LORD WANTS US TO DO THIS: Help On HOW To Pray Against Halloween (LibertytotheCaptives)

LORD WANTS US TO DO THIS: Help On HOW To Pray Against Halloween (LibertytotheCaptives)

How To Pray Against Halloween 


Someone wrote and told me that she and some other church members were going to pray at their church on Halloween. She asked me for some suggestions as to how to pray against Halloween. I wrote back to her with some ideas as to how to pray. I am posting them in the hopes that you will be encouraged to pray too.

Praise the Lord. I am so glad you want to pray on Halloween and that others will pray with you. I can give you some of the things we pray about before and during Halloween. I know the Lord will lead you too.

(1) Pray and ask God to prevent kidnappings of people for the purpose of human sacrifice on Halloween night. Pray that the individuals from generational witchcraft families who have been ritually abused and programmed for the purpose of human sacrifice would escape, become born again and delivered from spiritual bondage.

Also pray for that God would save the lives of people’s precious pets and other animals that occultists would like to slaughter for Halloween.

(2) Pray that those in the occult would not be successful in recruiting people into witchcraft, Freemasonry, and other branches of the occult through Halloween parties and recruitment goings-on during this time. (Witches target teens in particular.)

(3) Pray that Christians would heed the Holy Spirit’s conviction and be willing to admit to themselves that Halloween is not only not of God, it is opposed to God (antichrist). Ask God to help them understand that they are courting the God-sent delusion if they refuse to turn from this willful fellowship with devils. Pray they would repent of participating in Halloween and all occult-marked activities, occult-themed computer games, entertainment, and ministries.

(4) Have everyone in the group who is praying with you renounce out loud the times they participated in Halloween or any other occult related things, such as using tarot cards, ouija boards, reading occult-themed books, watching occult related movies, etc. All Christians need to do this as soon as possible after they are saved. Every bit of place (permission to afflict their lives) they gave Satan before and after they were saved needs to be taken away. They need to renounce all works of darkness (all the place they gave to the devil through touching the unclean thing) in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

(5) Pray that God would protect children from being spiritually harmed by eating candy that has been ritually cursed. All candy that is marketed and packaged for the specific purpose of use in the Halloween ritual is cursed (has devils attached to it). Some companies “bless” their own candy with their own particular brand of destruction in honor of Satan’s Halloween. Witches especially like to place their own specific curses on the candy before they hand it out to Trick-or-Treaters or give it to Christian children during their “Harvest Party.”

(6) Pray that God would arrange circumstances so that people who are being prepared for ritual human sacrifice would escape. Pray that God’s people will be willing to take them into their homes to protect them.

Ask God to cause Satan’s followers to fall asleep or otherwise fail to maintain vigilance so their captives can escape. Pray that God would work and perform miracles so they can get away. He is willing to do this and has done this mightily in the past in response to the prayers of his saints. God is against this evil and he does act if His people will believe his word and pray.

(7) Pray that God would prevent Satan from getting his human sacrifices in other ways such as purposely caused deaths in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, suicides etc.

(8) Satan’s followers conjure demons to work destruction on Halloween, especially. In fact, Halloween is the #1 prime time for Witches and satanists to conjure demons and send them on assignments. Pray in Jesus’ name for the cancellation of all manner of spells, curses and various incantations that will be done on Halloween night. Pray that curses to cause traffic accidents, fires, and all manner of planned disasters to cause the destruction of human life would be broken and not allowed to be fulfilled on this dark night.

(9) Pray that the people who escape would surrender their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and continue to grow in their knowledge and faithfulness to him.

(10) Pray that Satan’s followers (including Freemasons) would defect and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and help the victims who are being held to escape so they won’t be sacrificed. (Many generational witches and satanists (first born female) who were conceived and reared for this purpose are being held for human sacrifice. Pray that they, too, will be delivered to safety. God has done this before and will do it again.

(11) Pray that God would cover the escapees with his protection so they would not be found and killed. Pray that they would soon be born again and protected from being killed in retaliation if they come forward and speak out about these atrocities.

(12) Pray that God would intervene and create circumstances that will prevent the ritual human sacrifices from taking place.

(13) Pray that God would work in any way he deems necessary in order to stop the sacrifices, allow the victims to escape to permanent safety, and cause those who serve Satan to be in awe of power and holiness of the real God, the Most High of the Holy Bible and turn to him in sincere faith.

(14) Pray that those who regard themselves as faithful Christians –and yet “learn the way of the heathen” by celebrating Halloween or engaging in so-called “Halloween alternatives”— would see Halloween the way God sees it and repent. Ask him to do what is necessary to cause them to understand that by observing Halloween they are dishonoring God and actively giving Satan place in their lives.


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