CONFIRMATION On Sinking Of The USS Abraham Lincoln (Kathy)

CONFIRMATION On Sinking Of The USS Abraham Lincoln (Kathy)

It saddens me to release this confirmation on the sinking of the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

 You may remember the Word the Lord gave me this time last year about the red Christmas trees at the White House. If not, here’s the link to James Bailey’s post of that, which I found easily:


Anyway, earlier today I viewed the White House decorations, at this link:


At first, as I looked at this year’s decorations I was relieved. Then…toward the end of the tape, I ran into the same spirit on display…this year looking obviously, to me at least, like an overly bloody altar of sacrifice.

So, I went to the Lord again…knowing in my spirit this was deliberately done.

The Lord confirmed my impression that this represents a blood sacrifice. I asked if this was connected to the decorations and His Word to me last year, and He said Yes, this will be that event.

Then I was lead to ask if the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN will be destroyed in its current deployment, if that will be the event He spoke of last year, and He said Yes. I then asked Him if this will happen in the next week, and again He said Yes.

Oddly, when I asked Him if we will go to war over this, He said No. I asked why not, and He said He will not allow it.

That seems very odd…but I have tested the spirit on all of this…more than once.

Perhaps this is when T is taken out and bummer steps up. I haven’t asked anything more…sick at heart over the whole thing. But, again as He said last year, this “must be”. 

We must pray for His mercy, and for the redemption of these souls, but not against this judgment.

He has released me to send this out.



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4 Replies to “CONFIRMATION On Sinking Of The USS Abraham Lincoln (Kathy)”

  1. Sister in Christ, it’s sadly the hand of judgements coming on this sinful nation….and is needed.
    Some will repent from sin, and turn back to the Lord Jesus Christ….amen!!!
    Since the many blessings have created a lukewarm, and asleep church for so many year’s, with most Christian people living without “a care” in how God’s eye’s see them…act.

  2. Kathy – What is the date of the latest point that you expect we will see the carrier destroyed?
    When you wrote in the next week, not sure if it is 7 literal days from then or if it means the next week as late as the end of Dec 14th. Thank you

    1. Actually the ships are out there now and it’s not over yet. That ship will be hit. God has given many different people these dreams, words and visions and they can’t all be wrong.
      It shall be done just like this year extreme changes as this nation is steadily going down until its final end.

      Just because it didn’t happen that moment does not mean it will not and newest video I just put out there is yet another man that was given this also; that the Navy ship does indeed
      go down.
      We are at war with Iran now.


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