FALSE PROPHET EXPOSED: Pope Summons World Leaders To Sign Global Pact (Pastor Doug Batchelor)

FALSE PROPHET EXPOSED: Pope Summons World Leaders To Sign Global Pact (Pastor Doug Batchelor)

Forcing people to worship their way and to program (re-educate) the children of the world. One World Religion is NEW WORLD ORDER…same thing. People get out of this religion and all religions; they are manmade. You don’t need a religion; you only need a relationship with God. Pope Francis is a Jesuit; read about them–you will see they do not follow Father in heaven at all. They follow Lucifer, (satan).

Hi friends,
Some significant things happened in the last few days that I thought would warrant producing another Prophecy News Update..
On September 12 the Vatican produced a YouTube video of the Pope reading a statement and issued an international news release. In his five-minute message he is calling world leaders to Rome May 14, 2020 to establish a “Global Pact” to reeducate the youth of the world regarding, among other things, how to save the planet. He references his 2015 encyclical on climate change that also addresses Sunday keeping.
Whenever the Pope calls for the religious and political leaders of the world to come to Rome and meet with him I get Revelation 13 goosebumps. I thought you might want to see this and please pass it on to your friends. Pastor Doug

The Pope just asked for the “One World Government” and “One World Religion”. Just say NO. God help us.
Hmmmm.. notice the date is THE DATE ISRAEL was reborn?
This Pope is an apostate and Catholics should remove him from his place.
Everyone go read the Jesuit Oath. It will shock you.
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  1. If you want to know the truth from an ex Jesuit Christian evangelist who was finally assassinated by Rome, read the account of Dr Albert Rivera that was published 40 years ago by Chick Tracts and whose 4 volumes are still found on the www. The only thing that is not factual is that Babylon is Rome. The first volume tells on how as a young boy he was training for the priesthood and was sent home as his mother a faithful member of the church was dying and she was lying on her bed screaming that they were coming for her. This shook young Alberto to the core since his mother was an extremely faithful catholic in Spain..The name of the first in the series is Alberto and then Double Cross.. Forty years ago I read the series and in the last two years was able to find them online in their original comic book format…Dr Rivera was a Jesuit in Spain and he spoke much of the atrocities done..


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