A WARNING FROM THE BOOK OF JUDE

Beloved, He brings to our attention the significance of the book of Jude. Can you see that it speaks to you of the very day in which you live? Can you discern that those whose lives whom He has described, are a present influence? Can you hear the plea to be on guard, to vigorously cling to Him and to contend for the faith which has been delivered to you? Was not the nation of Israel an example of how a people were delivered out of Egypt and yet many died in the wilderness or were later destroyed because they did not remain faithful to Him? Has He not recorded for us what transpired with the fallen angels, who fell from their original estate, due to their rebellion, and were cast away from His presence? And what of those who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah? He saw that the iniquity was full, that those cities were filled with violence and wickedness. But He also remembered Lot. And in His mercy, God delivered Lot. But His wrath descended upon the wicked. Can you see that both God’s mercy and His wrath were revealed and executed? His judgment is upon the land and His justice shall be revealed. The righteous will be spared and the wicked will be destroyed. For He is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

He has reminded us that there are those who go in “the “way of Cain”; they kill and destroy. They murder by killing the reputation or the life of their brother through their speech or their actions. They bite and devour others. Be on guard! He reminds us of those who embrace the “error of Balaam”, the covetous ones, who set up stumbling blocks for His people, causing others to sin through immorality. Remember the fate of Korah, and the result of his sin: in his desire for recognition and position, he raised up a rebellion against God-ordained ministry. Beware of those who are divisive, who sow discord among the brethren. This is an abomination to Him, and their judgment shall be swift and severe. Mockers will ridicule His righteous ones; they are the object of insult and ridicule. Watch out for them! Be aware of the murmurers and faultfinders; stay away from complainers; their influence is contagious! Scribes and Pharisees are still murmuring. He hears the voices of dissatisfaction and grumbling, murmuring in the tents. He hears the murmurings against the Goodman of the House, and He has said that those who doubt Him and murmur against the way that He leads them will not inherit the land. Take heed!

Beware of those who are like “spots” among your love feasts, who indulge in selfishness and carnality. They are like “blemishes” and leaven; they contaminate the atmosphere of your fellowship. And the “clouds without water” drift in and out of your assemblies; they may have an appearance of carrying a refreshing rain, an outpouring of His Spirit, but they are empty, dry containers. Some may have “credentials”, an outward appearance, but they have no living water within them. His people are fooled by appearances; heresy has permeated His Church. The influence of different “winds” continues to blow through the congregations. A spirit of error masquerades as truth. Some have become like “wandering stars”; they began on the right path, providing light and guidance, but now they are off course. Some have wandered into darkness. Doctrines of men and of devils seek to confuse you; their influence will turn you in the wrong direction if you are not grounded in the Truth of His Word. His people have made idols of men and their ministries; they are swayed by their loyalties to personalities. Beware of idolatry! Turn back to Him! The anchor of His Word will cause you to remain steady and fixed; it will keep you from being swayed and tossed about by that which is false. He exposes the counterfeit! The enemy seeks to afflict you with deception, fear, confusion and despair. His plan is to cause you to trip, to fall back, to become entangled. But the Lord Jesus Christ delivers those who are in darkness; He desires to show mercy to those who are ignorant and out of the way.

He reminds us that there are “dead” trees among the living, whose fruit is withered. His people need discernment; feeding upon corruption produces death. That which is dead is void of the character and virtues of the Kingdom. Those who are not grounded in truth and love lack a root system in the Word of God, the foundation of righteousness. He leads His people to the Tree of Life. It is written: he who overcomes will partake of the Tree of Life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God. He leads His people beside the still waters, away from danger. The enemy offers a false peace, smooth-talk, and many have been seduced through his lies. Some are caught in a rip tide of deceit; they struggle against a current they cannot see beneath the surface. It pulls them under, causing men to drown in deception. Beware! Others are like “raging waves of the sea”: angry, wavering, restless individuals, who have not entered into His rest. Their lives are full of turmoil; the chaos of this age has caused them to become agitated and disturbed. The turbulent masses of humanity surround you; GO TO THEM and show them the way! Their faces are ever before Him, and He longs to reach them! The storm is upon you, but He shall preserve you; He shall deliver all those who call upon the name of the Lord!

Are not all of those whom He has described in the book of Jude, actual influences that exist among us today? Are they not examples recorded for us, that we may learn the fear of the Lord and be warned of that which is to come? Has He not said that these things were written for our learning and for our admonition? Now, consider His servant, Enoch, for his life stood in stark contrast against the others. Was it not said of Enoch that he walked with God, and he was not, for God “took him”? This one, who was the seventh from Adam, was a faithful witness, bearing a testimony of righteousness. We are told that after the birth of his son, Methuselah, from that point on, he habitually walked with God. Revelation knowledge was given to Enoch at age 65 when his son was born; he was told of an impending judgment, the world-wide flood. Enoch knew the Lord’s voice; the spirit of prophecy flowed through him; he prophesied of the Lord’s coming with tens of thousands of His saints. And because Enoch had knowledge of these things, he realized an urgent need to prepare himself to meet God. The fear of the Lord came upon him. And so it is true of those who walk in intimacy with the Lord God today; they have been reconciled to Him. There is “agreement” and a consistent, habitual growth in relationship, for it is written: How can two walk together unless they have agreed to do so? His walk implies a forward, steady progress in the knowledge and ways of the Lord. His walk indicates obedience and a surrendered will; he ceased going his own way, he abandoned the ways of the world, and he followed the divine way, the narrow path that leads to life. And because the Lord God would not walk among the camp of His people unless they had put away all that defiled, we know that Enoch had put away all uncleanness; he walked in holiness before the Lord. For 300 years Enoch walked with the Lord God; his character was godly; he had progressed to “full stature”. He had overcome; he was mature and complete. At age 365, God “took Him”. Here is a picture of a human being who had fulfilled his destiny: a life in communion with God. And even as Enoch was translated, carried to another place, so does his life point to those in this day, who are in communion with the Lord. There are some who will not die when the Lord Jesus appears; they shall be translated, carried to another realm. And as it was true of Enoch, so shall it be true of the son or daughter who walks in intimacy with Him; before Enoch was translated, he had this testimony: “he pleased God”; Hebrews 11:5


Terri Hill


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