Dream 369: The God Of Mercy And Of Justice (Sparrowcloud9)

Dream 369: The God Of Mercy And Of Justice (Sparrowcloud9)

Dream 369 – The God of Mercy and of Justice

Received Sunday, November 17, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family, my husband and our children.  Thank You for the sound of laughter in our home.  It warms my heart and it is what I longed for from a very young age.  Thank You also for my awesome friends on the Nest, those who love me unconditionally and say kind things meant to encourage me when I am down.

Father, another door closed for us this week, yet one remains open.  Because of the one closing, it seems that You then presented some smaller opportunities to keep up our hopes.  Oh Father, we press on with full faith, hope and love in You.  I know that ‘all of Your promises prove true’ (Psalm 18:30).  However, so many things seem to be hanging in the balance right now.  We need You more than ever.

None of our children are experiencing success with their dreams right now.  My husband and I recently stepped in concerning a situation that occurred surrounding an attack against my older daughter.  This was while she was apprenticing at a local ministry through her school for credit.  Because of some issues with management, her school pulled her coop program.

This was very sad as my daughter really loved what she was doing there.  I am guessing that she was so successful that the enemy was angry and wanted it stopped.  The decision on whether she goes back or not revolves around a board, so it will be up to them.  What they do with the ministry will determine whether they have her back.  They are supposedly doing this to ‘protect’ her, but it doesn’t feel like it.

It is truly heartbreaking to see a child go from sadness to watching God opening door after door to then watch it all taken away, none of it her fault.  This all happened unbelievably fast, over a sixty-day period.  It looks even worse that some may feel it was her fault, but her arrival there just happened to coincide with some changes that the board had already set into motion before she even joined there.

Father, there seems to be little or no truth these days.  Since the enemy was granted permission on December 23, 2012, he has been on a non-stop campaign against the land.  There has been an unbelievable number of events that have happened during this timeframe.  If someone had told me ten years ago that these kinds of things would be happening, I would have disagreed with them.

Well, it is!  Yes, here we are.  Father, where are You in all of this?  I know that You do not dwell in the midst of evil, so, where are You?  Are the angels finished weighing evil and measuring the land?  Please do not forget about those who love You, Father.  You are the God of Truth.  However, from an earthly perspective, the father of lies appears to be prevailing over the airways, radio, internet, television and even print.

Does anyone see what is happening anymore unless You reveal it to them?  Our freedoms are being taken away by a false narrative of fear meant to eventually strike down Your people and close Your churches.  Father, my heart is breaking.  The news is truly horrific, locally, nationally and globally.  The churches have dumbed down the Gospel and have made Your altars a place for ‘milquetoast’ sermons.

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