A Praise Report And An Attack By Satan Soon After (Ms. Sophie)

A Praise Report And An Attack By Satan Soon After (Ms. Sophie)


10/13/2019 I went to a grocery store here to get a few things and this Spanish man walked by me a couple of times and he said hello. I said hello and second time he walked by me I started talking to him and sensed I was to have him say a repentance prayer and he did without any reservation. Was eager to do so. As I was speaking to him I could feel the Holy Spirit rising in me and afterwards too; a very warm feeling. Anyway, the wife comes around the aisle and did not seem too pleased I had talked with her husband. I talked with her and talked about Yeshua (Jesus) and then went on my way.

So I leave and I know this was a divine appointment and He orchestrated this whole meeting. The Holy Spirit had this man come by me again so I would talk to him. This man seemed drawn to want to also speak with me so you know that is nothing I did but what the Holy Spirit had done. I could tell he loved Jesus and seemed like a rather gentle soul.

Later, I asked Father if this man was truly sorrowful and did get saved because many say a repentance prayer but it means nothing and they are still not saved. I was given confirmation that he was really saved now and I did explain that it was a journey and not just a one time event and to repent daily etc. I have done this with a few others and didn’t always feel that warmth of God’s Spirit in me afterwards but with this man I did. To me, that confirmed he was genuinely asking for repentance and knew He needed God’s forgiveness.

Many simply believe they are fine with God and God is fine with them and in churches they do not truly teach about repenting with your mouth. They are just without knowledge of it. The repentance prayer is helpful that it starts a journey for someone who is truly seeking the Father but has not been told you have to do this. You can’t just read the Bible and say you are in.

He was very pleasant and I say Halleluyah and PRAISE YAH. I do believe this one does seek after him from what he was telling me but just had never known about having to profess it with his lips.


On 10/18 I go to the same area/parking lot of the store I was at when I met the gentleman that got saved and I get out of my car there is a man and woman holding this dog, who happened to be the same mix of a dog I had years earlier. She was a jack Russell terrier and Heeler mix and pretty and they said she was wandering around that parking lot and must have been doing so for days. So I figured since there was no collar on her (he said it looked like a collar had been on her and someone took it off) I would be nice and buy her one. I go into Dollar General there and buy her a collar and a lease. The lady goes in and had bought her 2 cans of cheap dog food and opened both big cans and let her just eat them both really fast.

Now what to do right? What would you do? Well, I do love animals and she looked a lot like the one I had years ago I figured I would help get her a home and I take her to my vet in town. Asked if they could keep her overnight and they said they don’t board them. So led to another place; go there and again since they didn’t know if she had shots already I couldn’t board her there so they give me a name of a place; I drive there and they tell me about the adoption place but I can’t go there because they won’t be there until Saturday. I have no choice so I take her home. Next day I took her to the adoption place to leave her there but I felt bad about that and so I take her home because that night before she seemed fine.  I was wondering what to name her and I hear Sasha but the first thing I think of is Obama’s daughter is named Sasha (first red flag). I don’t like that name but just figured I would call her by that name.

Okay, here is the good part. She comes here and she turns out to be the dog from hell; wouldn’t leave my side, pulled on me hard as I walked (was hurting my back). Those dogs are extremely strong and herder dogs. So she kept wanting to be in my bedroom at night and I had to leash her because she was going after my cat who was petrified of her. I took her for long walks at the park and she kept trying to chew the leash off. I got her a harness and within like 3 days she somehow chewed that right in two. So she is hard to manage at this point. Went to Lowe’s and bought those heavier ties to a post so she could at least hang out in the yard. Put a big metal stake in that you turn and turn deep into the ground and attach that to it so she can run but not run from the yard (no fence here).

Lo and behold, I am stressed out because it is going on a week now and this dog I had to keep taking her out, I got barely any sleep, she was a total distraction and I couldn’t spend time with God like I did normally. The last straw was that this dog Sasha had dug and was just about to get free from that post out back so now what to do?

It is now Saturday morning and said “enough is enough” and took her in and I just signed her over to them. Now don’t worry they don’t euthanize them but this Sasha needs a lot of acreage and children to be around. Ironically she didn’t bark like she did the week before and didn’t even notice when I left.

Again, I knew something was wrong. I should have let her go the Saturday before but I figured I would try to foster her and see how it went. I asked Abba what that was all about and He told me satan sent her my way to keep me from Him (paraphrasing). I also found out that dog had a demon in it. Yes dogs do get demons in them. How did I know this? I knew this when I took her to that adoption center and she was calm as can be and I wondered why. I get home and my cat has the demon in her now. I was led by the Holy Spirit how to cast it out and finally after awhile in the middle of the night no less, I got it out of her and it finally left. Whew! (A Teaching from the Holy Spirit on how to do this).


Apparently we should be careful taking in animals and people into our homes unless the Holy Spirit specifically says to. I thought I was doing a good deed and it was okay and didn’t ask first. My mistake there. Also found out that satan sends them to us to “keep an eye on us” …what we are doing, saying etc. Demons report to their master satan and since he cannot be everywhere at once like God can he sends them to us. I call it “a watcher”.

So whether you believe this or not, I had a lesson to be learned here and a week of hell. Now when that demon left her someone else probably adopted her right away and she is with a loving family.

I asked Father if they were the owners of that dog and I think he said yes but …..

So be careful out there. Satan does not just send people to you.

All praise to Yah once again though because I asked Him to help me get in and out of that place and not have to spend hours there and he did. Lesson learned. I SHOULD HAVE asked the Holy Spirit whether I was to take her at all or not.

(I have noticed in my walk if we bring the lost to Him then somehow, some way satan will send one of his or more your way and find a way to cause trouble in your life. In the past he has attacked my physically where I got hurt or goes after me mentally and emotionally to make me feel down and depressed). These also I think are training so we start to recognize the signs that satan throws at us too. I am a work in progress always; aren’t we all?

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