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PRAYER WARRIORS RISE UP! Please Join And Pray Against A Concerning Imminent Terror Attacked Planned Against The People In Kenya

PRAYER WARRIORS RISE UP! Please Join And Pray Against A Concerning Imminent Terror Attacked Planned Against The People In Kenya


Precious Saints,

I few weeks ago The LORD showed an imminent danger about certain terrorist activity being planned to be executed in Kenya.

And then today December 28,  2019, yet again I have seen the same plot in a dream of The LORD and He is warning, and I think a fair warning comes with good counsel.

And so we need to pray and share this out if possible with our security organs, The LORD has warned in the past and we can’t ignore this one too.

Now let me first describe the dream I had earlier this month, the first week of the month,  I cannot remember the date but its either 4th or 5th… or around there.

The LORD took me to a certain place in the dream so he makes me to walk on certain road, the place has some locals and I can also see homes, like you are walking on certain road and you know how Kenyans homes are, the majority of middle class never fenced their homes so you literary see homes one home after another by the road side

I could see Kenyan homes.  But then as I walked on this tarmac road, okay, let me not forget another thing that I see.

Well I see the soil its sandy and appear dusty like coast outline.  But now as I continue to walk The LORD makes me know that there are evil people around there and they are planning from to attack.

He makes me know that they have planned it for sometime now so he literary makes me to go and search for them and find out.

So as I walk down the road I see a house.  Again let me describe.

I see a house that is a little bit low very low such away that when you are walking on this road all you see is the roof of the house the corrugate-iron covered house I am also able to see that there are overgrown trees that are around the place so you see its like home but its busy and one needs to climb down to get to this house.

And I hear The LORD.

Because in the inside of me He makes me aware that the house is being used for something, a plan so I become very very terrified and begin to take another route but I wondered how they could be planning from a place that is well visible.

Now as I take another route it becomes very fearful so I walk away faster , I walk and quickly come out of this place.

And then as I look I see the Kenya military truck on the same road.  It’s like they are on patrol whether they are reacting from gathered intelligence I don’t know, but I see them around there.

I also see a group of certain army personnel — either army or police training — and I have totally moved out of this place so these are things that now The LORD makes me see concerning the Kenya Armed Forces.

And we know that they have always been on high alert so I see that they are somehow prepared but I don’t really think they are reacting to intelligence concerning what I see here or just a normal security routine.

And there is also at some point where there is a little bit of symbolism.  Because there is a place that The LORD takes me still within the dream at some point next to the house that I have described and I see there are so many fruits.

So you see that this is advanced stage the fruitful stage of evil where it has been planned and they think it has to succeed.

We need to pray for Kenya particularly in the next coming weeks or months.

Precious people, now again today the night of December 28, 2019 The LORD once again shows me the same thing.

Today He caused me to walk in Kenyan homes and I see there are locals, these are people that live in mud houses, and I see these houses are also roofed with corrugate-iron.

I could see many of these houses and I was walking in homes and it’s extensive area and suddenly I find that the place is being attacked and I see a very terrifying sight to behold.

I was checking the homes and checking on the doors, I was very concerned that the locals did not lock the doors and that is the time fear struck and I found myself fleeing from the area.

So The LORD is giving a very definite warning.

We need to pray, because I see at some point the attack is averted when we pray though the enemy is targeting, but we need to pray and stop the forces of darkness.


~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Alert for Prayer Concerning Imminent Terror Attack in Kenya

BREAKING NEWS: 4,000 Paratroopers Ordered To Prepare For Rapid Deployment Within The Next 96 Hours …..Happy New Year! You Ready??

BREAKING NEWS: 4,000 Paratroopers Ordered To Prepare For Rapid Deployment Within The Next 96 Hours …..Happy New Year! You Ready??

BREAKING NEWS: 4,000 paratroopers Ordered to prepare for rapid deployment to Middle East

BREAKING NEWS: 4,000 paratroopers Ordered to prepare for rapid deployment to Middle East


The U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division’s alert brigade has been issued orders to deploy rapidly to the Middle East following an attack on the American embassy in Baghdad by a pro-Iranian mob.

At least 750 paratroopers are already making their way to the Middle East, with additional forces preparing to deploy over the next several days.

‘This deployment is an appropriate and precautionary action taken in response to increased threat levels against U.S. personnel and facilities, such as we witnessed in Baghdad today,’ said Secretary of Defense Esper.

A total of 4,000 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne’s Deployment Ready Brigade have been put on notice for imminent deployment in the next 96 hours.

The snap deployment comes amid rapidly rising tensions between Iran and the U.S. and a series of violent tit-for-tat escalations between the two countries.

On Tuesday, some 6,000 pro-Iran Shiite militia fighters stormed U.S. embassy in Baghdad, set walls ablaze and chanted ‘Death to America!’ in a violent retaliation for American air strikes. There were no reports of American casualties, and the attack was repelled after 100 Marines rapidly reinforced the compound.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the attack an act of ‘state-sponsored terrorism’ in an interview with CBS News, and President Donald Trump vowed that the Iranian government will be held ‘fully responsible’ for the attack.

Pompeo said in a statement that the attack was ‘orchestrated by terrorists’ and ‘abetted by Iranian proxies’, tweeting pictures that he said showed US-designated terrorists with Iranian ties outside the embassy.

The attack on the embassy was is in retaliation for US air strikes on the Iran-backed Kataeb Hezbollah on Sunday night, which killed two dozen fighters. Those strikes were in retaliation for last week’s killing of an American contractor at a U.S. base in Kirkuk.

BREAKING NEWS: 4,000 paratroopers Ordered to prepare for rapid deployment to Middle East



Prophetic Word: SEEK MY FACE (M. Goss)

Prophetic Word: SEEK MY FACE (M. Goss)

seek MY face – M Goss

seek MY face

Hello brothers and sisters this evening I was led by The Spirit with a sense of urgency to share 2 messages that I received in September & October of 2018. Also, when I opened up my notebook it opened exactly on the page, so it is a confirmation that I am to get this word out right now. May the Lord bless you and keep you all much love your sister in Christ

First message: September 17, 2018

The lines of reality are about to become very blurry. This is why I have said to seek MY face only, so you will know the truth and not deception. I will come quickly stand strong, stand firm.

Second message: October 2, 2018

Tell MY children
Tell them…
Why do you doubt?
Why do you look to the enemy for answers only I can give?
I have said to seek MY face only.
Will you not obey?
Seek MY face,
Seek MY will!
I will prepare,
I will deliver,
I will establish MY throne on Earth as it is in heaven. The battle is already won. MY kingdom will come.
MY will, will be done!
Seek truth, speak truth, love truth.


Iraq Embassy Is NOT Benghazi 2 (roypotterqa)

Iraq Embassy Is NOT Benghazi 2 (roypotterqa)


this is ANOTHER attempt to get us into war. it will enable the increased censorship of anyone who speaks out against unconstitutional actions…military, financial, internet, religious…
10 INSANE, COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL Things Millions Of Americans Believe As We Enter The 2020’s

10 INSANE, COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL Things Millions Of Americans Believe As We Enter The 2020’s

Ten insane, completely irrational things millions of Americans believe as we enter the 2020s

Image: Ten insane, completely irrational things millions of Americans believe as we enter the 2020s

(Natural News) The 2020s may one day be called the “decade of insanity,” given all the insane things believed by a surprisingly large number of people. The frantic beliefs of these people are, of course, driving them to the brink of insanity. We see this with Greta Thunberg and the climate change lunatics, who are all convinced the world will literally be destroyed in 10 years if we don’t stop using fossil fuels (that’s item #3, see below).

When the masses can be convinced that they are all going to die, they tend to become rather crazed and irrational. And that’s where we are today in America, no longer the “land of the free” but rather the “cesspool of the insane,” led by psycho-terrorism organizations known as CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times. They’ve all abandoned journalism and now prioritize carrying out acts of psychological terrorism (or what I’ve called “journo-terrorism”) against the American people.

READ HERE: Read my full list here.

Vision: Multiple Explosions In Rural Area (Monique Bizet)

Vision: Multiple Explosions In Rural Area (Monique Bizet)



Dec 29, 2019 10:45 PM
Monique Bizet

Hi brothers and sisters, I’m sharing a short vision that the I received on Dec 27, 2019.

I saw a highway that it’s in a rural area and I saw mountains in the back. It reminded me of one of the highways going to/from Vegas out in the countryside. Not sure that’s where this vision is but was similar. I saw 2 buses on the highway and I focus on them, then immediately as the buses are passing, in the pasture I see multiple explosions go off, at least 4 or 5 of them. I don’t know if this is an accident event with pipelines, or nuclear, but it was more than one. Again where this is I’m not sure. The Lord impressed on me to pray against this for this not to happen.

If this is Vegas, the Lord had given me a word a while back that Vegas is one of the places that will be judged by the Lord by fire!

Please take it to the Lord and intercede for mercy.

Vision- Multiple Explosions in Rural Area

Bless you brothers and sisters,

sister Monique

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DREAM 376: Enoch & Elijah: Prepare Your Houses (Sparrowcloud9)

DREAM 376: Enoch & Elijah: Prepare Your Houses (Sparrowcloud9)

Dream 376 – Enoch & Elijah:  Prepare your houses

Received Monday, December 30, 2019 (last day of Hanukkah)


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love.  Thank You for dreams with warnings.  I had a very intense dream early this morning…

Sub-dream 1 “Two very different trees” description begins…

There were two massive trees.  Between these two trees was a raging river.  Over each of the trees was a lampstand.  While one of the trees was very healthy, the other tree was quite sickly.  The healthy tree produced beautiful blossoms and then leaves.  This tree then bore amazing fruit.  The branches of this healthy tree fed into the three branches of the lampstand.  In turn, the three lights of the lampstand burned brightly.

In contrast, the sickly tree produced very little.  The blossoms were few.  When the leaves came, they were curled and dry.  When the fruit then arrived, it was scarce.  What little fruit this tree did produce was bitter, small and rotten.  The lampstand over the sickly tree produced very little light compared to the lampstand over the healthy tree.  I was then given the supernatural ability to see under the ground.

This was like x-ray vision, but with much more detail.  I was then able to see the beautiful roots below the ground of the healthy tree.  Below these roots was a massive rock.  However, this rock did not hinder the tree.  The roots were instead resting on this rock.  The rock was the foundation for these roots.  I then saw that the roots of the tree were also being fed by the river.  The water here was good and the soil was rich.

My attention was then drawn to the roots of the sickly tree.  The tree roots of this tree were dry and brittle.  I could see that there were three massive rocks impeding the roots from receiving good, pure water from the river…

  • The first rock crushed the roots
  • The second rock blocked the roots from living water
  • The third rock was very hot and scorched the roots

Because of what was at the foundation of the sickly tree, at the very roots, this tree was dying.  It was unable to produce enough to bring light to the lampstand.  While one of the lights were brighter than the other two, it was still dim.  The other one was even dimmer and the third had no flame at all.

As I stood looking at the sickly tree, a massive flame from the healthy tree’s lampstand shot up into the sky.  It looked like a column of light shooting up straight to Heaven.  I walked over to the healthy tree to get a closer look.  When I looked into the center flame of the lampstand, there was Jesus!  He was right there in the very center of the healthy tree’s lampstand!  I then heard the authoritative voice of the Lord all around me…


Previous Dream:

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The abomination has infiltrated the church all over the globe – Chris, Germany

This is a very profound message to the Church!  The imagery is powerful and yet another pronouncement by our Father.

Here are some scriptures and further direction regarding them as well as a Word from the Holy Spirit.

John 10:11-13 King James Version (KJV)

11 I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

12 But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep.

13 The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.

This is directed at those in ministry at the church who fed evil and cared nothing for your well-being.  They are busy doing less important tasks.  Your soul is not their concern.  Thus if they are about the business of the church (a corporation – which is what 501(c)3 is – I got my degree in the operation of non-profits (which does not mean they can’t have vast wealth, property and money making entities), as opposed to the ministering of the sheep.  If you are in a church do you have a shepherd or a hireling?  Nearly ALL churches have hirelings, especially those who have well established superior headship which pronounces what doctrines and practices they will follow!  COME OUT BELOVED!

Matthew 21:12-13 King James Version (KJV)

12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,

13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

Revelation 18:1-20 King James Version (KJV)

18 And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. 2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. 3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. 4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. 5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. 6 Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double. 7 How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. 8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. 9 And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, 10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. 11 And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more: 12 The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble, 13 And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men. 14 And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee, and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee, and thou shalt find them no more at all. 15 The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing, 16 And saying, Alas, alas that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls! 17 For in one hour so great riches is come to nought. And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off, 18 And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city 19 And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate. 20 Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath avenged you on her.

These are the scriptures that support this word, many churches are in business.  They are building monuments to their brand of Christianity and not focused on the needs of the church.

This scripture provides many insights.  It is rich with symbolism.  One we mainly focus on is the wealth of Babylon.  The capitalist system or even the religious system, which are very much represented in this portion.  A deeper look or a more vivid representation is the desire to be pleased in every fashion in our flesh!  Fornication is the ultimate rebellion against the purity of a sexual relationship in a covenant marriage.  It is not about giving it is about taking.  It is the opposite.

Why do you think Drag queens and those who commit homosexual acts are often called queens among their contemporaries!  They know who they are worshipping!  How come we don’t?  This queen demonstrates how most “Christian Music” has no anointing but it sounds pleasant to our ears and so we allow it.  We do not discern this false worship or we don’t care enough to challenge it. Thus the teaching found in 2 Timothy.  However, like the emperor with no clothes, this is no lady but a deceiver, a man with phony “tools” in more than one sense.  He uses decorations to deceive the body.

2 Timothy 4:3-4 

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

The Father expressly told me to speak “You say gay is okay.  I do not.  I call it an abomination!”


1 Corinthians 6:9-11 King James Version (KJV)

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

This is the word he gave me:

People twist my verse 11 by saying that if you are saved and in a committed relationship then this does not apply to you!  How dare you intentional misrepresent my living word, “effeminate” or abusers of themselves with mankind (this includes lesbianism and many other wickedness (bestiality, etc.), that you are well and good.  Your sin is okay!

Eleven is clear by saying “and such were some of you”, this is past tense, meaning they are no longer practicing these sins because, they are NOW washed and sanctified, now justified by the washing of the blood of Jesus.  You must not pick out only the portions that please you!  I will call into harsh judgment all churches that error in ignorance (for they have no excuse as it is plainly written) and I will unleash a greater punishment who created “sanctuaries of sin” for the express purpose of elevating this sin to entrap the lost, deceived and the wicked into believing a lie.  A false gospel to fellowship and glory luxuriously in their pagan worship, make themselves gods to be pleased and pleasured.  These pornographic acts of wanton disregard for purity and righteousness will soak those who glory in its wicked work.  You will come to despise and hate your flesh and those who partake in these evil acts, as I already due.  By that time, it will be TO LATE for you!  Do you think I will cast my pearls before swine forever!? Think again!  I stand at the door knocking.  This message is a warning and a rebuke!  You have to decide whether to continue to serve your flesh or serve me!  No man can serve two masters!  Those who claim salvation while committing these foul acts, are not serving me.  Quit fooling yourself and others with such lies.

Jude 7 King James Version (KJV)

Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

Matthew 6:23-25 King James Version (KJV)

23 But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!

24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

25 Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?

Romans 1:26-32 King James Version (KJV)

26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

 Furthermore, in Revelation 18, this abomination is actually mocking God.  By supporting all forms of wickedness (feeding that rat, an animal, who lives in filth) we are sowing evil unto our own soul instead of the Word and Righteous living!  We are so enticed by our riches that God is only a minor part of our lives (going to church but not really worshipping or caring what words we receive).  Thus a drag queen that sings scriptures that don’t have a central theme or convict us of sinful nature.  And no wonder if we allow anyone to minister (several well known artists have come out of the closet) plus, we know by looking at the words and the symbols on their albums other “Christian Artists” are not even saved!  Toby Mac sings praises to the Illuminati!  His album has the Eye of Horus on it.  Hello,is anyone awake?!

Matthew 7:6 King James Version (KJV)

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.