Prayer For Family Salvation (To Save Your Family) (EternalWorddotorg)

Prayer For Family Salvation (To Save Your Family) (EternalWorddotorg)

I know many of you and I as well keep asking Father to save our families and so here is one to say and you may want to say this each day over them. I usually pray for their salvation daily or every other day. Be Blessed by the prayer.


prayer for family salvation


Dear Holy Spirit of our Almighty God, please put you holy fruits in each of my family members, as your holy word of Galatians 5:22 proclaims, “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control”. My Lord, please renew our minds, set them according to the spirit, and not to the flesh, as your holy word of Romans 8:5 states, “Those who live according to the flesh, set their minds on the things of the flesh; but those who live according to the Spirit, set their minds on the things of the Spirit”. My Lord, please make us full of the fruit of your light, as stated in Ephesians 5:9, “for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness, and truth”.

My Holy Great One Father God, please put the seed of your holy love, into my family hearts. The power of love is greater than the things of the flesh, as proclaimed on first of Corinthians 13:4, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.” My Holy God, please make your holy love, be the main ingredient to power our lives.

My Lord God Jesus, please prepare our ways for my family to become your elects, so that we can live in goodness, as stated on Colossians 3:12, “Therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience”. My Holy Great One Mighty God, all the wisdom and goodness come from you, please help us to rid our lives, of the weeds of our old sin natures, that want to choke out the work of the Spirit. My Lord, please bring unity in my family, by making you, the center of our lives, let your holy wisdom be our guide, let your holy light be our lamp, let you holy word be our counselor.

My Lord God Jesus, please make of our hearts your home, my dear Holy Spirit, please make of our bodies your temple. My Lord Jesus, I gave you my soul and spirit, my heart and life, my home and family, please put my family to walk in the narrow road to salvation, as proclaimed on Matthew 7:14, “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it”. My Lord, Please make all the necessary arrangements in our lives, in such a way that my family members names can be written in the book of life, as stated in Revelation 21:27, “And there shall in no wise enter into it (the kingdom of heaven), anything that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie, but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life”.

My Lord God Jesus, I kindly ask you to please intercede for every member of my family, make your way into their hearts, make possible for all of them to change as you desire, make their thoughts be as yours, make their feelings be like yours. My Lord Jesus, I put in your holy hands, the salvation of every one of us, every one of our spirits and souls, and make your holy will be done into our lives, in my Lord Jesus name.

Now, in the name above all name, my Lord God Jesus Christ, Yeshua hamashiach, and by the divine power of his holy blood, I destroy all generational curses affecting my family, I destroy all spells, curses, witchcraft, and any kind of evil attacking my family. I make weak all demons, evil spirits, evil entities, I stop all help that these malefic beings have been receiving, I totally destroy their evil plans for my family, and I command all evil, all of them to leave me now, leave my life, leave my home, and leave my family, do not return, and do not send reinforcements, in my Lord God Jesus Christ name.

Almighty Holy Father God, please send your holy warrior angels, to make sure that all kind of evil, has departed from us, and seal my home and family to be holy. Thank you so much my Almighty Father God, my Lord God Jesus and The Holy Spirit, for your kindness and mercy. I pray all of these in the mighty name of my Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, Yeshua hamashiach, amen


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