Pray This: Matrix Of Protection Against Malevolent Spirits (Behold I Come)

Pray This: Matrix Of Protection Against Malevolent Spirits (Behold I Come)

Behold I Come


Posted: 18 Nov 2019 06:35 AM PST


Father, we come before You in prayer to thank You that the earth is Yours, and the fullness thereof! We enter into Your gates with thanksgiving and Your courts with praise. We praise You because You are worthy, holy, righteous, and just, and we are fearfully and wonderfully made! We plead the blood of Yahushua over ourselves, our dwelling place, our current/future spouse, our vehicles, our technological devices, our finances, every bit of provision presently coming to us, and everything under our stewardship. We pray that Your heavenly hosts, Your angels, would guard this dwelling place above and below, on every side, high into the third Heaven, and deep into the earth below, and guard us against every dimensional access point in Yahushuas’ name.

** This paragraph is to be prayed for those suffering from dissociation, or alters, multiple personalities etc. ** (We command any and every alter or part of us that would attempt to go out of the body, or work in any way inside the body, to bring sabotage, create havoc or ruination, including operating in collusion with the enemy (both known and unknown, seen and unseen), to be immediately apprehended, isolated, and put to sleep in Yahushuas’ name. We thank You, Father, for sending Your heavenly hosts, Your angels, to facilitate these actions.)

You are our Refuge and our Fortress, our God, and in You will we trust. We thank You that You set a hedge of protection round about us, and that no plague will come near our dwelling. We thank you in advance that every curse, hex, vex, spell, incantation, voodoo, sorcery, form of witchcraft, dark art, or other form of weaponized demonic activity sent against us would be reversed upon the heads of the non-human senders seven-fold, that they would know that Yahushua is Lord.

We pray that every human spirit, fallen angelic spirit, or otherwise malevolent spirit attempting to come against us or my household would be apprehended by Your heavenly hosts, such that they cannot so much as set foot upon this property. We pray that they would be escorted out to Yahushua for judgment, pierced through with many arrows, and discomfited by Your lightning in the process, that they would know that Yahushua is Lord.

We cancel and render powerless all attempts at mind-to-mind communication, thought and dream manipulation, and all other forms of psychic, telepathic and technological intrusion in the name of Yahushua. In the spirit, we establish a matrix of protection around ourselves, our family, both spiritual and natural, and our realm that hinders and blocks any and every attack of technology and physical waves of all sorts, including sound, EMP, EMF, radiowave, microwave, light wave, gamma wave, and all other wave forms.

We declare that this matrix also acts as a filtration system for any corrupt or contaminated food, drink, air, or gases of any sort. In addition, we infuse this matrix with the blood of Yahushua, and deploy the heavenly hosts to reinforce it. We proclaim that it is effective throughout all realms and dimensions, past, present, and future, to eternity, in the heavens, upon the earth, within the sea – it’s paths and habitations, and under the earth. We ask You Father to reconnect, reestablish, and take dominion on our behalf over the ancient paths.

Amen and amen.


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5 Replies to “Pray This: Matrix Of Protection Against Malevolent Spirits (Behold I Come)”

    1. Julie Whedbee is one of God’s watchmen and has been with him for most of her whole life. We are to pray more than just the Lord’s prayer. You cannot defeat the enemy forces with just
      the Lord’s prayer. People need to wake up. Spiritual warfare calls for a lot more prayer; the witches and warlocks are praying tons of prayers against God’s people. We must shut them down.

      never heard of Dan Duval. I know whom the Lord leads me to and I follow that. I am a heavy intercessor and I know warfare is much more than what you speak of.

      1. I agree Julie is a watchman. Her prophecy about the three days of darkness definitely spoke to me. But none of us are perfect – I’m not. We should always test the spirits.

        Look at what Psalm 91:1-2 says about God’s protection:

        “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress;
        My God, in Him I will trust.'”

        When we dwell in the secret place with Him (draw near to Him and hear and respond to His voice) and trust that He is our fortress, God protects us automatically. He protects us from everything – terror, arrows, pestilence, plague, etc. We don’t have to pray elaborate prayers that name every kind of electromagnetic wave or type of witchcraft. His protection is complete. We can rest in that.

        What motivates us to pray these elaborate prayers? Is it simple faith in God that He will protect us according to His word, or is it a desire to control everything in our life and circumstance? The fleshly desire for control is the root of witchcraft. Remember that suffering and tribulation are part of following in the footsteps of Christ. We can pray the enemy cannot touch us beyond His will for us, but we need to be okay with suffering too. “He who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin.” – 1 Peter 4:1

        Ephesians 6 tells us what spiritual warfare is. It’s seeking and loving the truth, walking in righteousness, standing on the gospel, having faith, actively using God’s word, praying at all times, and persevering.

        Blessings, Mike

        1. I really believe it is up to God to tell each person since some are heavy duty intercessors and they do pray differently than the average person. It is a calling on their lives.
          I don’t think we should automatically think everything is demonic or allowing demons in by praying them. If a ministry has gone to that side, shame on them.
          Like I said, it depends on the calling one is called. What about those that change nations outcomes…do they just say a little tiny prayer and that is it?
          I don’t think so. Did Jeremiah just say a little prayer each day or did he have to travail and pray, pray, pray hard against the enemy’s tactics?

          The fight is intense between good and evil but let the Holy Spirit guide each person.

          the best intercessors do MAJOR damage to satan’s kingdom and if one is not getting attacked to the extreme then maybe they need to up their warfare prayer. Satan does not bother
          those that say a little prayer each day. There are men/women sent to different states to speak over each state too and intercede and that means major warfare too against satan’s
          kingdom and they do it as they are led by God.

  1. Julie has been given some great words from the Lord, but I caution against starting down this path I took a class with Duval and regularly prayed these types of “advanced prayers.” I noticed in many ways I was using them as a self made control and they became a religious work (earning God’s protection) and function a bit like a “charm” of protection. While it seemed innocent at first, starting with solid bible verses it quickly progressed to focusing on Satans names and various principalities and endless other formulaic prayers. I think that can open the door to darkness. While scary times are coming, I have come to peace and to trust God for wisdom through His spirit what to pray and when. Jesus in Gethsemane humbly prayed, not my will but thine be done and Jesus accepted suffering that God allowed. The Lord is teaching me what to rebuke and when and to keep focusing on Him and not the darkness or my fear. He freely grants His protection to His people who are not walking in rebellion. Think David versus Saul. “And the Lord will deliver me from every evil work” (1 Timothy 4:12).


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