Father God, I ask for the grace I need to forgive all who have ever hurt me. I ask to be representative of my family in receiving grace to pray, for all who have hurt any members of my family, individually or collectively. I ask forgiveness from all whom we have hurt. Heal us of all experiences that have made us feel guilty and ashamed, that have caused us to reject ourselves and to reject one another. Heal me of ridicule and of any incidents in my life, or in the lives of my family members that have made us feel unworthy or inferior. My Lord God Jesus, please surround me with Your holy light, and penetrate the very depths of my being with your holy blood. Let there remain no areas of darkness in me or in my family members, and transform our whole being with the healing light of Your love, in Jesus name. Open me completely to receive Your love my Lord Jesus. Thank You for being our family healer and my personal healer.
Beloved Father God and Shepherd of our souls, I also come to You with gratitude in my heart for the gift of family. I know You designed families to present a perfect picture of You and Your work. But so often, we are sorrowful people in shattered relationships. Sin and Satan have entered in to fracture our families and leave them in deep need. I pray for healing of family bonds. I ask you Father God to breathe your unity throughout each family. Where hatred reigns, let love prevail. Where anger rises, let peace endure. Where selfishness chokes, let sacrifice come forth. And where bitterness poisons, let the sweet balm of your Holy Spirit whisper truth, light and life. My Lord God Jesus, you know the deep needs of each family touched by this prayer. Some have relatives who don’t know You. Some have family members who don’t communicate with them anymore. Some have loved ones removed from them by death, illness, or the deceitfulness of sin. I ask for Your grace to allow each one to stand strong amid these trials, and for your mercy to flow in and through every unique situation. Please protect us from the evil one, and knit the hearts of our families together, even as you knit our own hearts more closely to yours.
Father God, my Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit, Please forgive me for anything I have done, to knowingly or unknowingly give place to the enemy. My family and the children You have given me are a gift from you Holy God. I repent for speaking negative things in my frustration, and allowing any word curses to be enacted over my loved ones. Right now I break the power of negative words, and ask that the power of those words and any lingering memories associated with those words, be broken over each of my family members in Jesus name. I repent and I renounce all unloving spirits, spirits of rejection, fault finding spirits, unclean spirits, spirits of lust, anger, impatience, inferiority, insecurity, fear, witchcraft and spirits of rebellion. I break the assignment of the enemy, and I bind these evil spirits in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ. I forbid them from operating against myself, or any of my family members in Jesus name. I appropriate the victory of Your cross and tell these spirits to obey the voice of Your servant. “I submit to the Lord Jesus Christ and I resist you, Satan. Leave me and my family at once in Jesus name!”. Holy Spirit, please release Your healing, Your love, and the ministry of reconciliation into my family. Please fill us with the love of God, a desire for purity, and with the fullness of Your Holy Spirit. Heal the hearts, minds, and belief system of each of my family members. Let Your truth replace the lies of the enemy. Give us revelation so that the enemy is defeated completely. My Lord Jesus, please cover me and my family members with your holy blood, to bring healing and total restoration in Jesus name. Let the respect, honor, loyalty and love be restored. Heal our emotions, our memories, our self-image, faith and our trust. In every area where there has been a breach, let it be healed and made whole, filled with your love and Holy Spirit, I pray all of this in the mighty name of my Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, amen.

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