Peter Schiff Warning : Get Out Of The Markets NOW !!

Peter Schiff Warning : Get Out Of The Markets NOW !!

All the big money players are just waiting for the signal to pull their funds out of public stocks and collapse the markets.

Thinking it will be a few months before the next federal election in November 2020.

The banksters snagged the power to print money out of thin air.

They print trillions and “loan” it to their bankster buddies, who put the debt on their corporations for stock buybacks and take the profits for themselves.

For some reason, that doesn’t support the economy, and things continue to get worse.

So do it all over again, and again, and again. What could possibly go wrong?
You want to know why the market is this high?
If we remove corporate stock buybacks and showed the real growth rate, along with a real interest rate of 7-9%, the market would be around 15000.

The buybacks represent 5 to 1 in-stock buys or 500% of market activity.

What’s Holding Up The Market is Debt. It is debt that the bankers never intend to pay it back, so they print more and more, And one day the serfs will see the money is worth nothing, Financial News,economic collapse,coast to coast am,robert kiyosaki rich dad poor dad,rich,ww3,deutsche bank,Stock Market Crash,market crash,zerohedge,x22report,money GPS,SGT Report,Dahboo77,Epic Economist,documentary,Greg Mannarino,Negative Rates,Peter Schiff,peter schiff podcast,peter schiff was right,peter schiff 2019,peter schiff show,peter schiff gold,peter schiff gold vs bitcoin,peter schiff joe rogan,repo,QE and the banks are insolvent scammers. What happens on the day the “markets” reengage the public debt?
And corporate debt.
And personal debt.
It’s game over !

Meanwhile, cluelessness abounds!

More debt is an essential feature of this particular financial system. Debt is the only way money is created.

No debt equals no money.
And how will the interest on this ever-increasing debt ever be paid?
It will never be paid off. Never.

It is not a bull market ; it is a QE induced inflation in asset prices.

The stock market is obviously being kept up by some artificial means so that the fat cats can finish passing the bag to the retail investor and go on an extended vacation .
No other way to explain this lunacy. Buybacks and central banks.
Enough said.

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