MOVIE: The Life Of Jesus

MOVIE: The Life Of Jesus

We are to read the Word but here is a movie of the Life Of Jesus for those that really have never been taught about Him and it will help you to understand who He Was and still IS. I Pray it motivates you to read the Word Of God also. I know some people who have not truly read the Bible or they tried but just found it hard to understand verses etc. then watch this movie and then later when you open the Bible, verses will make sense to you.

Give your heart to Him and just tell him you are sorry for your sins, ask him directly for forgiveness (just you with him and speaking it like you normally speak when in conversation with your friend), and believe that He was the One who lived, died and rose again for you and let Him in, accept Him as Your Lord & Savior. Be sincere, He reads your heart and then the Holy Spirit will enter in as your Comforter, Help in time of need etc.

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