*SISTER SARAH DREAM ON THE 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS FULL TRANSCRIPT* first off I want to start off by saying when you guys have been sending me the 3 days of darkness and first talking to me about it. It’s not that I just disregarded it and didn’t believe. But when you guys first started talking to me about it, I prayed and asked god if this is so, to please show me. So weeks went by and I didn’t get an answer. So every time you guys send me something, I see that you sent it but I always say oh i’ll watch it and I don’t end up watching it. The only things that I’ve seen is maybe 2 videos that’s recent, that Tito(my brother) has sent. So I was talking to Tony (my husband) about that we used to have bible study everyday, we used to have bible study with the kids. We really need to start doing that and he agreed. So I was doing it with the kids but when it comes to me and Tony we weren’t really doing it. It’s like we got complacent. Like this is the schedule…we put the kids to bed, we watch tv, and we go to sleep. And yesterday I was like I really wanted to start doing this. So yesterday we started to read revelations chapter 6, and I told him the little bit about the 3 days of darkness that I knew. And he said he never knew about the seal thing because he was never taught that at church. so we read revelations chapter 6 and a little bit of chapter 5. We finished and we both agreed that we are going to start doing this everyday and that we really need to get on the ball with this as a family. So I went to sleep and I had a dream. And the dream seemed like it was focusing on me, mom, and joan(my sister in law). It started off early in the day, we were out in public, and I noticed that everyone was looking at the sky. And they were saying it looks like a sunset!! It looks so pretty! We all looked up and you know how if you look at a sunset it has pink and orange hues? Like those really pretty sunset pictures. It looked like that. That is what the sky looked like and I thought to myself “why does the sky look like this if its earlier in the day? it’s not even afternoon yet…it is early….” In the dream a lot of times I went from a 3rd person point of view to first, as if I was living it. So when I looked up at the sky, it looked like the colors started to melt and when it started to melt there was a darkness behind it. And mom and joan was like, “we have to go NOW!!” And I’m looking around and everyone was still saying, “oh my goodness look at the pretty colors!!” and my mom said “no no!! we have to go NOW!!” So we went to a place that looked like the outside of mom’s house but the inside wasn’t. The only thing that was the same was the living room. So we went to the house and mom and joan is blocking out the windows and they are getting the duct tape and blocking out every window trying to hurry up. And there was other people that was in there with us. I’m not exactly sure  who because the dream seemed like it was focusing on me, mom, and joan. The whole time joan is doing this, she has a baby in her arms that looked like it was emmanuel (her son). And the whole time at the house I’m holding mateo (my son). I didnt see the other kids or particularly anyone at that point. I just knew there was other people in there with us. So we went into mom’s living room where there was candles and we were praying. The darkness seemed like it was starting to spread. And there was a loud noise that didnt sound exactly like a siren…but you know how you hear the noise when a siren ends? That’s what it sounds like And at the end when the noise had stopped, it sound like hundreds of wailing and screaming outside!( the closest I can relate this to is equivalent to how many screams you would hear at a football stadium). We were in there continuing to pray in the living room with the candles lit and I was saying to myself “oh my goodness! oh my goodness!!” covering my ears because it was so much screaming. I would say throughout this whole dream, I probably woke up 2 or 3 times and everytime I woke up ,the dream continued where it left off. So in the dream everywhere was dark but in the room there was light from the candle and every so often I would hear a knock on the door and it sound like familiar voices saying to open the door. And the people that was in there with us was saying “oh thats so and so!! open the door” and joan said “NO! thats not that person, do not open the door” and I explained to my brother that the way that joan talked in the dream, I never seen her this way before. The joan that we know is playful and silly. in the dream her face was stern and she talked direct when telling everyone not to open the door that is not that person. So every so often whatever was out there was imitating saying “its me! it’s me!” There was a moment that I noticed that my other brother shon was there and my dad. And if you look at the window even though it was blocked off it looked like light was coming up above the blinds. you can tell that it looked like daylight without actually looking out the window. The people started to say it’s light outside! and joan said no again and the people again said it’s light outside! it’s over! and they left out the house and as soon as they did it immediately went black outside again. and whatever was out there got those people because you could hear the screams. It was like it was tricking them to make it seem like it was daylight again. but it was not. The people in there were not listening. After that I noticed people was keeping track by their watches and said oh its officially 3 days now. the whole time we were in there we were praying and the people wanted to leave. joan once again said “no just because its 3 days does not mean its over. it is over until god says it is” again they didnt want to listen, they wanted to check on their family and friends saying no no its been 3 days. they started ripping off what was on the windows and started going out the windows and ran. they didnt get that far from the house and froze and their demeanor changed. and joan said “cover the windows!!!” and her and my mom started working on it and my mom told me to look away because I was holding my baby and to not look out. I turned away and closed my eyes. My view in the dream was changing from first person point of view to 3rd. I dont know how my mom and joan managed to cover up the windows because the people that went out there went crazy and was trying to run back in. The people pulled my dad out the window and my brother shon went out the window after him. somehow my mom and joan was able to block the window and not be affected like those people. I specifically remember joan was briefly able to stick her head out the window to fix it and i remember there was a light to both of their eyes. (the light was really all over them but its like i could see a reflection of it on their eyes. this is why my brother said that the bible talks about god putting his glory on us). Even the way that joan Moved was different. It got to the point where my mom told me to go. Me in the dream didnt see my dad get pulled out the window. she said go to another room so I was going through the house trying to find a place that didn’t have windows. As I was trying to find a place I heard something that sound like footsteps of a horse. So I stopped and looked around the corner and it was a skeleton of a horse walking in the hallway and the place where someone would sit on the horse was draped with grey cloth. I didnt know what it was. I went to another room it was dark but had candles in it. and I sat in there and my dad was in there. In 3rd person view im thinking to myself I thought i seen him get pulled out the window and the dream jumped to 1st person. My “dad” was staring at me and his head went all the way to the side and he said “ohhhh you have a baby???” and I thought to myself why is he asking me this?? He started walking towards me and his body was twitching and contorting. it was not normal! and I thought my goodness its not him!!! and mom and joan came into the room and said “sarah!!, shon and your dad is out there!” and I said but he is right here!! and they both looked at him. Whatever it was he kept walking towards me and he said “look at me!! Look At Me!!” The closer it got the more its voice was distorted. I woke up out of my dream (now for the 3rd time) and I laid there for a second and I felt like something fling and hit me. When I looked to the side I seen my husband’s face towards me but his body was turned away. And since the navy he has suffered from sleep paralysis (since i’ve been praying these sleep paralysis episodes have not been happening at all anymore) His arms were flinging outward and he was gasping for air, I thought he was dying! I called out his name and grabbed his face. He began to cry and then calmed down and turned over and went back to sleep. I laid back down and I said “please god this is enough. I get it, I dont want to dream this anymore” but when I went back to sleep,  the dream picked up right where it left off. And that thing was screaming “LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!!!!” and somehow my mom and joan was able to make it go away. At the end of the dream, after that moment, I said how were you guys able to briefly look outside and not get affected. Mind you they didnt run outside in the darkness but I mean to briefly patch up the window, they were not affected. And my mom looked and said to me, you could not do that because you are not where you need to be at with God. And then I woke up. The last thing you hear on the audio before it cuts off is my mom saying “wow and she doesnt even know” This is because I see the videos that you posted or hear the dreams joan had that they’ve already seen/heard.

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