Word/Urgent Revelation: The Man Of Sin To Be Revealed (Robby Cousins)

Word/Urgent Revelation: The Man Of Sin To Be Revealed (Robby Cousins)

I think Obama will be shot during the Race War, see vision below:

URGENT REVELATION: “The man of sin to be revealed”

On the night of Sunday, September 2nd, 2018 as l was about to go to sleep, the Lord spoke clearly to me in the Spirit.
The communication flowed as follows:
First I heard: “Brain Damage”
Then I heard: “Head Wound”
Immediately I picked up what the Lord was saying to me and I asked: “Does this man even know that this is being planned against him?? The Lord responded: “If John F Kennedy had known he would have been sacrificed he wouldn’t have gone to give that speech”
The Lord continued: “Satan is about to mimic MY PERFECT sacrifice which I made on the cross for mankind”
REVELATION: The devil is about to sacrifice his chosen son of the end times who will be the Anti-Christ/Beast. This man will receive a head wound similarly to that of former USA president John F Kennedy. However; his wound will be healed through some form of demonic ritual which involves “Artificial Intelligence.” This man will not be the same person when he returns to gain power; but will be fully incarnated by satan, proclaiming to be God and the world will be marveled by him.
I will now leave the following scriptures below for persons to ponder on:
“And I saw one of his heads as if it was mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was healed. And all the world marveled & followed the beast”—-Revelation:13vs:3
“And he was given a mouth speaking great things & blasphemies, & he was given authority to continue for 42 months. Then he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His name, His tabernacle & those who dwell in heaven”—-Revelation:13vs:5-6
Warning to the entire world: Do Not worship the beast when he is revealed & Do Not take the RFID chip/Mark he will offer to buy & sell. Anyone who does will perish eternally in the lake of fire.
The End is here: Jesus Christ is Lord & Savior!!!
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  1. one of his heads.. …
    Father message received 22 July 17 by Sister Wendi Lee

    Soon there is coming a great day of My judgment coupled with the intensely last of the birth panges. So you say that you know that My judgment is coming, My wrath upon this (ONCE)!! great nation for it is no more. It is one of my breaths away from great calamity and destruction. What are you doing about getting ready my people? God Jehovah Yaheveh knows your complete willingness to ignore My signs. God Jehovah Yaheveh says to you “get your hearts in one with My Son”. My Son Yeshua is your hiding place. My Son Yeshua is your peace. My Son Yeshua is the One you can cling to when all is not making sense. My Son Yeshua despises the ignorance of society. My Son Yeshua will bring heaviness to the wicked like they have never imagined. My Son Yeshua loves His children that Father has given Him. My Son Yeshua will turn His face against the ones who are going to reject Him. My Son Yeshua yearns to have all of His chicks under His mighty and caring wings. My Son Yeshua is God Almighty Jehovah Yaheveh. My Son Yeshua gave up His freedom His Father’s bosom, His Glory, His liberty, His Godship (for a little season) for all who will call upon the name of Him Yeshua or Jesus. My Son Yeshua is indeed your best friend and He ever lives to make intercession for His saints. My children young and old learned and unlearned rich or poor know this one thing, God gave His life for each of you My creation. Now Father God Yaheveh just gave his Daughter My scribe a vision. In it I showed her where the Antichrist is at and the essence of him having his way with my disobedient children. But Father also showed her the beginning of his entrance. I will make the way for Obama to commit his treacherous works against My saints. However, My saints of the Most High, this has been written and should come as no surprise. Follow My Son He will alleviate any fear for this time coming up. Do I not raise up kings and depose kings? Father indeed has all control in My hand. Father is finished with this message. God Jehovah Yaheveh loves His little ones. Come and be refreshed and rejuvinated by My Son Yeshua. Father God Yaheveh has given these words to my true and dutiful daughter and scribe Wendi Lee.

    Sister Wendi recounted the vision that she received and she saw a maze as a puzzle and Obama was in the maze and he was going around and constantly bumping into the walls of the maze and could not find a way out. Then the scene changed and sister Wendi say a mushroom cloud and then saw Obama at the exit of the maze.


    This posting is similar because it mentions nuclear and antichrist obama


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