Prophetic Word: Gifted In The Lord! (Kristina Heuken-Goossen)

Prophetic Word: Gifted In The Lord! (Kristina Heuken-Goossen)

Gifted in the LORD!

(Given to Kristina Heuken-Goossen)

 Hello my dears!

I’m still in tears, because in prayer, I got unbelievable beautiful word from the LORD.

Also, I got three visions: One today and two days ago.

The first two were short and in succession:


I saw myself and a large number of enemies, who were running against me.

Just at that moment an oversized right hand came down between me and my enemy, and this blast pushed my enemies away.

Then I saw the same scene. But this time an oversized foot came between me and my enemies.

The earth quakes only from the appearance of the foot and my enemies all fell down.


It was a clear sunny day. I ran and suddenly I felt next to me, that something or someone went huge next to me.

As I looked closer, I could tell it how a glass round elevator was. This ranged from the earth to far into the sky.

I wondered and thought what that really was. Then I just stepped inside. There was no door. Nothing.

But I was in it. And from now on, a wonderful peace and a calm came over me …Perfect protection and a calm oasis.

And all the time I heard the word:



So here’s the word:

My child,

Yes, I grant you and MY children in the world, now a short time of rest, peace and joy and salvation!

Before, Yes, before the day of revenge, before MY anger hits this world with power and glory!

Arm yourself, I CALL, arm yourself!

Because this time is near!


Come in MY peace and refresh you in MY salvation! I give you an abundant gift with MY abundant blessing and the goods of MY house!

Take a seat and sing and play joy songs!


Because a time of rest and relaxation is planned for you! Have fun with MY sources and call it out:




Be gifted in the Lord!

Do not worry about anything, because I AM with you and I have already prepared everything!

Rejoice, Yes Cheers!

And then, for one last time, meets the enemy!


Be courageous and strong in the Lord! Fight the good fight one last time!

To, Yes, until I call you home! Every single one of you!


And always remember: YOU ARE MY CHOSEN FLOCK!


And the day of the wedding is fixed! EVERYTHING IS READY!

Keep that in focus!


Beloved of the Lord:

SHINE – let your light shine!


Revelation 14


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