Prophetic Word: The Land Of Plenty Is About To Be The Land Of Empty (Ms. Sophie)

Prophetic Word: The Land Of Plenty Is About To Be The Land Of Empty (Ms. Sophie)


My child, write these words down.

While most of you are sleeping in America (as in you are comatose), plans are being made behind closed doors. The enemy lies within your own nation but you chose to ignore. The facts are, children, that it is NOT just Trump but there are many behind him that hold much more power than Trump; even Trump is not privy to some of it. Some he knows but he is their puppet and yes, he is guilty for he also is NOT speaking full truth to people in this nation.

Obama has never left completely. The Jesuits control the Vatican. The Pope is a “fraud and a deceiver”. Obama has been working against you people of America behind the scenes. Then you have your “shadow government”. There is much more to this than you know. Only those that hide behind veiled faces hold ALL the cards in their hands; there are many more of them than the few family names you already know as in Rothschilds, Dupont, Rockefellers, Bush Family. There are many other major players that are part of the cabal, George Soros & his family, along with the Clintons. It goes far deeper into the rabbit hole.

They are in on much together and together they will bring America down. They have made enemies in many nations for they are ruthless, war-mongering whores hungry for control of the whole world. Children, it has always been solely about greed, power and control. They want what they want and stop at nothing to get what they want. Satan has them duped into thinking they will live forever and that he is Me. They believe he is god and I AM is the enemy. These will all follow their master Lucifer to hell. These are the Jesuits, the Cabal, (Your Shadow Government), The Synagogue of Satan, The Reptilians (hybrids) and the rest of the unredeemable ones.

Concerning the Synagogue of Satan, does this mean every Jew is evil? NO, there are those also in Israel and in America that would never be a part of their evil. The Synagogue of Satan are the same ones that crucified My Son. Does it not behoove you children that all is not as it seems?

Had My People sought Me out, asked for My counsel, inquired as to which way to go I would have guided you and America would not be going to her demise. You allowed man to be your god, your idol. My people trust in man and not in Me. I have been exposing so much yet most still turn away as if I, Elohim, know nothing.

Now a heavy price will be paid for all the idolatry, murder of My innocents, lying, cheating, stealing; Must you be so blind—can you not see how America has broken every covenant with Me (every commandment) yet you call yourselves a Christian nation. If you were truly of Me, knew Me and My ways, you would NOT be followers of satan, you would NOT be in “DISOBEDIENCE” and you would have lived by Christian morals and values. America values mammon and the lusts of this world. America has “NO MORAL COMPASS”; anything goes. You sell yourselves for the Almighty dollar; you have sold your babies and even your children if the price was right. This goes on here in America and other nations as well. You have taught them in other nations well America—what leadership? Your leaders, past and present, are nothing more than two-bit criminals.

Is it any wonder I must take it down? Shall I let this go on indefinitely? I must destroy all that is not of Me. I raise kingdoms up and ONLY I HAVE THE POWER to take them down. It is NOT man’s power, nor can man override Me; it has always been My Hand of judgment over any kingdom I have taken down.

This evil and wicked generation of vipers, who believe they are all powerful and above Me, you are about to see how low and far beneath Me you are to Me. I WILL CRUSH YOU AND BREAK YOU!!! The yoke you have put upon others will now come upon your own necks for destroying innocent lives in your quest for power and control. You fools have shed blood in every part of the world—SHALL I NOT RECOMPENSE? Shall I, The Great I AM, withhold My Hand of judgments? NO, I WILL POUR OUT A DOUBLE PORTION.

You have trampled on My Son, you have misused the grace given to you. You want mercy yet give no mercy to others. You expect blessings and how have you blessed the “least of these?” YOU TAKE, YOU TAKE, YOU TAKE; stuffing your pockets, never satisfied. So very soon your pockets will be EMPTY—HOLES IN YOUR POCKETS. I give and I take away. I speak to all those who have millions and billions at the expense of others; to those who have done treacherously.

This nation will never be able to withstand what is coming. The Kick-Off is only the beginning of what comes. You children have never truly known how to live as a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY but over the years you have been slowly taken down. I tell you again, it was all planned by the past and present ones you grovel over and pay homage to.

I AM is the ONLY ONE that is to be praised, worshipped and adored yet I can barely get a thank-you out of most of you.

NONE are truly ready for what is about to transpire for it has never been seen before; not to the extent that will be done in America.



How many have procrastinated and they did not know their life would end that quickly; they too thought they had “plenty of time”. DO NOT BE FOOLISH! If you do not repent, you will NOT be with Me. Hell awaits all the unrepentant souls.

As I shake this nation to the core and bring it low you will then either repent or die in your sins and perish. I am weary of your constant defiance children; IT IS NOW OR NEVER!

For those who are My Shining Lights there is much work to do—the darkness cannot hide from the light. Are you ready My Soldiers? There is a battle for souls to be won. You will witness to others, do great exploits in My Name but you also will see horrendous things. Do not fear! I am with you! Some will be here longer than others—some shall be martyred; some shall not. There is much to do yet in this time of darkness fast encroaching like never before. Be Sober, Be Vigilant. Wear your armor daily!

All who are of Me are to pray fervently for the lost, for My chosen Israel, for your loved ones. Never stop praying!!

To the unrepentant, I say again, DO NOT HOLD OFF making a decision—tomorrow may be too late for you! DO NOT play games with your eternity. I am Mighty to Save but you must come with a contrite heart before Me. I love you!! I desire you to be with Me. Do not choose death over life—choose Me. You will be so grateful you did once all is said and done.

I love you all but the land of plenty is about to be the land of empty! Soon nothing will be left.

(He signed off saying)

You should know who I AM by now.

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 9/15/2019 starting at approx. 12:21 a.m. and ending at 2:50 a.m.)


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