Testimony Of A Literal Battle Fighting Off Demons & Link To Julie’s Word Below (T. Andrew Farley)

Testimony Of A Literal Battle Fighting Off Demons & Link To Julie’s Word Below (T. Andrew Farley)

Testimony and link: (T. Andrew Farley)

Saturday 09/21/2019 around 11:30 a.m.

A few minutes ago sitting on my couch, resting and reflecting, I heard “Sister Julie”, very clearly in my heart and mind, from the Holy Spirit. (He has used her a lot with me for years, in speaking to me and many times in clear confirmations of things going on in my life.)

A few nights ago, there was a spiritual attack in or against my household, so to speak. God allowed it, and of course as always is using it to bring me/us out the other side, STRONGER IN HIM!

That said, the night this was happening I finally went to bed, it was late…2 hours later at 3:15 a.m., I woke up from an intense dream and literal battle in the night. I RARELY dream anything significant, and this was not a “dream from God”, I was attacked. I really only remember bits and pieces, but many monsterous creatures or demons were coming against me (and some of my loved ones) from multiple directions, but I was fighting them, without fear.

It was intense, that’s the word for it.

I woke up and looked right at my clock, it was 3:15 a.m. I immediately recalled what had been going on, and I FELT and HEARD spiritual forces still swirling around my head, literally, it’s hard to explain but trust me, it was as REAL as it gets!

I started warring again or doing the only thing I could do, praying in the Spirit. I heard something via the Spirit of God: “the gates of hell are opened.”

Then this morning, after hearing 2 words: “sister Julie”; I stopped and looked up a website He’s led me to a number of times and went to the newest word from this faithful scribe; and once again He confirmed what’s happening in the spiritual battle God’s people are in. He speaks encouragement now to the body, by this fresh word and the accompanying scriptures.

The good news, He brought me through. May this word from Him encourage you and all of God’s people who are led to it.

Andrew Farley



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