Dream: At That Moment I Called Him Master (sheerglee)

Dream: At That Moment I Called Him Master (sheerglee)


I saw myself standing in the synagogue.  All others were sitting relaxed;  not really interested in the reality of the situation.  Yeshua was quoting the Prophet Isaiah;  I could hear the passion, the aching hunger in His voice, I could sense vast strength in His character;  universal one could almost say.  I knew deep…somewhere hidden in my spirit, that He was exceptional above all the rest…far removed above us.  He had a strange, an extremely unique spirit on Him that seemed foreign, so alien to me.

Penetrating my gaze upon Him as He spoke…world slipping away…I could feel His inviting heart, warm passionate bedding…comfort abounding…touch above all else.  My only remaining conclusion….I must be like Him!  I must have His spirit in me!  I studied His every move, the fashion in which He spoke…how He stated His words…oh, how His mouth spoke those incredible words!  His expression manifesting on His face, the purpose in His eyes, the focus in His speech, how He held His body, His mannerisms.  I studied every little move that He made, brushing towards the essence of who He was.  I purposed at that breath in time with the strength of 100 oceans pounding the shore that I would be like Him.

I caught His hook…I captured His passion…I cannot resist…a prisoner of desire in shackles.  I have been guided by an unseen hand, a hidden form;  I determine as I pour out my soul with great strength and promise to follow to follow Him in every way for the remainder of my granted life on earth.  It’s Him alone.

At that moment I called Him Master.


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