Month: November 2019

Red Alert: Supreme Court Rules Against 2nd Amendment In Devastating Opinion

Red Alert: Supreme Court Rules Against 2nd Amendment In Devastating Opinion

Red Alert: Supreme Court Rules Against 2nd Amendment in Devastating Opinion

This ruling is designed to systematically bankrupt every gun manufacturer in the United States & destroy all manufacturer liability protections when third-parties misuse product

The US Supreme Court denied a request to review a case against Remington Arms, a ruling which overturns the very foundation of society by making companies guilty of behavior by end users:

Dream 368: God To Soon Breathe Life Into Us (Ezekiel 37) (Sparrowcloud9)

Dream 368: God To Soon Breathe Life Into Us (Ezekiel 37) (Sparrowcloud9)

Dream 368 – God to soon breathe life into us (Ezekiel 37)

Received Monday, November 11, 2019 (Remembering our veterans)


Dear Father,

I am thankful for You and my heart is glad!  It has been a busy morning of animal and bird activity.  For the second day in a row, I have seen something unbelievably rare.  The first time was yesterday after I had dropped my older daughter off for an event.  I was driving down the highway to the gas station before going home and there, flying directly at my car and only about eight feet off the ground, was a bald eagle.

That in itself is remarkable, but not ‘that’ remarkable.  What made this ‘that’ remarkable was that a small bird was riding on the eagle’s back.  I gasped!  As it approached my car, the eagle changed direction and shot up straight into the sky.  When it did this, the small bird separated from it.  The little bird then flew after the eagle.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I just know that this was a sign!  Thank You, Jesus, as how could it not be?

Okay, now here is the really, really awesome part!  This morning, it happened again.  While out in my yard, an eagle was flying straight towards me.  Once again, I looked in complete amazement when I saw a little bird riding on the eagle’s back.  I had a huge smile on my face as I watched it flying past me with this little bird passenger.  I was absolutely floored by this and still am!


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Short Word: You Will Not Find Me In Your Churches (Frances Sturgill)

Short Word: You Will Not Find Me In Your Churches (Frances Sturgill)

You will not find Me in your Churches… – Frances Sturgill

You will not find Me in your Churches…

November 06, 2019
Frances Sturgill

“You will not find Me in your Churches for they cannot contain My glory in their present form. You will not find Me in your Schools for your laws have made it illegal to read the Bible. You will not find Me in your government for they wish and work towards extinguishing Me from your society. In essence, you have thumbed your nose at me and said we do not need you. You will find Me in small cottages where My life, light, and word are received with gladness and shared with all that will receive it.

Tell Me, who will escape the storm, destruction, and death that is at your door even now?” fs


Word: “The Lord Is Sending His Prophets In This Hour With Words Of Alignment” (Anita Alexander)

Word: “The Lord Is Sending His Prophets In This Hour With Words Of Alignment” (Anita Alexander)

“The Lord is sending His prophets in this hour with words of alignment.”

Recently, I had a dream that a person called “Judah” was going deaf. I began to cry and say, “Nooooo!! He can’t go deaf. It will effect his destiny! He is called to music, his destiny entails sound.”

In the dream, I was so distraught as to how I could fix his problem as I knew that if he couldn’t hear properly, he couldn’t walk in his destiny.


The Lord showed me this dream was speaking to the House of Judah. This is not a word for the religious (Saul’s House), or the lukewarm, but this is a warning to those who are in David’s House, those who are in pursuit of the King and His Kingdom.

How is Judah in danger of going deaf?


“The Lord is sending His prophets in this hour with words of alignment.”




Dream: Bloody Racial Civil War Coming To The United States (James Bailey)

Dream: Bloody Racial Civil War Coming To The United States (James Bailey)

Prophetic dream warns of bloody racial civil war coming to the United States.

In a dream two nights ago, I saw a terrible wide-scale civil war between blacks and whites raging throughout the United States. For whatever reason, none of us seemed to have access to guns, so the war was being fought with knives and it was gruesome and bloody. The fighting seemed to go on and on with many casualties. I recognized the knife I was holding as a steak knife from my own kitchen.

At one point, a man in our camp was very troubled by what he saw, so he started questioning whether or not it was right to participate in the fighting, even for self defense. His views were not well received so there was division even within our own group. Although I was participating in this war in the dream, I would not do so in real life. I believe the purpose for this dream was to sound the alarm so we can avoid this tragic scenario by recognizing we are being led like sheep to the slaughter by demonic entities seeking our destruction


Prophetic dream warns of bloody racial civil war coming to the United States.

Prophetic Word: “Now The Bride Will Bring To Birth The Man-Child” (Christine Beadsworth)

Prophetic Word: “Now The Bride Will Bring To Birth The Man-Child” (Christine Beadsworth)

“Now the Bride will bring to birth the man-child.”

On the 21st September at 2:58 am, I was awakened and heard the Lord speak, “Now the Bride will bring to birth the man-child.”

I knew from the way it was spoken that the birth pangs had been going on for some time, but now the baby was going to emerge into full view. Immediately, I was reminded of Revelation 12 and the description of the woman with 12 stars on her head travailing to bring forth the man-child.

Now when the Lord said to me that it is the Bride who will bring forth the man-child, I was aware that until this event, the man-child company had been hidden within the Bridal company, secretly growing and maturing and that the completion of birthing would in effect bring separation and definition of two separate companies. No longer would there be confusion as to the identity of the two companies.

What is also profoundly important is that the man-child’s head emerges into the atmosphere fouled by the breath of the dragon. Immediately upon emerging, the hot sulfurous breath of the dragon is the first breath the man-child is exposed to. That air is filled with cursing and words of death and destruction, which, if allowed to bring forth fruit, would result in the death of the man-child. And then God catches this company up to a seated position at the throne, from which the man-child can view all subsequent events from God’s vantage point.

Once the man-child company is set in place in heavenly places, the Bride then flees to the place prepared for her and remains there under God’s protection for 1260 days. Of course, the dragon wishes to destroy her too with the river of death-words from his mouth, but she is protected and he turns his attention to making war on the remnant seed. These, however, have the testimony of Jesus and the power of the Blood of the Lamb and love not their lives unto death, so the dragon’s war is in vain.

Going by the statement spoken to me in the last minutes of the third watch of the night,  it seems evident that we are in the season of the emergence of the man-child company and therefore it is important to be aware that this emergence is not met by a trumpet fanfare, but rather the release of death threats and curses. Just as Herod sought to destroy Jesus by releasing a wide-reaching death decree, so too the enemy desires to wipe out the man-child company as they emerge from the birth canal. The eyes and ears of the man-child are exposed to the onslaught of strong witchcraft and death assignments, even as the shoulders of the man-child are still making their way through the narrow portal into full exposure. The war is on the mind and perhaps there is even the thought of longing for the safety of the womb of preparation as opposed to being birthed into this flaming battlefield. The catching up and setting in place at the throne level then restores peace and rest as things look very different when looking from God’s vantage point. But this only occurs once the man-child has emerged in entirety and so there is a short season of being face to face with the dragon.

On Monday night, I attended a symphony concert to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Feast of Trumpets. As I walked with my friends towards the auditorium, a very smartly dressed young woman approached us and, indicating our shofars, asked if we intended to blow them at the concert. She expressed her excitement at attending and then said she hoped the shofars wouldn’t ‘do something’ to her when they were blown en-masse. She then held out her right arm and showed us two bracelets round her wrists. She was a high-level sangoma or witchdoctor! Then she turned and entered the seating area. It was somewhat of a shock to discover that within the Bridal company crowd, mostly dressed in white, there was a highly trained witch. I immediately knew the Lord had prompted her to reveal herself to us as we could then pray accordingly for any witchcraft to be cut off and rendered null and void and for her to be delivered.

This incident remained with me in the days following and I was aware that the enemy was going to be revealing what was up his sleeve, just as she had done; that the Sovereign Lord was going to be unmasking the hidden sources of witchcraft within the company who called themselves the Bride of Christ. He would be separating light from darkness (or counterfeit light) and labeling each according to its real character. In this way, the true Bridal company would be able to identify the source of the dragon’s breath up close and personal.

Keep your eyes on Him, knowing that you will be lifted out of this death breath atmosphere and set in place in the twinkling of an eye. Never return evil for evil, but on the contrary, blessing, so that you show you are sons of your Father in heaven, who rains on the just and the unjust. Make sure a river of life flows from your lips and do not under any circumstances lend your tongue to contributing to the flood emerging from the dragon’s mouth. Let God deal with those who curse you.


Prophetic Word/Vision: Your New Reality (Glynda Lomax)

Prophetic Word/Vision: Your New Reality (Glynda Lomax)

Your New Reality

Glynda Lomax

Prepare now for your new reality. Your new reality where nothing is as it used to be.  Your new reality where there isn’t enough of anything. Prepare, My people, for a new reality that is soon to be.

Something removed, something begins.

NOTE: I see a Dow Jones Average in the single digits, starting with an 8.  I saw whatever this is bankrupting millions. Job losses widespread and panic so deep, the Great Recession looks like just a recess.

Prepare, prepare!

Now you have all you need, but then all shall BE in need.  For there will not be enough of anything (Food and things that come from a particular nation).

Not enough money to buy anything – massive inflation. Not enough to do anything.

Prepare that it will be easier for you. Store food. Store goods you need. Use sparingly. You will be glad you did.

Proverbs 6:6-15

  • Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:
  • Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler,
  • Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.
  • How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep?
  • 10 Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep:
  • 11 So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, and thy want as an armed man.
  • 12 A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth.
  • 13 He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers;
  • 14 Frowardness is in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord.
  • 15 Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy.