Poem About The Vaccines You Allow Your Children To Take & What Is In Them

Poem About The Vaccines You Allow Your Children To Take & What Is In Them


Double, double, toil and trouble,

Fire burn and caldron bubble.

Canine kidney, monkey too,

Blood of calf, we’re not through.


Hamster ovary, formaldehyde,

Enough to corrupt their little insides.

Antibiotics, aspartame,

Overuse? We’re not to blame.


Avoid MSG in food it’s known,

But don’t forget to inject your own.

Remove their organs while they’re alive,

Murdered babies make business thrive!


Mix boys’ and girls’ DNA, treat or trick?

(Just don’t stop to question why you’re so sick.)

Portion of pig gelatin, chicken embryo,

The masses will believe it’s safe, you know.


Polyethylene glycol or antifreeze,

Bring those kids down to their knees.

Hormone disruptors, polysorbate 80,

Is this beginning to sound a bit crazy?


It’s proven these ingredients cause infertility,

But don’t worry about your children’s virility.

SV40- cancerous virus of monkey,

Fill them up, oh-so-junky!


Latex, mouse brain, E. Coli,

We’re not responsible when they die.

Three+ viruses at a time?

Overloading their system is fine.


Soy and sucrose and that’s not all,

Neurotoxic aluminum and sorbitol.

Thiomersal from mercury thrown in,

Even trace amounts cause harm within.


2-Phenoxyethanol, it’s on the label,

Look for yourself- this is no fable.

Glyphosate, don’t you dare spray,

But go ahead, inject away!


Salmonella, a dash of armyworm,

Is it enough to make you squirm?

“And it was good.” What was God talking about!?!

How foolish for Him to leave this all out.


Many other forms of contamination,

Refuse to use? Let’s mandate the nation!

Cancer and chronic illness on the rise,

Just be sure to divert your eyes.


Not protected? The answer is MORE!

First 5 doses, 28, now 74.

Remain silent while your freedoms are going,

As those doses keep ghoulishly growing.


Have a reaction? We’ll get away free.

Since 1986 we’ve had no liability.

If however, you value life & want to preserve it,

Stand up now, your children deserve it.


“Your merchants were the world’s important people. By their sorcery all the nations were led astray.”

Revelation 18:23

credit: Kristina Eicher



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