Dream-Confirmation-Facts: Teenager Shown Obama Is The A/C…He Already Told Us Who He Is/Did You Pay Attention?

Dream-Confirmation-Facts: Teenager Shown Obama Is The A/C…He Already Told Us Who He Is/Did You Pay Attention?


A young black teenager was on YouTube about 2 months ago and said that God gave him a dream and showed him that Obama is the antichrist. He said that when he told his church, they didn’t believe him. I encouraged him and said welcome to the club because many of us black watchmen are having the same problem with black people especially the black churches. Obama is indeed the antichrist beast. I said however our calling is to warn and inform, not to convince. You can a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

I am a watchman, called, appointed and anointed by God. He shows me many visions of the things that are about to quickly unfold upon the earth. Isaiah 21:6, says let the watchman declare what he sees.I have had visions of a wheel in the middle of a wheel, the rapture 3 times, the coming asteroid, the third temple, the Revelation 12 sign and alignment, the 4 apocalypse horses, demons flying in the atmosphere, angels flying in the atmosphere and I have also seen the Lord twice in visions but I couldn’t see his face because it shined like the sun.

Several years ago God gave me a vision of Obama. He had on a turban and had a wound in his forehead. Obama is the Islamic antichrist beast. All Muslim leaders know that Obama is a secret Muslim and is using taqiyya to deceive the masses. However they don’t know YET that Obama is the Dajjal and the 12th Imam and their awaited Mahdi. The coming NWO is an Islamic kingdom. It is Satan’s final kingdom. That’s why you see the Muslims circling the wagon in Europe. They were deliberately let in by design to jumpstart the NWO. The mark of the beast is an Islamic mark. It is exactly the same as the Greek mark in (Rev.13:18). It means Bismillah or in the name of Allah. Google the Islamic mark of the beast, YouTube. Everyone who rejects the mark will be beheaded. Now beloved tell me who are the only people on earth who behead others? You guessed it, Muslims.

At the beginning of 2017,God gave me a vision of a guillotine and people were lined up in front of it and being beheaded. Several years ago the U.S. government ordered 30,000 guillotines, Google it. When Obama won his first presidential election on November 4th 2008, the lotto number in his home town Chicago was 666 the very next night, Google it. His office in Chicago was deliberately in the zip code of 60606, which is subliminally 666, hidden in plain sight, Google it. He named his presidential vehicle, the Beast, Google it. Obama had the Democratic National Convention at Invesco Stadium aka Broncos stadium because the white horse was there(Rev.6:2).Google Obama white horse, YouTube. Then Google Obama on the throne,YouTube. He made his acceptance speech at Broncos stadium also. The Bronco horse’s name is THUNDER. Jesus speaking in Aramaic which is a dialect of Hebrew, said in (Lk.10:18), that he beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. Lightning in Aramaic and Hebrew is Baraq. So you have THUNDER AND LIGHTNING. Also the horse that Muslims claim Muhammad ascended into heaven on was named Baraq.

If you look at (Isa.14:14), the pride of Lucifer, in this particular verse, the word ASCEND is ALLAH in the Hebrew and in this very same verse, the word HEIGHTS is BAMA in the. As you may already know, Allah is really Satan and Obama will be Satan incarnate. God put all three in the same verse. Again if you look at(Isa.7:18), concerning the fly and the bee, it is alluding to the antichrist beast Obama. Do you know that flies follow Obama around all the time? Google lord of the flies, by Nikki Sixx, YouTube. Did you know that Obama raised bees at the White house? Google Michelle Obama raises bees at the White house. Obama’smother Stanley Ann Dunham was part Jewish yet hid her Jewish heritage likewise her parents who weren’t practicing Jews. So Obama has a white mother and a black father and a Jewish mother and a Muslim father. Satan set it up this way in that Obama would appeal to ALL PEOPLE in that he may gain them. He is Rothschild’s man and it was the Jews that helped put Obama in office and reelected him. He also appeals to the gay community by deliberately authorizing same sex marriage. By doing so, he knows that it will bring judgment upon America. He appeals to weed smokers by decrimalizing the penalty for possessing weed. He deliberately opened the door, now several states have legalized weed since. Approximately one fifth of young people today smoke weed. In (Rev.9:21), it says that during the tribulation, they didn’t repent of their sorceries. The word sorceries in this particular verse in the Greek is pharmacy, meaning drugs. Obama also let out several hundred drug dealers early. He is still working in the shadows behind the scenes setting up his NWO. That is why Obama held a global summit in Chicago on October 31st 2017,Holloween which is Satan’s sacred day.

Several hundred world leaders attended. WAKE UP PEOPLE, WAKE UP! Obama was born in Mombasa Kenya, not Hawaii. Loretta Fuddy was the health director that the elite used to come up with the false birth certificate. She was with Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham in Indonesia under the cult leadership of Muhammad Subuh. Fuddy was sent to Hawaii to get the forgery through. Once that was accomplished, they killed Fuddy in a staged plane crash. She was the only person of 9 people on the plane to die in the crash. The plane was deliberately crashed into the water and someone stuck Fuddy with a needle from under the water and gave her a heart attack. DEAD PEOPLE DON’T TALK! That is why Obama’s mother and father are both dead. Obama Sr. was mysteriously killed in a car crash in Africa. His mother was given overian cancer. His grandmother died just 2 days before Obama was elected president which I believe was no coincidence. DEAD PEOPLE DON’T TALK!

Obama was cloned from the DNA of pharaoh Akhenaten. That is why Obama visited Akhenaten’s tomb. Google Obama visits pharaoh Akhenaten’s tomb, YouTube. This pharoah was called the RENEGADE pharaoh because he made his kingdom worship just the sun god Aten. That is why Obama uses a rising sun in his logo. Guess what Obama’s secret service code name was? It was RENEGADE, Google it. Do you remember the triple crown winning horse, American Pharaoh back in 2015? It was named after Obama who is American Pharaoh. The race was deliberately held on June 6th 2015, the 6th month, 6th day and 1and 5 is 6, which is subliminally 666, again hidden in plain sight. Guess what company sponsored American Pharaoh? It was the company that makes the Energy Monster drink with the 666 in Hebrew on the can and at the base of the can is written unleash the beast. After winning the triple crown, the jockey puts on the Energy Monster drink cap with the 666 in Hebrew on it.

WAKE UP PEOPLE,WAKE UP! Pope Francis is the false prophet. He will be 82 in December 2018, however according to the scriptures, he must live at least another 7 years to fulfill his role before being cast alive into the lake of fire along with Obama at the end of the tribulation.When pope Francis was announced as the new pope by the white smoke coming out of the pipe at Vatican City, it was exactly 7:06 pm in Rome. The time 7:06 is exactly 66 minutes after 6 o’clock which is subliminally 666. It was done deliberately, hidden in plain sight. According to the scriptures, pope Francis is the one who will make it mandatory for all of mankind to receive the Barack Obama RFID mark(Rev.13:11-18)

Roger Johnson


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4 Replies to “Dream-Confirmation-Facts: Teenager Shown Obama Is The A/C…He Already Told Us Who He Is/Did You Pay Attention?”

  1. Yes!!! You are absolutely right. I have been receiving dreams and visions form the Lord since 2017. I have asked many things of Him and He has revealed them to me-coming earthquakes, tsunamis, invasion, beheading for not taking the mark, my young son’s and my own martyred death for not taking the mark (confirmed twice for me). Anyways, about two years ago, I prayed and asked the Lord to show me who the antichrist was. So many people said it was Obama, Trump, or other political leaders. I wanted to hear directly from God on this and I did. That night I dreamed I was watching a movie screen and I saw two horns start rising up from the bottom of the screen, I knew it was the beast. Then his face started rising up as well, it was Obama smiling with the two horns on his head. It was heart stopping, I have never been so terrified in my life of anything. It was Satan himself with Obama’s face. I screamed stop because I didn’t want to see anymore, it was too much evil. I tell you, Obama is the beast. He will kill us all, he is a deceiver and is the devil, it has been confirmed to me by the Lord. Ask the Lord earnestly to reveal it to you and He will. But know that he is the beast and this will come to pass, do not be deceived like so many in revelation. You have been warned. Our time here is short, pray daily for your family and their salvation. God bless!

  2. With regard to Obama letting out drug dealers, I had heard on a DC radio station during his term that he was paying Mexican drug cartels $400 million every year and supplying weapons. Thank you for sharing and warning the watchmen.

    1. WOW and why does this not surprise me? I read he was giving his brother in the muslim brotherhood in the middle east millions of Americans taxpayers money. He has another brother in Kenya and that
      one has nothing to do with Obama and Obama has never helped him and he is not involved but the other one is a terrorist head from what I read. He was stealing our money to fund his destruction of USA in the end


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