 AM SAT MORN

    26 And it came to pass in the eleventh year, in the first day of the month, that the word of the Lord came unto me, saying,

    2 Son of man, because that Tyrus hath said against Jerusalem, Aha, she is broken that was the gates of the people: she is turned unto me: I shall be replenished, now she is laid waste:

    3 Therefore thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I am against thee, O Tyrus, and will cause many nations to come up against thee, as the sea causeth his waves to come up.

    4 And they shall destroy the walls of Tyrus, and break down her towers: I will also scrape her dust from her, and make her like the top of a rock.

    5 It shall be a place for the spreading of nets in the midst of the sea: for I have spoken it, saith the Lord God: and it shall become a spoil to the nations.

    6 And her daughters which are in the field shall be slain by the sword; and they shall know that I am the Lord.

    7 For thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I will bring upon Tyrus Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon, a king of kings, from the north, with horses, and with chariots, and with horsemen, and companies, and much people.

    8 He shall slay with the sword thy daughters in the field: and he shall make a fort against thee, and cast a mount against thee, and lift up the buckler against thee.

    9 And he shall set engines of war against thy walls, and with his axes he shall break down thy towers.

    10 By reason of the abundance of his horses their dust shall cover thee: thy walls shall shake at the noise of the horsemen, and of the wheels, and of the chariots, when he shall enter into thy gates, as men enter into a city wherein is made a breach.

    11 With the hoofs of his horses shall he tread down all thy streets: he shall slay thy people by the sword, and thy strong garrisons shall go down to the ground.

    12 And they shall make a spoil of thy riches, and make a prey of thy merchandise: and they shall break down thy walls, and destroy thy pleasant houses: and they shall lay thy stones and thy timber and thy dust in the midst of the water.

    13 And I will cause the noise of thy songs to cease; and the sound of thy harps shall be no more heard.

    14 And I will make thee like the top of a rock: thou shalt be a place to spread nets upon; thou shalt be built no more: for I the Lord have spoken it, saith the Lord God.

    15 Thus saith the Lord God to Tyrus; Shall not the isles shake at the sound of thy fall, when the wounded cry, when the slaughter is made in the midst of thee?

    16 Then all the princes of the sea shall come down from their thrones, and lay away their robes, and put off their broidered garments: they shall clothe themselves with trembling; they shall sit upon the ground, and shall tremble at every moment, and be astonished at thee.

    17 And they shall take up a lamentation for thee, and say to thee, How art thou destroyed, that wast inhabited of seafaring men, the renowned city, which wast strong in the sea, she and her inhabitants, which cause their terror to be on all that haunt it!

    18 Now shall the isles tremble in the day of thy fall; yea, the isles that are in the sea shall be troubled at thy departure.

    19 For thus saith the Lord God; When I shall make thee a desolate city, like the cities that are not inhabited; when I shall bring up the deep upon thee, and great waters shall cover thee;

    20 When I shall bring thee down with them that descend into the pit, with the people of old time, and shall set thee in the low parts of the earth, in places desolate of old, with them that go down to the pit, that thou be not inhabited; and I shall set glory in the land of the living;

    21 I will make thee a terror, and thou shalt be no more: though thou be sought for, yet shalt thou never be found

  2. Last July, I heard “Ezekiel 21” on my Day Off. And in Manila years ago (early 90’s), my eyes fell on Ezekiel 22:14.

    • Ezekiel 21 Amplified Bible (AMP)
    Parable of the Sword of the Lord
    And the word of the Lord came to me, saying, 2 “Son of man, set your face toward Jerusalem, and direct your [prophetic] word against the sanctuaries; prophesy against the land of Israel 3 and say to the land of Israel, ‘Thus says the Lord, “Behold, I am against you and will draw My sword out of its sheath and I will cut off from you both the righteous and the wicked. 4 Because I will cut off from you both the righteous and the wicked, therefore My sword will go from its sheath against all flesh from south to north, 5 and all living will know [without any doubt] that I the Lord have drawn My sword out of its sheath; it will not be sheathed again.”’ 6 As for you, son of man, groan with breaking heart and bitter grief, groan in their sight. 7 And when they say to you, ‘Why do you sigh and groan?’ you shall answer, ‘Because of the news that is coming; and every heart will melt and all hands will be frail, and every spirit will faint and all knees will be weak as water. Behold, it comes and it will happen,’ says the Lord God.”

    8 Again the word of the Lord came to me, saying, 9 “Son of man, prophesy and say, ‘Thus says the Lord.’ Say,

    ‘A sword, a sword [from Babylon] is sharpened
    And also polished!
    ‘It is sharpened to make a slaughter,
    Polished to flash and glimmer like lightning!’
    Shall we then rejoice [when such a disaster approaches]? But it rejects and views with contempt the scepter of My son [Judah]. 11 The sword [of Babylon] is ready to be polished so that it may be handled and put to use; the sword is sharpened and polished to be put in the hand of the slayer (Nebuchadnezzar). 12 Cry out and wail, son of man, for it is against My people; it is against all the princes of Israel. They are thrown to the sword along with My [terrified] people. Therefore strike your thigh and strike your chest [in grief]. 13 For this sword has been tested [on others]; and what if it views with contempt the scepter [of Judah]? The scepter shall be no more [but shall be swept away],” says the Lord God.

    14 “Therefore, son of man, prophesy and strike your hands together; and let the sword be doubled the third time [in intensity], the sword for the slain. It is the sword for the great slaughter which surrounds them [so that no one can escape, even by hiding in their inner rooms], 15 so that hearts may melt, and many will fall at their gates. I have given the glittering sword. Ah! It is made [to flash] like lightning; it is pointed and sharpened for slaughter. 16 Turn O sword and cut right or cut left, whichever way your thirst for blood and your edge direct you. 17 I will also strike My hands together, and I will cause My wrath to rest. I the Lord have spoken.”

    The Instrument of God’s Judgment
    18 The word of the Lord came to me, saying, 19 “As for you, son of man, mark out two ways for the sword of the king of Babylon to come, both starting from the same land. And make a signpost; place it at the head of the way to the city. 20 You shall point out a way for the [Babylonian] sword to come to Rabbah [the capital] of the sons of Ammon, and to Judah into fortified Jerusalem. 21 For the king of Babylon stands at the parting of the way, at the fork of the two ways, to use divination. He shakes the arrows, he consults the teraphim (household idols), he looks at the liver [of an animal for an omen]. 22 In his right hand is the lot marked for Jerusalem: to set battering rams, to open the mouth calling for destruction, to lift up the voice with a war cry, to set battering rams against the gates, to put up assault ramps, and to build siege walls. 23 It will seem like a false divination in their eyes, those who have sworn solemn oaths [of allegiance to Nebuchadnezzar]. But he will remind them of their guilt [by rebelling and violating their oath], that they may be caught.

    24 “Therefore, thus says the Lord God, ‘Because you have caused your guilt to be remembered, in that your rebellion is uncovered, so that your sins appear in everything that you do—because you have come to mind, you will be seized with the hand [of the enemy]. 25 And you, O dishonored and wicked one [Zedekiah], the prince of Israel, whose day has come, whose time of final punishment is here,’ 26 thus says the Lord God, ‘Remove the turban and take off the crown; things shall not remain as they have been. Exalt that which is low and abase the high. 27 A ruin, a ruin, I will make it a ruin! It shall no longer exist until He comes whose right it is [to reign], and I will give it to Him.’

    28 “And you, son of man, prophesy and say, ‘Thus says the Lord God concerning the sons of Ammon and concerning their reproach (disgrace),’ and say: ‘A sword, a sword is drawn for the slaughter; it is sharpened and polished to put an end [to everything], and to flash like lightning, 29 while they (Ammonite prophets) see false visions [of peace] for you, while they divine lies [of escape] for you—to place you [of Ammon] on the headless bodies of the wicked who are slain, whose day has come, whose time of the final punishment is here. 30 Return the sword to its sheath. In the place where you were created, in the land of your origin (birth), I will judge you. 31 I will pour out My indignation on you [sons of Ammon]; I will blow on you with the fire of My wrath, and I will place you in the hand of brutal men, skilled in destruction. 32 You will be fuel for the fire; your blood will be in the midst of the land. You will not be remembered, for I the Lord have spoken.’”

    • Ezekiel 22:14 (Amplified Bible)
    14 Can your heart (courage) endure, or can your hands be strong in the days that I will deal with you? I the Lord have spoken, and will act.


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